Love is in the evening air

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It was a warm august evening, it was a Friday night and we were at our cousin’s vacation house. My name is Dan, I am 15 years old and this is my experiment with my cousin.
Our parents went out with my cousin’s brother and my brother leaving us alone in the house with my 14 year old cousin.
"Goodbye, We'll see you later!" We told them as they drove away. So with nothing to do we turned on the television. "I'm bored,” She said with a deep sigh. Her medium length brown hair swayed to the side as she stood up. I hadn't seen her in a few years. She has grown in more ways then one. She was about 5" tall and I noticed a bra showing out from the front of her shirt. "Want to go swimming" I asked "Ok!" she said racing to her room to get changed. "Um, I’ll be down in a few minutes" I heard her shout as I walked into the bathroom next to her room to change. I took off my clothes and put on my swimsuit. And as I walked out, I saw the most beautiful sight. My cousin was wearing an incredibly cute red bikini, so I could see more of her drop dead gorgeous body. "Wow, that swim suit looks really good on you" I complimented to her. "Thanks!" she said laughing. I told her to go first since I forgot something.
As she walked down the stairs I managed to hide the hard-on I got just from seeing her. For my age I am about my normal size. About 6 inches hard. Anyway back to the story. We were walking out to the pool and we started talking about how school was going, and what was going on in our lives. Then eventually She asked "Dan do you have a girlfriend yet" "Erm not yet Emma" I responded. "Why not! Your really really handsome, I mean I’m surprised every girl isn't after you, I know I would be" as she turned a bright red in her face. "Thanks, it means a lot to me,” I said as I gave her a hug. But then I lost control and felt my dick getting hard. Emma giggled when she felt it push against her "Oh wow is that I think it is?" "Ah! Sorry sorry!" I said trying to pull away. She laughed even more saying "Aw, wow, its pretty big Dan!" She said rubbing it through her fingers. Then I looked into her eyes and said "So.. Have you had a boyfriend yet?" "No. Not yet" she said looking away blushing. Then for a minute we just looked at each other and I went in to kiss her. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in my life. Running my hands down her back, our tongues dancing in our mouths. We then made out with each other for a good 10 minutes.
Then we broke off and laughed a little bit. I said, "You look pretty tense, "Want me to massage your shoulders?" "Sure" she said removing her bikini top winking at me. I began to massage her shoulder slowly, she began to quietly moan. So I began to move towards feeling her breasts, I was in awe; they felt amazing running my fingers over her nipples. She began to moan even more now. I was beginning to move my hands down further when she said wait. And stood up and slipped her bikini bottom down and I just couldn't stop staring in awe…. It was the most beautiful pussy I had even seen. Still somewhat young looking with a bit of a layer of pubic hair on it. I just stared at it in awe when she said, "Well silly aren't you going to get naked too?" "..Do you promise you won't laugh at the size of my dick?" I asked her nervously "Oh stop it Dan, I don't care, I love you".
So with that I slipped my pants out and let my 6-inch dick fling out. I had a bit of pubic hair as I used to shave it quite frequently. She gasped and commented "Wow Dan! That is pretty big!" She said smiling. "Uh thanks I guess" I responded. "Just hold on..,” she said getting on one knee, then I was in heaven with her tongue licking my dick. Then she slowly pushed her lips down the shaft of my dick. It felt incredible the further she went each time, and before i knew it I was getting THE BEST blowjob from my cousin. I was speechless until I said "Agh Emma… I'm going to cum. "It awight" she mumbled with my cock still in her mouth. She backed out and said "Hehe I think you will like this to cum" she said so sweetly. "Rub your cock up and down my ass crack” As soon as my cock touched her bare skin I moaned in pleasure "Oh my god Emma…Your incredible!" I nearly screamed as I grabbed her size B breasts still rubbing my cock up and down her crack. Finally after a good minute or two I shot my load and some of it got on her hair and back. "Ah sorr-" I tried to say but she just laughed and scooped some off her back and in the kinkiest look I have ever seen drank all of it off her back that she could.
I then asked her to lie down and spread her legs out a bit. She did so I began to eat her out to the best I could licking her lit over and over again, occasionally licking as deep in as I could. "Oh fuckoh god Dan that’sOh godOh god!" She was screaming. After a few minutes I could taste her beautiful love juices. Afterwards we just lay down next to each other cuddling, and admiring each other’s bodies. As I began to lick her nipples she began to laugh a bit. "Haha, Oh Dan, I really really love you. Your the best person I have ever known." she told me smiling. As our young tongues met for one last kiss we heard the phone ring. It was our parents saying they were on the way. So we quickly showered cleaned up and just waited for our parents to come home.

Please rate and tell me if you want part II :)

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