My Aunt teaches me - 5 The Sperm Bank

For those who have not read the firxst partrs, I am a young boy, adopted by his Aunt, who with her companions keep me as a sex-toy. Now read on . . .

The days following Tara’s party were unlike any other I could remember. Although my routine was to all intents and purposes unchanged, there was an air of expectation around, as if all the women expected something to happen, brought about by my success in the sperming competition at the party.

About a week afterwards, this came true. The morning was a normal one. We had all woken to a bright morning, and I was in my usual state. I had one of Sharji’s fat nipples plugged into my mouth, and I was quietly suckling her warm breast-milk. Maria was astride me, with my cock firmly wedged inside her greedy cunt. I could just see the base of my cock, where it disappeared into her slit, with her cunt-lips stretched around the base, trying to swallow the length of my shaft. She was sitting quite still reading a magazine and I was able to marvel at her taught dark body, with its firm breasts jutting out proudly. Sandra meanwhile was busy in the bathroom and my Aunt had gone downstairs to collect the mail. All the women around me needless to say were quite naked.

My Aunt re-entered the room reading what appeared to be a neatly typed letter. She wandered over to the bed and stood directly over me.

“Marie, does the name Susan Stratton mean anything to you?” my aunt asked Maria.

“You mean ‘mighty Susan’” Maria replied. “If you do, I well remember her. I remember one particular party where she was one of the guests. She captured a young slave, hoisted him under one arm and ran up the stairs two by two to the nearest bedroom. When she re-appeared, the young slave had to be given artificial respiration and was “off games for a week because of the demands she made on his balls. Even then if I remember correctly, she wasn’t satisfied. Why?”

“Well, she has written to me with a proposal that for a considerable fee, Peter should impregnate her. Apparently she has decided that she wants a child before she gets much older and in talking to Tara, Peter’s name came up. She has offered a huge sum if he manages it, and will also pay for him to attend a sperm clinic in the nearby town to ensure he is virile. Apparently she won’t be interested if he is below average on the virility scale. If however, all goes well, she wants to come and stay for a month after her next period in the hope of becoming pregnant.”

“WOW!” Maria replied. “Well, all I would suggest is that we keep a very careful eye on her, of she could cause terrible damage to Peter’s balls. Her demands are enormous and she makes me look like a feather-weight!”

“Well, I tell you what, I will go and phone the clinic now and see if they can book us in. I have no idea how they grade men in regards to their virility, but no doubt they have a system.” With that my aunt went off downstairs to the phone.

I had been listening to this with mounting horror. Not content with the daily humiliation of suckling wet-nurses and sperming women old enough to be my mother, I was now to be used as a stud, with no thought as to whether I wished to impregnate a strange woman. Sharji looked down at me with her clear auburn eyes and smiled.

“You just concentrate on suckling from my breasts, darling,” she cooed. She snuggled me closed to her torso, squeezing the body of her beast so that milk gushed from the orifices in the nipple. I sucked gently being very aware of the body of the nipple filling my mouth. My teeth sank into the rubbery flesh and Sharji sighed at the sensation, which started at the nipple and went all the way to her cunt, for I could feel her dampness against my back.

My aunt reappeared full of smiles. “Well, I have spoken to Ellen who runs the clinic and she was expecting my call. She can see us at 5 pm this afternoon and knows all about Mary’s plan. She says that her last appointment is at 4.30, so if we go along at 5, we can spend as much time as we like. She only asks that we do not sperm Peter today, so that she has the best chance of measuring his virility. I said that I would try and get Maria off him before she drained him this morning!” All the girls laughed at this. Maria however, was obviously disappointed, but knowing the importance my aunt placed on this new subject clambered off me, sliding off my soaking cock. Her cunt however seemed to have a mind of its own and her flesh clung to the length of my shaft for as long as possible. It eventually gave up the unequal struggle with a sucking, squelching noise as my knob appeared from between her outer lips.

The day was spent quietly, with a full preparation as far as I was concerned. I spent most of the day attached to one of the four milk-producing breasts, drinking gallons of the warm sweet fluid that streamed from my wet-nurses. I was also shaved all over and oiled, before being bathed and powdered prior to our departure. Finally I was dressed in fur boxer shorts with a full fur coat over the top complete with hood that all but hid my face. We then piled into my aunt’s car, with me sitting in the back between Sharji and Sandra for the drive to the clinic. Normally I would have expected one of my wet-nurses to coax me to her breast during the drive, and for the other to fondle and play with the fur pouch encasing my genitals, but this time I was left completely alone with just my thoughts for company. I was able to push back the folds of fur surrounding my head, so that would see the route we were taking, but this only helped me a little for it as dark by the time we entered the town where the clinic was situated.

