Lucky Josh

It was late in the morning when Josh woke to the sounds of workmen plying their trade.
Still sore from the 16 hour flight despite travelling first class, he yawned and stretched trying to get some more sleep. The noise was too loud to ignore and after a few moments he gave up and got up. He navigated his way through all the boxes and unpacked furniture to the bathroom.
One of the few good things to come out of this Trans Atlantic move, he thought, that and the huge house his father had bought.

Relaxing a bit under the steaming shower he glanced around, taking in his new surroundings in daylight. They did a good job on his room and bathroom, almost exactly like the 3d models he was shown. The opaque window looked out onto the pool area and terrace and bathed the room in a warm sunlight. Grabbing a towel he went to stand in front of the wall sized mirror and grinned at his mirror image. The last few months in the gym had taken care of the last of his baby fat and with pride he flexed his well toned body. Not too muscular, just right he smirked and went back into the mess of his room to find something to wear.

He found his father with his latest girlfriend Angela enjoying breakfast near the pool.
She was wearing a bathing suit that revealed nothing but showed all and Josh had to admit his father’s taste in women matched his. Josh didn’t know her too well yet but from what he had gathered she seemed nice and not too young, around 40 tops.
For a moment he regretted leaving his old home again, he missed Tamara, his former step mom. She was his favorite step mom and he had an affair with her for three years. Tamara was his first and only lover so far but he had a hard time imagining something better.
Perhaps Angela in a while he thought as a sly grin formed on his face.
“So, did you get a good night’s sleep Josh?” his father Jonas asked as he threw him a bottle of sun block.
“Not really but enough for now” Josh said as he caught the bottle.
“We still need to finalize the sale of your holdings and get some decent costumes for tonight”
“So if you are up for it we can make the paperwork in order after breakfast and plunder a nearby mall for costumes” Jonas proposed.
“Sure dad, sounds like a plan” Josh answered and started on his breakfast.

Around noon they had finished the paperwork and Josh was quite a bit richer.
Together with his father he had started several internet ventures and because of his age, 14 at the time he had to have an adult partner. Jonas agreed to be his silent partner and investor and after 2 start ups he just became a silent partner as Josh made enough money to start another.
Josh was grinning when he saw the total amount on his bank account, not bad for a 17 year old kid he thought. Jonas smiled with pride at his son, he was becoming a self made man just like him.
“Any idea what you’ll do next?” Jonas asked interested in his son’s next step.
“Let me get settled in for a few weeks and we’ll see, I have a few ideas, nothing solid yet.”
“Okay then, let’s get shopping and spend some of that newly earned money” Jonas suggested.

Angela was already in the car as her car was the only one delivered yet.
It was a medium sized sports car with open roof in a soft grey tone.
Josh would have to wait another two weeks before his car would arrive, another perk from moving to the States, driving a year early. As he approached the sports car he admired the curves of the car and its driver. He let out a wolf whistle, startling Angela and getting a grin from his dad.
“Nice car Angela” Josh said as she was trying to figure out for who or what his whistle was meant.
Jonas just laughed as he knew his son liked his new girlfriend in more than one way.

The ride to the mall was uneventful and thanks to the build in navigator no wrong turns.
They agreed to meet back at the car in three hours, giving them enough time to explore and shop. Jonas wrote the store name and party address down for Josh as there was some kind of dress code. The party itself was given by one of Jonas’s business partners and apparently it was one of those party’s people really made an effort for to get invited to. Josh had forgotten the who and what when his Dad told him a few weeks ago, still being in a rut over having to move. Now, being there it didn’t seem to be so bad after all.
First things first Josh thought as he passed a phone store. He went in and got himself the latest iPhone and a provider with national coverage.
Texting his dad his new number, he knew he’d get one shortly as well.
Happy with his new toy he set out to look for the store he needed to get his costume from.
Looking around he saw few people, a lot less then he had expected for a mall this size.

