Black Summer Heat Part 1

This is a true story of my first and only experience with an older black guy well any guy to be exact, told through my eyes and his. It was the summer of 2001 that i would be a submissive black cock greedy 14 years old boy acting like a girl. Rankin, illinois was where i was and it was during my summer break, getting ready to head into my first year of highschool in the fall. i was there visiting my dad. i hadn't seen my dad since i was little, because my mom and dad never married and were never technically together, i was pretty much an oops baby.

Growing up without a father figure and being raised by a woman, i was always more feminine and girly than boyish. i chose barbie dolls and dress up over gi joes and power rangers. i never really had any friends, pretty much bullies saw me as an open target to pick on. i didnt enjoy school until i got older and Junior Highschool started, thats when things started changing.

I started to go into puberty and I was maturing. My body was changing to what i thought at the time (being young and innocent) was normal which was very much abnormal. i wouldnt at all say i was chubby because i had a soft flat stomach, no abs but my legs started getting thicker, my hips were getting wider and my butt was getting very big, very round and very plump. It got to the point where it wouldnt fit in jeans and the whitey tighty's i wore started turning into thongs because my butt cheeks would swallow them up. But my body wasnt the only thing that was changing, my hormones were changing too and i started noticing other boys changing too

Their voices getting deeper, some started getting facial hair and muscles started developing but what i started watching more and more was the way their cocks changedit wasnt until after our gym classes in the locker rooms that i paid attention to all those cocks. Some were longer and shorter, some were fatter some were skinnier, some had thick veins. Some had large flared heads with big slits, and some had over sized balls with curly pubic hair. i was noticing the different sizes and curves. I didnt under stand why i couldnt stop looking at all these young boys penis's and why my penis hadnt grown at all. it was super small and my balls were even smaller.

Something was definitly happening inside of me, i couldnt stop staring at boys and their young cocks that i was so animalistically being drawn to and i couldnt figure out why. It wasnt until the 2nd week in my sex ed class in 8th grade that i found some type of grasp for the way i had been feeling recently. I learned about hormones and how the body changes when it gets older and how it devolops. What an erection was, and why a girls vagina gets wet. Then came sex week. i learned what sperm was and how a boy sticks his cock in a girls pussy and squirts his thick sticky sperm inside her to get her pregnant. listening to my teacher talk about how a cock is supposed to penetrate and squirt its seed thats comes from deep down in its ball sack turned me on in ways that i didnt understand yet.

Why did finding out about how a cock fertilizes an egg turn me on? wasnt i supposed to get a little boner to a girls budding breasts or the way a pussy looks? i didnt at all during the whole female body week. Even though i had been learning alot about sex, i still didnt get any answers as to why i had been lusting at every single cock i got to look at in the locker room every wednesday after gym.

Then came masterbation week. i learned about masterbation, what is was and how to do it.
After that my whole little world had changed

I could not stop playing with my little tiny dick until i came my own sperm, a few droplets which was never much. I fantasized about the cocks in the locker room, just remembering all of them during my pleasure fest. It was the really big fat ones that i thought about the most. i just wanted to kiss, lick and suck all those big yummy looking cocks, trace the thick firm veins with my soft tongue and then flick it into the gaping slit thats driping pre-cum. i fantasized about stroking a hard shaft until it squirts its sperm, then swirl it around in my mouth on my tongue so i can taste it and then swallow it all down so i have that thick sticky sperm swimming around safe in my stomach.

This was pretty much my every day afterschool routine until i discovered the holy grail of porn on my step dads laptop in the basement. Most young boys at the age of 14 wouldve been searching an ungodly amount of hot girls, tits and pussybut not me. i was a cock hound and It was a cock searching free for all for me and i couldnt get enough.

Big cock porn was the only thing i was interested in then i accidentally clicked on big dicked anal porn and the first video i saw was a blonde girl on her knees taking the biggest, blackest, cock up her butt like it was nothing and she could not stop moaning. "more, please shove more of that big cock in me!" the blonde screamedi pretty much came all over myself. I was hooked on anal pornand big black cocks.

I never knew a cock could be that big and fat. My masterbation fantasies had changed to nothing but black cocks getting stuffed up my buttand i started masterbating different while thinking about them. I started rubbing my own hairless hole. I would rub it in circles as if it were a girl rubbing her pussy, and i even started referring to my own hole as a pussy. my need to play with my pussy started getting more and more stronger. i found myself playing with my pussy at school in the locker room, peeping through the crack in the stall door at all the young sweaty bouncing cocks changing out of their gym clothes, almost getting caught a few times. i would rub it and finger it. at first i would only stick my index finger in a little bit, but eventually i would start going in deeper and deeper and deeper. Then one day it finally happened. i pushed my finger in as deep as it would go, watching my whole finger disappear inside my hole and poked something inside me that made me moan out like a girl and cum all over myself, more than i had ever previously.

I found my prostate gland, i didnt know it was called that at the time, but i had a bunch of different names for it, my love spot, my itchy spot, and my special spot and others. i could barely reach it with my fingers but the more of it i was able to touch the better it felt. From then on thats how i masterbated. I never bothered to stroke my own small pathetic cock, i just fingered my love spot as best i could. eventually my cravings increased soo much that i knew that my hole needed something longer and thicker to open it up and reach iti needed the real thing. i needed a big fat cock pressing up against it. My hole was hungryand it needed meat.

But where? where was i going to find a big fat cock to have all to myself? i dont know any and all of the sexy boys at my school were only interested in the developings girls. damn those girls were so lucky to be desired by those big cocks. it finally dawned on me that i understood what was happening to me

i'm a slutty girly boy with a big fat ass that lusts for any fat cock to be stuffed inside it.


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