First time with the girls.

Ever since I was 14 I had a crush on my neighbor, I was good friends with her brother and every time I went to their house I would try my best to impress her. She never really noticed me and she always had a boyfriend, it didn't surprise me though, she had jet black hair, blue eyes and was of a dark complexion. She had great tits and a fantastic ass. I always thought I had a chance of one day getting to have sex with her, I masturbated nightly to the thought. I knew she was experienced with sex, her younger twin sisters, Lucy and Beth, always used to tell me about her and what she had done. I never really thought anything of the twins, we just used to chat a lot about sex and would occasionally watch porn together just for the fun of it. It wasn't until they joined my high school that I started to notice them developing into beautiful teenage girls, I soon forgot about their sister and started to think about sex with the twins more, them being twins and having almost exactly the same personality I couldn't decide which one I liked more.

As they got older we started to talk about more sexual things and about how we couldn't wait for the first time we would get to have sex. I knew that Lucy liked me and I always thought maybe me and her would do it together, as they grew, they grew more and more different, Beth developed a beauty spot on her forehead and that was how I usually told them apart, and Lucy was recognizably skinnier than her sister. I couldn't talk to any of my friends about this stuff because the girls were 3 years younger than me and the guys in my school were immature and would call me names like pedo if I told them. Me and the girls and their brother tried a lot of new things together, we smoked weed for the first time together and drank alcohol for the first time together. We only did weed a few times because our parents found out, but our parents would let us drink alcohol together because they decided we were old enough.

We held a party for our street one night and the girls were saying at my house, their brother was sick with the flu and their sister was out probably fucking some random guy at a party or something. None of the adults on our street had children over the age of 2 so they didn't bring their children either because they planned on staying relatively late. Me and the girls went straight to my room with some beers and started to watch a movie. In the movie we watched, the very first scene was a hot sex scene and I couldn't prevent the massive hard on I got, thankfully we were in a dark room and the girls had no idea. I guess Lucy was finally making her move because she started to lean on me about 20 minutes in to the movie. Yet another sex scene came on and I got another erection, it didn't go down for about 10 minutes because the thought of Lucy being within touching distance of my rock hard penis was such a turn on.

As the night progressed we watched a few more movies and drank some more beer, it was about 2AM and all of the parents had left, my parents and the twins parents had fallen asleep on the couch however. Me and the girls were quite tipsy now from drinking quite a bit. The girls were in there usual hyper active mode and couldn't stop laughing. As they calmed down we decided to watch some porn just for kicks. We got to the usual conversation of losing our virginity. When out of the blue, Lucy said "You know, we all want to get it over with and we are all here right now?" I think the girls had this planned because Beth immediately agreed, then they both turned to me "So? What do you think?" I was shocked that they pretty much just asked me if I wanted to do what I've been waiting to do for ages. I said to them "I don't know, our parents are only just downstairs" to which Lucy replied "Oh come on, they won't be awake for days, they've drank enough beer to kill an elephant" Beth said "Yeah, and besides, I guess we don't have to go all the way, we could just? You know, experiment" I asked "What do you mean?" "I mean just have a feel, like we can touch each other, you can feel our pussies and just have some fun whilst we inspect your cock." She replied

It took some persuading but I finally agreed, I asked "So? Now what, are we going to get undressed or what?" But Lucy had other ideas, neither of them had ever had a boyfriend so nether of them had ever kissed a boy, she wanted us to take turns making out with each other, I couldn't wait, Lucy offered to go first and me and her started to make out, our tongues wrestled between our lips, her tongue felt amazing, it was so smooth and slid around all over mine. After about two minutes of this Beth said "Come on Lucy, leave some for me!" Me and Lucy laughed and as we calmed down I turned to Beth, we did the exact same, her tongue had a rougher feel but it was nice, it sort of tickled, then, to try and turn me on (and it worked) Lucy and Beth started to make out with each other, the thought of incest was great, it was so much better because it wasn't a normal thing, the fact that it was almost forbidden was amazing. I asked them if they wanted to try something I saw in a porn video, all three of us making out, they both agreed and we began, it was great, they fought per my tongue with theirs for a straight five minutes, my cock was starting to throb with excitement. Lucy started to reach for my dick while we were kissing and she felt my rock hard dick, she started laughing and when Beth questioned her she told her to have a feel, she started laughing as well, I got worried, I thought they thought my dick was tiny but Beth then said " you're excited aren't you!" I blushed and smiled, I shrugged my shoulders because I didn't know what to say.