When he arrived at the store he was amazed, it was huge.
It took him a second to gather his cool and he went in, looking for a salesperson.
A few moments later, a lovely woman dressed as a girly pirate introduced herself as Megan and asked Josh if she could be of assistance. She was too old for a girly costume, Josh guessed her age at 30 something but it did wonders for her figure. She had firm breasts, a nice round ass and still a good tight waist. Her shoulder length red hair made her face look a bit pale despite her tan and her lips were big and luscious.
Josh pulled his eyes away from her ample breasts so on display and flushed red when she grinned at him.
“Don’t worry dear” Megan said “it’s the costume and I am glad you approve.”
“Now, what is it you are looking for?”
“I need a costume for … “he paused and got the note from his dad out of his pocket.
“The Santino RF party tonight” Josh finished, focusing on Megan’s eyes.
Apparently this meant something to Megan because her demeanor changed instantly.
“Follow me” she said as she started to walk further into the store “and I’ll get you a senior sales person.”
Josh followed her, admiring her figure from behind saying “Why would I need a senior when I have you?”
Megan stopped, turned and smiled at Josh. “This party you are going to is one of the hottest parties in town and the costumes match the exclusive guests so the higher sales price gets you a senior sales person.”
“Will they give me better service?” Josh asked a bit confused.
“No dear, it’s just that they get a higher commission on any sale they make and because they have worked longer here, they get all the big customers.”
“I see, well I am a junior myself so I’ll stick with you if you don’t mind” Josh responded.
“That is sweet of you but I have to take you to the store manager, it’s the rules.”
She flashed a smile at him and continued her walk towards the store manager.

They approached an area that looked more like a lounge then a sales place.
Megan walked up to a stern looking man and whispered to him.
He turned to look at Josh, frowned and whispered something back.
Megan smiled and walked back to Josh.
“My boss figured you wouldn’t be a huge spender so he allowed me to be your sales girl for today.”
“Not a big spender? Why would he say that?” Josh asked Megan, a confused look on his face.
“I think it’s your age and the way you dress dear but I am fine with it if you prove him wrong” Megan grinned at him.
“Lets” Josh smiled back at her.

Megan took him to a separate dressing area and closed it off.
There was a luxury chair with table, a bar and coffee maker and several mirrors.
A curtain on a rail could divide the area to allow for privacy whilst changing.
“Okay dear, first I am going to have to take your sizes” Megan said and she produced a measuring tape.
“You obviously are in shape” she smiled when she took his chest and arm measurements.
“I‘d like to think so” Josh grinned back at her, getting a good stare at her breasts.
Her friendly demeanor and good looks had made Josh a bit excited so when she took his waste measurements she noticed the effect she had on him. Looking up she saw him trying to look anywhere but down, his face flushed. Smiling, she continued to take his size and when she stood up, his face was less red than before.
“Done, now I know what size we need, what theme would you like to dress in?”
“You have the choice of Sci-Fi, Classic Horror or Fantasy film.”
“I am not going as a knight so scratch that, hmmm, can you show me a few examples of the other two?” Josh asked, wondering what kind of a party it would be later tonight.
“Sure can do dear” Megan answered and took off.

Glad for the time he could recompose himself, he was happy he was assisted by Megan, she didn’t take offense to his arousal at her figure and this way he could enjoy the view a bit longer.
The curtains moved aside and Megan entered with a mobile rack full of clothing.
Nearly everything on the rack was dark in color with a few white and red exceptions.
“That’s a few?” Josh exclaimed, figuring there where at least 12 outfits.
“Yeah, I wanted a few more but this will do for starters” Megan replied cheerfully.
“You have more experience with this, what would look good on me?”
“Depends on what you are going for dear, brooding and dark, shallow and easy or masculine and attractive.” Megan replied whilst going through the outfits.
“Show me dark and brooding” Josh answered after a moment.
“Neo? Anakin? Something like that?”
“Do you have Morpheus, as in the second movie?” Josh asked.
Megan looked at him for a moment and seemed to think something over before nodding and taking the mobile rack with her back in the store.
A little later Megan returned with the rack less filled, only three costumes this time.
“These are costumes that I wouldn’t mind seeing you in if I was at that party.” Megan smiled at Josh.
She held the first one up saying “Morpheus in Matrix 2” and pointed at the other two saying “Colonel Jenkins from starship troopers and Han Solo from Empire.”
“Why these three?” Josh asked, not missing the naughty sparkle in Megan’s eyes.
“Classy and heroic for Morpheus, dark and dangerous for the Colonel and the lovable rogue in Star wars” Megan replied “I think these will get you the attention you want and are not often taken so you’ll be original instead of Anakin #7.”
“Let’s start with classy then” Josh said and started to remove his shoes.
“I’ll just wait outside” Megan said and walked past the curtain.

