Ken's niece has second thoughts.

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Things changed between Debbie and I after she found out about Pam and I . This true story happens after Debbie,hence Kens niece and I hooked up . She returned from Florida with a friend she thought I would like.

Debbie and I had a long talk this morning as we waited for Pam to wake up.I don’t think she believed me when I told her how Pam woke me up .I told her she tried her best to get me to fuck her .I told her that her that I only used a dildo on her. “Well if I was a guy I would have done her”she said sounding again like she was suspicious .“So you just happened to have a dildo in your drawer,I see".

What the hell I was she thinking “come on I will show you”I said, taking her by the hand into my bedroom.She stood silently with her arms crossed as I lifted the blanket up from Pam’s lifeless body.She was still laying on her stomach with the dildo laying on the bed”see” I whispered. Debbie quickly turned and started walking back down the hall to the kitchen .”So you didn’t fuck her huh”she said when I caught up with her. “No I didn’t fuck her “ I said standing there looking into her eyes. “Why was your cum leaking out of her then”she said “It looks like you did”.

I started to turn away then stopped “because I was holding the dildo over my cock” I said. “I did cum on her pussy but the dildo was inside her making it feel like I came in her”I said “but “. “My cock never went inside her ,”I said and poured another cup of coffee.

“I should have fucked her since you're accusing me of doing it any way“ I said, turning back around . But all I saw was the door shutting as Debbie had walked outside , I caught up to her in the driveway and stopped her.”Debbie come on “I said as I tried to stop her from going “I am just a guy. She woke me up sucking my cock for Christ sake. I thought it was you , you were in my dream all last night”.I think she still didn’t believe me as I tried to convince her.

I kept pleading with her telling her I would lock my door, I won't talk or look at her again . I was hoping she would realize I wanted her not Pam. “Remember you were the one that asked me to take her in” I finally said .”You told me I could eat her pussy and she could even suck my cock” I said .Finally she calmed down “your right I shouldn't have shared her with you.She is so much prettier than me I should have known that you would want to fuck her”then placed her hand on my chest.She looked up into my eyes with a sad look “It is okay you can have her”.I placed my hand on her chin and leaned down and kissed her warmly “I only want you”I said.We stood there and she let me kiss her until I said “come on let's go for a walk”.

We walked along the stream holding hands and stopping to kiss from time to time.Several times I tried to tell her I wanted her and tried to rub her breasts . Each time she would tell me to stop and move my hand away,seemingly more irritated each time. When I asked why she said”it wasn’t very long ago you had sex with Pam”.

I again said I wanted her and tried to kiss her but she backed away and gave me a stern look.. “We need to get something straight” she said “I don’t have a high sex drive,sorry.If you think you need to screw every night forget it , I am not like Pam”she said “and I don’t enjoy sucking cock”.She turned away then back “if you think I am going to be the subject to your sexual desires , your wrong”

I didn’t react to what she was telling me right away , I was beginning to realize that it probably wasn’t going to work .”You know Debbie “I said”I have always liked you , you're very beautiful, fun to be around and to me sexy. I am still young and I can’t help getting a hard on when we are together “I said, trying to hold her hand. “I am rather sad that you have little interest in sex, I believe it is important in a relationship. I can be faithful ,and loyal,and I would not cheat on my partner as long as the sex is there when I want it.

I am glad you told me that now rather than waiting until we have been together for a while. I am sorry to say you are probably right that we are not compatible”I said . I let go of her hand and started walking back home leaving her to think about what I just said . As I walked I was hoping she would come after me but she didn’t.

When I went in the house Pam was sitting there and said good morning.Her smile went away when she realized I wasn’t very happy.”What's a matter?”she asked when I sat down at the table next to her .I looked at her and laughed, “I don’t think Debbie and I are compatible. I guess she doesn’t think having sex is much of a priority in a relationship.

Pam put her hand on mine”I am sorry”she said then got up and got me some coffee. I couldn’t help watching her sexy body walk to the counter. She had a pair of silk shorts on with a matching pink silk top.It easily revealed her hard nipples when she returned to sit down.She set my coffee down and placed her hands on my shoulder then whispered in my ear “well I do”.

