Husband's assistant 3

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This is the sequel to “Husband's assistant” and “Husband's assistant 2”. I suggest that you read those first.

My husband, Andrew, left on his next business trip early on Monday morning. I went to work as usual and came home as usual. What I did next was not usual, although I hoped that soon it would be the new usual; I stripped naked, had a quick shower, then, still naked, grabbed a nice bottle of wine from Andrew's cellar and headed to Sarah and Ken's place, taking advantage of the new hole in the fence between our back yards so that I did not risk being seen entering their place naked.

We had a fun time discussing how we should fuck; it was a first MFF threesome for all of us. Then we went to bed early and tried out all the positions that we had discussed.

Tuesday evening was much the same except that I was with Wendy and Les.

On Wednesday Andrew phoned me at work and asked if I could take Friday off. I checked with my supervisor and got her permission then phoned Andrew back.

“Hey! I've got Friday off. What's going on?”

“I don't know for sure, but I'm hoping that Bill, my new potential client, will take to my slutty assistant just like Fred did. Are you up for it?”

“Yes. Of course. If that is what you want. How do I get there?”

“As soon as you get off work tomorrow go to the Qantas domestic terminal at the airport. Go into the Qantas lounge and show your driver's licence. I'll book you a first class seat; they'll give you a boarding pass. Don't eat a meal on the plane because I'll meet you here at the airport and take you straight to dinner with Bill. You'll take off at 6:30pm and because New South Wales is on summer time and Queensland is not, you'll arrive here at 6:45pm local time. We can be in the restaurant with Bill by 7:00pm”

“OK. I'll see you then.”

“Make sure that you are dressed in your slut gear when you get off the plane.”

“Of course. I understand.”

That night I invited both couples for dinner. Over dinner I told them that I would be away from the next day until, possibly, Monday evening.

“Why? Where are you going? What are you doing?”

“Well. Andrew wants me to seduce another potential client for him. I have to dress up in my sluttiest gear and fly to the Gold Coast. Andrew will meet the plane and take me to dinner with his client. I wont be wearing my rings and he'll introduce me as his assistant. Chances are that my appearance and my willing acceptance of any advances that he makes will be all that it takes.”

“You're really going to let him fuck you?”, Sarah seemed excited.

“Not just let him. I'll do anything that I can to encourage him, but I don't want to come on too strong in case I scare him off.”

“Fuck. I'd love to be you. It would be so exciting.”, Sarah really was excited.

“Maybe some time Andrew will have two men who he wants entertained. Would you be up for helping me out?”

“Oh my god! I'd love to, but ”

“You can say it, Sarah, you're afraid that I would be jealous. I'm afraid that I would be jealous too. Horribly jealous”

“Yet, Ken, you're OK when Andrew or Les is fucking my arsehole while you're fucking my cunt. What's the difference?”

“The difference is that I'm fully involved. I wouldn't even be in the same room if you and Vera were fucking men for Andrew.”

“OK. Let's not get into an argument about something that's not likely to happen anyway.” I wanted to calm Ken down. Things were good between us so far. I wanted to keep it that way.

“I want to see what you'll be wearing.”, Sarah asked.

“Me too.”, from Wendy.

So we all went to our spare bedroom where I kept my stash of slut gear. Until very recently this had been my secret stash, but no longer. When they saw the things that I used to wear into bars, trawling for men, Sarah and Wendy wanted to try them on.

Sarah first tried on a see-through dress with thong panties underneath, and she was able to put on a pair of my very high heels. Not only was the dress see-through but it was sleeveless with extra large armholes, so that not only could you see her naked breasts through the material, but the swell of her breasts were visible from either side through the armholes.

Judging by their erect cocks Les and Ken loved how Sarah looked partly dressed like that even more than when she was totally naked. They both went to her and started groping her.

Not to be outdone, Wendy tried on one of my favourites, a red halter-neck dress which leaves my arms, shoulders and most of my back bare. In the front the neckline dips all the way down to my navel, allowing a generous look at my cleavage. The skirt finishes inches below my cunt, leaving most of my bare legs on display. In windy weather the skirt tends to blow up around my waist. Since I never wear panties under that dress anyone watching gets a view of my clean-shaven vulva.

Wendy could not fit into my shoes, but even barefoot she looked very sexy. I flipped the skirt up to show her what the wind does to me.

“Vera,”, she said, “you've got to wear this dress for Andrew and his client. Try it on for me, please.”

She took it off and I slipped into it. I chose red, very-high heels to match the dress.

Hey! You two guys,”, Wendy asked, “look at Vera. Do you think Andrew's client will want to fuck her, dressed like that?”

“If he doesn't want to fuck her he must be gay. I know that I want to fuck her right now, in front of you all.”, Les said.

