A Simpleton Becomes Business Women -23

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Woman around 27 years old. Married childless after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then she tried with her old boy friend and then with Mr Vijay Kumar to have a child but all her efforts were fruitless as ever. Then she went to Her sister who was blessed with a baby girl to assist her in raising her baby.

In her quest to have her own child she visits a ashram to take a special treatment. She was given Diksha and named Maya after Diksha.

In Part 22 you Read

Not much happened after that, except for Master-ji did give me a better fitting blouse tallying the measurements noted in the notebook and Maya wore that in front of these two males taking her present blouse off and giving them a clear view of her fair, smooth back and midriff, the only cover being her bra strap, and then she wore her sari, and before she left

Master-ji: Okay Madam, all's well that ends well. We are saved from the snakes. Thanks for your cooperation. But do let me know if you feel a problem with this new blouse. I will send a couple more through Uday.

Maya: Thanks Master-ji.

Master-ji: And Madam, when you get time from ashram in the afternoon, you can come down here and I can solve the problem with your panty also.


Now further

Maya nodded and came out of the room. She was quite exhausted and feeling pretty much ashamed too about what happened just now in this tailor's room.

Uday came back to the tailor's place in another 10 minutes and till such time she had to tolerate Ramlal's ogling at her youthful figure. Coming back to ashram first thing she did was to take a bath and the herbal waters seemed to work wonders for her .

Maya was so fresh again and felt like having another orgasm. Before that Nirmal came to take the pad, which she was wearing within her panty. He told that Guru-ji would replace a new one after each of her outdoor visit. She took rest in the afternoon after lunch and was time and again recapitulating what she did with Master-ji and Ramlal. Her ears turned red as she thought of Master-ji taking her blouse measurements, she doing a half-dance for Ramlal's masturbation, and finally Ramlal's rough touches on her lower part of the body. She could not sleep properly due to these horny thoughts.

At around 05:00 p.m. Meenakshi came to her room.

Meenakshi: Madam, are you too tired?

Maya: No, no. On the contrary I am quite

Maya stopped for a moment. Is she aware of what happened at the tailor's place? Uday seemed to be unaware when she came back with him, as he did not ask her anything. She was feeling very shy to ask Meenakshi directly though she was a woman.

Meenakshi: Then fine Madam. You can go to visit the fair, which is very popular here. Its some distance away though, but should not be a problem if you start now.

Maya: Which fair are you talking about?

Meenakshi: Madam, its an annual fair which takes place in a nearby village. And here we all will be busy, you might feel bore.

Maya thought that would not be a bad idea, as she had nothing much to do in the ashram right now. Guru-ji and others would also be busy, as devotees from outside would come for a 'darshan' now. Hence she readily agreed.

Meenakshi: Okay Madam, here is your new pad. Also please take the medicine. I will send Uday after 5 minutes when you are ready.

Meenakshi went off swaying her big bottoms. Surely this woman has very attractive hips Maya thought in her mind. She closed the door and went to the toilet. Each time changing this pad was irritating. Like all women, Maya also was not at all enjoying pulling down her panty frequently. She had the medication and went to the toilet to change her nightdress, which she was wearing, and had a face wash and got dressed in five minutes. Uday was again her companion.

Uday: Madam, the fair is a bit far off from here and it's not a walking distance.

Maya: How do you plan to go then?

Uday: Madam, we will take a bullock cart. It will be here any moment as I had informed him prior.

Maya: Okay. But how long will it take?

Maya had never been on a bullock cart, so was keen to ride it. The cart arrived and we got into that.

Uday: Madam, it will take some time and you can enjoy the village scene as we travel.

It was not a bad experience, though the cart was moving very slowly. The scene outside was also very nice and a cool breeze was making her feel very refreshing. She was thankful to Master-ji for this blouse and it fitted very well on her big boobs over her bra. So overall she was feeling very comfortable.

Uday was telling about the history of the fair and the village. But when even after half an hour they did not reach destination, Maya started feeling restless.

Maya: How much more time will it take Uday?

Uday: We have only covered half the distance Madam. Since the cart cannot go faster, it will take some time.

Initially it was okay, but now sitting like this with her knees folded made her feel a slight pain at her waist and knees. At the same time, as the road was very undulating, her boobs were jiggling too much within the tight clutches of her bra and every now and then she was doubting that her bra hook at her back will get opened. Maya pulled her sari pallu properly over her upper treasures as a precaution in front of a male. The place inside the cart was also not adequate and moreover Uday was also sitting close, so she could not shift much and remained in that posture.

At last they reached the fair and it took an hour to reach there. The whole of her waist and buttocks were paining. Maya noticed Uday also did some freehand stretching getting out of the cart. Her self being a woman was unable to do that what Uday was doing in the open. Maya was having ache in her knees, hips, and waist and thought that if she could go to the toilet first, it might be a safe place to stretch her self a bit, so that she feels more comfortable before entering the fair.

Maya: Uday, I want to go to the toilet first.

Uday: Okay Madam, but since this is a village fair, I doubt there will be a separate toilet. Let me ask someone.

Uday came back with a negative answer.

Uday: Madam, here there is no such 'toilet,' ladies generally go behind the shop for toilet purpose.

Maya was in a dilemma, as she cannot tell Uday now that she do not want to urinate, but wanted to stretch her self. He guided her to the back of a shop.

Uday: Madam, I will stand here, you go and do it there.

Maya was in a situation of complete amazement. How can this man ask her to urinate almost in an open space?

Maya: How can I do it here?