“I will talk to her “she said sitting down placing her hand on my leg, “I think you have to enjoy sex if you want a relationship to last.I have known Debbie now for three years and at first we had a lot of fun. The last year or so it seems she has even lost interest in me “she said” maybe it is for the best.Pam laid her head on my shoulder and sighed “you're a very handsome guy and I like being with you”. Although I just met you and I am not ready to settle down I think we can still have fun”she said then turned her head waiting for my reaction.

She placed her hand on my cheek while looking into my eyes acting as if she wanted to kiss me.When I smiled she moved up and kissed me not once but several times ,each time they were more passionate. Soon we were making out heavily “shall we go back to the bedroom” Pam finally said “I like this”rubbing on my cock. She stood up in front of me and sighed when I put my hands on her hips and kissed her belly.

I wanted to pull her shorts off and lick her pussy that I could feel on my face .I moved my hands up under her shorts while I kissed against her pussy.She had her hands on my head as she pushed herself against me and moaned. “Let’s go “she finally said and backed away with a smile taking my hand as she led me back to the bedroom.

All thoughts of Debbie were gone as she led me knowing I was soon going to have sex with this beautiful body. At the bed she sat down and pulled my shorts off and rubbed her cheek on my cock.She then looked up and smiled “I love this cock”she said then started stroking it.Soon she was sucking away on me again with her hand cupping my balls.

I was surprised how talented she was as she was giving me a sloppy blow job.She was taking my cock deep down her throat with ease as her saliva coated my shaft.She sure knew how to get a guy off I was thinking looking down watching her head bobbing on my cock.It seemed that she knew when I was getting close because she would stop and lean back.

She removed her top smiling as she cupped her big breasts. “You like these “she said teasingly then licked at her nipples “I do”she said with a smile”.She looked at my cock “looks like you have something for me”she said leaning forward. She licked at some pre-cum that was oozing out of my cock then placed her mouth back on it.

She sucked me until she felt my cock swell and stopped again,”I would really like you to fuck me. She gave my cock a squeeze “but I need to talk to Debbie before we do”. I gave her a kiss “good idea” I said and laid her down on the bed”but I am still going to eat you”. Pam smiled as I pulled her shorts off and knelt down between her thighs.

Pam gave me the okay by spreading her legs placing her fingers down spreading her slit. She quietly said yes when I moved in licking puffy wet lips.She would rub her clit as I pushed my tongue deep inside her extracting her juices .She was getting wetter the deeper I pushed my tongue inside her . Several times I would stop to watch her own fingers push deep inside pulling out more for me to lick.

After sucking and licking for over 15 minutes or so her hands grabbed my head and held it tight to her.She was moaning loudly as her body started trembling pushing up even harder as she had an orgasm. I didn’t stop licking and sucking until she relaxed and pulled my head away and up to give me a kiss. “Damn your good” she said as I laid atop of her “I hope I can feel you inside me soon” she said then kissed me.

After a few minutes of pillow talk she said “okay my turn now” and had me roll over. Pam then positioned herself over me and straddled my face. I felt her warm mouth go down on my cock as I played with her still dripping pussy. “I can't wait to fuck this beautiful pussy” I said as I slid a couple fingers inside it.

As she continued to suck away on my cock I would lift my head taking a few licks at the cream that was dripping from her lips. Several times I had to reach up and grab her hips to bring it closer to my mouth. We were in a 69 position for who knows how long when she said down firmly on my face. She was stroking my cock all while crying out that she was cumming again.

After coming down she said “cum for me” and again started sucking on me , I wanted to last but knew I wasn’t going too. Finally I said I was cumming and started shooting shot after shot deep in her mouth. I could feel her lips holding my cock in her mouth as her hand milked away on my cock. Even after I was empty she continued to suck and stroke causing me to jerk and shake until she knew I was done.

She still had her hand on my cock even when she rolled over and sat up beside me.”Thank you” she as she wiped her mouth before giving me a kiss.She laid down beside me as we talked and discussed the situation we were in. I learned a lot about her and found out she liked men more than women . We talked about the future ,if she wanted to be married or even have kids. We had a lot of the same interests and outlook on life in general .

We both finally drifted off to sleep with her cuddled up against me, her leg atop of my leg.Some time later I woke up and Pam was gone apparently to talk to Debbie.It was still early in the afternoon so I decided to take a dip so I went up to my so called Jacuzzi.

