A Happy Homecoming

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Because of the scarcity of motor transport I had to take what was available at whatever time that would be, therefore I arrived at the transit unit’s air departure compound hours before I was scheduled to be there.

An orderly came across from the little office and told me that the ‘plane readying for departure had a spare seat because some unfortunate squaddie had ended up in sick bay.

“If you can make it to the departure gate in the next ten minutes then you’ve got an early ride home mate.”

I could, I did, and eight hours later, I was back in London, not only that, unless I did something stupid, such as be promoted, I would be here for at least a year.

The one thing I had not been able to do was contact my mother about the sudden change of times. She wasn’t expecting me until tomorrow afternoon so she was about to get a happy surprise.

On entering the house, I could hear the muted sounds of appreciation coming from the living room. I slipped my shoes off, crept to the doorway and was happy to see that it was not fully closed, so I could ease it open sufficiently quietly to see inside the room.

What I saw was sufficient to cause my cock to begin reminding me that I hadn't had a fuck in over three months.

My mother was sitting, or rather, she was laid back on the sofa with her dress around her waist and her legs splayed widely apart so that our next-door neighbour could get her mouth against my mother's pussy, which she had done and was now licking deep inside an obviously wet vagina.

She had to keep her face there because mother was holding her head tightly against her sex to ensure that she had the orgasm she was obviously seeking.

I crept back to the coat rack, got my mobile and returned to the doorway.

I began taking pictures and as I did so, Helen, the neighbour, moved slightly and I was then able to get her exposed rear end in the shots. She had a wet, open, pink slit with no trace of hair around it, topped by a little puckered star leading to a very tight tunnel that I would at some time in the not so distant future, fuck.

My mother climaxed with a wail of release. Helen immediately moved to kneel on the sofa and with her dress around her waist, her breasts out of her 'bra and hanging down, she spread her legs wide apart and said that she wanted to be fucked hard.

"Come on Jane; please fuck me and do it hard, please."

My cock was so hard that it hurt.

From now on, I shall refer to mother as Jane, which I had never called her in all my 23 yrs. She wiped her sex with a tissue and then opened a door in a side table and removed a tangle of straps. It was only when she sorted the straps out and put them over her feet that I realized what I was seeing. She was putting a strap-on dildo on and when she'd finished tightening the straps, she put the end of the dildo in Helen’s vagina and, grasping her hips, she began to fuck her.

She ploughed Helen’s sex tunnel hard and fast until eventually, as she rubbed at her clitoris and with her big soft breasts bouncing and swaying, Helen moaned and sobbed her way to her own orgasm.

It would not be long before they left the living room and I reluctantly crept away, retrieved my shoes, coat and suitcase and eased my way out of the house.

Once outside I dressed and set off for the bus terminus where I knew I could get a cuppa and a sandwich. I needed time to think about what I had seen, what I had on my 'phone and what I intended to do about it.

Actually, I already knew what I was going to do about it; it was how I went about it that I needed to ponder. One thing was certain; my cock would be in somewhere wet and warm before I was very much older.

My decision made, I returned to the operations area, but instead of going to the house I used to call home and which I had entered earlier, I knocked on the door of the house next door.

I was almost salivating in anticipation of the next few hours in the company of Helen. She is a statuesque woman of Swedish extraction, approximately 50yrs old and 5ft. 10in tall, which is an inch taller than I am. Her big blue eyes and long blonde hair, big breasts, and superb round and mobile backside above long legs, with powerful thighs completed her outward appearance.

Jane is a redhead. She is 42yrs old, 5ft 8in tall with a slim, boyish figure and pert 34-inch tits and a tight rear end.

Sometime after she'd moved into the house three years ago, Helen had made it plain that; on my next leave, should I be so inclined, she would probably allow me access to what other attributes she possessed. I was blind to the fact that Jane had already been bedded.

I doubt that she had ever contemplated the sort of access to her body that I had planned.

I had been receiving letters regularly with all the home news so I knew that Helen and Jane had become good friends during the past three years. Jane worked for the local government and Helen was a deputy head teacher at a nearby school so they actually met during the course of their work. One day, Helen came to view the house next to ours, which had just come on the market, and had knocked on Jane's door to ask a few questions about the neighbourhood.

She bought the house and apparently their sex life began to blossom shortly afterwards. They are both divorced, Helen is childless, and as I had just discovered, both wanted a sex life that did not involve inviting another man into their lives.

Helen opened the door and began to say something when I interrupted her.

I held the ‘phone in front of her face so that she could clearly see the picture it displayed.