The girls then asked what I wanted to do, I'd never seen a pair of tits in the flesh outside of porn so I asked them if they would take off their tops and bras, the girls looked at each other and smiled, they both took off their bras, and their tits fell out. Holy crap! For fifteen year olds they were huge! I was speechless, I just stared, when Lucy finally asked "So you wanna touch them?" I was gob smacked, I couldn't believe this was actually happening, I nodded without saying a word and just reached my hands out, being inexperienced I just kind of squeezed them for a while, when I remembered what I had seen in a videos. I started to play with their nipples and they seemed to be enjoying it, I just wanted to smash my face into them because I was so excited, I leaned in to kiss their tits but thought if they wanted that, I looked up and said "Can I?" Without a single word both of the girls nodded, I started to lick and suck Their nipples, swapping from each pair every now and then whilst still massaging their nipples, I licked away at Lucy's nipples when I started to notice them getting hard, I figured this was like a girl-boner so I assumed I was doing a good job. It was a short time before I got both of them moaning, they were loving it! After I had sucked on their tits for a good ten minutes, Beth said "Ok, now it's our turn." They pushed me back on the couch and slowly pulled down my jeans, as they saw my boxers with my throbbing erect penis pitching a giant tent in my boxers, they started to chuckle, they both started to rub the outside of my underwear where my dick was, I have never felt anything like it, obviously like every other teenage boy I had played with my dick, but the thought that somebody else is doing it for you really was something else!

They started to tug on my boxers revealing my trimmed pubes, Lucy chuckled and I said "Just incase" all three of us started laughing, they pulled the boxers further down revealing my erect penis, it was a great relief, after it had been trapped in there it finally sprung out and extended to its full length rather than having to curl up in my boxers. They didn't really know what to do with it at first, it was big enough for both of their hands so they didn't have to take turns. They started to pull my foreskin back ever so gently, it felt absolutely amazing, they were both pretty impressed by my size which was a great relief for me. Beth was holding my shaft down to my balls and Lucy had everything above. They both started to pull together, they started slowly and got faster as they went, it wasn't long before they were pumping my cock at a fast rate, I couldn't hold it in any longer, my dick had been throbbing for hours, finally, my cock gave in and I cummed all over my chest. They both looked at the cum and stopped pumping, I said "I'll go get some tissues and clean that up, then we can start again. The girls shook their head and pushed me down and I went to get up, Lucy said "Can we taste it?" I said "I guess" they both put a finger in it and tasted it, they looked pleased, Beth said "It's warm" They both started to take more and more tastes before Lucy started to lap it up off my chest, after a while it was all gone, They asked for some more and I said yes.

It started again, they started to pump my dick again for a short time, before Lucy asked "How would you like it if we suck your dick?" I didn't even know what to say, I just kind of whispered yes, Beth started to pump my dick whilst the tip was in Lucy's mouth, it was absolutely phenomenal, the warmth of her mouth and smoothness of her tongue got me so hard, with the added pleasure of Beth tossing my rock hard cock at a crazy speed into her mouth, they soon swapped, Beth started to suck on my dick whilst Lucy gave me a hand-job. It didn't really take long for me to feel the cum on its way, I told them to get ready and I took over, I started to tug my cock at an insanely fast rate and it was pointed at their mouths, I started to cum, I made sure to give Lucy half and Beth half, I watched as my semen splashed out all over their faces, Lucy thought I was finished and closed her mouth when another spurt went all over her lips, the girls had a mouthful of cum each when they turned to each other, they started to kiss each other and use tongues, cum spilled out the side of their mouths as their tongues fought. I almost cummed again right there. The girls had enough and both swallowed my load. Lucy was so horny and exclaimed "I want to feel your dick in my pussy, do you want to fuck my pussy?" I nodded, they both started to pull off their pants, this was amazing! I was going to lose my virginity with not one, but two girls! As they ripped off their pants I noticed both of their underwear had wet patches, they were wet for me.

This was the first ever time I was going to see a real live vagina, Beth was fastest to get her underwear off and she was clean shaven and had a beautiful, tight slit, with pink flesh poking out. Lucy's looked rather similar, except hers was of a darker color, she was also shaven, I was just about to get to sticking my cock into Beth's slit but then I thought, I should probably give them a little oral as well, I started rubbing on both of their pussies, they both smiled instantly as they felt the touch of my fingers on their wet pussies, I proceeded to use my knowledge from porn to hit the right spot, I stuck my index finger in to the hole of their slit whilst using my thumb to stimulate the clit, they were both loving it, it wasn't long before try we're both moaning like crazy, it sounded like a choir practice, Lucy had never given herself an orgasm before and she was shocked when juices flew from her pussy on to the couch, on seeing this Beth started to cum as well, they completely lost control and started to scream, they went all shaky and finally collapsed, gasping for air, Beth exclaimed "Oh my fucking god that was amazing, how about you lick our tight little pussies now?" I said "I can't wait" and smiled, I started off with the same technique and eventually lay them down together on the couch, I had a great view, tits and pussy all lined up, I tasted Lucy's slit first and I didn't think they would taste this good, I couldn't get enough, continually swapping between each of their cunts, I licked the clit and even managed to get my tongue inside Beth's pussy, again, it didn't take much time for them to feel it coming, Lucy was first and told me she wanted me to taste it, I put my mouth around her pussy and licked furiously at her clit, she screamed and cummed in my mouth, it was more liquid than I had expected and my mouth exploded open, her juices sprayed out of my mouth and went everywhere, I managed to swallow most of it though, I loved the taste, I told Beth that I wanted to really taste it so I lay down and she sat on my face, Lucy had a great idea and began to suck my cock while I sucked Beth's cunt, Beth started to yell and I knew it was close, I prepared and off she went, it gushed in to my mouth and I drank it all, barely a drop was wasted, I loved it, I even cummed as she did, Lucy was great with her tongue and lips, before I even sat up Lucy had swallowed my cum, she had a bit dripping from her mouth which she licked up quickly.

