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This book is a work of complete fiction – or is it? You may draw your own conclusions.

In the disclaimer at the front of the work it states very clearly that any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely accidental and coincidental. That is true and is there for the benefit of those happy souls among us who believe that litigation is a fun pastime. (It could also, perhaps, be there to protect some very good friends who have shared with me their most intimate thoughts.)

May all of you who believe that litigation is a legitimate form of money making burn and rot in whatever version of hell you believe in and may you stay in that place for a very long time. In the meantime get a haircut and a real job.

There are also those in our society who like to try and regulate the thoughts and actions of others. That is your right to do that – but don’t be surprised when you find that there are many who disagree with you. Political correctness is the last refuge of the unprincipled scoundrel.

For those of you who actually read the book you will find a notable scarcity of political correctness – that is intentional and is done without apology. If you don’t like to read about things without the dressing and tinsel applied by people who wish to hide behind political correctness – don’t bother to read any further.

The book is intended to provide, among other things, titillation and unashamedly goes into great detail in describing the characters’ feelings and experiences. Don’t worry – you won’t go blind.

It is also intended to be read for enjoyment – so enjoy.

Finally, and importantly – it is not intended to be a blueprint for a life-changing shift in direction but for a lucky few it could work that way. For others, particularly the insecure and confused, any attempt to put into practice some of the ideas expressed here could be quite dangerous. Remember the golden rule of “Eight”. If it doesn’t feel right – don’t do it.

So sit back – with or without your favourite friend – and just let yourself go.



I lay on my side, wondering perhaps for the fiftieth time what I was doing here.
Naked – in front of seven other people.

Across the wide expanse of mattress I could see Rene lying in the same position as me and facing me across the wide expanse of three king-size mattresses which had been laid side-by-side in the middle of the room.

For a moment our eyes met and we exchanged a little half smile – I wondered what she was thinking but I must admit she didn’t look as nervous as I felt. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, knowing that what was about to happen was new to me but anticipated with a mixture of feelings, some pleasant – some not so pleasant.

Would I be able to perform as the others obviously expected me to? Would I freak out at the last moment and run screaming and sobbing from the room? At least I was going to find out very soon.

Along one wall of the beautifully decorated room was a row of comfortable couches, the sort you sink into and find difficult to get out of if you stay in them too long. Seated on the couches were six other people, all smiling, all naked and all sitting very close.

I looked up and saw my husband Pete. He was sitting next to Jane, a petite blonde with large pinkish breasts and they both looked completely relaxed as he absently stroked the top of her thigh and she gently stroked his very erect penis. He winked at me and smiled an encouraging smile. I wondered what the man I thought I knew so well was thinking at this moment. He certainly didn’t look as if he was suffering.

I closed my eyes again and felt carefully between my legs – surprise, I was soaking wet, so at least everything was working properly down there. One fear gone – I wasn’t going to have any problems in that area. I had been worried that I would dry up as I often did when I was nervous. Probably the sexually charged atmosphere I thought, and it was certainly that. Also the help I had received from Jane, Rene and Anne while we were getting ready for what was about to happen would most certainly have helped.

I felt the edge of the mattress subside a little as someone lay down behind me and thought – “here we go.” I wondered who, among the four men in the room, it was. Not Pete because the rules of the game were that you couldn’t have your partner until at least one other person had been with you and anyway he was still playing with Jane.

Was it George? The tall guy with the infectious laugh and the impossibly hard stomach on a fifty five year old man.

Was it Dennis? One of the uncircumcised ones with a penis that seemed to look around the room every time he moved.
Or was it Brian? Our genial host who had entertained and amused us all through a delicious meal as he explained the rules of engagement as he called them. God, it sounded as if we were going to war.

I couldn’t help shuddering a little as I felt my back being stroked gently and my long brown hair gathered into a bundle as George, Dennis or Brian – who was it? – nuzzled against my neck and gently kissed his way up to the top of my spine. So far so good – this was a gentle man.

I wasn’t the most innocent female in town from a sexual perspective. In my fifty four years I had had a couple of partners and a variety of sexual experiences – some ok, some good, some very good and one absolutely outstanding. I guess I am lucky because I’d only had one bad experience and never been mistreated, unless you count being betrayed by my sister and boyfriend, like in some of the stories you hear and read about.

Judging by the tension in the bottom of my stomach and the warmth flooding around my vagina this was going to be different but in no way unpleasant.