As I soaked ,in the distance I could hear someone singing and it was getting closer. I then smiled when I saw Beth walking closer.I saw her walk in my house then out looking around.She then began walking my way ,she knew where I was. Minutes later she was standing before “mind if I join you” she said. When I said I would like that ,she stripped and sat down beside me”so how is it going” she said.

She was surprised when I explained about how it wasn’t going to work with Debbie.She said she could talk to her if I wanted but I told her not too. “You know me and how I liked to have sex,well Debbie has no sex drive” I said.I also told her about Pam “damn it “she said as she said .She then became hopeful that she could still be with me from time to time. I gave her a kiss “maybe we still can ,Pam is bisexual and who knows ,you will have to meet her”.

It wasn’t long and I said “you might see her soon”pointing to Pam's car pulling into the driveway. We saw Pam get out as well as Debbie and walk into the house then back out. They sat down on the picnic table talking for a few minutes as I debated going down.

When we saw them stand up and started walking our way Beth stood up “I better go” she said. When I said “stay “she began to get dressed “well at least they not to see me naked “.She chuckled before sitting down on the ledge with her feet in the water.

It wasn’t long until both girls were standing before us with a surprised look on their faces.”Hi aunt Beth”Debbie said introducing Pam to her “I didn’t know you came up here”. Debbie walked over to me “can we talk” she said . Of course I was naked and when I stood up ,I saw Pam looking at Beth who of course looking at me. I nonchalantly got dressed and Debbie and I walked away leaving Pam and Beth.

A little distance away we came to a big rock and I sat down,”so what do you want to say “I said. Debbie took a deep breath “well I need to be honest with you” then paused looking around. Finally she blurted out “ I have a boyfriend who still in Florida”she said waiting for my response. I just shook my head and smiled “good for you “I said “so you cheated on him,okay did you tell him”?

Debbie sat down beside me “not because he cheated on me , I didn’t know until Pam confessed she had sex with him on the way here. I am going back to him but Pam wants to stay here”she said . “That's fine” I said “sex with you was okay and I am glad you were honest with me.

I have always liked you and I hope we still can be friends. I was honest with you when I said Pam and I did not have intercourse. I was hurt when my ex cheated on me and I wasn’t going to hurt you that way. But know I know you are going back I hope you know I plan on having sex with Pam.

“So you do like her “Debbie said “yes she can stay with me as long as she wants . I hope you will be happy with your choice “ I said standing up. “When will you be leaving” I said ,tomorrow “Debbie replied. I gave her a hug then started walking back.

I saw Pam look at Debbie then me when we returned ,I again stripped and sat back down in the water . She looked at Debbie again then to Beth before looking back at me with a smile. “You are welcome to stay with me as long as you want” I said to Pam seeing her smile widen.

Beth stood up and walked over to me and gave me a kiss “I will leave you guys alone”she said . “Why don’t you come over later? We will have a barbecue “ she said saying “it is nice to meet you to Pam and started to leave. “ I will come with you aunt Beth “Debbie said leaving Pam and I alone.

Pam and I sat there silent for a few minutes until I finally asked her if she wanted to stay. Without answering me she stood up stripped ,smiled and slipped into the water. She floated up in front of me and gave me a deep kiss, then another one and another one.We kissed passionately until she floated up and then sat down firmly on my cock. With my cock deep inside her she smiled”yes it will be fun” .

It was sure a lot of fun as we fucked for the next hour doing it in different positions in and out of the water.After we talked and I made it clear that she could have sex with any one she wants as long as it isn't cheating.I told her how beautiful and sexy she was to me as well as other guys would think she is also. I did inform her about Beth and my adventures and how I would still like to enjoy her from time to time.

Pam was a bit surprised but understood because she also thought Beth was nice.She admitted after meeting her she felt there was something going on between us. “Thank you for being honest with me “she said “I will be honest with you too. Debbie’s boyfriend was just a one night thing and I was sorry that I did it” she said. “After meeting you and enjoying your talents I realized that Debbie and you were not compatible” she said.”If you still want to have fun with Beth some time I will love to join you.

Later that day Pam and I went to visit Ken and Beth and the family, Debbie did not show up.

I was able to sneak away to inform Beth that I told Pam about us and she was relieved. Beth said she thought Pam was pretty and hinted maybe Ken and her could all play together.

The night ended on a positive note and the neck day we said goodbye to Debbie and started a new chapter in our life. That chapter lasted about 5 years but it was a fun 5 years to say the least

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