Her First Time With the Dog.

Ginny had grown up her entire life surrounded by farms, she lived on a farm, all her friends lived on farms, she was home schooled on a farmit wasn't much of a life, but she didn't know much better. It was kind of the normal around her, she didn't think anything of it. She spent most of her day helping her parents around the house, it was just her mom and dad, and her older brother Jason.

Ginny had just turned eighteen, and like most of the girls around her age she was starting to feel more like a teenager and less like a kid. She was certainly starting to look like a teenager, almost like a real woman. Her long gangly legs and become shapely, her tiny breasts grown into full size B cups, her hips more rounded. She felt more and more desire to make herself look good. She no longer pulled her dark brown hair up into a mess bun and walked into town with an oversized t-shirt and some dirty jeans. She started combing her hair out nice, putting on make up, dressing more feminine. She walked into town hoping one of the local boys might notice her.

She was home schooled, sure, but it was such a small town that she knew all the kids her age. She'd never really hung out with boys before, she only had one or two girl friends her whole life. Her brother had friends though, and she noticed how this summer the ones coming around were giving her these looks. They probably noticed how grown up she'd gotten too.

Ginny was actually the only one home that afternoon, and she would be for the rest of the night too. Her parents were taking some of the horses across town to sell them off. It was a pretty far drive, so they were supposed to stop and visit her aunt and stay the night. Jason was out too, he was off with some of his stupid friends for the night. Ginny was all alone.

She was so excited, because she hadn't been left alone in a long time. She'd been thinking about trying something for a long time, but she just hadn't been able to until now. A few days ago she'd been in the middle of printing an article she needed to do her stupid history homework, and her laptop had completely died. She couldn't put it off anymore, because she'd kind of already put it off for a while now. She had to use her brother's laptop, its not like he was home at the time so he'd never have known.

She'd found it in his room, and when she'd opened it up a message popped up asking if she'd like to restore the last sessionlaptop hadn't been shut down properly. She clicked yes automatically, not even thinking. The laptop immediately booted up and she realized it'd opened to a porn website. She'd felt herself flush with embarrassment and quickly went to shut the laptop. Something caught her eye though. She'd seen porn before, sure, but this was different. These were images of girls with animals. There were dogs, horses, goats, all sorts of things. She'd found herself clicking through videos of girls being mounted by animals and for some reason she'd felt herself growing more aroused.

First thing she did when she'd fixed her own laptop was seek out these sort of websites again. She had to see more. She'd been doing this for days now, watching videos and touching herself. She didn't know why the idea of it was making her feel so horny. She'd never actually had sex, but watching the animals on top of these women using them like they were animals tooshe really like it.

Now Ginny was finally alone long enough to feel like she could get away with it. She had to try itshe couldn't resist anymore. The videos were great but she needed more. She'd been scoping out the farm dogs for a while now, trying to figure out which one would be the best to try it out with. She wanted one big enough to mount her, but not too big because she was a virgin after all. She'd picked one of the mutts her parents had, a big black hound looking dog that was close to one hundred pounds. None of the dogs were fixed, so she hoped that would be helpful.
She'd set up some treats to coax him into the house, she didn't want to get caught out in the yard doing this. She managed to separate him from the pack of dogs after a while, they all wanted treats so it took some time. She led him up the stairs and into her bedroom, shutting the door. She quickly locked it too, just to be safe.
The dog was munching on the treats while she undressed herself. She was feeling nervous for some reason, but more than anything she was excited. She could already feel herself dripping wet at the thought of this. She tossed her clothes aside, and quickly knelt down on the floor.

“Come here, boy,” she said, turning herself so her backside was facing the big dog.

He wasn't paying much attention to her, still locking the wooden floor where the treat had been.

“Come on,” she encouraged again, giving her bum a little shake towards him.

The dog seemed to notice she was there, and took a few steps towards her sniffing. She bit her lip, feeling him sniffing around her wet pussy. She knew the dogs mounted each other all the time outside, she'd seen them doing it, he'd know what to doshe hoped.

He began licking her, drinking up some of the juices that were flowing down her thighs. She gasped, his tongue was wet and rough at the same time. It felt nice though, and she closed her eyes and moaned when it flicked over her clit. She was actually feeling like she was getting closer and closer to orgasmbut the dog stopped.

She turned around to see he'd laid down and begun licking himself. His entire red penis was exposed. It was very big and fatshe wondered if she was actually going to be able to fit all that inside her. The anticipation was making her even more wet.

She watched him licking himself a minute, focusing more and more on the throbbing cock between his legs. She spun back around, getting on all foors.

“Come on, boy,” she said again, “don't you wanna fuck me?”

Obviously the dog didn't know what she was asking, but at least he knew she was talking to him. She watching him get up and walk towards her again. She whimpered a little, pushing herself back to try and show him what she wanted. He sniffed around some more, and she groaned with frustration.

When he started to mount her it almost startled her. The dog pulled himself up onto her back. His big black paws scratched at her sides as he was trying to get closer to her. She could feel his legs against her thighs, and she could feel him poking around trying to find the right target.

She moaned with anticipation, pushing herself back more, trying to help him get in faster. The dog humped her aimlessly for a minute until finally she felt the tip of his big red penis slowly parting the lips of her virgin cunt.

Ginny moaned, pushing herself back more against the dog. He thrust hard, and she suddenly felt the entire length of his cock shove itself inside her. She screamed out. It hurt more than she had anticipated. She could feel the dog's cock pushing her insides apart. A man might have been gentle with her, but not a dog. It only made it more hot for her, knowing the dog wasn't treating her like a lover just using her for it's own pleasure.

She could feel the dogs cocking rubbing against the walls of her cunt as he pounded away at her thrust after thrust. It was hurting less with each thrust and feeling better and better. This was so much better than watching someone else getting fucked on a video, she was in absolute heaven. The dog felt so good inside her, she couldn't get enough.

Ginny felt her legs going weak as she knew she was about to orgasm. The dogs cock was rubbing all the right places inside of her, and she cried out in pleasure as her whole body spasmed and shook. She couldn't help moaning loudly, and she was glad she was home alone.

The dog kept on pounding away at her bringing her right on through one orgasm and into another. She cried and squirmed as the dog thrust into her harder and harder. Finally she was coming down, and she felt as though the dog might be winding down too. It had felt like she cock was growing bigger, and she knew he was going to finish inside her and fill her up with his sperm. He was, after all, trying to mate with her.

She couldn't quite tell exactly when he came, but she suddenly felt herself filling up more and more, and realized his cum was filling up her womb. The dog kept on humping her, until finally she felt what she'd read about online a knot growing. It hurt more than she thought it would, stretching her even more than she already was. She inhaled, knowing it was only a short time and it would be done.

When the dog finally released her, it felt like all the fluid came rushing out of her at once. She could feel her own wetness mixing with the dog's sperm as it ran down her legs. The dog quickly moved away from her and began licking himself again. She was panting, and part of her couldn't believe she'd actually done it. She knew she'd do it again thoughmaybe with another dog next time.

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