Barnes & Noble Girl

This is my first story. Let me know what you think and if you want me to continue. I'm also open to suggestions to what the next stories would be about. Thank you.

Barnes & Noble Girl

The harsh sound of alarm clock was the first thing she heard before she woke up. It was 8 am and she had thirty minutes to be at work and open up the store at 9 am. She had finally become a manager and though it didn’t pay much more than when she was a regular employee it did come with much more responsibilities. She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth and hair and quickly applied her make up before putting on a silky cream button up shirt and a brown skirt that covered down to right above her knees. She took a look at herself in the mirror, her tight skirt grabber her body perfectly while her shirt sat on her pale skin softly. She didn’t like that she was so pale but it made her look porcelain. Her straight brown hair was down to her shoulders with her bangs pushed to one side. She looked elegant and sexy and that exactly the look she was going for.

She hung her name tag over her neck, Sandra, she wished it would mention she was a manager that she had worked hard to become, but it didn’t. She wanted to put her contacts on but she didn’t have time and she had already done her eye makeup so she decided to just put on her red framed glasses and hit the road.

She managed to get to work on time, it was her first week as a manager and she did not want to be late. It was not a busy day, the store was mostly put together nicely and she thanked the closing manager for that. Her day was uneventful for the most part until right around noon she received the call from the closing manager, Steve. he was calling in sick. He had tried to call the other managers to cover for him but none wanted to work. She knew Steve was probably not sick and was just hung over. He was a big time drinker, not an alcoholic but the type that goes to the bar every night. She decided to pull a double shift and close. She told Steve that she would be able to cover his shift. It was better than going to her apartment and spend the night watching movies. She had nothing planned and she could use a few extra dollars on her paycheck.

She was happy because even though she was closing tonight, the store wasn’t that busy and people hadn’t moved the books around too much. It was around 8 o’clock and she started to clean up the store for closing, store café had already started their cleaning duties and there was one person on the cash registers to take care of the check out. It was up to her to go around the aisles and pick up the books people had left on the ground.

She was going between the aisles picking the books as she felt someone was following her. She didn’t pay much attention to it as it happened a lot. Most customers would go around looking for books and at times it looked like they were following her but they were just going through the aisles in the same order as her. She was bent looking through a few books that were left on the ground; she was taking out a bookmark someone had left inside a book when she noticed someone was behind her. She turned around quickly, two middle aged men in suits were staring at her, and more specifically they were staring at her butt. They looked like businessmen or more like salesmen. It took them a few seconds to notice her looking back but to her surprise not only they didn’t stop but after making eye contact with her they went back to looking at her behind. She was so surprised by their action and it took her a few second to react. Within those few seconds she was still bend over on her knees, her round butt up in the air as she looked over her shoulder and looking at the men. She looked extremely sexy even though it was the last thing she wanted to be at that moment.

She got up quickly and walked away with the book in her arms. She went back to her station in the middle of the store, outraged and confused. “What is wrong with these men?” she thought to herself. She had always received compliments for her butt. She believed it was her best asset. It was not huge, nor was it small. Her perfect heart shaped but was one of the things years of softball through high school had helped her achieve. She realized it was nine o’clock before she watched the men walk out of store. She liked that her butt had gotten the attention of the men but didn’t like that they kept staring when she had caught them checking her out. She felt disrespected.
She locked the door behind her, said goodnight to all her co-workers before she walked to her SUV. It was getting colder than what she was used to. She was shivering by the time she was in her car. She found her keys and attempted to start the car but except a few clicking noises nothing happened. With a confused look on her face she tried again and nothing happened again. She quickly looked around to see if anyone of her coworkers were still there but they had already left. She put her head on her steering wheel and blew all the air out of her lungs. Today had not been an easy day and it was not getting any easier at night. She called her insurance and after giving them her information they were going to send a tow truck to take care of her.

It was half passed ten when the tow truck was finally there. She got out of her car and was hit by a very cold and strong wind. The trucks lights were blinding as it parked right in front of her car. She waited in the spot light in front of the big red tow truck for the driver to come out for a while. She still couldn’t see the driver. The cold air was going through her legs and up her skirt and through her shirt. She crossed her arms to keep herself warm.