It took Josh a few minutes to get into the costume, unaccustomed to the many buttons but Megan had taken his size very well, the suit fitted like it was made for him.
“You can come in now” Josh said looking at him in the mirror and liking what he saw.
“You choose well dear, it looks good on you” Megan said walking around him to get a good view.
She stopped in front of him and kneeled down to adjust his pants a bit.
Josh was treated again to an excellent view of her breasts and started to wonder if Megan was coming on to him. If not, he was enjoying the show but if she was he needed to figure out his next move.
“Okay, I’ll take this costume for sure, now let’s try the others” Josh said a bit rapidly.
“Can you hold this for a second?” he asked Megan while he gave her the coat.
She was about to say something when he handed her the next piece and she remained silent.
With practiced hands he quickly undressed giving her his clothing each time until he was standing in his boxers with his back to her. In one of the side mirrors he tried to spy her expression and saw that she was definitely looking him over.
“Which one next?” Josh asked as casually as he could.
“Go for the uniform” Megan said in a slight husky voice “I always liked men in uniform.”
While Josh was changing into the black, stern uniform, Megan was hanging back the Morpheus outfit and peeking at his body when she could. He might be young she thought but he’s sweet and packing so let’s see where this leads to.
When Josh finished putting the costume on, Megan adjusted his pants so they flowed better into the high black boots and when she started on his shirt she turned him towards a mirror and stood behind him, making final adjustments.
“I love men in boots, so dominating” she whispered from behind him.
Taking his cue, Josh grabbed on her hands and pulled her into his back, her breasts pushing into his back and her hands he forced gently down on his hard cock.
He felt her hands massaging his cock and he let go of her wrists, looking into the mirror to see her face.
Megan was flush with lust, this young boy was lusting after her and although she wasn’t inactive, it had been a while since she had a good fuck.

She pressed her body harder against his back and with practiced movements, she released his cock. Moving her face so she could see them both in the mirror, she gently stroked his cock.
Josh had his eyes closed as he enjoyed her hands on his cock, he felt himself getting incredibly hard, her firm hands knew what they were doing.
“Careful, we don’t want to get this costume dirty before tonight now do we?” Megan whispered.
Josh just nodded and when her hands disappeared from his cock he opened his eyes to see her come around and kneel in front of him. With a big smile aimed at him, Megan licked the top of his cock before engulfing the head with her mouth.
He stifled a groan of joy when her mouth went to work on him.
Looking down he could see her head bob up and down on his cock and in the mirrors he could see from all sides. Her tongue was working miracles on his cock, her hands pushing his ass forward as to get even more of his cock in her.
Josh didn’t consider himself to be big in the dick department with 7 inches but he knew he was wide and had the stamina to please.
After a few minutes of exquisite cock sucking, Megan released his cock with a pop and smacking lips.
“Hmm, I love a shaven cock, so smooth and delicate to suck on” Megan whispered.
“My turn then” Josh said in a heavy and lustful tone as he pulled Megan up and set her down in the chair.
He pushed her skirt up and pulled down her underwear so he could go down on her.
“Ooh” Megan whispered heavily “that’s been a while.”
Josh stopped for a second to look at her and said “Really? I love to eat pussy, licking those lips, feeling you getting wetter, teasing the clit, I enjoy it.”
“Oh I think I am in love” Megan joked and gasped in her hand when his tongue swirled through her slit.
Josh decided to give Megan an extra special performance and pulled out his box of tricks that Tamara had taught him so patiently.

He worked on her lips first, nibbling and sucking to get them flush and thick. The occasional flick on the clit and streak up and down her slit, always ending up at her entrance. He could feel her getting closer without even really trying so he speeded up his movements to make sure she came hard. With a few deft movements he wetted his index finger in her cunt, pushed it all the way up in her ass and stuck his thumb in her cunt, making contact inside. He pulled her with that hand a little further down so she almost sat on his hand, his fingers as deep as they could get.
Megan had released her tits and was playing with her nipples in a rough way while biting down on a piece of her costume as not to alert the entire store of her joy.
Taking her clit hood in his mouth, he sucked as hard as he could on it, raising her clit so he could scrape it with his teeth. When he felt her hands on his head, pushing him down harder he knew she was about to come. He switched the sucking to the clit, biting down when it was fully extended and then teased the caught little pleasure point with his tongue in a rapid pace.
Megan held onto Josh’s head for dear life, this boy was giving her the best head ever and the added naughtiness of being at work only heightened the orgasm she was about to have.
Josh felt Megan go rigid as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. She had grabbed his shirt to scream in, no trusting herself to keep quiet. She cried and gasped in his shirt as she came for a long time, his tongue keeping her going and the pulsing movement of his fingers kept the sensations from becoming too intense. He kept her in a state of orgasm for about two minutes before he released her.
Megan fell back into the chair, her face sweaty and flush.
“That was incredible, who taught you that?” she whispered hoarsely when she could.
Josh grinned and said “My mom taught me that, well, step mom to be exact.”
“Damn, that was some motherly loving then” Megan said smiling.

