Mexican Vacation 2002

It was our first day in Cancun, Mexico back in 2002, Dianne and I walked back to our hotel room after a long day at the beach. We had on our swimwear, me my long board shorts and a t-shirt and Dianne in her lime green flowered brazilian cut bikini with a matching sarong wrapped around her waist. Dianne is 35 and looks better than most 28 year olds, 5' 7", 125lbs, shoulder lenghth sandy blonde hair (your hot mom from the OC), tan, takes very good care of herself, works out in mornings and we both take alot of walks on the beach at home.
We got in the room, I took her by the hand and we went on the balcony to see the view and started watching the people below, we started kissing and hugging, I had my hands on Dianne's ass, Dianne grabbed my cock and asked me "Do you want me?"
I then said "Right here on the balcony?" Diane replied "Yes, I do if you want, come on it'll be erotic, come on know one knows us here!" I said "I love you!" I then removed her sarong and we continued kissing each other and we both started getting more intense Dianne grabbing my cock, myself caressing her ass and tits thur her bikini. The balcony had a clear glass and a curtain that seperated our balcony and the rooms next to us balconies on each side. We didn't notice that our curtain was pulled back , we've been drinking all day and were buzzing from the margaritas & Coronas! Dianne was especially buzzed and drunk.

We continued kissing, I started by taking off her top, caressing and sucking her tits, Dianne then took off her bottoms Dianne looked awesome, all tanned and her bikini lines. Dianne then sat down on the chair outside and spreaded her legs, I got on my knees and started sucking her pussy! I continued sucking her and fingering her wet cunt, Dianne was moaning and had her feet on the arms of the chair. She was loving it, it felt really cool knowing anybody could hear her. I wanted to see how far she'd go fucking around on the balcony so I asked her to stand up, I gave her a big kiss and hug, instructed her to bend over and I told her to put her hands on the rail. She had no problem with it, she looked at me a little surprised, giggled a little , threw her hair back, bent over, moved her legs apart and put her hands on the rail.

Dianne asked "Like this?"

I got on my knees caressing and kissing her ass! I then started fingering her, licking and caressing her pussy. I kept fingering her from behind slowly, eventually inserting four fingers, slapping her ass and banging the fuck out of her pussy! Dianne with her head laid on the rail was moaning and screaming as I continued this for about 20 minutes!
As she was enjoying our view of Cancun, my wife looked to our side.

I heard her say "Oh shit!"

I stopped and asked her "What's up?"

Dianne then said "The guy next door is watching us!"

I looked , Dianne and I stood up and sure enough the older guy next door ( he was about about 55-60, distinguished looking, caucasion gentleman, gray hair, tall slightly overweight ) was watching us!.

I told Dianne "Let's go inside!"

Dianne then surprised me and said "I'm having fun , I'm buzzed , Let him watch, were in Mexico , he does'nt know who we are!" "He already saw us anyways" " I don't care!" "I don't care if you don't".

I said "Your right he doesn't know who we are".

Dianne then gave him a big smile and waved and bent over again and put her hands back on the rail acting like that it was no big deal. The guy seemed stunned , he closed his curtain a bit but continued watching knowing we didn't care and aftyer awhile he was opening the curtain more as he got hornier! Dianne really started getting into it now, moving her ass side to side and up and down! So I got back on my knees and continued banging and sucking my wife! Dianne continued looking at the old guy, smiling and waving, making kissing faces to him. He knew we could see him so eventually he opened his curtain all the way!

Dianne said "Fuck me now honey, I want you". "He's turning me on watching me!"

I then answered "Suck me first baby!". "Show him how good you really are!"

My wife now got on her knees and removeed my shorts, grabbed my hard cock and started to suck me as I leaned back and held onto the rails. I kept asking her if she loved being watched , she would just respond "uha uha" and "MMM". I fucked her mouth and was holding her head , I looked at the guy and gave him a hang loose sign. He laughed, opened his curtain wider so now we could see him standing there. He pointed to his cock, I shrugged my shoulders and pointed at Dianne as to let him know if he wanted her to suck him he would have to ask her.