With a click and creak of the door she saw the shadow of a big man get out of the truck. He walked up to her but without saying anything he looked at her license plate and started to write on his clipboard. She started to explain what had happened and he cut her by saying “It’s your battery. I can help you jump it.” She thanked him and went back to her car to release the hood. She wanted to sit there and wait in the warmth of her car but didn’t want to act like a brat and thought it would be more polite to stand around while he took care of her car. He came back with jumper cables and attached them to battery. He was extremely tall, at least 6’10” and masculine. He was probably the biggest person she had ever seen. He had a 5 o’clock shadow on his tanned rough skin. His black wavy hair was blowing in the wind. He bent over to put the clamps on the battery as his pen slid out of his chest pocket and fell deep down between two components that she had no idea what to call. He seemed pissed and tried to grab it but his arms were too thick. She told him to let her try since she had smaller arms. She got on her toes and put her arm inside bending over the side of her car, it didn’t take long for her to find the pen and grab it but the man was not expecting her to be that fast as she caught him looking inside her shirt. He looked away quickly and smiled and thanked her. He didn’t seem to have noticed getting caught by her. She went back to her car and turned the key as he directed and the car started. He waved at her after closing the hood and went back to his car. She didn’t know what to think of him. Perhaps he was only being a male and her bending over had given him a nice view. She smiled and was happy about the excitement she had caused him.

Would he go home and think of her? What would he do, masturbate to the thought of her breasts? She wondered as she drove back home. The picture of a man his size pleasing himself while thinking about her had excited her. She couldn’t imagine what size penis he might have had. She knew it has nothing to do with the body size but wouldn’t he have a big one proportionately to his body?

She was happy she was home as soon as she felt the heat. She quickly took her clothes off and stood there naked in front of mirror. Her body was perfect but not to her. She was not too skinny but she wanted to be thicker, she always thought thicker, curvaceous women were very sexy. That being said her butt and hips did give her nice curves and her breasts were 32C yet she still wanted larger breasts. She turned around and inspected her body as today she was not as unhappy with her body. She had gotten attention from men and she was happy about it. She jumped into the shower and quickly took a shower before eating something. She walked into her living room with a bowl and sat on the couch with her computer on her laps, it was the same routing every time. Turn the pc on, click on the browser, check Facebook, like a few things and from then on just wander around the internet till she was bored. After checking out a few websites she checked her email just to see if she had received any coupons from the stores she had signed up with, after opening a few email she noticed a message with “Read me if you’re horny” She knew this was definitely a junk email from a dating website but she clicked on it out of curiosity. Unlike other spams this email did not have a link she had to click on. The massage was short but to the point.

If you like to be introduced to a new sexual world reply to this email.


She was still doubtful. The email had gotten her attention but she now was convinced someone was messing with her. She tried searching for the email address using different websites but none would give a hint of its location.

She hovered her clicker over the delete button but something inside her didn't want her to do that. Perhaps lust or curiosity or both, but she didn't want to reply either. The person who had sent this email could be anyone. A coworker, an ex boyfriend, or someone who knew her and it could be very embarrassing.

She decided to reply but not for the purpose the email had stated but just to ask a simple question.
"Who is this?" she typed before clicking on the "send" button. She knew what she had done by sending that email. She indeed asked for the sender’s identity but also had replied to the email which in fact indicated that she wanted to be introduced to a “new sexual world”

She didn’t know what exactly that meant but the idea of it was causing a pleasant nervous feeling in her. She sat there updating her email over and over though she knew the sender probably wouldn’t reply anytime soon. But she couldn’t be more wrong. After about twenty minutes she saw a reply to her email. She quickly and rather excitedly opened the email.

“I’m glad you have chosen to expand your sexual world. I promise you will not regret this. Your identity will be kept secret.
My name is Edward. I don’t know who you are and where you live. I only know what you want.
I will give you options and opportunities to fulfill your sexual fantasies. It is totally up to you whether you want to take them or not.
You will always be able to stop at any point. There are lots of other women who have tried this. Some have refused but most have loved the experience and became members of our exclusive club.
To enjoy these experiences you must keep an open mind and look for what entertain and satisfies you.
If you understand and agree with everything mentioned above, reply to this email.


Her breathing had quickened just reading the email. The fact that she was having this conversation excited her and she wanted to continue. There was always the part, that someone might have been messing with her, but she hadn’t given any solid answers or showed any weakness on her part. She took a few minutes to think everything through and didn’t find any reason not to reply. She clicked on the reply button and typed “O.K.” but quickly realized that was something that might have meant she agreed and wanted everything in his email. She, though did mean to say that, still didn’t want to sound like it so she erased what was typed and wrote “Reply” to show no sign of agreement and need but rather a sign of curiosity.