“Helen, don’t argue. Look at this and let me in.”

She did as I asked and immediately stepped aside to let me in. As soon as the door closed behind me, I began speaking.

“I have a great many pics and several video clips of you and Jane enjoying each other, and a very long video clip of Jane fucking you with her strap-on.”

“I’ll keep this short. You are going to do whatever I tell you to do or else these pictures will be on the desk of your school principle. The same pictures will be passed to Jane’s head of department.”

“Don’t think I’m bluffing. I will do it.”

“Why would you do that? What do you want?”

“What I want is your body. Not my mother’s, just yours, I want total, and immediate, obedience to any instruction that I give you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, you bastard, I understand perfectly. How long are you home for?”

“I’ll answer that later. Take your clothes off. I want to fuck you and I’m not waiting any longer. Get everything off or I’ll rip ‘em off and then I’ll take another picture and put that on the internet with your details attached. Do you understand?”


She undressed and so did I. I spent a few minutes getting to know her breasts and nipples and then I made her kneel before me to suck my cock before I bent her over the table. Parting her thighs and her big, soft bottom cheeks, I plunged my cock into her sex and let it find its own way into her vagina.

“I know you enjoy being fucked this way; I have to admit I enjoyed watching you earlier on this evening. I promise I’ll make certain that you get as much of what you enjoy as I can manage."

Eventually I had to stop fucking her for some minutes to allow my personal volcano to subside so I stood her against the door and played with her lovely big, soft, tits and tweaked her nipples, which had become engorged even before I touched them. I had found something that she would happily experience.

I put two chairs against the wall and made her climb up and turn to face me and then placed a third chair alongside the others and made her spread her legs so that I could remove the middle chair.

Standing between her legs, I played with her sex and sucked her clitoris as she held my head to maintain her balance. I also had the impression that she wanted to keep my mouth on her sex.

I knew that what I was doing was beginning to have an effect on her because she gently pumped her groin against my mouth as her own arousal began.

I slid a finger up against her sphincter and pressed gently as I said:

“Some time tonight I intend to fuck your anus. If you have never had a cock in there, I suggest that you tell me and I will be very gentle. I hope you have some form of lubricant in the house.”

There was an immediate reaction and her sphincter opened slightly and so I allowed my finger to explore further, but suddenly my climax began. I almost dragged her off the chairs, threw her onto her sofa and fucked her until my semen began to boil.

Helen had commenced responding to my thrusting by doing precisely the same she, but she was in for a disappointment if she thought that we would finish together.

I pulled out of her streaming vagina and roughly turned her over so that I could force the head of my cock into her anus. I was only just in time, my semen erupted from my cock and I pumped a load up into her anal canal as my hands mauled her tits.

Helen climaxed with a grunt and then she surprised me.

“You bastard! That was fucking wonderful.”

“Suck me. Come on Helen; suck my cock clean.

“Be aware that I am going to enter that rear door of yours in the very near future and after that it will me a regular part of your sex life, so you must ensure that you have lubrication and condoms available. Unfortunately I do not have the stamina at the moment, to do justice to that superb backside.”

“This is the way it is going to be:

From now on, you will only wear clothing if you have to leave the house.
You will undress immediately on entering this, or Jane’s, house.
You will only wear knickers in the house if you are menstruating or have some other need to do so.
You will keep a ready supply of condoms and lubricant both upstairs and downstairs.
You will be available for both Jane’s and my pleasure at all times.”
“Do you have computer and a spare flash drive?”


I made her log-in and then I copied the pics and videos on my mobile, to the flash drive, printed half a dozen pictures and put them and the flash drive in one of my pockets.

We were upstairs in her spare bedroom so it was a short journey to her bed, upon which I fucked her in traditional missionary style. Her legs were high and wide apart; her breasts bounced and swayed as I pumped into her and her hands were gripping my hips to assist me in my attempt lengthen her vaginal passage.

Helen wanted this. She kept telling me that as I fucked her, and when I came, she rolled me over so that she could swallow any semen still leaving my cock.

We did not go down-stairs again. I slept alongside her until the early hours of the morning. When I awoke, I found that she had hold of my cock as she slept, and I was holding onto one of her big tits so I released the tit and gently rubbed her clitoris until she eased her thighs apart and I began to stiffen. As I had hoped, she came awake in a rush.

She mounted me and treated me to a wonderful fuck with her tits bouncing and swaying just above my face.