My aunt seemed to know exactly where to go, for before long we were turning off the main road onto a feeder road and then into a drive-way. The car crunched on the gravel, before coming to a stop in front of an imposing looking building with a heavy front door. My aunt stepped out and rang the door bell and after a short while light flooded onto the driveway as the door was opened. I could see my aunt talking to a woman and then she returned to the car and informed us that Ellen was ready to see us.

I stepped out onto the driveway and was guided by Maria into the hallway. The fur hood had flopped over my face again and I found it difficult to see the tall woman who stood in front of us. No introductions took place, but she merely motioned for us to follow her up the stairs to the first floor. I padded up with the 5 women and we entered a brightly lit room, where my aunt pulled back my hood so that I could see what was about me.

The room was large and square, carpeted throughout and with heavy braid curtains, which were drawn to shut out the night. The room was very warm for I already felt myself overheating dressed as I was in my full fur outfit. Against one wall there stood a couch, very much like the sort you might see in a doctor’s surgery. Various implements hung from the ceiling above the couch, but none of them was familiar to me. There were easy chairs spread around the room, with a gas fire burning brightly in the centre of one wall. The room had the effect of being half a doctor’s surgery and half a sumptious sitting room.

The group was however turning to what appeared to be a large metal box-like structure against the far wall. The grey metal box was about 4 foot square and stood on large casters. It could therefore be moved around the room with ease. A large umbilical cord came from one side of the structure and was plugged into the wall. Other pipes emanated from the same side, some of which went straight into a drain, whilst other appeared to be joined up to the hot and cold water.

My aunt turned to me and made to introduce me to Ellen. “Ellen, this is Peter who has come to be tested today.”

I looked up into the blue eyes of a tall mature woman, with iron grey hair and a well made up face. She obviously took great care of her body for even through her white tunic I could see she was in good shape. She stood about the same height as Maria, but had heavy legs and wide hips. Apart from the greying hair and slightly aging face it was her bosom which gave away her age. Her breasts must have been very heavy, for they jutted out in front of her and were well supported by a heavy brassier. She smiled as she took my hand.

“How do you do, Peter,” she said. With that she came close to me and took the fur pouch in both her hands. “Mmmm, I hope you have got some good sperm in there. We will be needing all of your seed this afternoon and I gather you have had a day’s rest, so lets hope for good things.”

I sprang back at the touch of her hands on my genitals, for I was still unused to strange women fondling me intimately on our very first meeting.

“Don’t be shy!” she murmured, as she held me at arms length looking me up and down.

“He’s very small, isn’t he Sue?” she said. “Still never mind, what really matters is how those balls of his perform. How old is this little sweetie?” she asked.

“He was 17 a few weeks ago,” my aunt replied.

She looked down at me. “Do you realise that I have a son who could actually be your father? So that means I am really old enough to be your Grandmother. How does it feel to be inspected a lady over 40 years older than you and old enough to be your Granny?”

Before I could answer, she plunged her mouth down onto mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth, exploring around inside me. I felt that nothing these women could now do to me would appal me further, yet the thought of kissing a woman who could be my Grandmother made my senses reel. She came off me as quickly as she had taken me and stripped off both my fur coat and boxer shorts. At the same time she stripped off her white coat to reveal her body encased in a girdle and panties. Her breasts however were exposed and I had not been wrong in that regard. They hung down nearly to her waist, huge mounds of mammary flesh with blue veins running their length down to her nipples. The nipples and aureoles were huge, running up the flank of each breast. She had obviously been breast-feeding for a considerable time, for her nipples were long and pointed. Her hands encircled my genitals as she fondled and cupped my balls.

“Mmmm nice and full of sperm from what I can feel.” With that she gathered one huge breast into her hands and offered the big nipple for me to suck. With the four other women watching closely, I knew better than to refuse, so I stooped down and took the nipple into my mouth sucking voraciously. I big nubbule of flesh swelled inside my mouth as Ellen gasped at the sensation. The she drew away suddenly, so that the breast swung back to join its mate.

“Enough playing around,” she said in a matter of fact way. “I will now explain how this machine of mine works. You are very fortunate to have one so close, as there are only a few of them in the country. They are specialist sperm counters and are incredibly accurate. Prior to the arrival of this machine, all we could do was to make the boys sperm and then look at the result under a microscope. It was all pretty subjective and highly inaccurate.”