She found herself restless and excited as soon as she clicked send. Butterflies where flying all over the place in her stomach and she could barely sit still. After a few minutes and only when she had refreshed her email many times she saw the email she was looking for. She quickly clicked on it to read the content.

“Now that we understand each other, I want to purpose an opportunity for you to prove yourself. It is up to you to do it or not but I must tell you if you don’t, I understand and will not contact you with further assignments.
It is 12:00 am right now, I would like you to put on a sexy dress and go to “The Zone” night club. Sit at the bar and ask for a Vodka tonic. Be there by 1:00.”

And that was it. No further details about if she was going to meet anyone there. It was a Monday night and she knew there wouldn’t be anyone in that club. After searching for the club’s address she realized it was a gay club and it was quiet far from where she lived. She didn’t trust to go to a night club without anyone at this time but she knew if she would refuse to go she would not be contacted back again and she was enjoying whatever this was so far. She looked at the time and it was fifteen minutes past midnight. Without any further over thinking she got up and she quickly started to put on her makeup; She let her hair down and put on a sexy black dress with mash cut outs that horizontally showed off her upper chest, her abs and right under her butt. She wanted to look sexy but nothing too revealing. She was still checking herself out in the mirror when she made eye contact with herself. It was as if her consciousness was alarming her. She was going out just based on orders from an email sent by who knows, a friend, admirer, rapist or killer? She found herself afraid but another part of her wanted to take the risk and go out. She had never done anything like this and that make it ever more exciting. She decided to text her friend Melanie and just let her know where she was going. She paired her dress with her black heels and quickly got to her car
It was 12:45 and she knew she was going to be late. It wasn’t hard to find the place. It was 1:10 when she parked near the entrance. By the amount of cars in the parking lot of the club it didn’t look like a busy night though it was busier than she thought.

The club looked big with two floors and lots of trees surrounding it, the words “The Zone” were on top of the door lit up with red neon lights. The door man was a huge black guy in a black t-shirt and tight bright neon blue pants. He gave her a friendly smile and led her in. The sound of the club was approaching her as she made her way through the long dirty hallways lit with bright red lights all the way to the bar and dance floor. Once she was at the bar she could see a few men dancing seductively to the fast beat music she had never heard and a few others were drinking and watching the dancers.
She sat at the bar and got the bartenders attention who also was watching the dancers as if he knew them. He walked up to her and asked what she wanted to drink in a feminine flamboyant voice. She asked for a Vodka tonic trying to overpower the loud music. She was nervous and kept looking around. The voice of the bartender saying “Six dollars!” almost made her jump. She reached into her purse and took out her card and passed it to the bartender. After letting the bartender know she didn’t want her tab open she reached to take a sip of her drink when she noticed a little envelope that was left under her cup like a coaster. She wanted to grab and open it but decided to wait till the waiter gave her back her card. She signed her receipt she reached and grabbed the envelope from under her glass; it was a little wet but still sealed. She opened her envelope. It was a small note that said “Go to the restroom, last door.”

She quickly put it in her purse as if she didn’t want the bartender to see her read it and took another sip of her drink. She wanted to ask the bartender where the restrooms were but she was too shy. She had a feeling he knew, but how could he? Still she didn’t want to be in the awkward moment of him looking at her with smirk as if saying “I know why you’re here.”

She tried to act casually and drank a little more of her vodka tonic as she watched the gay men dance and laugh obnoxiously. Gay men always knew how to have fun, she envied them for that. They never cared what others thought. So why did she? That quick realization gave her the courage to get up and walk towards the light that said “Restrooms.” She pushed the restroom door open, the red light of the club continued into the restroom. It was a big restroom with dirty tile floor and walls, it was still dark and it seemed like there was no one there. She could hear the clicking of her heels as she walked to the last door passing dirty urinals. She nervously closed the door shot behind her. She didn’t like that it was so dirty in there, she grabbed a few toilet papers and closed the toilet seat and laid the toilet papers on it before she sat down. She noticed all the writings on the walls; they were mostly phone numbers of the guys who wanted to hook up. Some just said things like “I want your cock.” Or “I have a tight ass.” To the right of the toilet paper roll, maybe a little higher there was a hole in the wall, she inspected it, and it seemed the hole was covered with a black curtain from the other side.

