A home invastion

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A home invasion

A villa halfway up a mountain, a beautiful view of the ocean, surrounded by trees. It’s white walls shimmering in the twilight, as high above some seagulls soared through the sky. Two people who have never met before are about to meet for the very first time.

Within the villa there’s Camilla. Although the people in her inner circle call her Cami. She ate a banana that she grabbed from the fruit bowl while she tried to decide if she should cook something healthy or pop a frozen pizza in the oven.

A few yards away Jessie was watching her from behind a tree. He studied Camilla sitting cross legged on the couch while breaking off pieces of the banana with her neatly manicured fingers and putting the pieces in her mouth. Maybe she grew up in such a prude Christian community that eating a banana right from the peel would be considered too sexual. He didn’t know whether that was true or not, but he liked that idea. It made his cock twitch in his pants to think this was a young Christian prude. His hand slid into his bag and the smooth glass bottle fitted precisely into his palm.

Camilla wasn’t a Christian prude, she was a trophy wife. At least she’d rather think off herself as a trophy wife than as a sugar baby, some people called her a sugar baby simply because she was twenty years younger than her husband, yet others called her a gold digger and off course on a certain level they were all right. If he wasn’t rich she probably wouldn’t have married him at twenty three versus his fifty three, the comfortable life he offered was certainly part of the appeal. She finished her banana en threw the peel on the coffee table. For a moment she urged herself to get up and start dinner, but she leaned backwards in the leather couch and turned on the TV. Her husband was on business trip and wouldn’t be home for two more days, maybe she would just eat a bag of crisp instead of dinner.

Jessie knew her husband was gone on a business trip, a luxurious business trip to Hawaii all expenses paid, while at the same time they claimed the company was loosing money. In fact the company was in so much financial trouble they recently had to fire one third of their personal. They fired Jessie, while her husband got to fly to Hawaii, business class. Jessie had nothing left to loose. He snuck through the woods approaching the house, he tried a few windows until he found a sliding glass door that could be opened. He took the terry wash cloth and the bottle of chloroform from his bag and prepared a cloth, then he stepped into the house.

Camilla had opened the fridge, she was staring down the shelves, she picked up a bell pepper and put it back. There were plenty of vegetables for a nice healthy meal, but she was too lazy to cook.

A white wet cloth was pushed in her face. She tried to pull away, she tried to scream, but that only made her throat sore from the fumes, she coughed and felt lightheaded. She tried to turn around to see who was holding her in such a tight embrace, she squirmed and struggled. But the fumes were taking a hold of her mind quickly and soon she was so dizzy she didn’t really knew what was going on anymore.

Jessie felt her slump into his arms, only a soft mindless moan sounded. He hoisted her over her shoulder. She was more petite and dainty then he’d imagined she would be, she was way younger too. He carried her to the couch and put her limp body onto the white leather. He pushed up her tank top and cupped her breasts, a nice squishy dollop of flesh. Her boob felt completely different than any other boob he’d ever felt before, this boob felt like revenge. He dug his fingers even deeper into the flesh. If she was awake she’d probably screamed in pain, but now she was fast asleep and she didn’t make a sound.

He hoisted her limp body into a sitting position, he took her tank top off and fidgeted with the hook of the bra until it eventually snapped open, and lowered her body back on the couch again. Two hands running over her tummy, her ribcage, her boobs. Both his hand filled up with squishy flesh. He pulled on her nipple to make it stiff and then he took the nipple in her mouth.

Camilla’s head was tingling, her ears were ringing. It was as if she was locked in her own unconscious body, not aware enough to figure out what was going on, but also not asleep enough to loose all sense of self-awareness. She felt an itch on her boob and dazed the swatted her hand in that direction. Her arm didn’t respond the way it would normally respond, it was swaying through the air aimlessly and touched the hair of someone on top of her boob. Gelled hair.

She let out a moan and tried to push them away. She blinked her eyes and tried to figure out what was going on. A primal whining sound came from her throat.

‘Sssh’ Someone said. ‘It’s okay honey.’

Jessie toyed with the nipple. He swirled his tongue around the little nodule or he sucked the entire boob in his mouth. She was patting him on the head or trying to push him away. Soft squirming and moaning. He grabbed her wrist and pinned them down over her head, that way she couldn’t push him away again. He rubbed his face against her boob, his own saliva spreading across his cheeks.

‘What’s happening?’ She said with a groggy voice. ‘Get away from me.’ She was struggling and getting stronger. Jessie reached out for the chloroformed cloth.

‘No, no. Please don’t. Please just let me go.’ She started begging the moment she saw the white cloth shimmer in his hands.

‘You’re going to take a nap.’ Jessie said. ‘A nice long nap.’ It sounded weird, it didn’t come out his mouth the way he practiced it, somehow he sounded more caring and kind than he intended. ‘You bimbo.’ He added to come across more dominant and mean.

‘I’m not a bimbo.’ She said. ‘Please, just’ He didn’t hear what else she had to say, because he pressed the cloth against her face and her words were transformed into muffled moaning. She was shaking her head, she kicked her legs en pulled on his arms trying to get the cloth away from her face, but then her eyes glassed over and her struggling faded.

Her eyes fluttering rapidly before she was completely unconscious again.

Jessie now put his hand in between her legs, he rubbed her crotch over her jeans and then he unzipped her pants and pulled them off her body, she was wearing a pink lace thong that he yanked of her hips too.

Her pussy was completely shaved, the pussy lips felt velvety soft and for a moment he played with the pinkish nodule of her clit. He pressed the palm of his hand against her vulva and rubbed up and down, she wasn’t getting wet, so he spit on his own hand and spread his saliva across her pussy. Now his fingers moved smoothly through her slippery pussy lips and into her tight little hole.