Josh grabbed a few tissues from the bar dispenser and cleaned his face and Megan’s thighs from the juice she had produced.
“Thanks dear” Megan said “I am too spend to move for a bit, I am still on my high.”
“No problem, mind if I continue?” Josh asked innocently.
“Go ahead dear, fuck me silly” Megan enticed him, licking her lips provocatively and raising her legs in a straight v.
Josh dropped his pants as low as he could and sat down on his knees so he could enter her.
He waited a second with his cockhead at her entrance, relishing the wet heat he could feel emanating from her cunt.
Looking at her face, he slowly entered her until his balls came to her butt.
“Hmm, keep it there for a moment” Megan softly requested.
Her hand moved to her clit and she slowly and gently started to rub it.
“What is your name dear, if I am going to scream something it should be your name don’t you think?”
“It’s Josh” he answered with a big proud grin.
Starting slowly, Josh moved in and out of Megan, alternating his view between her breasts, her face and his cock going in her cunt.
“Fuck me” Megan spurred him on, waiting a second before saying “Josh” in a sultry whisper.
Josh didn’t have to be told twice as he sped up his deep penetration of her hot and wet cunt.
Her juices were flowing freely now and Josh rammed his cock harder and harder, getting closer to release each time.
“Come with me Josh, I am soo close now, shoot me up baby” Megan whispered lustfully.
Two strokes later he felt her cunt clamp down, the extra pressure sending him over the edge as well. He felt his cock launch his cum into her, the throbbing intensified by her strong cunt muscles milking him for all he was worth.
A deep grunt accompanied his orgasm and Megan cried again in his shirt as they came.
Both were grinning as they came to their senses when suddenly Josh’s phone rang, startling them.

Josh quickly reached for the bag his phone was in, removing his still hard cock from Megan.
She quickly grabbed some tissues to stop herself from leaking juice and cum on the carpet, grinning madly at the situation she found herself in.
“Josh here” she heard him say, followed by “what?” and “how, when?”
His face turned serious for a moment and then lit up again.
Megan meanwhile had cleaned herself and was now moving on all fours towards Josh.
With an eyebrow raised he watched her come closer and starting to lick and suck his wet cock.
It took Josh some effort not to voice his pleasure, resulting in a red head.
“Hold on dad, I may have a solution” Josh said, trying not to gasp.
He pressed mute on his phone and looked at Megan who was smiling mischievously at him, her tongue over his cockhead.
“My dad is going to the hospital with Angela, she just broke her ankle trying on boots” Josh spoke softly, not trusting his voice with Megan working on his cock.
“That means she cannot come tonight and my dad cannot go stag, he needs a companion to enter and exit with and who will rescue him from time to time, does that sound like something you could do?”
Megan’s face lit up in joy and surprise, bobbing her head up in down as to say yes, his cock still halfway in her mouth.
“Dad, I have a solution for you” Josh said after her response “I’ll take care of everything, you just get to the hospital and be on time back”
“Oh one more thing, what was your costume for tonight?”
Josh smiled when his dad answered his question.
“Okay, we will find something to match then” he finally said and hung up.

Megan was really working his cock getting him to come for a second time. She was enjoying the look he gave her, absolute rapture as she sucked hard while he came.
When he almost collapsed over her, she moved up, kissing him full on the lips.
Josh opened up and their tongues met in her mouth, his cum still on her tongue.
A surprised look flashed on his face when he tasted himself but the raunchiness of it all made him hug her tighter and kiss harder.
A few minutes of kissing and hugging later, they both sat down, looking flushed and spend.

