The Reminisces of Miss James.

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"I remember that knitted dress very well indeed. I still have it today, hanging in my wardrobe. A souvenir of sorts. I had to approach the head and his deputy about wearing it because it was not of the 'required dress code' for we teachers. We were in the grip of a fairly severe heat wave at that time and apart for wearing a bikini, this knitted dress was the only garment I had that would keep me cool throughout the day.

I knew I had to physically bend if I needed to pick anything up. It would not leave much to the imagination but it had to be done that way because if I squatted down, the dress would literally roll upwards around my waist so it would look as if all I was wearing was a pullover and panties. Of course, it had to happen didn't it. I dropped a book that I was writing quotes on the blackboard from. Obviously, I could not squat down so I had to go for it and I bent over in front of all the boys in the class.

I heard a few stifled gasps and groans from the boys at the front, which I pretended not to hear, but I had no idea about Billy Ingle. Poor boy. He was on the back row on the desk next to you wasn't he? I thought so. And you saw him doing this.. Really?Was it really the first time you had seen anyone wanking themselves off?.Goodness. No, I say 'goodness' because I just thought back to the first time I saw a guy wanking himself off. There were differences though, He was an adult, and completely naked.

It's funny, apart from what you just told me about Billy Ingle, I didn't have any real problem in the classrooms, or at least none that I was aware of at the time. It was the staff room where it all happened.

I was the first in the staff room during the afternoon break and so it fell to me to boil the water up in case anyone wanted a cup of tea or coffee. Why anyone would want a hot drink in a really hot heatwave, I don't know, but the house rule was, first in, put the kettle on. I had bent down to lift some saucers out of the bottom sideboard where all the crockery was kept. I had forgotten what I was wearing when Mike Gallow walked in. Remember him?.YesMike 'Hung Low' Gallow..that's the one.He thought it would be fun to grab me by my hips and motion as if he was fucking me doggy style.

Maybe it was the heat, I don't know, but for a moment, I just stayed in position. For a moment, I was actually turned on by the thought of being fucked by him, as most of the female staff were. Through my panties I could feel that he had an erection going on inside of his pants and it was definitely something to write home about. It was only when I heard the staff room door opening again that I swung my ass around and grabbed Mike by his balls and squeezed them tightly.goodness, it was like taking hold of two tennis balls.I tried to look intimidating as I muttered some threat about 'cutting these off.'

Unfortunately, it was Elsie Morris.remember her?.yes, that's her. The 'Grand Old Duchess' as everyone called her on account of her age. It was she who came into the staff room and my timing was way out as she caught me for the briefest of seconds, bending over while Mike was simulating fucking me. Then he saw me turning and holding Mike's balls. I don't think she heard what I said to Mike, but it didn't matter, because the way I was at that moment, I was enjoying holding on to Mike's balls. And he knew it too.

She may have been an old girl but she was as sharp as a razor. It wasn't the fact that she had seen Mike and I making like we were shagging each other, or the fact that I had hold of Mike's balls and appeared in no hurry to let go of them. What she had clocked was the bulge in Mike's pants and the look of disappointment in his eyes when I let eventually let go of his balls.

She smiled, almost cruelly, at both of us, got herself a glass of water, sat down and pulled her own skirt up to just below her own panty line.Nooooo..No, no, no, noElsie didn't want in with me and Mike! She had done it for a reason. When all the other female members of staff walked in, they took one look at Elsie and followed suite, it was so damn hot Yes, that's right, they all hitched their skirts or dresses up, some above their waistline, others just below their panty line. Once the women had done that, we all sat down. Then all the guys came in..yes.I'm sure they all thought it was their birthdays come early.

The guys were struggling by the end of the break with the leg and panty show they had been so enjoying, but now it was time to go back to the classrooms. The minx in me decided to make matters worse for them by standing up and walking to the sink to wash the cups. I'd learned in my mid-teen years how to over-emphasise wiggling my ass when I walk.

The staff room started to empty. The last guy out was Mike. Elsie sat firm in her chair. At first I thought she was staying there to make sure we did not resume where we had left off before, but I knew differently once Mike had left to take his final class of the afternoon. That was when Elsie invited me to sit down with her. I thought 'Here we go with a morality lecture' but I was so very wrong. In fact what she told me left me stunned for a while, but I can remember her words to this day.

'You may think I'm a pious old bitch, at times, and I don't blame you, at times, but I've got fifteen minutes before I have a meeting with a couple of parents and you have a free session now while you take a detention class after school. The cleaners will have been, and gone, and they will have handed you the keys during the detention session so you can let yourselves back in here for your belongings. I can tell by the expression on your face that you're wondering what the hell is this old bitch going on about, so I'll get straight to the point. Mike will know you are staying back a little later then normal. From my forty years of teaching experience, and everything that I have done, and everything that has been done to me during that time, I can tell you that you will not be leaving this school until Mike has fucked you.'

