Brooke's Tale Part C

Brooke's. Tale Part C

(Synopsis : Brooke, having been degraded and raped, discovers her attraction for her roommate carla. however, their lovemaking is interrupted by tina midway, who has her own way with them. just when it seems that tina has got another slave, Brooke's dad's friend steps in and controls the dom. read on..)

the Guy left soon, with tina on a leash, my leash. i didn't know whether to laugh or wish i could free her, i so longed to be owned. however, with tina gone, carla and i were once again alone. carla looked as dazed as i felt. closing the door, i saw her absentmindedly fingering herself, just like i did.

then she approached me, and locked lips. even i was surprises by the suddenness, and returned the kiss passionately. our arms entwined as we fell to the floor, lost in each other. her hands shamelessly explored my body, touching me the way i liked, the way only a woman could feel another. i responded with passionate ferocity, sucking and biting her nipples as she reached into my honeypot.
i felt lost in pleasure, knowing that all i wanted was to be fucked, anywhere, but preferably by a woman, specifically carla.

our lovemaking was cut short by a ring on the door. i swore, but got up. maybe it was my stepdad, i couldn't keep him waiting. i dressed as carla went for a shower. i saw a courier guy outside, holding a heavy package. we hadnt ordered anything, and i politely told me so. he insisted on me checking the address, and i opened the door.

he promptly stepped in, handing me a paper. on it was a picture. i recognized it as myself at the petrol pump, naked with both holes filled. before i could say anything, the guy pushed me against a wall and began sucking my lips. he smelt of stale cigs and alcohol, but as usual i didn't resist. he soon took liberties with my clothes, and i was naked in 10 seconds.

he now proceeded to my neck, biting it like a wolf as,he squeezed my cheeks and lips like rubber. the sticky trail of saliva soon reached my breasts,where they became pools, his lips sucking me like a vacuum cleaner. My nipples naturally responded to anything sexual and degrading, much to his amusement. He grabbed my titmeat, pulling more of it into his mouth, while pinching the sides. His other hand went to his cell, where he dialed a number. And brought it up to my ears.

“Hello brooke,” the voice on the other end spoke, “ remember me from the petrol depot ? well I’m kind of busy today , and Marko really needed hot pussy. Don’t worry, he’s a full 10”, you wont be disappointed. Enjoy my little gift, a thank you for that night”

I looked down at my assailant. He resembled the petrol pump guy. I guess they were relatives or something. My thinking was cut short by a pain in my left nipple. It was being bitten like sausage. He began to pull it with his teeth, compounding the pain. But my hands stayed where they were, my mind using every sensation to turn me on. He sensed it too. His hand moved to my genitals, spreading the lips with his fingers, as he kept at my jugs. I was already wet, and his cold hands sent a shiver of anticipation through me. My juices began to flow. My hands pulled him closer, willing him to use me as he chose.

Strangely, he again pulled out his mobile. Parting my wet hole, he began to push it in. it was small and went in easily. Then he asked me to get a tight panty to keep it in place. I complied, making sure the cloth was as skimpy as possible. Once it was secured, i was turned around, and felt a finger at my ass. This was the only ‘hole’ which was still ‘virgin’, although I had secretly hoped tina or someone else would use it with more than just a funnel. Now, he began to spit into it, and soon his fingers were poking at it.

From porn videos, I had thought that ass fucks were easy, now with my ass cherry on the verge of ripping, I felt I was being torn apart from my ass up. The intruding fingers didn’t stop, or ask if I was ok. They just kept pushing, as my poor hole sqeezed them, trying to open as much as possible. Just when I felt the pain easing (numbing really), a wider intruder, possibly a second finger began its journey inside, and then a third. Each time I went through the near ripping experience, but kept my hands obediently on the wall and my ass pushed out in all glory. He showed his appreciation by slapping each cheek in turn, and doing a once over with my roughened breasts. Then suddenly, I heard a zipper and braced for the inevitable. It came slowly, as he pushed in a centimeter at a time. About 2 minutes later, he was in quite far, and my ass felt like it would rip for sure.

Then I felt him pull out, and push in. this time he went in more, and more. Each thrust seemed to spread me more. I felt my legs feel weak with a mixture of pleasure, pain and thrusts. I held on, not willing to wreck my first time in the ass. He soon got into rhythm, using my hair as a leash,and my body as a frame to put his weight on. Sadly, there was no natural lubrication in my ass, and I the pain was unending, although it lessened after the first few thrusts. He kept on at my ass, occasionally yanking my head up, pulling my eyebrows up and making me look at an upside down evil smile. Soon, his tempo grew, and he began panting like a marathon runner. His hold on my hair grew stronger, and I saw the lusty look in his eyes. I saw the build up in them, and felt them in the sharp thrusts that almost threw me off balance, squashed as I was between the wall and the guy. I saw it coming. His cock twitched in my bowels, and started squirting . it was a strange sensation, feeling liquid where there was usually warm solids. He spat on my face as he came, mouthing bitch silently. As the spit trailed down, he pulled out, and I collapsed on the floor, exhausted by the ass rape.

