South Dakota Sioux Indian

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South Dakota Sioux Indian

I fell in love with Rapid City, South Dakota while I was visiting Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and Wild Bill Hickok’s grave in Deadwood. I had won enough money to finance that trip on a hand of poker with aces and eights, like Wild Bill had when he was shot in the back of the head.

While I was in the area I decided that I could run my Internet business just as easily from there as I could from my hometown, so I moved.

As a sideline I went looking for someone who made Black Hills Gold jewelry that I could buy cheap and sell high. Well apparently that had been done to death because I couldn’t find any available source.

Then one day a few months later I was hiking in the Badlands National Park area just to enjoy the fresh spring weather, the grass and trees turning green, and the beautiful blue sky. While I was daydreaming I heard a voice calling. I turned to see a person coming toward me. As the figure got closer I realized that it was a woman, a young woman, and that she was quite attractive.

She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was looking for interesting rock formations to photograph. She offered to show me a few places that the normal person would not see. She was just too pretty to resist. So we walked and climbed for the rest of the day before she led me back to my car.

Christine was a Sioux Indian and part of the Lakota tribe to be exact. She lived on the reservation with her parents and invited me to dinner. I followed her to her home and met her parents.

Christine excused herself to clean up and change for dinner. As she walked away I couldn’t help but think of her leading me around the countryside in those skin tight blue jeans and that button shirt that fit her figure quite well.

When she returned I hardly recognized her. She looked more like a beauty queen or a fashion model instead of my tour guide that day. She had taken a shower, braided her hair like an Indian Princess, and had put on a rather short native costume. Her bare legs were long and thin, her arms were bare, and her makeup was perfect. Her mother smiled when Christine entered the room. When she saw me staring at her, Christine gave a slow turn to show off her costume. Her dress was so short in the back that from my sitting position I could see her panties. I assumed that they were supposed to be seen because they were made of the same material as her dress. However, her beautiful butt cheeks hung out of the bottom of her panties. They were very nice butt cheeks too.

Christine said, “If you like, I could pose in this later for some sunset pictures up on the bluff.”

I replied, “I’d like that.”

We enjoyed a nice simply dinner that her mother fixed for the three of us. Then Christine suggested that we get going. The bluff that she was talking about was a good hour walk from her home.

When we got out of sight of her mother Christine took my hand in hers. Then she started telling me about her life. Her mother had started that conversation during diner but Christine had cut her off. She told me about her father dying young and her growing up without a father. She told me about the problems between the Indians and the town people and that she was often treated worse than the blacks or Hispanics were. The funny thing was that her people were there long before the whites were.

We got to the bluff and it was everything that Christine had said it was. I started taking pictures of her standing and sitting in various positions. Then Christine started to untie her dress loosening it enough to slip her arms out of it. As she revealed her breasts to me I was in awe. She was even more beautiful, if that was possible. The dress slowly made its way down to her ankles where she stepped out of it. Standing in just those matching panties she looked incredible. I took more pictures as she smiled and posed for me. The panties joined the dress on the ground, as she became completely nude.

I was twice her age at thirty-four, with her being seventeen years old. She was about to graduate from high school too. I couldn’t help the feelings that I was having for her. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her, I ran my hands up and down her bare back resting them on her firm butt, and then pulling her pelvis tightly into me. I felt her shiver from being naked, the cool air, and the stimulation that she was feeling.

Christine broke our kiss and said, “Make love to me right here on the bluff as the sun sets.”