I felt my new friend stretch out against my back and felt his very obvious erection as it brushed between my buttocks. How was he going to go about it? Please let it be good. Would he try and give me anal straight away? I hoped not because it is something I don’t mind, in fact I like it a lot, but I like it better as a second round of lovemaking.

I gently pushed back against him and felt his hand on the cheek of my bum as he very
carefully pulled my buttocks apart and slid one knee between my legs while he ran his finger from the top of my vagina to the entrance of my bum. What was he going to do?

I didn’t need to wait very long to find out as I felt his now very erect penis begin to explore the bottom part of my vagina as his fingers started to explore my clitoris. I pushed back against him – hard. I was ready.

He gently pushed against my shoulders so that I was lying at a better angle for him to take me from behind and I felt the tip of his penis begin to enter me.

I don’t like to be entered too quickly – it sort of is too much of a shock all at once – and I hoped he would be as gentle with me as he had been up till now. I need not have worried.

He wiped his penis the full length of my slit and satisfied that all was moist enough inserted just the head into me. Bliss. I could feel myself opening in readiness to receive him and suddenly the fact that there were at least six other people watching didn’t matter. I became lost in the moment.

We lay partially joined for at least a minute and I began to wonder what he was going to do next when I felt him move his hips and a further part of him entered me. Gently
but firmly, smoothly but hard, I felt myself opening as he began to fill my entire
being and I shuddered as the first tremors of an orgasm began to build.

I don’t normally cum quickly – even with Pete (although we have never missed out unless you count the time on the beach when we had an unfortunate experience with some sand). This was different, perhaps it was the atmosphere, perhaps it was the sight of Pete and the blonde, maybe the sight of Rene who was obviously experiencing something similar to me judging by the look on her face when I stole a glance at her. She had her eyes closed and was softly moaning as George set up a rhythm which was obviously doing everything it was supposed to for her.

Well, that partly answered my question – it wasn’t Pete who was in me and it wasn’t George so that left two possibilities. Maybe that was why I was cumming so quickly, the delicious lack of knowledge of who it was who was doing me so nicely.

The familiar waves began to roll up my stomach and I felt my vagina tightening around Brian’s? Dennis’s penis. I pushed back hard against him and let myself get lost in pure sensation – selfish sensation because at that moment I had no thoughts for his pleasure as wave after wave rolled up my body until, as usual, I briefly lost all control and momentarily blacked out.

We lay still.

I knew he hadn’t cumm yet because he still felt like only a fully erect penis can feel. I have tried a variety of toys and dildoes in my time but nothing, absolutely nothing, feels as right to me as a well-filled penis. You might wonder why I keep referring to things by their formal names – I’m not a prude (think about what I had just done) but I can’t think of any reason to give beautiful things silly nicknames.

He lay without moving for another minute or two and I thought maybe he had cumm after all but if so I hadn’t felt the usual rush of warmth filling my insides. Perhaps this man just had superb self-control.

A soft voice in my ear said. “Time we got to know who’s who – don’t you think?” As I felt him slowly leaving my insides I wanted to grab him and put him back into me but he pulled right out and I found myself being rolled onto my back and looking up at mine host – Brian.

He immediately pried my legs apart, not that I needed a lot of persuasion, and as he re-entered me easily said in the softest voice possible.”Hi Margaret – I’d ask you how you are but I already know – you are absolutely fantastic.”

I looked up into his grey eyes and said. “Hi Brian – you sure know what you are doing with that thing.”

He smiled and said. “Well you weren’t exactly a disappointment yourself you know. Are you ready for the next part?”

I laughed. “You mean there’s more than that?”
In reply he wrapped his arms around me and rolled over so that I found myself on top of him with his penis fully buried inside me and my legs wide open on either side of his. He reached down and took hold of the back of my legs just above my knees. I thought he wanted me to be even more open so I raised myself up onto my knees and felt him slip even deeper into me.

Then things got really interesting and I experienced, at my age, two firsts.

First, someone else got onto our mattress and began to gently massage nthe cheeks of my bottom and to stroke gently up and down my spine. This, I thought, is kind of special as I had never been attended to by two men at once and then I got my first surprise.

I felt my vagina being stretched as I had never felt it stretched before and to my absolute amazement realized I had two men inside me at the same time. A slight burning feeling at the bottom of my vagina was the only unpleasant part of the whole experience and it was soon lost as my two men began to carefully move within me.