“Now as you might imagine this machine is controlled by a computer. We strap the subject into the machine and when he climaxes, the machine reads exactly the number of sperms per square millimetre. It then converts them onto this scale, which you can see in the screen. The scale is easy to understand. In a nutshell, 0 – 20 is termed as sterile; 20 – 40 is fairly virile; 40 – 65, the largest group, is virile; 65 – 100 is very virile. Anything above 100 is in the super virile group, but we rarely see any of those.”

“What is the highest number you have ever seen?” my aunt asked.

“Well, we once had a young lad who scored 115. He was unbelievable and his sperm was worth an enormous amount. Unfortunately he was owned by a very mercenary Mistress, who then proceeded just to put him out to stud to anyone who could pay. I begged her to look after him, but she had him sperming up to 6 women daily, every day. At that rate it was hardly surprising his balls gave out and the last I heard of him he had been sold to an older woman who just kept him for the occasional session. All very sad and such a waste.”

“Anyway,” Ellen went on. “The important thing is to get a good reading and for that it is vital that the sperm hits the exact area where the reading takes place. In order to achieve this, we have a special harness, which you will see ensures the subject’s cock is aimed exactly at the correct location. So I suggest, unless anyone has any further questions, we continue with the test. I have got a harness here and perhaps one of you will help me get Peter into it.”

I had been bemused by all I heard, and I still could not really believe all that was happening to me. But now I saw Ellen, with her huge tits swaying in front of her approach with a strange looking harness, which was going to fit around my waist. I shrank from her approach, but Maria was holding me tight and kept me still whilst Ellen undid the leather straps of the harness. In the end it was a simple affair, with a leather strap around my waist, with smaller straps running between my legs and others attached to the lower straps, which went around my thighs. The effect was to ensure that, when all the straps were tightened, the harness could not move around my body at all. Attached to the waist band, and hinged so that they hung down, were two metal rods with a knurled ratchet running along the upper edge. These rods were about 18 inches long and could be moved up so that they stuck out in a forward position coming from either side of my waist.

“OK, I think we are ready now. Let’s get him onto the platform and do the rough height measurement.”

I was guided around the side of the machine, where there was a small platform, which could move up and down through a hydraulic device coming from the body of the machine itself. I was lead onto the platform and then my ankles were secured with cuffs so that I could not move my feet. I also noticed that the whole of this side of the machine as covered in soft fur, so that leaning against it produced a lovely warm effect.

“Right, now we have to get his cock roughly aligned with the machine’s “cunt” here, so that the rods can enter their ports.”

Ellen’s hand moved to a small lever, which she pulled up and the platform on which I was standing rose slowly. Ellen grasped my cock and pointed it forward, until it was aligned with an area covered with long soft hair at the side of the machine. As ElIen parted the hair, so I noticed a small opening shaped exactly like a woman’s cunt, which would allow entry into the body of the machine. Either side of the opening, there was a soft leather pad and the whole area was covered by long soft hair. But now that the hair had been parted, I could clearly see the opening, from which was oozing a thick lanolin cream. Ellen flicked the lever up and down until she was content that my cock was closely aligned to the opening.

“I have had the machine serviced a couple of days ago and Peter is the first subject to use it. I am glad to see that the movement of the platform has released the oil. OK, we are now ready for the next phase and for this I will need him hard and stiff. Maria, would you like to do the honours – I have some hand cream here to help.”

Maria moved around and took a large wadge of hand cream onto her hands, which she then applied to my cock. She expertly started to rub my cock-head and even though I was stiff with fear, I could feel my cock beginning to harden under her expert massaging. Soon my cock was thick and hard, as well as being slick with the hand cream. My breathing was coming in coarse gasps and I tried in vain to push Maria away from her ministrations on the tenderest part of my cock. However hard I tried, I could not stop my cock from growing hard and red.

“Good, now can you keep him just like that whilst I insert the rods.”

Ellen came round behind me and lifted the two metal rods to insert them into ports on either side of the hair-covered area. Maria meanwhile was slowly massaging my cock to keep me stiff, but as soon as the rods were inserted into their ports, I heard the soft whirring of electric machines and the rods were pulled into their ports. As the rods were firmly attached to the harness, their movement had the effect of pulling me forward, so that my cock nudged into the small opening on the side of the machine. Maria grasped my cock at the base, so ensuring my cock-head entered exactly into the opening. The electric machines continued their work and slowly, inexorably my cock was drawn into the machine until I was fully inserted and unable to move.