He unbuckled his own pants and pulled his already stiff cock out of his underpants. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and started jerking off.

It felt nice to have a sense of control. His boss may have ruined his life, but he would ruin the boss’s wife, ruin his relationship, ruin his life. There was no better vengeance. There was a drop of pre-cum emerging from the tip and he brought his cock over to her chest to rub the pre-cum on her boobs. He wanted to rub his cock all over her, not only over her boobs, but also across her face, her cheek. He pried open her mouth and pushed his cock inside. He should take a picture and send that to everybody in the company.

Camilla was waking up again. She could hear her own blood coarsening through her veins, her heart beating, there was a nagging headache following the rhythm of her heart beat. She moaned and noticed there was something in her mouth. Something warm and fleshy. She tried to push it away, to turn her head, to use her hands and then suddenly it was gone, it was replace by a muggy cloth on top of her nose and mouth. Sharp fumes crawling into her noise, making her even more groggy. She vaguely registered a hand squeezing her boob, a hand rubbing her pussy.

She barely managed to open her eyes, her eyelids were fluttering and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head, a moment later she sank into a deep oblivion.

Jessie removed the cloth and rubbed his cock in her face once more, trying to squeeze it into her mouth, it wasn’t that satisfactory though. So he lifted her legs up to his shoulders and pushed his cock against the entrance of the pussy. He lingered in this moment for a while and then he thrust his cock forward. She was nice and tight and the insides of her vagina welcomed his cock in a mushy embrace. He started moving, slowly at first but picking up speed along the way.

Arousal was spreading through his body, but there was something else, something that felt even better, a feeling of victory. A feeling of power and control. His movement became rougher and rougher as he was getting more and more excited.

She felt like waking up from a sexy dream, except she wasn’t fully awake yet, she was still dreaming, or was she awake after all? It was hard to figure out what was going on, there was a cock penetrating her pussy, and her pussy seemed to quite like it. Yet her mind felt so groggy. She opened her eyes. A strangers face hanging above her, someone she’d never met before.

‘Who are you?’ She asked drowsy. ‘What is going on?’

She tried to push him away from her, but he was way stronger, or maybe he wasn’t that much stronger, maybe she just couldn’t control her limbs, her arms were swaying aimlessly, her muscles felt weak and unruly.

‘Do you need more chloroform?’ He asked.

Camilla shook her head. ‘No.’ She said. ‘No, please not.’

‘Then lay still.’ He said, while thrusting his cock even deeper into her pussy. She could hear him breathing, a grumbling deep within his throat. His muscles tense and beautiful as he tried to keep her in place. He was way younger than her husband, and while she never before had any complaints about her husband, this guy seemed to have a lot more stamina, more passion, more lust, more drive, he seemed to want to possess her completely.

‘No.’ She said. He was a stranger. A stranger that just walked into her home and drugged her. His cock was massaging her pussy and arousal was building up. ‘No, no, no.’ She said again. She struggled and tried to push him off of her. She kicked her knees, and twisted and turned, trying to roll off the couch.

He grabbed the white cloth, mumbled something about the cloth getting dry and he reached for a brown bottle. While he was busy pouring copious amounts of chloroform on the wash cloth, she managed to get away from him. She fell off the couch, but when she tried to stand up the world was spinning heavily and she was getting even dizzier than she’d already been. She grabbed her own head. Stumbling and struggling she moved forward, she bumped into a chair, and for a moment she was disoriented. She took a deep breath and tried to figure out where to go next.

There that chemical smell was again. She grabbed her face but there was no cloth covering her nose and mouth. She opened her eyes and saw the cloth floating in the air just inches away from her nose. She pushed it away, she turned around and started walking again. However the fresh fumes had made her extremely numb and dazed. She stumbled and fell on the ground, on hands and knees she crawled away until she bumped into a wall, she struggled to get up, there the fumes were again.

That cloth dangling in front of her face, getting closer and closer and then it was covering her nose and mouth. She had no choice but to inhale the fumes and quickly she felt her mind slipping away, she wasn’t aware of what was going on anymore, yet she wasn’t completely unconscious either. Her body was lifted and placed back on the couch again, and then she felt the cock push inside of her. Filling her up again. The cloth was somewhere close by, she could still smell it, but she didn’t know were it was. It wasn’t on her face.

He started trusting, fucking her again and the feeling of a cock inside of her made her horny. She didn’t know what was going on anymore. She was dangling on the edge of consciousness. She was a mindless sedated puppet, a sex doll maybe. The arousal kept on building and building, it was out of her control. Everything was out of her control. It just happened, she started orgasming, her arousal peeking, her pussy twitching and cramping up as if she was milking his cock. Who’s cock? She didn’t even know. She was too detached and disoriented to know. Just the cock and her pussy, just that orgasm spreading through her body, making her convulse, making her mind numb.

Jessie looked at her moaning and panting and he gently placed the cloth over her face again. She never really registered the cloth was there, she just willingly slipped into oblivion again.

Jessie had been close to orgasm for a while now, but seeing her eyes flutter and her head slumping to the side was enough to get him to blow. His body tensing up and then that orgasmic wave traveled through his pelvis, up his chest and down his legs. His whole body was filled with this orgasmic pleasure, it was deep, it wasn’t just sex, it was deeper than that, it was life. It was regaining control of his life, regaining autonomy. He existed. He was here and he couldn’t be fired just like that. He filled her pussy with his cum.


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