And with that she stood up to leave. Out of curiosity more then anything else, I asked her how she had reached that conclusion, but she wouldn't elaborate beyond adding.

'The cleaners will have cleaned this room, closed the blinds, and gone home. The caretaking staff always spend this day of the week working at the other side of the school, so I guarantee you that when Mike turns up, you will not be disturbed. Moreso if you lock yourselves in.' And with that, she walked out of the staff room.

So how did it work out?.Well.I spent the rest of my time in the staff room before I took the detention class, thinking that Elsie was winding me up, but I couldn't help wondering what the? How the.? Elsie's words were just repeating themselves in my head, especially when she mentioned all the things she had done, and had done to her, during her long teaching career.

I was single. I had not had a guy between my legs, on top of me, underneath me, behind me, or even in my mouth for over six weeks..Yes..Frustration had been building inside for a while, to the point where I would start my day screaming at myself in the mirror. So, for me, if Elsie wasn't winding me up, Mike was going to make all of my frustrations vanish.

As expected, the cleaners called in on the detention class and dropped off the keys to the staff room. Once the detention class was over, I went back to the staff room, and let myself in. The blinds had been closed and I turned on a solitary light, and waited. I wondered if I was being a part of a sick prank pulled by Elsie as a few minutes passed by.

Then suddenly, the door opened, and in walked Mike. With a big smile on his face and a bigger bulge in his pants, he closed the door behind him, then locked it. We were not going to be disturbed. Inside I was squealing already.

I stood up as Mike walked to me and put his hands around my waist. Pulling me toward himself, he said, 'Now, where was we before we were so rudely interrupted?'. yes, corny for sure, but it worked. I grabbed hold of his balls once more. Mike put his hand down and lifted the front of my dress, it didn't have to be lifted so much to show my panties. He didn't waste time in gently rubbing my pussy through my panties. He was delighted to find that I was already well moist down below. The point is, I knew he wanted to fuck me, and I knew that he knew that I wanted him to fuck me.

Before I go any further, I should mention the beauty of this particular knitted dress was that I did not need to wear a bra, not that I needed a bra. My breasts may have been big, but they were self-supporting. The dress had an extra knitted layer around my bust. It's how it was made.

Now, the immediate problem was that Mike's erection was putting immense pressure on his zipper. My first line of action was to relieve Mike's cock of the crushing it was getting, so I began to slowly slide down with the intention of getting on my knees in front of him. The plan was to release his cock, but as I went down, Mike grabbed my dress and pulled it upward. Instinctively, I put both of my arms up and he was able to pull it off over my head, leaving me in just my panties.

I quickly unfastened his belt, then pulled down the zip. Giving the pants a downward pull, they fell to his ankles. Then it was just a matter of peeling his undies down.

Then I freed his cock..Was it true, you ask?.Yes it was true..My goodness, it was true.I had to use both of my hands to hold it as I guided it into my mouth. Mike had, somehow, stripped off completely..yes.I was too focused on what I had in my hands to notice him getting naked. I hadn't even noticed that he had stepped out of his pants that had fallen to his ankles.

Teasing his dome with my lips and tongue tip, Mike placed one of his hands on the back of my head as he gently pushed his cock a little deeper into my mouth. Then he grabbed me by my hair and pushed his cock right down my throat. I began to gag, which made him start to withdraw, but I took hold of his ass and pulled him towards me again and I felt his monster hitting the back of my throat..Mike got the message. I wanted a little bit of rough handling, which he quickly provided by face fucking me, forcing his dome down my throat repeatedly. Oh! it was so damn good!

It was all a bit clumsy but, after a while, we moved ourselves so that Mike was lying on his back on the carpet of the staff room floor, still with his cock in my mouth. I had turned myself around in order to sit on his face. I was still wearing my panties at that moment, but it was only for that moment as he ripped them off of me. He didn't half give my clitoris a good tongue lashing, that's for sure. After a good while, and a lot of writhing and squealing, he grabbed me around my middle and we rolled over so that I was then underneath him and once again he began to face fuck me. Now, he was in charge. As he licked at my clitoris, I suddenly felt one finger, two fingers slipping into my pussy while he used his other hand to tease my ass.

Mike decided he wanted to try something else, so we got back onto our feet and faced each other again, but then he spun me around, holding my tits in his hands, I could feel his rock solid cock poking me from behind. He walked me to a wall, let go of my tits and taking my wrists, he placed my hands up against the wall and pulled me back at my hips so my arms were outstretched at full length. Pushing my legs apart by using his feet on the inside of my ankles, I knew that this was going to be it, and I willingly presented him with everything I had. As I looked down I could see Mike's cock appearing between my legs. He lifted it and rubbed his shaft along my pussy, pulling his dome to my anus.