Ellen seeing that I was now inside the machine, came round my back and pulled up a large ‘hammock-like’ piece of soft leather, which had been hanging down at the side of the machine. The hammock fitted neatly over my backside, and Ellen then inserted the free strap at the other end of the hammock into a knurled keeper on the other side of the machine. By pulling the free strap tight, she had the effect of binding me completely to the side of the machine, so that I was totally unable to move. I struggled and fought, mostly because of the weird sensation going through my cock, which was held firm inside the machine and over which I could feel lanolin oil being dribbled at regular intervals. However, the combination of the harness and the hammock around my backside meant that I could not move anywhere. I whimpered at the sensation running through my loins but was told to quieten down by Maria.

Once the hammock was secure, Ellen went to the face of the machine and pushed a small knob. I became aware of the platform moving very slightly, both up and down as well as to one side.

“Good, that has the fine tuning finished and now one final point and we will be ready to start. Now Peter, can you put your hands over the top of the machine please?”

I obeyed and Ellen from the far side of the machine produced a pair of handcuffs attached to a leather strap. She quickly attached the cuffs to my wrists and pulled down on the strap. I thus found myself leaning slightly over the machine with my front against the fur covering. Apart from my head, I was unable to move any part of my body and I cried out at what was happening to me. It was now clear to me that I would be expected to sperm into this machine and that I had no control over myself at all. I begged the 5 women around me to release me from the machine, but I need not have wasted my breath. No one took any notice at all, for they were all crowded around the console at the front of the machine.

“Just one final check I think,” Ellen said as she came round to my side of the machine.

She checked that the rods were firmly in place and that both the ankle and hand cuffs were secure. She then reached down between my legs and grasped my scrotum. She fondled my balls, making sure that they hung loose and were not caught up with any of the machinery. She then slid her fingers around the base of my cock, to ensure I was fully inserted into the machine. Finally she pulled hard on the strap attached to the hammock, so tightening the leather around my backside and so inserting me another few millimetres into the machine.

“Good, all is ready – now lets get going!” she said as she moved around to the chair in front of the console. Although I could not see any of the instruments on the console, I had a clear view of all the women whose faces were lit up by the screens. Ellen, being seated was lower, but I could still see her face and she looked up at me and smiled.

“Now you just concentrate on producing a good spurt of sperm and let the machine do the rest”. Then turning to the other women she said:

“Once I set the machine to ‘Run’ you will see these lights come on. At first only the red will glow. As he nears a climax, so the amber light will come on and finally when he actually shoots, this large green light will come on. OK lets go. First lets get all his details down on the form.”

My aunt gave Ellen all the details, such as my date of birth, height and the exact time that I had been sperming. Once all this was complete, Ellen pressed the ‘go’ button and a soft humming started up from the body of the machine.

I became aware of an incredible sensation of stroking around the head of my cock. More lanolin poured onto me and the stroking and milking progressed along the length of my cock. I gasped at the sensation and struggled and cried to get away from the feeling, but my bonds held me firm. On and on went the stroking and I could feel my cock beginning to bulge as the slippery milking action started my sperm to churn.

“Oh God!” I cried. “Please, stop this! My balls are beginning to ache as this machine is going to kill me!”

“This is good!” Ellen said. “We want him to fight against the machine, so that in the end, when the machine eventually makes him sperm, he will shoot with terrific force.”

Sandra detached herself from the group and came round the far side of the machine to gaze into my tortured face.

“Now my darling boy,” she cooed. “We want every drop of your delicious sperm into this machine, so that we can measure your virility level. You just concentrate on manufacturing sperm in those lovely balls of yours and leave the rest to us.”

Sharji had meanwhile come round behind me and was stroking my back. She nibbled my ear and whispered lovely words to me, trying to help me in my efforts to produce extra sperm. The whirring from the machine seemed to be getting louder and I could feel the beginnings of a sperming-shoot building in me. My cock was starting to bulge dangerously, but as it grew larger, so the machine seemed to sense this and increased the milking and stroking.

“Oh my God, I am going to come!” I wailed as my balls started to churn in earnest. “PLEASE STOP! I CAN’T BEAR THIS ANY LONGER!”

“You are going to have to my lovely,” Ellen said in a matter-of-fact way. “You aren’t going anywhere and we want a good dose of sperm from you.”

I struggled and fought against the machine, but then I realised that in the very near future I was going to come.

“The yellow light is on!” Ellen called out and all the women crowded around the console. The machine stroked and fondled the end of my cock and my body started to tremble all over as the sperm started to boil in my balls.

“OH MY GOD – I’M COMING!” I wailed. “URGH; URGH URHG,” I grunted as the sperm bubbled and frothed out of my cock and spurted into the machine. On and on I spurted until I felt that my balls were going to be vacuumed out of my cock.

“The Green light is on!” Ellen shouted as all the women bent over the machine. “Just a few minutes now and we should have a result.”