Maya was almost perplexed. She was not a man that can urinate like this? There was a bush at the back of the shop whose height will hardly cover her knees and though it was evening time visibility was very clear. Moreover, her added anxiety was it will not only be Uday who could see her clearly, but also there were some village people standing here and there who would concurrently get a free view of her urinating.

Uday: Madam, this is a village, do not feel shy.

Maya: What do you mean? Just because this is a village, you mean to say I should lift up her sari to her waist in this open space and should not feel shy?

Uday: Madam, madam, don't get annoyed please. In the village you will not get a protected toilet like the town. Please understand.

Maya: Uday, come on, there are so many people around. Simply I cannot sit here shamelessly. Sorry. Let us go to the fair.

Uday did not try any more to persuade Maya to urinate in that open space and she got rescued from another humiliating situation. The fair was held on a small area and it was quite crowded by rural people, but still there were some shops of ornaments, garments, etc. which interested her . It took almost an hour to cover the fair, as the crowd was heavy. Due to the crowd, she had to walk close to Uday and time and again her 'always erect' firm breasts were brushing against his elbow. Initially she tried to avoid that, but due to the moving crowd she did not mind it later.

After sometime, it created a problem for Maya . Now she could realize Uday was doing it purposefully and keeping his elbow in constant touch with her blouse-covered mangoes and since within bra, they appeared very firm and he was constantly elbowing them. Uday must have thought that she was deliberately walking close to him so that her well-formed boobs touch his elbow, but in reality it was due to the crowd that she had to walk like that. She was also enjoying a bit, but she realized with time that Uday was now overdoing it considering that they were in a public place.

Maya was walking on his right and Uday now was virtually circling his right elbow on her left boob constantly pressing it. The act was so deliberate as people coming from opposite direction could clearly see it. She was feeling very cumbersome, but could not tell Uday anything. Moreover, due to this constant rubbing, she was also getting heated and her boobs grew in size and were so tight within the bra that Uday's right elbow was almost getting a spring action from her firm upper globes. That probably encouraged him more, as hardly does a male get such tightness from a married woman's boobs.

Maya stopped at a shop and was checking a pair of earrings and Uday also stood close by me. Now she could sense his deep breaths on her shoulder.

Uday: This would look nice on you Madam.

Saying that, he handed Maya an earring and a matching necklace. Though she did not want his suggestion, but he poked his nose into it. She tried that the earring and it looked decent to her .

Uday: Madam, also try the necklace and if you feel you can buy it. I have the money.

The shopkeeper also encouraged Maya wearing the necklace along with the earrings to check overall. She was about to wear the necklace, when Uday unnecessarily tried to help her.

Uday: Madam, you relax, I will fix the necklace fastener on your neck.

Maya noticed that the shopkeeper was smiling hearing that. There were two to three more customers in the shop also who were also looking at them. Maya did not want to argue and attract more attention and agreed to Uday. But what he did certainly crossed the decency limit in public. He just shifted a little, went behind her , let the necklace fall on her upper chest area, and started fixing the hook near her neck. Then from behind in an almost hugging posture he dragged the necklace down touching her both breasts adequately over her blouse. And as if trying to make the necklace flow properly on me, Uday felt both her tight mangoes with his palms, which she comprehended without a doubt. The shopkeeper and the others also did not miss that and she felt very clumsy being treated like that in a public place.

The shopkeeper seemed more eager now to hold the mirror in front of me and forwarded a few more earrings and necklaces.

Uday: Madam, try this, this also looks nice.

Maya: No Uday, I think this is pretty fine.

Maya could understand his intention, but he and the shopkeeper also insisted me to try another and then pick one. She wore the second earring set and Uday was ready to wear her the necklace. This time he was more bold and she almost gasped, as he in the process of wearing her the necklace was directly touching her breasts in front of the shopkeeper. This was a longer necklace, which extended below her boobs and this gave him more opportunity to grope her . He dropped the necklace from her neck to its full size. He was standing just behind her and placed his arms across her upright boobs and pressed her cups as if adjusting the necklace up. She was standing within his arms shamelessly and people were watching her .

Uday very cleverly took the mirror in his left hand from the shopkeeper and held it in front of Maya breasts as if to show me how good the necklace was looking on her . This way the shopkeeper for the moment was unable to see her breast area and taking the guard of the mirror, with his free right hand, he first cupped her right breast and then gave it a very good squeeze from over her blouse.

Uday: I think this one is better? What do you feel Madam?

Maya was in no position to talk as she could feel his right palm was still cupping her breast. She looked to her side and was almost traumatized to see two young boys were watching them . Uday was not looking at anything and this time he almost covered her whole right breast with his palm and gave her a series of tight squeezes. All these happened in a span of few seconds and she could not resist being groped so openly with people watching her.

Finally it was over and she bought the second earring set and the necklace .

As evening advanced Maya noticed there was more crowd in the fair and in that small place there was much pushing going on. This time since the crowd was jostling through the narrow passages by the shops, she had no other option but to hold Uday's hand, otherwise she would be left behind. Walking was now becoming increasingly difficult and she had to keep one hand in a protective fashion otherwise every now and then a passing elbow was touching her milk tanks.

Maya tied to behave with Uday very normally as if she paid no attention to his naughtiness in the ornament shop and took it as being unintentional. Uday was also trying to gauge her reaction to his advances and seeing apparently no resistance made further moves.

Uday: Madam, these village people are not cultured, just be alert.

Maya: Yes that I can see, the way they are pushing around.

Uday: Madam, do one thing, instead of holding her hand and walking behind me, you come by my side and then I can in fact protect you also.



This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims or Hindus or any of their Gurus or ways. it is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.

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