Megan stood up and straightened her clothing, wiping the last of the cum and juice away with tissues. Josh did the same and pulled his pants back up, moving closer to hug her.
Neither said anything for a few minutes as they stood in embrace.
“I don’t usually do this you know” Megan said softly, her head buried in his neck.
“I figured, but I can’t say I am sorry, it was amazing” Josh replied just as softly.
“Will this be a onetime thing?” Megan asked carefully.
“Not if I can help it” Josh replied with the certainty of youth.
“How old are you anyway” a now curious Megan asked.
“Seventeen, turning eighteen in 7 months” Josh grinned.
“God, I am old enough to be your mother then, I am …” Megan started to say but Josh kissed her before she could finish and said “perfect, that’s what you are.”
Megan blushed and hugged him a bit tighter before letting go and stepping back.
“Okay then, lets finish with you, start on me and you can tell me the plan while we try things on and change.”
Josh nodded as he looked at himself in the starship troopers’ uniform, almost fetish fascist he thought but damn, it does look good on me.

The next two hours, Megan and Josh had a great time trying on outfits and discussing what to do that night. Josh settled on the three costumes Megan had selected and got himself a few extra. Megan had modeled quite a few more outfits for Josh’s pleasure, one more sexy then the other and he enjoyed it tremendously. They finally settled on a Matrix Trinity outfit, an Elvira vampire princess outfit and because it gave Josh a straight hard on, a punk rock rocket queen outfit with extreme high heeled boots. They kissed for a bit before Josh had to get going so Megan packed everything up and they walked to the sales desk.
When Josh arrived at the sales desk, the store manager barely managed to hide his surprise.
Buying props as well for all the outfits and taking care of his father’s costume, the bill was in the 5 digits. Without breaking a sweat, Josh paid for it leaving a nice tip for Megan.
He could see the jealous looks on the other sales persons and their annoyance with their manager. Josh couldn’t care less, he had Megan’s number, she would come to his place early tonight to change and most likely would spend the night with him after the party.
The costumes would be delivered around five so he had some time to spend in the mall before getting a cab back home.
He felt on top of the world and things were looking up.

On his way out he passed a lingerie store with some very sexy outfits in the store window.
He looked them over, imagining Megan in them and it didn’t take him long to decide to enter and get her some of these sets as well.
Another few hundred dollars later he walked out with three bags full of underwear, mostly for Megan and some for him.
The cab ride home took ages in his mind but he blamed that on his anxiety to get home and the coming night.
Once Josh got home, he checked if his Dad and Angela had returned but they were still out.
Grabbing a soda from the fridge he went to his room and started to unpack a few boxes and assemble some of his new furniture. He had worked up quite a sweat when heard the doorbell.
He heard one of the staff accept the delivery from the costume store and walked down to claim his and Megan’s outfits.

The young Hispanic woman who had accepted the delivery was looking the boxes over, stopping at the box with the rocket queen outfit, staring at the picture of the content.
Josh quietly walked behind her and waited till she reacted to his presence.
He could hear her talk to herself but didn’t make it all out, the best he could make of it was “I would so rock at the club if I had the money to buy stuff like this.”

He coughed softly and was rewarded by a startled jump and a blushing face.
“I am so sorry Mr. van der Haagen” she stammered.
“What’s there to be sorry about? It is a great outfit and I am sure you would look great in something like that.”
“It’s is not my place to ” and she stopped talking almost on the verge of tears.
“Relax, I am not angry or anything, just curious” Josh said in a calming voice.
“Curious?” she stammered surprised.
“Yeah, what club are you talking about that such an outfit would be killing” Josh asked.
“The Forge, it’s an old school metal club, my band plays there sometimes.”
“Your band?” Josh asked surprised “what instrument do you play?”
“I play the guitar and sing” she answered a little more sure of herself.
“Cool, you must take me sometimes” Josh said enthusiastic.
“We play tomorrow at ten” she volunteered.
“I have no plans at all so if you are willing, you can take me there” Josh said.
Looking him over as to see if he was joking, she decided he was not and nodded, saying that she would.
“What kind of rock do you play?”
“We cover Judas Priest and play some of our own songs” she responded to his question.
“Judas Priest? Seriously? This I really have to see, oh hold on” Josh said and ran to his room.
A few upturned boxes later he found what he was looking for.
Racing down, a little flushed he held out a worn denim jacket, studded at the shoulders and with a huge Judas Priest logo on the back.
“Here, wear this next time on stage, it’s signed by Rob Halford himself, should bring you luck”
Her face turned red and she was torn between accepting it and declining it.
Josh saw the turmoil she was in and said “Look, I won’t tell if you won’t okay?”
“Just promise me that you will take me to see your band, I’d really love to see you play.”
“Okay Mr. van der Haagen, deal” she answered, still a bit timid.
“What is your name?” Josh asked while he put the jacket in a bag for her.
“Vanessa” she replied
“Well Vanessa, when no one else is around, call me Josh okay?”
“Okay” was all she said and started to collect the boxes again to take them to the bedrooms.
Looking at her resume her work, Josh painted a picture in his mind of Vanessa in the outfit she envied and decided he would get her one as well, she was that cute.