As the torrent of sperm subsided, so the caressing of my cock lessened and I collapsed panting over the top of the machine. I turned to watch the faces of the women intent on the result, and I realised then that for many of them I was simply a sperm-producing machine. None of these voracious women were interested in me as a person. They merely wanted to use me to satisfy their carnal lusts and as a mobile sperm production machine. I thought about my future. What would happen to me if, like other slaves before me, my balls stopped producing sperm? In the meanwhile how could I possibly go on satisfying all their desires? I was woken from my dark thoughts by Ellen’s excited voice.

“Here we go – any minute now,” Ellen said.

“MY GOD, we have a reading of 112! Just a minute I am going to ask the machine to re-calculate, for this is quite extraordinary”.

Her hands flew over the machine and I could hear the system inside the machine testing the sperm once again, to re-calculate as requested.

“Second calculation coming up. Good heavens it is now 113! Sue you have got a rare specimen here, but if you don’t mind, I would like to ask that he shoots another load into the machine once I have cleaned and re-calibrated, just to make sure.”

No problem,” my aunt replied. “Are you tight on time, for he will need some time to re-fill those balls.”

“I have got all evening,” Ellen replied. “Why don’t we unstrap him, and put him to the breast of one of your wet-nurses for about an hour and then we can repeat the exercise.”

“Goody-good, I will second that – my tits are bursting,” Sandra said, as she moved over to the couch at the side of the room.

The aching in my balls, where the sperm had been dragged from them was terrible and I keened and cried at the sensation that was still coursing through my loins. My genitals were still trapped inside the machine and as hard as I fought, I could not move one inch to free them.

“So, I think we had better release him and get him to the breast,” Ellen said and came around my back to release the leather strap around my backside. She then released my hands and feet from their cuffs and went to the front of the machine to arrange for the release of the rods. Her hands once again flew over the key-board and I sensed the rods moving out of their slots. As they withdrew, so my cock emerged, red and shiny from its orifice. It plopped out suddenly and a small dribble of sperm ran down the side of the machine. Ellen came round with a cloth and wiped the machine dry, before setting it to wash its workings.

Maria was with me as my cock emerged and she picked me up easily and carried me over to where Sandra was sitting. Sandra had been preparing herself for suckling. She unstrapped one big milky breast, by unclipping the pad covering the nipple. The nipple sprang out, long and puckered, with its dark areole surrounding it and seeming to cover all the way up the body of the breast. As she inspected the hot taught flesh, so a drip of white milky fluid gathered at the end of the nipple and dropped onto her lap. She took the body of the breast, pointed the nipple into the pad and squeezed very gently. Milk spurted from numerous orifices in the body of the nipple and she groaned at the sensation.

By this time, Maria had arrived carrying me and she lay me down with my head in Sandra’s lap. As soon as I was comfortable, Sandra gathered me into her arms and offered the nipple to my mouth. Obediently I opened my mouth and she inserted the big pointed fleshy object into it. I closed my mouth thankfully around the warm nipple and sucked. In response milk streamed into my mouth and I swallowed gratefully. I sucked again and the process repeated itself. Sandra sighed and cradled me more closely to her breast as she nursed me like a baby.

While this was going on I was aware of Maria and Sharji starting to massage my cock and balls. They both had been given a special cream by Ellen, and had their hands all over my genitals massaging the cream into me. I knew it was special for as they massaged, so a tingling sensation grew more and more pronounced in my genitals. I worried at the different oils and creams that these women were putting into my genitals, but there was little I could do, trapped as I was into Sandra’s big tit. As they continued the massaging, so the tingling changed and I noticed my cock and balls being very tender to the touch. Even the slightest caressing had me bucking and moaning to try and get my genitals away from these women. The nerve endings screamed for them to stop and I shifted and moaned to try and get away from them. But they held me tight and so the milk continued to coarse down my throat from Sandra’s huge mammary.

At the same time I was aware of my aunt and Ellen talking in low voices by the fire. Ellen seemed to do much of the talking and I only was able to pick up snatches of the conversation.

“… run a sperm bank from this location ……. always in desperate need of high quality sperm …… would like to contract for a regular supply of Peter’s sperm ….. happy to pay handsomely for this service ….. once I advertise we will be swamped with applications …… will need a minimum of two shots per day, perhaps rising to three if demand increases …. Would like to start immediately as currently have virtually no stocks.”

