Reset part 2



The other day I tripped and fell down the stairs, only to wake up again in bed.

After a couple more painful experiments, I worked out that I could restart the day again by dying.

I could also create a save point if I fell asleep naturally. Sleeping pills didn't work, though.

It was slowly beginning to dawn on me that I had no limits, none, nada, nothing.

I could go way beyond reasonable limits, and it wouldn't matter an itch.

I could, if I wanted to, walk into a classroom full of students and start rapeing away.

Money didn't have any meaning anymore. I had already cracked the stock market.

What now?

Women and what I could do with them that was what really mattered now.

"Get out of the way you fat lard." came my younger sister from behind me.

Lizzie used to be a nice person; she used to love her big brother and always wanted me to hang out with her.

But recently?

I don't know if its because I'm unattractive and fat, or maybe she's got something going on, on her end.

But, to me, she's been a downright cunt.

"Yessss" I said, spinning around and staring down at her hungrily.

She gave a double-take and stared back at me, frightened.

We stood there a moment before I stepped to one side and held out my hand.

"The way is yours, milady," I said, giving an over the flamboyant bow.

"Creep," said Lizzie.

As she walked past I reached out a gave one of her beautiful firm butt cheeks a grab.

This made her squeal and run off down the hallway.

That was it.

I'd decided.

I was going to Fuck my sister, by days end, and it was going to feel sooooooooo good!


Dad was going to be at work until nine tonight, so that was good.

Now I only had to get mom out for long enough at the right time.

I had taken steps to make sure Lizzie was going to be home this afternoon by letting down the tires to her VW Beetle.

"Yeah I know, I know, but some punk has let down all four of my tires No, I can't just swap wheels with my brother's car No, it doesn't work like that No, he has a different car to me I'm not telling you again; his wheels won't FIT! Yeah, he's been a real creep lately as well. Did I tell you what he did to me this morning No, even worse. He felt me up Yeah, fully grabbed my ass FUCK OFF! YOU FUCKEN CREEP!"

I am definitely! Resetting today.

But first, Let's see how far I can take this.

Now that I had made the decision. I found myself just standing there, clear as day, just checking my sister out.

I had never noticed it before, but Damn! My little sister was HOT!

Lizzie had short, wavy, fire-red hair and piercing sky blue eyes. She was also one of the lucky redheads who managed to get single tone, pale white skin, instead of the splotchy kind.

She'd been going to the gym recently but still had some traces of curviness.

That's alright though, as they say, 'more cushion, for the pushin."

Mmm, that bodacious booty would jiggle, and those D-cups would sway, and when it was all over, I might even have a bite to eat.

I licked my lips at the thought.

Now that was something that had never even crossed my mind, before.


Could I eat my own sister?

We would just have to wait and see.


It was about five pm when Mom started cooking dinner.

Lizzie had gone off for her evening shower, and listening for the sounds of a shower running I stalked up behind my mother.


I smacked her a nasty conk in the back of the head with the kitchen mallet.

Without a sound, she collapsed to the floor, spatula still in hand.

Quickly, I bound and gagged her well-exercised form. Feeling rustlings from my loins I never had before, I took the time to caress her supple curves and well-toned abbs, and even her cunt!

But, that would be for another day, when she pissed me off.

Today was for my cunt of a sister, Lizzie.

After I was finished tieing up mom, I hid her deep in my closet. There was no way she could get out of there.

Then I went back into the kitchen and retrieved a carving knife.

It was time for fun.


Standing in front of the bathroom door, I had a momentary flashback of my beautiful next-door neighbour's dying moments.

Then I heard the shower turn off.


This was it

game time

"Hey Lizzie," I said, wandering into the room, obliviously waving around the carving knife.

She immediately started screaming.

"-Uh ah, not a squeal out of you, you hear?" I breathed, holding the knife against her neck.

"O-O-Okay" replied the cuntwhore, trembling in my arms, "B-B-But W-W-Why?"

"Because I can do whatever, and whoever I like " I answered her.

I took a moment to look around at the room, then, spying the seldom-used bathtub I said, "you know, I don't think we need to leave this room.

We shuffled across the room to the tub, and I set the hot tap running.

Then with a bit of struggling, I managed to wrestle Lizzie's naked body into the tub.

She cowered, looking up at me with hatred and betrail as tears streamed freely down her cheeks.

"You're sick in the head, you pervert," Lizzie growled up at me as a fire ignited behind her eye's.

Too bad that wasn't the only fire.

"Oww, this waters getting fuckin hot" exclaimed Lizzie, moving forward to leave the bath. This earned her a knee to the face, she shut up quick enough after that.

"AAIIGGGHHH- but it's so hot."

She gritted her teeth at the scalding water fo a whole two minutes before attempting to get out again.

This time I punched her in the face as hard as I possibly could and knocked her out.