I told Dianne " He wants you baby" .

Dianne pulled my cock out of her wet mouth and responded "Does he, does he want me, Does that turn you on knowing another man wants me?"

I answered "Oh yeah baby, keep sucking honey show him what a nasty girl you are!"

Dianne then started sucking me faster and deeper, stroking me and fondling my balls.

My sexy wife then got up and said "Oh well I guess I'll let him see a little more!".

Dianne then bent over at an angle holding onto the rail so her ass was facing him. She moved closer to his window. She shook her ass at him and spanked her ass.

Dianne the told me "Fuck me NOW baby, let him see what he can't have!"

I started fingering her as I stood behind her so he could see her wet dripping pussy. I then opened Dianne's cunt really wide and started banging her with four to five fingers! I wanted to fuck her and move her closer so he could see more of her. So then I told Dianne to bend over right next to his window, Dianne smiled at him and bent over with her ass inches from his window! I then slowly slid my cock into Dianne so the guy could see.
The guy could'nt beleive it! He smiled and then Dianne touched the window as to grab his cock, then he pulled his cock out of his pants and started stroking himself !

My wife saw this and said "Look baby I gave him a hard on!"

Dianne and our neighbor kept making eye contact while she played with her tits and sucking her fingers as I continued fucking her from behind.Minutes later the guy came all over his hand and shorts. I started slapping her ass, grabbing her tits, fucking her faster and faster till I came inside her. After I came, my wife blew him a kiss, grabbed the window as if to grab his cock , waived goodbye and we went inside.

We saw him and his wife later that evening as we were going to dinner, in the hallway walkway and Dianne said hi to him and actually started speaking with his wife in the elevator. The guy and I just looked at each other and raised our eyebrows! We saw him a couple more times walking around and he would just look at Dianne and smile.

We saw him in the pool later that week , I was laying out and Dianne went to the poolbar. I saw Dianne talking to the guy, I just laid back and waited for my wife. Dianne came back and I asked her what took so long. She then told me whar happened. That she went to the poolbar, she was standing waiting to order a drink and our old guy neighbor swam up behind her, held her hips and pushed his body up against her, Dianne said his cock rubbed her wet ass really hard, she said she was suprised a little and she just turned around real fast, she was shocked that he did that but she said she didn't mind it sort of turned her on and after all he already saw her naked, fucking and sucking. Dianne said he started rubbing her arms, held her hand and started talking to her. As they continued talking he got behind her as Dianne was on the poolbar stool, he got closer to her and kept putting his hands on her shoulders and caressing and masaging her back, he then started talking in her ear. He was telling her how hot she was and that her husband was a lucky guy. About five minutes of this he sat on the pool barstool next to her, Dianne said as she sat on the pool barstool and said he kept rubbing her wet legs and caressing her inner thighs, he would keep getting close so Dianne's feet touched his cock a few times. Dianne said he kept their conversation just about sex and talking nasty to her! She said he was telling her how he'd love to fuck her and that he wanted to taste her pussy! He was telling her how sexy she was when we were fucking and that she turned him on more than his wife ever could. He told Dianne he fucked his wife really hard that night and that it was the first time they had kinky sex in years! He bought her a couple of drinks, Dianne let him touch her legs and she continued playing footsie with his cock! Dianne said she actually stroked his cock with her feet for a while! Dianne said she just flirted with him trying to make him horny! . We kept our curtains opened all week long , my wife like the idea of the guy watching her. He saw her and I a few more times having sex, Dianne actually got dressed and undressed so he could watch her. Later that week he talked with us a few more times and asked if he could join us for a threesome, Dianne told him if his wife joins sure no problem! We all laughed about it and that was the last time we saw him.

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