I was unable to gather what my aunt said in reply, but I felt sure she would not agree for she knew that my balls were currently at full stretch with the demands from four women and any idea of me increasing my output was ridiculous. But my aunt asked all the other three women to gather round her for a conference. Sandra withdrew her big nipple from my mouth and as she moved away, so her position was taken by Ellen. She in turn introduced one of her big nipples into my mouth. I could tell her nipple was swollen though lust and I sucked and chewed on it roughly. She obviously enjoyed the sensation, for her hand pushed down between us, so that she could finger her clit and I heard a squelching sound as her fingers delved into her slit.

I could hear my aunt and the others discussing my future and then they all crowded around Ellen and me.

“We have decided that your offer is too good to turn down,” my aunt said. “We all agree that somehow we will have to teach Peter to produce yet more sperm. In the short term we will reduce the amount we take from him, so that your quota is always met – we will guarantee a minimum of two spermings per day, with the aim of allowing you three if you really need it. In the longer term, our plan is to increase his sperm production to satisfy not only the needs of the sperm bank, but also ours as well. Then of course we mustn’t forget the likes of Mary, who on the assumption that she wants to go ahead will take most of his sperm for next month.”

I was horrified and appalled at all I heard. These sex-starved women had just committed me to upping my sperm production, when I was already having great difficulty in satisfying their current demands. Ellen was obviously aware that I was about to beak down, for she cuddled me closer to her breast, swamping me in warm tit-flesh and stopping any words coming from my mouth.

Ellen remained with me attached to her nipple, but looked up at the four women sanding over her.

“This is marvellous!” she cried. “At long last I will have a regular supply of top quality sperm. I can see this becoming an excellent relationship. On the serious side, we will have to take great care of Peter’s balls, for we must not fall into the same trap as the other Mistress I was telling you about”.

“True,” my aunt replied. “We will need your advice here Ellen. Perhaps a little later on we can bring Peter over here for several mornings, so that you can teach us the finer points of upping his sperm production, without damaging his cock or balls?”

“Happy to oblige,” Ellen replied. “But for now, do you think we can get another dose out of him? I don’t want to hurry you, but now that we have a way forward, I have got a lot of planning to do.”

With that all the women turned back to me, and Maria knelt down by my side.

“Now, my treasure,” she breathed. “We want a special effort from you and I know you are not going to disappoint us. Give us a good dose of sperm now and I promise that we will then take you home and you can sleep plugged into Sharji’s sweet breast.”

“Oh God, NO, PLEASE!” I begged. “MY balls are aching so badly, I simply don’t think I can give you any more sperm.”

“Oh yes you can!” Maria replied and with that she swept me up in her arms and carried me over to the machine. She lowered me down onto the platform, where my aunt quickly secured my ankles with the ankle-cuffs. Maria held me firm, whilst Sharji came around my side.

“I can stiffen him up, if one of you hold his cock to the orifice and another guide the rods into their ports,” she said. I then felt her hands flowing over my hips, seeking the pressure points. Soon her thumbs found the critical position, and she started the pressure. The familiar tingling in my legs was accompanied by a warm feeling in my cock as blood coursed into it. Ellen gasped at what she saw, and grasping my cock, she guided the head towards the small orifice, from which thick lanoline oil oozed. Sandra meanwhile had both the metal rods in her hands and was guiding them into their ports.

“OK, I think we are ready”, Ellen said. If we all push together, the machine will take over once the rods have found the connection.” With that all the women pushed me forward together and I heard the whirring sound as the rods were drawn in and slowly my cock disappeared into the orifice. Sharji kept up the pressure until I was fully inserted and then she drew away. Maria had been holding me up all this time, for the effect of Sharji diverting the blood from my legs meant that I could hardly support myself. Maria drew away from me, so allowing Ellen to pass the leather hammock around my backside, which she then proceeded to pull tight. She then moved around to the other side of the machine and secured my hands to the cuffs.

So once again I was totally trapped inside the machine and again I could feel the stroking and milking sensation running along the length of my cock. I groaned and keened at the sensation, but by this time all the women had gathered around the console of the machine and no one seemed in the slightest interested in my plight. I struggled and fought to try and stop the constant milking of my cock, but I was totally unable to move. I then slowed my fighting, realising that there was no escape and that I would be best served by trying to shoot a good load of sperm into the machine, for the promise of a night sleeping with my gorgeous cool Sharji was very inviting.

“OK, red light is on, so we are away”, I heard Ellen say. I then became aware of an increase in the suction and milking on my cock and my breathing started to come in tight gasps as the sensation roared through my loins. My balls started churning with hot new sperm and my muscles flexed and tensed as all effort was concentrated around my cock.

“Not long now!” Ellen cried. “I have seen enough specimens to know that we will be shooting before long!”

Suddenly with a rush I was there.