It was as if he was undecided - pussy or anal. Eventually he decided, and his dome sprised my pussy open and I gave out such a squealed groan as he slowly entered me inch by beautiful inch. It didn't take him long to speed up and he was ploughing me so deeply.

The pounding was so vigorous that I actually ended up with my tits being squashed against the wall. I had a magnificent orgasm. Mike then withdrew, and I whimpered a bit, like I was disappointed that he had finished. Probably one of the stupidest thoughts I have ever had as he lead me to the centre of the staff room and lay me down on the carpet. With my legs open in missionary position, Mike was back inside of me and the orgasms flowed. I lost count of how many.

It took a good while, and it wasn't for the lack of effort on my part, both of us were soaking in our own sweat..and other interesting bodily fluids. Finally it was his turn to cum. Mike wanted to end his night with me in the doggy position. Fast and furious strokes ensued and again, another orgasm for me. I felt like my head was about to explode so I slowly lowered my head down to the floor and I crossed my arms to use them as a pillow. I know I had another orgasm but by this time I was starting to feel cross-eyed with the fucking I was getting.

With one almighty roar, Mike released his cum inside of me. Oh! I could feel the intensity of it as his last few thrusts after his orgasm were so hard I thought he was trying to get his cock to come out of my mouth.

Mike slumped over my ass and back. Slowly I lowered my ass downward and he came with me, making sure that his cock remained firmly inside of me. And we both lay on the staff room floor for ages.

So that is how it all started.I agree, it sounds coincidental that Mike should come back to the staff room.but then he had more then a hope of fucking me. Why?. Well, according to Mike, Elsie had made a detour to his classroom and called him out of his lesson. While she had told me that Mike would be back later to fuck me, Elsie had told him something else.

She had told him that she had seen enough in her forty years of teaching experience to know that I would be waiting for him to come to the staff room after the detention period because I wanted him to fuck me..oh! he did, he did tell her that he didn't like being wound up, but she just told him that if he goes back to the staff room after I had finished taking the detention class, if he didn't find me there, waiting and ready for cock, she would apologise to him first thing next morning.

You'd be right.the Grand Old Duchess had set us up against each other. Me, waiting in anticipation; he living in an uncertain kind of hope, until he walked into the staff room.

She was right about something else too. I did not leave school that day until Mike had fucked me. But, I was not the only one to leave the school that way. I made damn sure Mike did too.

Next morning in the staff room, was a bit of an uncertain few moments to be honest. We didn't know if anyone knew what had happened, but it turns out that they didn't.

Then Elsie walked in and saw me and Mike. She smiled at us both, but not so cruelly this time. I had a lot to thank Elsie for, and I took the opportunity to do so when we found ourselves alone later in the day. Mike did too. All three of us kept the lid on it. Elsie had explained to both of us in a most direct manner, but then, that was Elsie; a spade was a spade with her. For Mike, it was a warm warning not to make things obvious. You see, Mike was a married man but had been going through a sour time with his wife. We all knew that, but Elsie, with her vast experience of being in a staff room environment, knew he had a lot of pent up frustration inside of him and that it was affecting his teaching. With Ofsted looming, she did not want a fine teacher to go down the pan because his personal life was causing him problems. Our staff room romp had put things right for both of us that night.

As for my warning, well it was a lot different for me as I wasn't married. The reason why I had to keep a lid on it was twofold. First, the obvious one. Mike was not the flavour of the month with a number of the teachers; two guys who were jealous of him, presumably his cock size; and two of the women who had made moves on Mike to find out about his 'Hung Low' nickname, but Mike blew them both out. Any one of those four were vicious enough to happily let slip to Mike's wife what he had been getting up to, just out of sheer spite. As for the second, well it seems I was the subject of sexual fantasies for a number of the male teachers. According to Elsie, had things worked in the other direction, I may have had to contend with no fewer then three cocks that night in the staff room.

Mike? Oh! He eventually became a deputy head teacher at a different school. His marriage had picked up by then, which I was glad about because since our staff room romp, we had met up several times, and it always had the same happy ending - me fucked senseless and Mike totally shattered, and on one occasion he did talk to me about becoming an item with him, he was that close to divorcing his wife. I don't know why, but I turned him down..Yes.I would never have had another day, or even hour of sexual frustration to contend with, ever again, but I preferred the excitement of being his whore, rather then a home-wrecker. He was okay with that and I think it spurred him on to repairing the things that were broken at home with his wife. That said, we still meet a couple of times every year, and it always has the same fucked senseless and Mike totally shattered.

You ask about what happened over the sexual fantasies of the three other teachers? Oh that!.. Well.that is another story for another time."

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