A Conversation Begins

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This is my first published story. Let me know any feedback you feel like!
I've deliberately removed quotation marks at times when I feel that reality and the character's imagination is colliding. I trust you to be smart and creative enough to come up with your own interpretation of which is which as you read it! Enjoy!

A Conversation Begins

A conversation, just like any other, starts with the ‘hellos’ and ‘hows are you?’. I’ve a lot on my mind and a lot I want to say to you, yet one look at your picture and a thought to time past and my gaze is transfixed. One look at your lips and they’re all I can think about.

My mind strays far too quickly to your lips closing around a biscuit, home-made; nibbles and nips and the biscuit disappears, followed by fingertips, into your soft lips. This thought only ignites a fire in my imagination. Your lips and tongue have long since stolen the last biscuit crumbs from your fingertips, yet still they dance, ever slower, ever more sensual, captivating me in their repetitive motions. I could watch you like this for hours by distance, in my imagination or down the cable, but heaven forbid you put me in this position in the flesh. You would need a dozen handcuffs to keep me from closing the distance between our lips.

In my imagination time passes unchecked, I feel like this is all something special, just for me, until I look up to see your eyes. You’re watching me! You’re doing this deliberately, taunting and teasing me, knowing I can’t chase you up, not just because this is at a distance – it’s all in my mind as well. How frustrating! Still, two can play at this game!

I struggle to maintain a semblance of concentration on what you are actually saying to me as my imagination takes the words and runs far, far away. Mmm, no, I’m not exactly busy, per se. Of course! I’ve been waiting to talk to you all day!

My mind strays again to your tongue lapping at your fingers, our gazes locked. In a show of feigned innocence, you look away for a moment and then back staring into my eyes. You look away and back for a second time, a smile forming on your lips and in your eyes as you raise one eyebrow just marginally. As you break our gaze for a third time I realise you are not looking away but looking towards – not demure but devilish. I follow your gaze, pass one finger tracing the outline of your lips and I follow the line of your other arm. It is only now that I notice it, fingers buried under your belt to the final knuckles.

I know from past experience that with your hand in that position, your middle finger just barely reaches through your neatly trimmed hair to only the very tip of your slit. Looking back into your eyes I follow your gaze down again – this time not down your body but my own. I realise as if for the first time, as if of its own accord, that my hand has found its way beneath my own belt, mirroring your position with my own.

With a wicked smile, your legs part fractionally further and I watch as your hand disappears into your waist-band up to the wrist. Your fingers leave your mouth and travel down your neck. Oh, you seem to have only your bra on your top-half (love the imagination). Your fingers trail down your soft, exposed skin, run the length of your collarbone to your petite clavicles before trailing south. Flattening your hand, it too starts to disappear beneath clothing. As first your little finger, then all fingers in sequence, brush lightly across your electrified nipple, your head arches back momentarily.

My hands are defiant, teasing the skin and hair on my lower abdomen. I can feel myself straining into my pants – I’m forced to quickly adjust myself, surreptitiously I hope, so you don’t notice. I’m sprung! A tiny laugh escapes your lips at seeing the effect you are having on me, but you don’t break the mood. You’re just in the process of bringing your lower hand up to your mouth to replace the other. You deliberately catch my eye as your tongue worms out of your mouth and you tentatively run a fingertip down the middle of your tongue. You know full well what an effect this has on me, as many past experiences have reaffirmed, and in my imagination is no escape!

Hm? Oh, no, sorry, was just thinking about something from the other day. Hmmm, noooothing (sprung twice!). Oh, well, you know, I’m just imagining you licking the tips of your fingers after the other night. Yes, you know me too well, that’s exactly what’s on them. What else are you doing in my imagination? Oh, you know… stuff. Yes, this is having an effect on me.

I recount to you where my imagination has taken me and what an effect it is having on me. By the end, I’m incapable of keeping hands from venturing further into my trousers, the button and belt finding themselves miraculously parting of their own accord. From the sounds of it, so are you. As if it is a secret, one only we share, your breath drops to a whisper as you tell me how wet this has made you. Again, you know just how much that does for me, I can’t stop my hands as one joins the other. One hand cradles my balls and keeps firm pressure on them as my other hand teases my cock-head. My breathing becomes irregular and I have to force myself to stop, if only for a moment, to tell you just how hard I have become, from your confirmation of my imaginings.

I bring my top hand to my lips, teasing myself with my finger in my mouth. I taste the pre-cum, a little sweet and a little salty. Again I have to stop myself so I can coherently tell you about it. You do the same; hearing innocent little you talking to me like that, telling me something so private, so intimate, I can tell I won’t last much longer.

Mm? What will I do about it? Well I’m certainly not about to stop now, am I? I want you to get close as well. Yes, I do. Mmm, I love the way you moan like that. I know how hard you are trying to hold back! Well I suppose, with no one here to help me clean up, I’ll have to make a bit of a mess and then have a shower after we’ve finished, won’t I? How close are you? Mmm, reeeally? Well the next time you moan like that, like you’ve lost control and can’t regain it, I hope it’s the main event because I know I won’t be able to hold myself back anymore!

In my mind, I can see your fingers working away, I can hear how wet you have become, I can smell how right you smell, I can feel our slick sweaty bodies pressed together. I try, with barest success, to control my breathing, buying time and enjoying every last second of it. My body is full, ready to explode, knowing you moan from doing the exact same thing, at the exact same time, I can’t control myself any longer.

Cum for me, please – I can’t hold back any longer.
Sure enough, pleasant sighs and groans and gasps waft my way, from within and without.

I laze back, slick from a nasty little combination of my own sweat, saliva and cum, cupping the largest bits to my skin, lacking the mental faculties for anything more.

Mmhmmm, yes it was, and you? Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh.
OK, give me a moment. I’ll be back in a few, just off to clean up a little.

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