She knew what it was and had heard about it but had never actually seen a gloryhole before. She looked around her to see if there were any notes left for her telling her what she had to do next. She heard a soft noise as she was looking under the seat and it made her look up to see the curtain had been removed; there was a movement behind the hole but nothing she could recognize. After a few seconds had passed she saw a rather large penis make its way through the hole. She was shocked, the penis was softly hanging from the hole, and it wasn't erect but thick and big. She didn’t know what to do. She thought the person behind the wall might have mistaken her for a gay guy. She caught herself starring at the large penis hanging from the hole. This was what she had signed up for when she replied to the email she thought to herself. Slowly she reached and touched the top of his head and instantly the penis reacted by twitching. She was treating it as if it was an untamed animal, she retreated and then reached again and this time slowly and softly reached her fingers around it and grabbed it. It was warm and was growing in her hand. That put a smile on her face.

She had never seen a penis that big. She moved her hand along the shaft of his manhood as it grew harder and larger. She knew she had to put it in her mouth and she wanted to. The sight of a beautiful and large manhood had made her salivate. She slowly got up and squatted in front of the hole. The penis had gotten hard and no longer just hung from the hole but was pointing right at her direction. She still was jerking the penis, she noticed she couldn’t entirely reach around the thickness of it, and it was after she grabbed it with both hands that she realized it was much longer than she thought. She could feel the pulse in it. Before she opened her mouth she licked her lips wet and slowly moved her head forward to try her first taste of the large cock. Slowly she pushed her lips passed its head and took it out again. The penis was twitching in excitement. She could almost hear the breathing of the person behind the wall. It sounded deep and almost like growling.

She wanted to please him. To give him the best blowjob he had ever had and the best blowjob she had ever given. She liked giving blowjobs. The idea of a man putting his penis in a woman’s mouth had always turned her on. The physical feeling of the penis in her mouth passing through her lips and touching her tongue, and the psychological feeling of being dominated to please someone, both had always helped her reach the orgasms she loved so much.

She concentrated and tried to focus on the cock in front of her. She pushed her head forward and took as much as she could and she didn’t take half of it in. She was salivating and didn’t want to swallow any of her saliva; she needed all the help she could get. She wanted to give him a sloppy blowjob, like the ones she had seen in some of the porn movies on the internet. She started to suck him hard and fast, grabbing the base of his shaft she took it out of her mouth and looked at the wet shiny hard cock in her hand as a challenge she had to over come. She knew it was not going to be easy. She no longer cared about the dirty floors and got on her knees and started to suck the big head. She then started to take more, and more, furiously sucking and pleasuring the cock. She tried again to swallow the immense manhood completely but it was another failed attempt. She went back to deep throating it before trying again, this time ignoring her gag reflexes. She felt a little twitch as the enormous cock passed her tonsils. Her throat starting to react and try to swallow it thinking it was just a piece of meat. She paused and slowly pushed forward until she could feel his balls pushing through the whole on her lips. He sounded and in fact was in the state of ecstasy. She could feel his pulse in her throat. She opened her eyes as tears were running down her cheeks. She relaxed and slowly moved back, using her legs instead of her neck, gasping for air before she pushed forward again. She wanted him to stay there, to feel how tight her throat was. Her saliva was running down her chin. She managed to synchronize her breathing with her back and forth movement and held her hills with her hands for support and started to fully take his penis over and over and over again. The outline of his manhood was visible from over her throat skin as she took him in and out.

She kept going back and forth, and sometimes she would take him all the way out till his head was on her lips and take him straight back to her throat. She did not want to go back to just sucking him. She wanted to keep him in her throat forever. She suddenly felt a jump in her throat and a warm liquid running down to her stomach. She tried her best to swallow but she needed to breath. As she pulled out saliva covered cock out of her mouth it was still squirting her prize. She was gasping for air as cum was landing in her mouth and over her face.

She couldn’t touch herself but she knew she was completely wet. Edward was right. She was introduced to a whole new world where nothing was impossible. A world where a beautiful innocent Barnes and nobles girl would be on a dirty bathroom floor sucking an anonymous cock through a hole in the wall. She was happy. She was happy she had replied to the email and she was happy she had decided to take the risk and come here.

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