“Well. Don't just stand there talking about it. Go ahead and fuck her.”, his wife, Wendy, urged him.

I quickly took the dress off and set it safely aside. “I don't want cum stains on it.”, I explained.

Les looked surprised that Wendy wanted him to fuck me.

“It's OK, Les. Since we started partying with these people our sex life has picked up so much that it's now really exciting. You go ahead and fuck her now, but you'd better be ready to fuck my brains out after we go home.”

“My god!”, I thought, “Wendy's changed in just a few days.”

The grin on Les's face suggested that he liked what Wendy was asking of him. I led him to the bed, pulled the top bedclothes off, then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him towards me. I started to suck his cock, but he quickly pulled away.

“No, Vera, I'm too near to cumming. If you suck me I'll cum in your mouth and I really want to cum in your cunt.”

I lay back on the bed, spread my legs which were hanging over the edge of the bed and held out my arms, inviting him to me. The next thing that I knew was that he was deep inside my cunt and pistoning in and out. I was euphoric and was cumming within seconds. Apparently Les was as aroused as I was because I felt him pumping his load of cum into me as I came down from my orgasm.

The rest of the evening was a blur for me. I think that Les fucked Sarah (Ken's wife) and Ken fucked Wendy (Les's wife). When they left to go home I had the impression that there was going to be a lot more fucking at home.

I slept well that night and woke early. I packed a small suitcase with my red halter-neck dress and matching red high-heeled shoes and a few toiletries, and headed off to work. I was in the Qantas lounge at the airport by 5:30pm. I went into the toilets and changed into my red dress and high heels– no bra, no panties, bare legs. I was ready for Bill. I just hoped that he would want me.

Andrew met me at the airport, had a good look at me, then smiled, which I took as approval of my choice of outfit. When we stepped outside the terminal a gust of wind whipped my skirt up, exposing my cunt. Andrew smiled again.

Bill turned out to be a good looking man, a few years younger than Andrew and me. I liked the look that he gave me as Andrew was introducing me as his assistant. I saw him glance at my left hand and was glad that I had remembered to remove my rings in the Qantas club. I had even smeared some tan skin colouring over the white bands where my rings normally protected my skin from the sun.

I liked the way that Bill kept looking at me and I smiled at him whenever I could catch his eye, although he seemed more interested in looking at my body than looking me in the eye. Nothing more happened over dinner, but after dinner Bill suggested a walk along the seafront and Andrew quickly agreed.

There was a cool breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean and, seeking warmth, I pulled Andrew and Bill against me, one on each side, with my arms around their waists. Bill responded by wrapping his arm around my bare lower back. I gave him a little extra squeeze to say that I liked what he was doing.

“Vera, you're cold.”, Bill said, “I think that we should all go back to my room. I have a bottle of scotch there and I think a glass of that would get the blood coursing through your veins again.”

“I'd like that Bill. How about you Andrew?”

“Yes. Let's go back.”

While Bill was pouring drinks for us all, Andrew tugged at the little velcro tag at the back of my neck allowing my dress to fall down my body and puddle around my feet. I stepped out of it.

“You'll have to excuse my boss, Bill. He likes to see me naked whenever he can. I hope that you don't mind.?”

Passing me a glass of scotch, Bill looked at me and smiled. “Hell! Why would I mind? I can see why Andrew likes looking at your naked body. I like that too. I knew that you were not wearing a bra, but I'm surprised that you're not wearing panties either. How come?”

“I go without panties whenever I'm with Andrew. He likes to run his hand up under my skirt and feel my cunt. I think that it gives him an extra little thrill because there is nothing to block his access. It gives me a thrill, too, knowing that he will be feeling me up and that I'm ready for him.”

“And does he fuck you?”

“Yes. Of course. You can fuck me too, if you want to.”

The wide smile on his face told me that I had not shocked him, or if I had that he was coping with the shock. I moved to him and put my arms around him and smiled giving him a message that I was available. He put his hands on my bum cheeks, pulled my body against his and kissed me enthusiastically.

“Since I first set eyes on you tonight I've been wondering if there was any chance that I could bury my cock in your cunt. You have a very sexy air about you and that red dress really shows off your magnificent body. Well it did until Andrew took it off. Now you just look magnificent.”

“Vera has a sexy air about her,”, Andrew explained, “because she's really into sex in a big way. I hope that you wont mind sharing her with me for your first fuck. Vera really enjoys having two cocks in her at the same time.”

I shivered with excitement as I remembered how Andrew fucked me in the arsehole while Fred was fucking me in my cunt, my first ever DP involving Andrew, although not my first DP ever. In fact that was the first time that Andrew had fucked my arsehole, although certainly not the last.

