I love my horse

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"Hey Sophia, come here for a sec!" My bestfriend Mason calls out to me. "In a sec!" I yell back. I walk into a the barn.
Mason has a sly grin across his face. His expression is evil. His dark eyes show trouble. "What?" I ask. Hes standing next to
one of my best horses. Corázon. Ive raised him since he was a filly. He has a beautiful gray coat with a black tail amd mane.
He has a dash of black on his face amd legs.
"Lets play truth or dare." He says. I nod. "Deal, im always up for a challenge!" I say to him. He smirks.
"Dare." I choose. I love my dares! "Ok, i dare you to let Corázon fuck you." Im stunned. "But its mating season hes as horny as fuck Mason." I reply.

"I know that Sophia." He says. "I thought you were up to a dare.."

I think for a minute. Then I sigh. "I guess so" I say.

I bring Corázon to the pen. Mason has me strip and locks me in with my horse. Im now terrified of him tho.
Corázon comes up to me and smells me. I shiver at his breath on my bare back. Then as if he knows what to do. He
mounts me! I squirm and Mason stops me.

"Sophia we are just getting started." I freeze feeling Corázon's cock against my back. "Guide him to you Soph." Mason commands
So I do. As soon as his cock touches me he rams it into my pussy. I gasp at the pain. Mason chuckles. Hes bringing his dickk in and out. I moan. "Oh gooodd.." I say. "Does it feel good Soph?" Mason asks smirking. I dont answer. I bite my lip.
He slams his cock deep into me. "God damnit Corázon." Mason says. Im confused. I look and my jaw drops. Mason cummed! Its all over his pants. I start to giggle but it comes out as a gasp. Corázon grunts once amd i scream. He cums in me. Amd then i do.
Mason is rubbing his cock. And he cums! It lands on my face. My reaction is cut short when Corázon slams into me and my mouth opens just as Mason shoots another load right into my mouth! I want to spit it out but I swallow. It tastes soo good!
Corázon takes his cock out and i get out of the pen. Mason grabs me and plants a kiss on my lips. His cock rubs against my
breasts. "You actually did it Sophia." He says his voice wavering. "Im always up for a challenge." I answer. Then walk into my house and make some dinner for me amd my father.

The next day I wake up early around 5:30. My father was asleep. So i walked outside and into the barn. Corázon looked at me.
I felt funny and looked down. His cock had gotten bigger. I stripped and walked into his pen. He mounted me instantly and i guided him to me. Again he thrusted into me. I moaned. Now that Mason wasnt here i could let it out. "Oh fuck Corázon." I
gasped. Why am I doing this? I thought to myself. I cant just go on like this fucking horses every day. I moaned. I slammed back into me and cummed. It squirted up into me I cringed. Then i came. "Fuucck!" I muttered. "Sophia?" I heard someone call out. I jumped off his cock and licked the tip before getting dressed. I brushed the hair out of my face." Im in here!" I called out. Tnem i reached down amd filled their food baskets. Mason walked in. He chuckled. "Up so early? Its 6:00." I blushed. "I just uh.
Couldnt sleep." I replied. He nods. "Hey uh, bout yesterday.. I uh-" I interupted him. "Its fine really."
e Mason! Really." He smirked. "Not what i was gonna say.." I felt myself turn red. "Oh. Then what?" I asked embarassed. "What you did was fucking sexy. Id love to see you do it again!" I blushed. Oh god.. I thought. "I uh.. ok?" I replied. I stripped and got into the stall. Corázon mounted me and rammed into me. "Oh god." Mason said. "He loves doing this to you. Dosent he? Why?" He asked. I moaned. "I uhh. Fucked him er this ohh god Corázon.. this uh morming." I said moaning and gasping. He grinned. "I knew you would." He said. I was confused. "Er what?!" I asked furiously. God what a perv! His cock rammed into me again. "Fuucck!" I screamed. He came in me again. "Oh fuck! Yes yes yes!" I screamed. I moved to his thrusts into me " God yes! yes! YE YES YES FUUCCK!" I shrieked. Mason grabbed my blond hair. He forced me to look at him. His dick was in my face. I sucked on it." Your aqua blue eyes sparkle in the sunlight." He mumbled. I loved the taste of his cum. I sucked him dry.. " Your mouthisnlike a warm summer day on my cock." He muttered. God he spouts out poetry. I thought to myself. He pulled his dick out of my mouth. "Sophia, we shouldnt.." he said. I nodded. "Yea i dont wanna." I said lying. I didnt need to mess up our relationship er friendship whatever it is. "Ok. Im gonna go." I nodded and he walked out. "Jeez." I said aloud. I got off my beautiful horses cock. I got dressed. "Im still horny.." I said. I went to the store and bought a dildo. I walked up to my room and locked the door. I stripped and shoved the dildo up into me. I didnt even flinch. My hole was bigger then it. The horses cock satisfys me but not this. I shoved it all the way in and let it go. My pussy swallowed it! I could fit 2 of them in me! I took it out
and ran downstairs nude. My father was past out on the couch. I ran out the dokr to him. I practically jumped on his cock.Then Mason walked in and didnt even flinch. "I wanna fuck a girl horse." He said. I immediatley turned to look at my mare, Sky.

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