Sleeping Disorder

Without warning, my brother called me telling me that they're on the way to my house asking if they could stay temporarily because he's having eye surgery that will render him blind for months due to the healing process. He asked me to look out and take care of his wife and daughter. Of course I said yes the moment he mentioned his wife.

I got attracted to my Sister-in-law the moment i laid my eyes on her. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She's the only reason why I'm still single. I knew she liked me too because she kept glancing at my direction the day my brother brought her to our house 16 years ago. In the next few days, I made moves on her without my brother noticing. We had an affair. We had sex almost everyday until she got pregnant. Who's baby? We didn't confirm. It's either mine or my brother's.

My niece (or my daughter) started to develop Narcolepsy (neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness). She would fall asleep suddenly at any time of the day. She had no control over it and can be dangerous, so her parents had her homeschooled.

Fast forward, my brother called me because he's having surgery and that they'll be staying with me for a couple of months. Days later, the surgery was a success and my brother had his eyes covered and temporarily blind.

One morning I woke up to find my brother sitting at the dining table while my sister-in-law cooks breakfast.

"Good morning John! Coffee?" Diana (my sister-in-law) asked while she cooks.

"Yes please! Good morning brother! How's the eye?" I asked sitting next to him.

"Ugh! Don't ask. It sucks not seeing anything. Thank you for having us again. I know it's a little inconvenient for you" Robert (my brother) said.

"Don't! It's nothing! We're family. I'm supposed to help you."

Diana glanced back at me and mouthed that she misses me. I now noticed what she's wearing. A big T-shirt and an apron on top of it and nothing else. Her ass is visible and her pussy inviting me to come close.

"Where is Rose (my niece/daughter?)? Still asleep?" I asked while silently standing up to get closer to Diana.

"Probably still sleeping. Can you assist her later?" Robert asked.

I ran to my brother's side silently just to answer him "Yeah sure bro, no problem, I'll check on her now"

I hugged Diana from the back and started caressing her boobs on top of her shirt. My other hand found her pussy soaking wet and started fingering her. She was reaching her climax and trying not to moan when i got my dick out. I got her left leg on top of the counter for easier access, put my right hand on top of her mouth to minimize the noise and started pumping in front of my brother while he's eating his breakfast. It was the most thrilling sex I've ever done in my entire life!

After the fuck session in front of my brother, I left Diana still breathing heavily on top of the counter and went to Rose's room. I knocked first just to make sure and when no one answered, I opened the door to see Rose still sleeping, her sheets at the bottom of the bed, her tank top askew revealing one of her petite boob. Her small pink nipple sent a jolt to my dick, reviving it again. Her legs were open wide and i can see a part of her labia peeking at the bottom of her shorts. At 16 years old, Rose is a Goddess with a sleeping disorder. She reminded me of a younger version of her mother. I knelt beside the bed, got one of my fingers within inches of her nipple to see how she reacts. Nothing. She's in deep sleep. I kept playing her nipple for about 5 minutes while staring at her face. My cock was super hard and was drenched with precum by the time i came to my senses. I got up and left the room before i do anything stupid.

The next days that passed by was like paradise for me. I get to have sex with Diana everyday. We've had sex in every part of my house even with my brother in the room with us. He didn't suspect a thing. One night, we decided to watch T.V. (Robert will just listen) with Diana and Robert sitting at the long sofa while I sat at my lazyboy chair. Rose decided to sit with me since the lazyboy was big enough and she would fit with me. An hour passed and Rose was snoring with her head on my chest. I saw Diana was also sleeping with her head in Robert's lap, facing away from me. I'm not sure if Robert was sleeping too but fuck him. I don't care anymore if Rose is my niece or my daughter, my lust for her is very high ever since I saw her in that room the other night. She's a heavy sleeper thanks to her narcolepsy disorder. I got my cock out and wrapped her hand around it and started masturbating myself. Her head lolled to my shoulder, her slightly open mouth invited mine. I gently kissed her first, then pushed my tongue inside and explored. After 30 seconds, she was responding with the kiss. While I was sucking her tongue, I gripped her face/cheeks with my free hand for easier access. I was torridly kissing my niece/daughter? and i am loving every second of it. When I ejaculated, I got my sperm with my fingers and jammed it inside Rose's mouth. I got impatient and just wiped my dick in her lips, slowly entering her open mouth. I didn't go all the way since i was afraid that she'd bite my dick off.

The next day, Diana and Robert went to the hospital for a check-up. Rose wanted to clean the house so i let her, when suddenly she collapsed unconscious. Luckily she went down in the soft carpet so there's no injury. I suddenly had the urge to molest her again. I began by removing her clothes. Perfect small boobs with light nipples. The little pubic hairs on top of her pussy made it very appealing to me. I was salivating already and started licking her cute little virgin cunt. By the time I was finished, every part of her pussy including her anus was drenched with my saliva. Even her breast was wet with saliva.

I then positioned myself on top of her, ready to penetrate. As i tore her hymen, she jerked awake, startled and confused.

"Uncle John?" Rose said in a panicky voice.

"Shhh, Rose, You'll like this soon enough"

As i was going in and out of her pussy, she started to moan little at first, then getting louder every minute.

"Uncle John I think I'm going to pee!" Rose said.

"Just let it go honey"

She screamed at her climax drenching my dick still inside of her. When it was my turn to cum, I noticed her sleeping heavily, so i just ejaculated inside her pussy, not worried if i impregnate her. I carried her to her room after and started to clean the living room.

The carpet was a mess. A huge pool of semen mixed with vaginal fluids was very visible. I can't possibly clean this up in time before Diana and Robert comes home, so i tore the carpet from the floor and just dumped it at my backyard.

"Whoa! What happened here?" Diana asked when she entered the front door.

"What? What's wrong?" Robert asked

"Well I was planning on redecorating the living room. Any suggestions?" I said.

"John, you know Diana is an interior designer right? Diana, work with him" Robert said.

"Oh absolutely!" Diana said with a wink.

At dinner, Rose didn't make eye contact with me even once. Diana was so happy and vigorously laying out her plans with my living room.

"I'll use the bathroom" Rose suddenly said. She got up and before she leaves, we had eye contact. After a minute, I excused myself, telling them some lame excuse and went to find Rose. I found her in my room's bathroom staring at the mirror. I got behind her and had eye contact again through the mirror.

"You're my uncle! How could you do this?" Rose calmly said.

I spun her slowly facing me. Lifted her so she's sitting on the counter and kissed her. No words. She responded by kissing back.

I can't get Diana.

I will have Rose. In any way possible.

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