“What do you mean by 'for your first fuck'?”

“Well, I think that, if you asked her nicely, Vera would possibly stay the night with you, and you might not get a lot of sleep. It's up to you and Vera, of course. I've got to go back to my room to catch up on some paper work. I'll put a contract in front of you, to sign, tomorrow at breakfast. OK?”

I took control. “Come on you guys. You say that you want to fuck me and then you keep talking about contracts. Bill lie on the bed and steer your cock into my cunt. Andrew, fuck my arse.”

For the next … who knows how long I was sandwiched between my husband in my arse and his potential client in my cunt as they both pushed in and out of my holes. I was in seventh heaven.

Eventually I felt Bill's cock pulsing as he pumped his cum into my cunt. Andrew must have felt Bill's cock pulsing as they were only separated by the thin membrane which separates my cunt from my arsehole, because Andrew was next, spewing his cum inside me. My own orgasm, which hit me as I felt Andrew pumping his cum into me, was truly magnificent.

“My God! Vera! That was wonderful! Andrew, I'll sign your contract on one extra condition.”

“Oh? What's your condition, Bill?”

“You'll have to agree to lend Vera to me for one weekend in every month. I'll fly her up here, first class, and I'll fuck her brains out. Between fucks I'll show her off in her sexy clothes and I'll show her around the Gold Coast – beeches, theme parks, hinterland, everything. What do you say?”

“Well, it's really up to Vera. How do you like Bill's offer, Vera?”

“That sounds pretty exciting. There's just one thing”

“What's that Vera?”, Bill asked.

“Well, if you want to show me off in sexy clothes, I'll need an allowance to buy new, sexy clothes for you. You don't want me wearing the same old outfit each time I visit, do you?”

“Hell no! Each visit, before you leave to go home, I'll give you $1000 to spend on your wardrobe for your next visit. There's just one condition – you're not to spend any of it on underclothes of any sort. I like the way that you arrived here tonight – no bra, no panties. OK?”

“Of course. I would not feel sexy for you if I wore either.”

Andrew dressed and he gave me a wink as he left us to go back to his room.

I was delighted to discover that Bill was a very gentle, considerate lover; he seemed as keen to give me pleasure as to receive pleasure from me. He first had us in a 69; he had me cumming in no time with his lips around my clit and his tongue stroking it. Minutes later he was pumping his second load of the night, this time down my throat. I moved around to hold him against my naked body and kiss him.

“If that is anything to go by, I'm going to enjoy my weekends with you.”, I told him.

“I hope and trust that we'll both enjoy them as much as we enjoyed that.”, he replied.

I fell asleep in his arms, but woke up early next morning. Bill was still asleep so I decided to wake him by sucking his dick. Bill's dick was soon erect and close to cumming, but Bill held my head and lifted me off his dick.

“Vera. I've already cum in your cunt and in your mouth. This time I want to cum in your arse. Andrew fucked your arse last night, so I know that you are OK with anal. How about it?”

“As Andrew told you last night, I'm very much into sex, and that includes anal.”

Then I rolled away from him on my side and scooted back so that my bum was pressed against his upper thigh. He turned so that we were spooned together, then placed his dick head at my anus. A gentle push and his head was inside my sphincter.

I felt no pain as he pushed further into me, probably because, recently, Andrew had been fucking my arse more often than my cunt. I reached behind me and pulled his bum towards me, encouraging him to go in deeper.

Soon he was plunging in and out of my rear entry vigorously. He reached around my hip and diddled my clit as he fucked my arse. Suddenly we were both in the throes of massive orgasms. We lay together as we were, his dick still inside my arse until eventually he softened and slipped out of me, followed by a dribble of cum.

“Come and have a shower with me.”, I invited Bill as I climbed out of bed.

In the shower, my attention to getting his cock clean, and his obsession with getting my cunt and my boobs clean, led inevitably to his fucking me one more time by holding me off the ground, pressed against the wall of the shower stall as he pumped up into my cunt.

Eventually we were dressed and ready for breakfast with Andrew in the hotel restaurant. When we got there Andrew had eaten his breakfast and was drinking a second cup of coffee while he waited for us.

“You two look pretty happy. Did you have a good night?”

“Excellent.”, Bill answered.

“Great.”, was my reply.

“I'm so glad.” Andrew went on, “At the risk of being boring, Bill, I've got the contract here for you to sign. I have not documented your extra condition, but judging by the happy look on Vera's face this morning there will be no difficulty in complying with that condition. I hope that you will take Vera's and my word for that?”

“Yes. Of course. Lend me your pen, Andrew. Where do I sign?”

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To be continued in “Husband's assistant 4”

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