I like being ridden, but much prefer to be in the driving seat so I told her to kneel beside me, she did so and once again I put my cock into her anal entrance and deposited a dollop of semen into her. I was seriously tempted to go all the way in, but I knew that we, or at least I, would enjoy it more if we spent time in anal foreplay.

As I dressed, I had to remind her that she wasn’t allowed to wear any clothes. It was a glorious sight, seeing her breasts bobbing and swaying as she busied herself making breakfast.

“Tony, I have no problem fucking with you, why do you insist on this no clothes demand?”

“You haven’t grasped it yet have you? It is not just the fucking. I intend to have total control over you and Jane. I will fuck you, whenever and in whatever place or position I choose. From now on, I will dominate every bit of your life. You will do as I say or I will carry out my threat."

"I really am not the nice guy that you seem to think I am and Jane is going to get the shock of her life when I fuck you in her house this afternoon. When you walk in and strip your dress off so that I can fuck you as you eat her pussy, she’ll start to realize just what her life is going to become. Especially when she finds out just how long I will be here."

I spent a wonderful morning eating her pussy and nibbling her clitoris as I fondled her breasts. Several time I brought her to near boiling point and then allowing her to cool down before starting the cycle again. Her sex was permanently wet and finally she begged
me for release.

I explained that the next time I fucked her would be this afternoon, in front of Jane. I knew it would be in front of Jane because that’s where she needed to be in order to eat Jane's pussy.

At 11am, I gave Helen her instructions for the afternoon and then dressed, collected my suitcase and went next door.

I let myself in, to be met by a whirlwind as Jane ran from the kitchen to hug and kiss me. Having emptied my suitcase and done the usual ‘sorry about the amount of dirty washing, mum’ routine, I gave her the presents I’d brought her. We sat in the living room as she told me just how happy she had been ever since Helen had move in next door.

Apparently, Helen had told Jane that she thought that she had a very nice son.
“Why don’t you go and invite her for lunch mom? We can spend the afternoon getting to know each other. I’m sure she would enjoy the company.”

“Jane thought that this was a good idea and immediately went and called on Helen. When she returned she said that Helen would be round in a couple of minutes time.

She was about to go into the kitchen to prepare lunch until I stopped her and asked her to sit down until Helen arrived.

Helen knocked and I went to open the door and as we entered the living room, I said that in future she had no need to knock.

Helen stood before Jane and said:

Jane, I am so sorry about this, it was Tony’s instruction and I have to do it or we will both be in trouble, as you will soon learn. She undid the five buttons on her dress and let it drop to the floor. There stood 5ft10in of glorious, naked, woman hood.

Before Jane could react, I showed her the pictures I had printed.

“What Helen was going to say is that if either you, or she, refuse to do exactly what I tell you to do, I will send these pictures and many others, to both your heads of departments. Do not make the mistake of thinking that I won’t do it, because you will be wrong.”

“From now on I am your master and don’t forget it for a moment.”

“Tony, how dare you treat me like this? I….”

“You and Helen were having sex when I arrived, so don’t get huffy with me. I’m just taking advantage of the situation, and what I want from you is obedience. Obey me and life will, I promise, be fun. Otherwise it will be hell.”

“Helen, strip her.”

She struggled as Helen pulled her from the chair and began removing her dress, she cried and she pleaded for Helen not to do it, but it was done and I didn’t need to give Helen any more instructions. She stripped Jane and then put her on her back on the table and spread her legs.

“Please Jane, Don’t fight me. We have to do as he says and he wants me to eat your pussy while he fucks me. He says that he’s not going to fuck you at all, he wants to watch us have sex, but he will only fuck me.

Jane struggled, she swore, she wriggled, but slowly the struggles grew less as Helens tongue and fingers worked their magic on Jane’s body.

Once Jane had become more aroused than angry I stripped and fucked Helen as she brought Jane to a climax, Jane slid off the table and sat in a chair while I kept fucking Helen. The moment Helen had her moment of release I told her to kneel and then presented my cum covered cock to her mouth.

t took me a month of intense sexual demands on Helen, sometimes painful, often demeaning and humiliating, before the two of them understood that they were mine to do with as I pleased. Once that lesson was learned, I stopped their torment and allowed them to dress as they pleased

Life is sweet. I get the sex I want, whenever I want with Helen. I have gone further than I had intended with Jane in that I make her masturbate and felate me, but I have not and will not fuck her, although I do indulged in oral sex with her .

I'm sure she wouldn't want me to fuck her and I wouldn't enjoy doing it.

I have been surprised that occasionally, they ask me to perform for their enjoyment.

They don’t know that the pictures and video clips no longer exist.

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