Josh was about to follow Vanessa when the door opened and his dad came in, supporting Angela with her crutches.
“Ah great, help us out here Josh” Jonas said when he tried to close the door behind him.
Angela seemed almost out of it, the way she was leaning on Jonas’s shoulder.
Josh quickly closed the door and asked what was wrong with Angela.
“Nothing except she has a very low tolerance to pain medication, she almost passed out.”
“Help me get her to the bedroom son” Jonas continued and together they carried her to her bed.
Her left foot and ankle were enveloped in a cast as a result of the fracture.
“I need a drink” Jonas said and walked out the bedroom “coming Josh?”
Josh followed his dad and both sat down in the kitchen, grabbing a beer.
“So who is the darling that you found to help me out tonight?” Jonas started.
“Her name is Megan, she is a natural red head and a great looker” Josh grinned at his dad.
“Not near your age I hope” Jonas replied.
“Nope, closer to Angela than me dad”
“Ah okay” Jonas said just before he almost choked on his beer.
“How do you know she’s a natural …” he started to say and let his voice trail of, grinning at his son.
“I see” he continued “I guess she’ll be sleeping over then?”
“Perhaps, I’d like it if she did but we’ll see how the evening goes.” Josh replied casually.
They both laughed and Jonas told Josh to keep it down as he wouldn’t be getting any.
“Best get going then or we are going to be too fashionable late” Jonas said and went to his bedroom. Josh nodded and did the same.

In his room he found a flyer from the club Vanessa had told him about. On the back she had written “The Hellions” and “see you at 22:00 V xxx”.
Josh smiled at the message and taped it to his monitor so he would not lose it in the mess his room still was.
Striping quickly he entered his bathroom to shave where needed and take a shower.
The shower was hot and steamy, he found himself relaxing and thinking about Megan.
A sudden knock on his door took him out of his reverie and he yelled “Still in the shower, be right out.”
When he heard nothing more he continued to wash himself when unexpectedly his bathroom door opened and a naked Megan entered.
“Surprise Josh dear, I am sorry I am late but I had to arrange for a sitter for my daughter.”
She walked to the shower still and for the first time Josh saw her without any clothes.
His eyes were glued to her fine figure and his cock rose up to greet her.
Damn she was gorgeous he thought as he pulled her into an embrace.
“She’s only fourteen so a few hours wouldn’t be a problem but it’s more likely to be an all nighter so, you forgive me?” Megan continued, her hands already working his cock.
“What is to forgive?” Josh gasped as she worked her magic.
Rubbing her breasts against his chest, she softly jacked him of and started to talk again.
“There are a few things we need to discus before we go on okay?”
Josh just nodded with his eyes closed, enraptured by her gentle touch.
“First of all, I will not enter in a relationship with you, we can be fuck buddies or friends with benefits but I am not going to be your girlfriend.”
“I don’t want you to get hurt, I like you too much already but that’s the way it has to be.”
“Second, don’t try to buy me, no huge gifts or whatever, it would cheapen what we have.”
“And finally, I am not exclusive, I expect you to fuck other girls, hell, I’ll even help you get laid if you want but I will be fucking other men so no jealousy or anything.”
She stopped and looked at his face, he was grinning and a weight fell of her shoulders, no damage done.
“I agree but” Josh started “I will buy you gifts from time to time just because I like it and I will spend money on you, just never ever as any form of payment, you have my word on that.”
“Secondly, I would love to be your friend, especially with these benefits.”
“I would love for you to help me get laid more and I don’t mind if we are not exclusive to each other, I may even want to watch sometimes” he grinned.
Megan smiled back at him and said “Deal then, now let’s get this edge of you so you’ll think of something else then my luscious pussy tonight.”