We finally decided it was time after an hour of foreplay and we flipped a coin to see who was going first, it landed on heads, Lucy was up, we decided to just go with missionary position because that was just something we knew, the girls had obviously planned this an I realized when she pulled out a box of condoms from her bag, I slipped one on and we began, she laid back and prepared for her first time, I slowly lowered my body to hers, I thought to try and be a bit more sexual I would make out with her whilst I lowered my self down, I started to kiss her as my cock hit her pubic area, I slowly lowered it down and massaged her clit with my dick, she liked this and smiled, ever so gently I eased my cock inside of her, she was so tight, I could barely fit and it felt awesome. I slowly pulled out and pushed back in to slowly prepare her for a pounding, as I picked up the speed the pleasure grew greater, Beth was sat next to us fingering herself for our enjoyment, I got harder and harder, my balls began to slap against her ass and I don't know why but it felt great, this is when I got really horny and began to really give her a bashing, I started to slide in and out of her cunt at a fast rate, she moaned and as she did I started to pinch her nipples, I was trying everything I could to give we the ultimate orgasm, I got Beth to play with her clit as I fucked her vagina, she started to scream really loud, I'm amazed our parents didn't wake up, her juice started to seep out as my cock pulled out, she was close to cumming and so was I, she started to dig her nails in to my back and her pussy became really tight, she started to cum, the feeling of her pussy tightening its grip around my solid dick was fucking awesome, I cummed just as she did, I stopped pounding her and lay on her, as I pulled out her pussy dripped with our liquids mixed together, her pussy was noticeably looser from my dick. We were both gasping for air now.

It was Beth's turn now, but she said she wanted to do something different, she wanted to try doggy style, I laughed and just accepted, she got on her hands and knees and poked her vagina in the air towards me, I got up, and started to play with my cock, it had gone a bit soft from fucking Lucy, but the sight of Beth's awesome cunt helped me out and it didn't take long for me to be rock-solid again, I treated her the same as Lucy and slowly rubbed my dick up against her slit, she was already moaning, I started to push my dick inside of her, it felt a lot better than missionary because she felt a lot tighter than her sister on this angle. Again, the feeling of an untouched virgin pussy was great, it felt like her pussy lips were clamped around my cock, I started to pump my cock into her cunt, she started to moan, she pulled my dick out and pushed me down, she then sat on my cock and started to bounce, she ordered Lucy to sit on my face, I was licking Lucy's pussy as Beth was bouncing on my cock, they were kissing as well, I could hear the faint noise of kissing over the sound of Beth's skin slapping against mine. Beth cummed all over my dick but I wasn't done, she ripped the condom off my dick and her and Lucy started to kiss eachother on my dick, I was getting a double blow job, I cummed in no time, both of them getting a fair share of it.

We just lay there for a while now, we were all physically exhausted, we had been fucking for 3 straight hours, it was 5AM, we decided to fuck one last time, but there was a twist, the girls wanted to fuck, but they didn't know many positions, I had seen a fair share of lesbian videos so I showed them how two girls would scissor each other, they got into position and they started, they both immediately started to enjoy it, I just sat there and wanked, it was amazing, it was like lesbian porn, but live, I was pumping so hard, and so were they, at one point they even got into 69 and started to lick each other out, I cummed as I saw a burst of liquid shoot from Lucy's cunt over Beth's face, she squirted as well shortly after, I was getting tired but the girls weren't, started to fall asleep and I lay down, Lucy didn't like this so she grabbed my dick and started to lick it, she told Beth to suck my balls, Beth started to lick my balls and Lucy was wanking me inside of we mouth, I was just lying there, loving it, I cummed pretty fast once again and Lucy swallowed my load once more.

We all sat in my room naked and watched the sunrise, we talked and I told the girls this was the best night of my life, they agreed, the girls slept in a double bed at their house so I knew get would be fucking every day after this. Lucy said to me "Since we live so close, if you ever want somebody to fuck just let us know and we'll come over, we'll suck your dick, let you fuck us and you can cum in our pussies any time you want." This was going to be great, I have two fuck buddies, and they both live so close, I have a feeling this is going to be the start of a great year, I thought to myself.

The end.

Let me know what you thought guys, this was my first ever attempt at story writing, would you like me to make another one with the older sister or even their mum? This story was based off a true story except me and the girls never had sex. So this is part true and part fantasy, hope you enjoyed!

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