Orgasm number two for the evening came even quicker than the first one and I realised that the reason I had got onto my knees was so that I could receive even more of what these lovely men had to give me. So, I thought, that is why Brian wanted me on my knees. Surely the evening was over for me and I felt enormously tender towards these two magnificent men.

Surprise number two. My unknown lover eased himself out of my vagina, leaving Brian as its sole occupant, and again I could not remember feeling either of them cumm.

Before I could say anything or object to what was happening Mr Unknown scooped a few fingers full of juice from my soaking vagina and began to massage my anus. I couldn’t believe what was happening and wondered again if this would work. One well-lubricated finger entered me and was soon followed by another. Wow! That felt almost as good as when they were both in the front of me and I was glad we had all followed Brian’s suggestion after dinner and emptied everything we could empty.

I’ve enjoyed anal sex since I was a much younger woman but had never experienced it like this before so decided that, based on my earlier experiences that evening, I would go along with whatever happened.

Soon the fingers were removed slowly and I felt the end of a very well-lubricated, and to my way of thinking quite enormous penis, pushing at my back door.

“Don’t panic Margaret.” I told myself and tried a trick which had never failed me before. I pretended I was going to the toilet and pushed back against his penis while pretending I was in the toilet. It worked. First he managed to get the head of his penis into my rectum and very considerately waited until I caught my breath and the burning sensation settled into a very pleasant warmth. We stayed still for perhaps two or three minutes and I signalled to him to keep going by gently pushing back onto him so that a little more of him entered me. A soft voice in my ear said. “That’s great
Sweetheart, you just take it at your pace till you’ve got as much as you want.”

Another considerate man – two in one night – where did they get these guys?

I eased myself back onto him and felt his hardness inside me as well as Brian who was lying still underneath me with a contented grin on his bearded face.

Suddenly the voice said again. “Sorry Sweetheart that’s all I’ve got to give.” I couldn’t believe it – I had never been able to take all of Pete in my anus and I was sure this guy was bigger.

Brian began to slowly set-up his gentle rhythm and Mr Unknown began to match him stroke-for-stroke while asking me a few times if I was ok. All I could do was nod my head and press down harder on them both. It was happening again. My two lovers were increasing the speed of their strokes, my stomach waves were rolling up and down inside me, my vagina was pulsating and trying to suck Brian even further into me while I pushed as hard as I could onto Mr Unknown. This time I felt it, an absolute flood of warmth inside my stomach and another in my behind as first Brian and then his friend filled me to overflowing with their juices.

I began to cry. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I alternately laughed and sobbed as I slowly came down from the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

I didn’t feel Dennis, that’s who it turned out to be, withdraw from my anus but did feel someone wiping me with a warm, moist towel. I hugged them both and slipped into a beautiful dreamless sleep. The last thing I remembered before sleeping was one of the other girls covering me with a velvet sheet.



I’d organised tonight’s little party in the usual way. By trolling through a few adult sites on the internet until I found people with whom I thought had the right profiles. I’m retired, I’m wealthy by most standards, I love sex and I’m reasonably uninhibited.

My live-in companion, friend and lover is Rene.

She is superb, after a disastrous marriage with an idiot she was ready to give up on all men.

We met at, of all places, the local park where we both exercised our dogs. Of course the conversation started with us talking about our dogs and I soon discovered that she had an infectious laugh, a high intelligence and as far as I could tell a magnificent fifty-five year old body.

It took a long time to gain her trust and not quite as long to get her to move in with me.

When someone has been hurt, devastated would be a better word, by physical and mental abuse it takes quite a long time to break through the armour.

Gradually she began to open her mind to me and I was horrified by what she revealed and we spent hours in the park as her story slowly unfolded. I could tell it was hurting her to talk about the things she had buried for so long.

One day she told me about a particularly horrible incident involving her drunken husband and a coke bottle which he wanted to put into her. She resisted, he insisted, she tried to run away, he caught her, she tried to stop him, he smashed the bottle and wiped it across her throat.

As she described her experience and the subsequent ambulance trip to the hospital she suddenly stopped and looked me straight in the eye. “You’re not like that are you?”

I shook my head. She fell into my arms and as I kissed her for the first time she whispered. “Please don’t hurt me.”

We slowly walked back to my place and for the rest of that afternoon we sat and talked in my lounge-room about everything and anything we wanted to talk about until finally, after about five hours of non-stop talking and a huge amount of coffee, enough to seriously endanger our kidneys and hearts, she suddenly stood up.