She moved to lean against the wall and pushed her butt towards him saying “Now give me a good pounding, I have been wet all day thinking about you so give me some.”
Josh did as she told and in a smooth motion he entered her wet cunt and started to fuck her hard. Her wet pussy had hardly any friction so he moved as fast and as hard as he could, even bumping into her cervix a few times. He could feel her fingers working on her clit and between gasp he could hear her say “fuck me fuck me harder boy” over and over again.
The strength of his assault on her cunt surprised Megan a bit and it didn’t take long for her to come hard. When he felt her stiffen, he increased his speed even more, the contractions of her cunt in orgasm stimulating him into coming as hard as well. He held on to her thighs keeping him deep in her as they came.

“Hmm, that was wonderful again, a girl could get used to this you know” she smirked.
They stood for a few minutes in the warm stream of water enjoying each other’s body and closeness.
“Ehm” Megan started when she noticed that Josh wasn’t getting any softer “why are you still hard?”
With a big grin Josh whispered in her ear “I can go two or three times in a row.”
“Hmm” Megan purred “in that case, have you ever had anal sex?”
“No” was Josh’s quick answer, his mind already imagining him fucking her in the ass.
“Want to?” she enticed him with a sultry tone of voice.
“Yes” he whispered back.
Megan moved a bit so she could grab his cock and took it out of her cunt and positioned it in front of her asshole.
“Gently push the head in, wait a bit and then slowly push it in until you cannot anymore.”
“After a few strokes you can pick up speed, I like it rough in my ass so don’t be careful.”
Josh nodded and pushed his head in, it was warm and tight, and so unlike a cunt he thought.
A few strokes later, he was pounding her tight asshole with all his might, her hands a frenzy on her clit and in her cunt. At times he could feel her fingers with his cock, which exited him even more.
He didn’t last long, the new sensations and the moaning and dirty cursing of Megan made him come even harder than before.
When she felt him come, she clamped her asshole as tight as she could, making her feel the gush of his cum shooting in her even more intense.
He was still deep in her ass when she came, her ass still milking his cock.
The cry she let go when she came would no doubt be heard by all in the house but Josh didn’t care.
At this moment he felt the luckiest man alive.

They caressed each other and kissed for a few minutes more before quickly cleaning up and drying of.
With the aid of Megan, Josh was dressed in his costume within five minutes.
Applying the last touches, Josh added the belt and holster with its prop gun. The officers’ hat and dress coat he placed near the door before he went looking for a pen and a few business cards.
Megan had found the box with the Elvira costume and was laying everything out on his bed.

Just before she started with her bra, Josh interrupted her and gave her one of the bags he had gotten at the lingerie store.
With a big smile he requested that she wore what was in the bag instead of what was supplied with the costume.
Megan smiled wickedly when she saw the shop logo and gasped when she opened it.
“Real silk?” she asked Josh when she took out a pair of black stocking and a gartered body.
He smiled and nodded, waiting for her to put it on.
Her experience in the costume store made easy work of it, she remarked upon his good eye for size and was pleased when she found out that the cups were adjustable in tension and height.
She looked ravishing in it and it took some effort of will from Josh not to initiate a new batch of love making.
Josh had finished gathering the few items he wanted to take with him when his father knocked on the door saying “five minutes and then we really have to go Josh.”
He looked at Megan and she was almost done, finishing her makeup and adjusting the black wig.
With the high heeled boots she wore beneath the dress she was a bit taller than him.
The outfit really looked good on her, the four splits in the dress showing of her legs, with a hint of bare leg at the top and her breasts almost fully on display with the large cleavage the dress had.
“Wow” Josh said when she turned around “you’ll get plenty of attention tonight looking as awesome as you do in that outfit.”
“Thanks” she replied “you look great too, a bit evil and attractive, very alluring.”

Josh opened the door for Megan and bowed saying “My Lady” as she passed.
“Thank you Milord” she replied with a grin in a fake Transylvanian accent.
He grabbed his coat and hat, following her out.
They walked down the stairs to the door when they saw his dad, dressed as Van Helsing.
“You must be Megan” Jonas said and took her hand for a chaste kiss.
“I am in your debt Milady, you are a life saver.”
“Not at all” Megan replied “the pleasure is all mine.”
Josh saw that his dad was very pleased with the chaperone he provided for him.
“She is really hot, well done son” Jonas whispered to Josh when they walked to the car.
Josh just grinned and got into the limo.
On their way over, Jonas explained what he required of her during the party.
After that the conversation turned to what they all expected the party to be since they were all going for the first time.
It was even bigger than they expected.

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