That was a request that I could fulfill. I shed my clothes and went to the edge of the bluff with her. The sun was still a little way up into the sky, so I decided to make love to her like I had never made love before. It was going to be all about her. I looked at her. I really looked at her. Christine had a flawless body. Her body was not at its peek yet but it was still fabulous for a teenager. She was tall for a girl at about five feet eight inches and she was all leg. Her breasts were probably a B-cup and looked perfect on her. Her teeth were even and white making her smile glow in the setting sun. Her pubic hair was trimmed short but otherwise it was fully covered with a very nice dark patch. Her braids were hanging on the outside of her breasts and down to her tiny waist. Her tummy was flat and her lower ribs were quite pronounced. Her feet looked great with their slim long look and her long toes, which were painted bright red to match her fingers. She looked tanned even though I didn’t think she was. Her areolas were slightly darker than her skin tone. Her belly button was an ‘innie’ and looked cute with the piercing. It resembled a bird of some sort then it dawned on me that it might be her spirit guide or something Indian. When Christine turned to look at the sun setting in the sky I admired her from behind too. Her torso resembled a well-shaped triangle from her crotch to her shoulders. Her ass was just a perfect bubble shape. Her legs had a slight gap between them under her pussy. Then she bent over to pick something up. I didn’t look at what it was because I was so engrossed with her asshole, it too was absolutely perfect to look at. I felt a twitch in my cock.

Christine stood back up and turned to show me an arrowhead or at least what she called an arrowhead. It was a flat rock that sort of had the right shape to it. Then she explained to me that her people used to shape the arrowheads and then tie them to the end of a split shaft with rawhide. I watched as she carefully placed it on top of her panties and rolled them up with it in them.

Again Christine came into my arms, my cock fit nicely in the space below her pussy as I kissed her, and then I laid her down on the flat rocks near the edge of the bluff. Christine took the full contact but never said a thing about it as I knelt next to her wondering how long I could stand the hard rock surface on my soft knees. I leaned across her body, kissing her and massaging her breasts. I kissed her nipples before I sucked on them. Then I reached for her pussy, she opened her legs for me, and I inserted a finger. I probed her hole getting my finger as wet as possible before I went after her clit. She loved the feeling and encouraged me to go faster and harder. After her first two orgasms I went down further and kissed her pussy, slipping my tongue into that wet hole and getting my very first taste of her. She was delicious and I could see myself wanting to eat her every day for the rest of my life. She experienced her third orgasm.

I noticed the sun getting ready to set and slipped my eager cock into her eager hole. She cooed softly at first and then she built up as I increased my intensity. Both of our heads were turned toward the setting sun as we got closer and closer to our ultimate goal. It started sinking fast. All of a sudden I could feel my climax approaching, Christine was getting wild under me, and the sun was practically gone. I was able to hold out until the top edge of the sun touched the horizon and Christine joined me in her own orgasm. Together we pumped and thrust into one another for almost a whole minute afterwards. The sky was a beautiful orange color as we kissed and cuddled in the afterglow of sex.

When the sun set, the air got cool but the rocks still held the heat of the day. Eventually we gathered up our clothes and started walking naked back toward her house. It was exciting to walk in the open like that hand in hand carrying our clothes even if it was getting too dark to see. Just outside her house Christine put on her dress but not her panties with the arrowhead wrapped in them. I got dressed as best I could and then we went inside.

Christine’s mother just smiled a little at her daughter. Christine made some sign with her hands and her mother burst into a full smile and ran to her daughter congratulating her.

Christine’s mother then welcomed me to her family.

I, of course, was puzzled.

Christine then said, “When an Indian Maiden looses her virginity to a warrior on the bluff at sunset it is said that they are married. The Chief can then sanction the union, if both parties are in agreement. This is a once in a lifetime offer for the Maiden and my offer to you.”

I could not believe what I had just heard and needed to clarify it, “Do you mean that you proposed to me and I accepted it?”

Christine said, “Only if you want to accept the ways of my people.”

I kissed her and said, “Yes, I accept.”

My new mother-in-law let us sleep in her bed that night because it was bigger. Then first thing after breakfast we all went to see the Chief. Christine explained what had happened up on the bluff and he smiled. He then asked me if I was pleased with the marriage. I said, “Yes.” Then he filled out a tribal form proclaiming us married. Apparently it had been a few years since anyone had gone through the Bluff Ceremony. After all it is hard for a girl to remain a true virgin until her wedding night.

The End
South Dakota Sioux Indian

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