I thought she was going to leave but instead she went calmly to the French windows and drew the curtains. She stood in front of me and looked straight into my eyes and for the umpteenth time that afternoon said. “Please don’t hurt me.”

As she said it she slowly began to unbutton her blouse while she continued to look into my eyes. I don’t know what she was trying to see but she told me later that if I had looked down she would have left straight away.
Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she stood naked in front of me and said quietly.
“You have to let me take the lead.”

I said, very gently. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

She replied. “That does it.” And fell into my arms.

For the next three hours we made love with Rene setting the pace all the way but it turned out that her idea of taking the lead sort of went out the window.

It happened this way. We lay together for a short time until at last I said. “If we’re going to do this I think I’d better get undressed, don’t you?” I stood up and as I took my shirt off she turned on her side and faced the back of the lounge chair we had been lying on. I asked if there was anything wrong and she replied that there was nothing wrong but that she wasn’t ready to look at me naked yet. I asked her if she was having second thoughts and she said definitely not – it was just that it was a long time since she’d done this and wanted to take things really slowly.

I finished taking my clothes off and lay down behind her and gently caressed her back and neck until I felt her beginning to respond. I stroked and kissed her up and down her spine and quietly rolled her onto her stomach.

“Don’t go away.” I said and padded into the bathroom. I returned a few minutes later with a bottle of Evening Primrose massage oil and after warming it between my hands placed some into the hollow at the small of her back. I couldn’t get over how smooth her skin is.

As I massaged the oil into her back and neck she sighed and visibly relaxed and I felt the tension going out of her neck muscles. I worked slowly down her back and when I reached the crack of her bum gently slid my fingers into the valley between her cheeks.

She tensed for a moment but then relaxed a little and I noticed she was breathing quicker and had spread her legs slightly.

I took that as a signal to go a little further and pulled her cheeks apart slowly so that I could see her little puckered hole and the bottom of her fanny. I whispered into her ear that I thought she was very beautiful and she sighed and raised her hips slightly.

When I began to massage the tops of her legs she didn’t object when I slid my well-oiled hands between her legs and brushed her fanny with my fingers. I gently pushed against the inside top of her thighs and she responded by allowing me to pull her legs further apart so that I could see the rest of her.

She was, still is, absolutely lovely, but that first glimpse of her most private part was very special to me.

When I asked her softly if she would like to turn over she took a deep breath, sighed
and slowly rolled onto her back with her eyes closed tight. I knelt between her legs and kissed and licked her clit until I felt her stomach muscles clenching and then placed the head of my cock between the lips of her fanny.

She whispered. “Yes!” And opened her legs a lot wider as I started to enter her smoothly.

She tensed up immediately and held me so tightly that I couldn’t move but gradually relaxed as she grew used to me being inside her. When I started to move in her she took hold of the cheeks of my arse and pulled me into her until I had nothing more to give her. I’m afraid I didn’t last long because as soon as I felt her start to climax I unloaded everything I had into her.

Again she held me tightly until gradually she began to relax and when I started to withdraw from her she held me tighter and asked me to stay in there a little longer. Then something happened to me which had not happened for many years. Normally, once I have cumm it takes at least a couple of hours before I am ready to start again but I found that my soft cock was rapidly starting to grow again and she smiled a sort of knowing little smile as she gently massaged me with her stomach muscles. This time it took a long time for me to cumm and by then she had managed at least two more orgasms and we were hopelessly besotted with each other.

She never went home except to pack her things and to load about half a ton of dog-food into her beaten-up old car.

Gradually Rene learned to relax again and slowly let me be the one to trigger our lovemaking. We could have gone on like that forever because we found we had so much in common – including an enormous appetite for sex.

As Rene regained her confidence and trust in humanity – albeit with a very small part of it – she began to take note of her surroundings with a different outlook.

One day, about six months after our first bout of love-making, our friend George and his partner Jane were visiting and we were all sitting in the spa. George and I were drinking a very nice bottle of Scotch and the girls had drunk enough 7 Up and coke to irrigate the entire drought affected area of New South Wales.

When George got up to go to the used beer department Rene suddenly surprised all of us by saying. “Hasn’t George got a nice bum?”

Silence! I thought. “Oops – that’s done it.” Jane didn’t say a word for about two minutes that seemed to take forever to pass by.

Rene was hugely embarrassed and said quietly to Jane. “I’m sorry Jane, I was way out of line.”