But, she quickly emerged from her unnatural slumber, screaming, as the scalding water began to leave great red splotches all over her beautiful white skin.

I gave her a hard backhand for quiet and then turned off the hot tap.

"Lizzie! What's wrong with you lately? We used to get on so well togetherDid I do something wrong? Oh well, your big brother has decided that he can't take it anymore all your Jiggling booty and expansive boobies I Mean, WTF what red-blooded male would look at you and not start thinking dark things Just think You don't want to imagine it's true but at some point, our very own father would have Jacked off thinking about debasing you in every conceivable way possible. every father has those thoughts about his daughter a few times in there lives"

The horror filling her eyes as the realisation of this simple truth dawned on her face, made me granite hard.

Time to Fuck!

"Let me make myself perfectly clear. If you bite, the knife goes in your throat. Got it?"

She nodded.


Then I skull fucked my sister relentlessly, for a good half an hour.

The sensations I felt as I moved in her throat are hard to describe

Joy! At knowing I was skull fucking my adorable little sister

Extasy! At the sheer amount of abuse, my little sister's face could take

Euphoria! As I came on my sisters, face for the fourth time

Rapture! As I realised yes, I was ready to do this, I was going to consume my sister flesh.

I wouldn't do it with the knife, no, to quick then I had a brainwave.

"I'm gonna fist your arse and cunt at the same time" I stated, holding up my fists.

"NOOOOOOOOO, what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you fuckin insane? has a demon possessed you?"

I picked up an ankle, spreading her virgin cunt for all to see, then I punched her arsehole with all my might.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as I withdrew my hand from her bleeding arsehole. "WAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!" she wailed as I slammed my fist back inside again, wrist deep.

"Why? Why?"

Then shifting her ankle to my shoulder, I took a mighty swing and cuntpunched my sisters virgin pussy as hard as I could.

Success, another wrist-deep penetration.


This was it.

It was time.

I began to violently cuntpunch and arsefist my sister in both her bleeding holes.


"So that I can kill you, slice you up, cook you and eat your steaks, obviously you teasing little CUNT! you fuckin WHORE! Yeah, that's right, I'm gonna fuckin KILL YOU!"

And with that, I vigorously concentrated my attention on pulverising my sister's insides, each punch going just that little bit deeper.

It didn't take long for Lizzie to begin coughing up blood, a small cough to start then, before too long, she was heaving great gouts of the stuff into the bathwater around her as I drove both arms elbow-deep inside her.

"Con-congratulations! you've just managed to double penetrate yourself with two full fisted forearms to the base of the elbow! Once again, congratulations!"

"Noooo I hope you die you psychopath"

Mercilessly I punched Lizzie's insides, trying to get just that little bit further before the cunt-hag died.

She coughed, heaved and gurgled as the blood flowed freely from her mouth, now.

Then, I nearly missed it, but just managed to catch the final seconds, as the light faded from her eye's.

"Yeah, that's right BITCH!" I yelled as I withdrew my right arm and rapidly based her again, shoulder deep, five times in a row.

I had just murdered my sister violently and I was feeling EUPHORIC!

This feeling of wonder flowing through my body felt as if it could go on for days.

I decided to skull fuck her once more before butchering the cunt.

When that was done, I immediately set to it.

First, I cut her jugular while my cock rested slack in her limp mouth.

Then I sliced her open right down the middle, releasing all the pulverised internal organs into the liquid around her.

Lastly, I began to carve away at her flesh, starting with her thigh.

I inhaled the scent of her pearlescent, ruined skin.

Yes, these would make perfect steaks.

I also took a cut of her abbs and rump, as well as her cunt; I had to try cooking my sister's cunt.


A couple of hours later, Dad stepped in through the back door into the kitchen where I was just putting the finishing touches on.

"Hey Dad, how was work?" I asked. Dad looked exhausted.

"You know, same old, same old," he replied, dropping his keys in the bowl, "What's for dinner?"

He rubbed his hands together, inhaling the fantastic blend of smells and flavours in eagerness.

"Here give it a try, see what you think? It's a new 'creation of mine."

Dad tore a bite out of the steak and started chewing earnestly. I watched him eat nearly the whole steak before he paused and asked, "that's sweet, delicious and so very juicy. What is it?"

"Lizzie" I Stated.

"Huh, What do you mean, like a brand or something?"

"No, this afternoon I brutally raped and murdered my sister in the old bathtub. then I drained her of blood and butchered a few choice cuts for dinner go on, you can go have a look at the corpse if you want."

I watched the horror fill my father's eyes as I explained, then he sprinted off into the bathroom where I heard his frightened cries of "WHY?" and "HOW COULD YOU?" as he examined the butchered corpse.

I took one final bite of Lizzie's cunt steak, then stabbed myself in the neck repetitively until-


"WAAARRRRGGGGHHH- I'm alive again."

Okay So Now I know what my sister's cunt tastes like If I get the craving

I licked my lips.


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