“OH GOD, I’M COOOMMMMING”, I screamed. With that new sperm burned and boiled its way up my cock and frothed out into the workings of the machine. On and on I pumped until I felt as if links of my spine were being drawn out of my cock.

“Yellow light on – Green light on, he is there!” Ellen cried. I pumped and pumped until I was totally drained and panting and sweating I collapsed over the front of the machine.

“OK, just a few minutes now and we will have a result. Yes, here we are – my God he is still at 111. Well Sue, we now know we have a truly magnificent specimen here. I recommend you insure those balls for thousands, for in all my time I have rarely seem better performers.”

My aunt came round behind me and grasped my balls in her hand. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she whispered to me: “Well done , my darling! You have not disappointed us and for that as we promised you can sleep the night plugged into Sharji’s breast.” I also was aware of Sharji moving to me. “Yes, my darling, my tits are tight with milk, all for you. I will be lying with you during the night and together we can satisfy each other.” I then felt warm milk dribbling down my back as she expressed milk onto me.

I was then unstrapped and Maria carried me over to the couch, where Sandra was awaiting me. I was lain down and slightly to my surprise Sandra proceeded to sit astride me, leaning over to offer her huge breast to my mouth. I then was aware of straps being wound around my ankles and wrists, so that I was secured to the couch. Ellen came around to my head and whispered:

“Just one more little experiment, my darling and then we will let you go.” I felt hands raising my torso and a pair of rubber shorts being slipped over my legs and secured around my waist. I struggled to free myself of Sandra so that I could see what was going on, but she held me firm, keeping the big rubbery nipple firmly wedged inside my mouth. She massaged and squeezed her breast, so that warm milk flooded into my mouth.

The other women were busy around my waist and I felt my balls being inserted into a small pouch attached to the rubber shorts. I knew my cock was free, for there was a mouth slowly sucking the length of it, working on the tip and pushing its tongue into the wee hole at the end. I could also feel what seemed like a cord running over my leg and then I heard the distinct sound of an electric plug being inserted into the wall and being switched on.

“OK, I think we are ready, if you would all like to take your positions,” Ellen said. With that Maria came around to my head, Sandra enfolded me into the depths of her bosom and I also felt the weight of women pressing down on my legs.

“Right, I am switching on NOW!” Ellen said.

The sensation that went through my body was unlike anything I had experienced before as small electric shocks passed through my balls and around my genital area. All my muscles screamed and spasmed and in particular the muscles around my waist and genitals went into spasm. These muscles tightened and relaxed in concert with the remainder of my body. I screamed and fought with all my strength, but Sandra held me firm and my screams turned into soft gurgles as she forced more breast into my mouth. In all this, I became aware of a burning sensation in my balls as sperm pumped its way out of my cock in a constant thin stream. In no time, just a few bubbles appeared out of my cock and then a dribble as my balls emptied themselves completely. A hand was holding my cock, but the frightening aspect of the whole affair was that I was sperming with no assistance at all, except for the electric current, which was forcing my ejaculatory muscles into spasm. My eyes were bulging and my hands clenched and unclenched as the sensation roared through my whole body. As my mouth opened to scream, so breast was forced into it. Milk streamed down my cheek as I was unable to swallow, but the pressure on the body of the breast meant milk was coursing from the nipple into my mouth. In a short time, nothing seemed to be coming from my cock at all, and then suddenly all was quiet as Ellen switched off the current.

I was in floods of tears, as the burning and aching sensation in my balls was such that nothing else in the world seemed to matter. For a while all the women lay over me and the only sound were my sobs interspersed with the gurgling as I suckled and slurped on Sandra’s warm milk.

“My God! What was all that?” Maria whispered.

“That my darlings was my patented sperm extractor,” Ellen answered. “What I have discovered is that if, using an electric current, you can make the boy’s ejaculatory muscles spasm, then they will pump out all their sperm without you having to do anything else. Whilst it does nothing for them, it is extremely useful, either if you are in a hurry to get some sperm, or if you are dealing with a reluctant spermer, who is trying to hold back his seed from me. I am sorry to have put your young slave through this, but the only aspect I had not proved was its ability to drain a young boy, who had already given of his seed. What this has shown is that, even when a boy is almost totally drained, this machine will still extract what he has left. One thing I can guarantee you now and that there is not one drop of seed left in your young slave – I hope no one was expecting a spray of sperm tonight!”

“Wow! What a powerful thing to have at our disposal!” Maria breathed. “Sue, we might need this machine if we are to satisfy Mary, keep the Bank full of sperm and satisfy ourselves over the next month or so, don’t you think?”

My aunt wandered over, obviously deep in thought.