Jane smiled and asked. “Why are you embarrassed? You’re only saying what we’ve all been thinking and besides I think Brian is the cutest thing on two legs – after George of course.”
Another silence until George wandered back from the dunny with a smirk on his face. He looked straight at Rene and said. “Young lady, I heard what you just said so there are two things we can do – we can all go home and probablynever see each other again – and we don’t want that to happen – or ……”

With that George turned his back and without further comment dropped his shorts to the ground.

“Shall I turn around?” He asked.

Rene looked at me and I nodded and she said. “If it’s OK with Jane, please do.”

Jane looked thoughtful for a moment and then said.”I think before George turns around we should all agree that whatever happens between us after this should stay between just us and that if anyone of us says “stop” we should all respect that.”

Beautiful, clever Jane – she was not to know that that simple statement would become so important in all our futures.

Rene then said. ”This is very unfair to poor George.” And with that she stood up and released the clip on her bikini top.

I thought to myself that Rene had certainly come a long way since I met her. Perhaps I have been a bad influence on her.

Jane turned her back to me and asked. “Brian, do you mind?”

I undid her bikini top and said. “I think you should turn around George.” As I stood up and dropped my shorts onto the edge of the spa.

George turned around and couldn’t believe his eyes.

For at least a minute everybody stood like naked and half-naked statues and tried to think of something to say until finally Rene said. “I’ve never seen an uncircumcised cock before – doesn’t it look different?”

Jane said. “I can assure everyone here that it works just fine. In fact I’ve had both types and I’m not sure I don’t prefer it.”

Rene, who by now had lost almost all her previous inhibitions said to Jane. “Do you mind if I feel it?”

George asked. “Don’t I have any say in this?”

We all laughed.

Jane sighed and with a huge smile said. “Go for your life.”

George sat on the edge of the spa and Rene hesitated before she reached out and took
a gentle grip on the shaft of his dick.

“It feels just like yours Brian – but what’s under here George?” With that she pulleddown his foreskin until the purple glans was glistening in the afternoon light.

With that Jane slid across the spa and took hold of me but without the hesitation Rene had shown with George.

Suddenly Rene squealed. “Jane – look what I’ve done.”

George sat red-faced with the best erection I’ve seen in a long time.

Then she said. “Don’t worry Jane, that one works just as well.” With that she eached across and pulled Jane’s bikini bottom to her ankles and gently turned her in a full circle. By the time she had completed the circle I was in the same condition as George.

George and I said, almost as one. “Girls this is fantastic, you are fantastic.”

Me. “And very sexy.”

George. “And very worth looking at.”

Me. “And do we all want to do this.”


Rene reached down and removed her bikini bottom while sliding across to George’s side of the spa.

Jane kicked her bikini off her ankles and moved next to me then she knelt in front of me and gently took me into her mouth.

Rene stood in front of George, smiled at him, put her hands on his shoulders and jumped up so that her legs were around his waist.

Guess the answer’s yes.

I don’t remember what I was thinking as I saw George put his knob into Rene but any doubts quickly disappeared as Jane took hold of me and gently guided me into her.

Jane was magnificent but different. She moved in a different way to Rene but knew exactly what she wanted as she guided my hand onto her clit.

Over her shoulder I could see George buried deep into Rene while his free hand played with her arse and he slid his finger into her back passage. She began to move in a way I knew about and very soon was clinging tightly to George as her orgasm worked its way through her body.

Jane pulled away from me and I wondered what was wrong but she turned her back to me and bent over while guiding me into her back passage. Rene slipped under her and began to eat her.

Jane had a magnificent orgasm and we both came together.

The next eight months passed as quickly as any time had ever passed for any of us. We saw each other almost every day and behaved like four lovesick teenagers – four very experienced teenagers.

We had sex in every space we could imagine and at any time. The more likely we were to be discovered the more we wanted to try and somehow nobody ever caught on to what we were doing. Well almost, Jane and I were very nearly asked to leave a supermarket when an old dear complained that I was feeling Jane up between the shelves. Had she turned the corner about ten seconds earlier she would have really had something to complain about.

One hot afternoon found the four of us back in the spa and feeling very relaxed after a serious bout of lovemaking and putting everything into anywhere we felt would feel good.

By now we felt absolutely no inhibitions among ourselves and had tried just about everything there was to try. Rene and Jane loved to perform in front of us and secretly had bets between them as to how long it would take before George and I could take no more and joined in.

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