High School Fantasy-Chapter 1: Me and my Friends

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Name: Sean Truly
Date: 1/20/10

(Author's Note: I am an Amateur writer, and this is the first time i've ever made a sexual story. I will not lie, I am not like any other guy-At times I can be Bisexual, but most of my friends in school are anyway. I am also a little emo, again-who else isnt where I'm from.

Before I write this, I dedicate this story to two of my best friends in real life

One is my ex girlfriiend, Stephanie. Steph means alot to me..she is one of the few people I would die for, and most likely kill for as well. We went out from May 30th 2009- untill December 29th, just 4 days after Christmas. She has broken my Heart, but I still love her. At times, she is downright crazy, living in her own dreamworld-and shunning me out all the time. Its not what I had in mind at all when we went out. We had some good times, Expesially when I was in bed with her.oh, she was a beautifull lass..

The second is my best friend Courtnei. Courtnei is a true Sadist.she enjoys dishing out pain, and I-as a Masochist, love to take it( Though I think if I do, her Boyfriend Trey will be mad at me). She in many ways like me, and I wish I could go out with her, but again TREY :(

THIS IS NOT BASED ON REAL LIFES, only the Dreams that I wished happened).


Hi, I'm Sean. Quite recently, i've decided to write my personal Diary on the randomness that is my school. I'd like to say it is a normal, well functioning school..But it isnt. I live in a peacefull little town-Frostburg MD, the perfect example of the Western Maryland Country Side. Oh, do I desire to live in a city full of people, but then again-nothing is beautifull in a city. I live in a serene forested area, and I love being a redneck as much as I do being a normal guy( If you could call me that :/.

My Girlfriend, Stephanie Taylor
, is the most beautifull girl I've ever seen. She is a skinny little girl, and a tomboy-which turns me on slightly. She wears a size 34C, which used to be 34DD before she lost so much weight I asked her out just before Summer Vacation, and I shared many fantasys with her- including a nice skinny dip in New Germany :D. She is a wild girl, and I love her to tears- expesially when I took her to Homecoming..Well, thats another story.

Alex Johnson, my best friend of all time, is a little more then unormalI mean in the good way. I've known him since I was 5- and he reminds me alot of myself. We've both been through rough times together, but we remained friends despite everything.Somethings about him really creap me out(But for the sake of my friend, I'll mention that later as well. Remember: This is my Intro so that everyone i clear on who is who. Ok?! ;D.

Who else to mention, Courtnei Brathwaiht is so much alike to me its not even funny. Over the years, I've grown to learn more and more about several beliefs-all of which she shares with me. I don't usally say this about most people straight out, but she's got a BIG RACK! I mean , they've definetly got to be D if not DD. I'm not so sure about the girl- she's so mysterious. Her boyfriend, Trey, is a great guy. He'd be one of a few guys after my Heartbut I'll get to that later. They've been dating for about 2 or more months now(Might be 3). Boy have I wished to tap her to.but thats not gonna happen, she dosen't like me :"""(

I think thats enough to say for now, I'll introduce mor e laternow for the good stuff.


One Septmember day, Steph and I planned to go to her house for the afternoon (Awesome!). Everything went out to plan, but I realized something-my permission slip was missing! I looked around, begging one of the Vice Princepals to let me on-only to come upon Mr, Davis, who gladly convinced the bus driver to let me on( Miserable Bastard-the bus Driver I meant). I would've loved to say it to his face-but, I had more on my mind

"I was worried back there" Steph said with concern " I thought you would'nt get to leave with me..". There's just something to her voice that makes me weap. Some wonderfull, Beautifull, almost motherly sound to it that makes her sound beautifull. "I would've been mad if your bus driver wouldn't let me on.." I replied "But Im glad he did. I love you". We then made out, the wonderfull feeling of her lips touching mine was magical. It lead me back to so many memories, like the time I goosed her when we were outside in Enviromental Science with Mr. Lescalete( Another intresting character I'll have to come back to). And we kissed, and I snuck by a slight rub-but she didnt notice a thing. We held hands, and kissed the entire way there..the entire 15 minuite trip seemed to fade away.

The return to her house did not turn out as I expected-to sum it all up. Her mom, very similar aactually to Stephanie but older, had to go to the market. However, this would be a perfect time toget to know her better, as she would stay in her mom's Grand Caravan with me. "Come on mom!" Steph argued '" We wont have any time left up at the house!". "You'll have plenty of time to deal with your friend. It won't take that long". And so we went, to the Market down in Keyser.a long trip much like the one before. I wanted to make a good impression to her mom, so I didn't start to show my true feelings about Steph for awhile. When her mom got out, it was just me and her. She was shy at first, not wanting anyone to see us make out-but I convinced her to be more open. I ripped off her little Hoodie and quickly pinned her to the seat of the Caravan. "Sean!" Stephanie laughed "I don't want anyone seeing uswhat if my mom cetches you?". "I don't care" I smiled, while holding onto her Jacket. Underneath her little hoodie was a black Tank top, which shown off her Beautifull tits..as well as her slim form. "My you are Beautifull" I remarked as I kissed her passionatly " I love you so much". "I love you to" Steph said softly. I, following what I did to Steph, took my hoodie off as well, revealing my King of Rock shirt beneath it. I didn't have time to get any further then that though..her mother returned. I tried the best that I could to remove the lipstick that was left when she kissed me, as well as straighten up my Hair.

"So, how are you guys?" Mrs Taylor asked jokingly. "Boring." we both said. We laughed with each other, and began to hold hands again, like we did before on the bus. "I can't wait for us to get home.." Stephanie whispered in my ear " I'd love to get in bed with you.". (In case you haven't found out yet- I was instantly turned on, like most guys would be.

Well, I have to leave. My mom is calling for me, And I better not let her expect that I am writing this.

Yours Truly,

Sean Truly

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