“Yes, I can see that. Tell me Ellen, how advanced is this machine? I was thinking that if we could adjust it so that fitted neatly over Peter’s genitals, we might be able to increase the power with which he shoots his sperm.”

“I have already thought of that,” Ellen replied. “We can certainly fit it exactly to Peter’s size. Can you imagine the power of this machine, for it will allow us to meter the amount of sperm coming out of his cock. For instance, if we had four women, all of whom needed servicing at the same time, we could put Peter to each in turn and say, allow him to shoot three of four spurts into each. By switching the machine on and off, we can control the sperm flow exactly and so ensure his sperm production was used to the very best effect. No point in allowing him to empty his entire load into one cunt, if we can service four all together.”

“Mmmm, yes, I do agree,” my aunt murmured. “But I do love the feel of all that hot sperm streaming into me womb, all the same!”

“And so you will, my dear,” Ellen replied. “He is your slave and if you want to drain him into your tubes, that is exactly what you must do.”

I had been listening with added concern to the way these women were planning to use my sperm, but again I knew there was little I could do to influence them. I then saw Ellen sidle over to my aunt and whisper in a low voice.

“Sue, my dear, would you mind if I queened your slave? All this activity has made me incredibly randy and I know for sure that he won’t be able to sperm me. If I could sit on his face and get him to lick me to a climax, that would be the end of a perfect day from my point of view.”

“Of course my dear,” my aunt replied. “Sandy, can you unplug Peter, so that Ellen can mount him?” Sandra pulled the big puckered nipple from my mouth with a ‘plop’ and eased herself off the couch. I found myself lying full length, with only Sharji gently caressing my balls. I could tell she was concerned, for the sack containing my balls felt tiny and slack, as it was completely empty of sperm.

Ellen had stripped off the girdle and panties and for the first time I saw her thick heavy legs and wiry pubic hair. I noticed that her legs had spare flesh around the thighs and her knees were tick and swollen. Naked she looked all of her nearly 60 years and I shrank at the idea of being queened by this lady.

But she was clear in her intent. She strode across the room and climbed nimbly up onto the couch. I felt the couch sag as one knee came over my face and she knelt above me, facing my feet. Her hand came round and reached into the darkened area between her legs. Although I could not see anything, was aware of heat emanating from her cunt, for she was being driven mad by lust. She moved her knees apart and very slowly started to lower herself down over my face. Panic spread through me as I saw her huge frame coming over me.

“NO! NO! NO! PLEASE don’t swamp me!” I screamed. “HELP! HELP! PLEASE AUNTI Aaaaaagh mmmmmmmphh,” I gurgled as Ellen’s huge bulk lowered itself down over my face. My screams of pure terror and my pleas for help were completely ignored as the sound was blotted out by the darkened flesh of her inner thighs and cunt area.

All light was extinguished as my face slowly disappeared under the heavy flesh. She in turn started to wriggle over me, so working me deeper into her recesses and pressing her wide sopping cunt into my mouth. Breathing was becoming very difficult and I was terrified that I would be suffocated by the folds of flesh, covering me.

Eventually she was still as she became more comfortable and I was aware of her inner flesh invading my mouth. My head was totally enveloped between her thighs and into the soft pillows on which I was resting. I found I could just breath the super heated air that was flowing past her thighs and cunt. Her outer lips filled my mouth and knowing that there was no escape, I probed very gently with my tongue. I worked into the outer lips and as I licked the inner lips, so a gush of her love-juice coursed into my mouth. I also felt her thighs tremble as the sensation of my licking the area around her clitoris sent waves of pleasure through her.

My tongue swept over her clit and even through the deep folds of female flesh, I distinctly heard her scream with animal pleasure. My only real difficulty was that by attacking her clit, I almost drowned in the waves of juice that poured from her cunt. I drank her juices down as quickly as I could and kept the pressure up on the hard nubbule of flesh, which I knew would soon have her riding headlong into the crest of a massive climax.

All this happened more quickly than I had reckoned and in no time she was writhing over me, wracked by multiple climaxes. She came off me in a rush, when it was clear her aged body could not withstand any further teasing from my busy tongue. It was only when she was off me that I realised that Sharji had been slowly sucking the life back into my cock. But even my cool beautiful Sharji was unable to harden me up in my shattered state.

Ellen’s climax signalled the end of the day and in what seemed like a flash we were back home. I was more exhausted than I could ever remember, and all four women were obviously concerned at my state. After a light dinner, I was put to bed with Sharji, suckling on her fat dark nipple and eventually fell asleep with one of her nipples leaking down my cheek. She stayed with me all night, cradling me to her breast and ensuring I slept soundly between bouts of breast suckling.

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