He tugged me up by my hair. Motioning me to get dressed , he sat down on the couch, and smoked a joint. I put on a short summer dress, and returned, no bra. I kept the phone inside, knowing he wanted it there. He asked me to get the keys to the car. I obediently got them. He made me sit on his lap, as he drove towards the shady part of town. I felt his cock against my ass, rubbing as he drove. At every red light, he would pull down my dress, and squeezed my breasts. I saw the people stare from other cars. One guy in a trailer blew me a kiss. I returned it. Marko saw it, and raised my boobs for his viewing pleasure. The guy motioned to others ,and soon the whole gang was hooting at me. Marko flashed them a high five.

The light changed and we moved on. I saw prostitutes standing at street corners, watching me with disinterest. I guess they thought I was just another whore. “bounce bitch” he said, as we stopped at another red light. I obediently began boucing like I was being fucked. A bike stopped next to us, with the guy and girl looking at us interestedly. The girl seemed a goth, with bright green hair, and more piercings than pimples. Suddenly, she reached out towards the car. Marko nodded. She grabbed me by the hair and yanked me halfway out of the car. The red light board read 100 seconds. “plenty of time” she said, taking out two clamps, and clamping them on my areolae. She then slapped me twice, and bit my lips, chewing on them as she looked deep into my eyes, digging in the humiliation. I felt marko shift me so that I was sideways on his lap, my tits and head sticking out of the car thanks to goth’s hands. Marko shifted me so as to get a clear view of the road, and goth took advantage of it by attaching a chain to the clamps.

To my horror, the light turned green. The bike revved up, the guy flashing me an evil grin. Marko started too, and soon I felt cool air cutting on my throbbing breasts. Goth held on to the chain , using my tits like a chain between the two vehicles. The chain tugged everytime the two parted, and once I felt I as going to be torn, but goth dropped the chain. Still, I was exposed like a ballon sticking out of the car. A car appeared between the bike and my car. The window rolled up as the straight-laced people inside presumably found me disgusting. However, just when I thought I was getting some well deserved rest from tit torture, the rear window rolled down. I saw a guy of around my age, look furtively at the front seat. Assured, he grabbed the chain and tugged it hard, making me cry out. “ Disgusting, what girls do these days” I heard a female voice from inside. The guy looked scared, but continued tugging, eventually squeezing my breasts as marko saw what was happening and pulled the vehicles closer. The boy now took out a black object and It stuck automatically to the chain. A magnet , I realized. He stuck the magnet with me attached to it, just below the front seats’ windows, so that I was easily visible but the chain was not. The guy then clicked a pic of me and then rolled up the window.

“Mom, make that cheap girl go away,” I heard him say. Mom presumably looked around and a shriek came from inside. The other car now began pulling away,and the pain in my breasts returned. But marko followed the car’s trajectory, if only to ensure that his new slave’s tits weren’t torn off. Respite was short. I saw the front window roll down, and a middle aged woman appear. She slapped me hard twice, trying to shoo me away. Seeing that there was no change, she began pushing me, unaware that I was attached to their car. She tried to confine her manicured hands to my face and neck, but the jerking inevitably brought them to my breasts, stretched to ripping point. She started screaming expletives from the 40s, but her hands stayed where they were. Pretending to push me, she began to squeeze my breast meat, and I saw a smile spread across her lips, the wrinkles lifting in a sly smile. She then ran her long nails on the tits, eventually splitting the stretched skin and drawing blood. Then she saw the magnet. And detached it, tugging at the chain one last time before letting go. As the windscreen rolled up again, I saw her lick my blood.

As the car sped ahead, goth returned,and strangely, sped ahead after the car. From my vantage point, I saw goth knock on the woman’s window, and saw it roll down. In an instant, goth’s top was up, and she grabbed a handful of the woman’s hair, pushing her face into her breasts. The sight was kinky as hell, and I wished I could finger myself . instead, I rocked on marko’s lap, wishing he would stick his dick in me. Goth meanwhile was pouring a can of black paint over the woman’s hair, and finally let go by punching her nose, making sure it broke. It all happened in a jiffy, and goth and her bf moved ahead. Marko sped up, and I saw the woman crying as we sped by.

Goth was now level with us. “ the….(slap)…..only…..(slap)……woman……(slap)……to touch you will be (big tug on the chain)……meeeeeee (a series of slaps and tugs followed)” the pain brought tears to my eyes, but my wetness grew. I just hoped she never found out about Carla, or I’d be dead. She resumed her hold of my chain, and attached it to her bag, such that even when the vehicles were right next to each other, I was stretched. My nipples had gone blue, and my tits red in some areas, marking a contrast of sorts. The pain too grew now, as she guided her bf by whispering in his ears.
By now I just wanted the journey to end, not caring where we went. Finally , we stopped in a dilapidated area, and I got some slack on my breasts. I sighed in relief. The journey was finally over, but not before I had learnt an important lesson – subs existed not for enjoying themselves, but only for the enjoyment of their masters…..

(may be continued…….)

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