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A Story of Teen Love and more…! By Phyllis and Roger

Boyfriend, James, and I both grew up in strict surroundings, me more than him. Me. Phyllis, a pert, perky, sweet, pretty female had to be carefully watched as I was perceived by parents as bait in the eyes of other men and so I was raised and protected. James, not so much, being a guy but his home life was also on the strict side. Very little hugging and kissing in his home or mine.

We started dating and caught up on our deprived past with lots of hugging and kissing and cuddling. The first time he put his hand up my dress and my thrilled and surprised reaction…my body came alive to his touching. I’d played around when I had the chance away from the parental glare but this was the first time someone I really cared about had his hands on my cunt. It was very different as his hands and fingers were both loving and lustful. All the hands, fingers and cocks and tongues up to my time with James were lustful but fleeting.

My parents, as I said, were strict but I used to sneak out on our balcony at night to learn the source of the sounds coming from their bedroom It was the first time I had seen a man’s penis…and this one, my Dad’s, was marvelous…thick, long and stiffly erect. I could barely believe what I was seeing and terribly afraid I would be caught. What would they do to me if they knew I was watching?

Mom’s head, moving up and down; Dad’s fingers in her hair and along her cheeks and lifting to her movements; the guttural sounds he made and then the white fluid oozing from Mom’s lips as she sat up and smiled…I mean I was barely a teen and this was my introduction to the joy of sex. I couldn’t wait to experiment with myself when Mom and Dad were asleep or gone to the store.

Thus it was that before my classmates learned anything in school about such things…and when we did it was spare…I got lessons in human anatomy and sexuality and coitus through nocturnal sightings of Mom and Dad…I learned about balls…Dad would tell Mom: “stroke my balls” and she would stroke them…Mom would tell Dad to kiss her breasts…she had nicely shaped breasts and when he would kiss them Mom looked up at the ceiling with her eyes closed…and when Mom would tell Dad: “Fuck me” he thrust his cock in her cunt and made her cry out…which was what had attracted me to their room in the first place. Monkey see, monkey do…but I didn’t have the tools to work with…only my hands and my imagination and my anatomy at the time was limited, too.

Mom had nice full breasts that Dad would hold and lick. Mine were just budding but when I felt them it was great. Mom had hair between her legs and I only had tiny hairlets…I thought of peach fuzz…but it sure felt good to touch myself between my legs. I soon found I was getting wet just feeling myself and that I had the delightful stiffening nub which, when I kept at it, would make my legs shake and I had to cover my mouth to keep quiet. My nights were exciting…both my anatomy lessons at the window of my parents’ room and when I would then lie down and dream of penises and full breasts and hair between my legs. I was anxious to find a penis I could suck.

It happened one day completely by accident when I spent part of the summer at the home of grandparents. Grandma was gone for the day and Grandpa was out in the pasture way out of sight when I found the first available penis. It was a goat’s penis and he had just finished with the female goat. Out in the open was his stiff penis, wet with juices and pulsating. Me, Phyllis, the curious student, leapt at the chance to touch and suck a real penis even though it was a goat’s! I went to the corral and offered it some hay…it trotted over and took the hay, munching away, his penis still out and dripping. I reached down and took hold…one hand with hay and the other around that penis. It was wet and hot and the goat lifted one leg, chewing away…I stroked that penis just like Mom had done to Dad…the goat’s penis grew some and he kept his leg up.

I was just in my little house dress but had to get closer and on my knees so I took off the dress and put it on the gate and now the goat and I were both naked. I took a deep breath, kneeled down, put that penis in my mouth and started licking and sucking. The goat stopped chewing and pulsed in my mouth making little sounds. I guessed I was doing a good job. It tasted funny but it was my first chance to suck a penis and I kept at it.

Then…oh my God…a voice. It was grandpa. He had come around the side of the barn very quietly and I was so intent on my task I hadn’t noticed. How long he had watched I didn’t know but he said: “If you like that one, try this one.” I looked up, face completely red, my mouth still open as I released the goat’s penis and there was grandpa, his pants unzipped and his penis in his hand. My first man’s penis! Right there in front of me! He walked over to me as I stood up. “Get back on your knees,” he said and I did. “Suck on this,” as he held the back of my head and pulled me to him. The tip of his penis was wet. “Lick it off,” he said and I did. It tasted a little salty but it was slippery and nice. It wasn’t Mom and Dad but granddaughter and grandpa…almost like the real thing I had seen.

I had a real man’s penis at last to work on and since I was a student of Mom and Dad I reached and felt his balls, took his penis in my other hand and started to copy what Mom had showed me. I rolled my tongue around the knob and stroked his balls. Now Grandpa began petting my hair and let me have free rein. I could feel his knees go wobbly. I pulled away and looked up and his eyes were closed, a big smile on his lips. It was so quiet in the yard and a gentle breeze was cooling me. I resumed my anointment of my first man’s penis which soon throbbed and filled my mouth. Grandpa held my head down on him, I swallowed, and his wet was running down the sides of my mouth there was so much. He lifted me up and kissed me; holding my naked body against him and I felt his stiff penis between my legs. I shuddered with pleasure as my little cunt lips rested on his throbbing cock and for the first time understood why Mom did what she did. “You’re real good at that,” Grandpa said. I guess I had graduated in my anatomy class. It was very secret and I would have other secrets that, little by little, I would tell James as my stories aroused him. They aroused me too as I would relive the thrill of my first penis. I could still feel my young girl cunt lips rubbing along Grandpa’s wet cock. It made me shiver to think of it even now.

It was one of a number of secrets that I would accumulate as I was growing up even if it was a strict upbringing. The thing that is special about secrets is that some are so delightful or forbidden that they just seem to come out and be told to others. I told my girlfriend at school about Grandpa and she was thrilled to hear…the more I told the more intent was her interest and then I told others of my school friends and had fun with them.

But how would I tell James as we began dating and loving and feeling, if I ever did? It wasn’t my fault at all but one night we were kissing and feeling and his penis was out of his pants for a nice kissing and sucking. He said: “Gosh, Phyllis! Where did you learn to do that?” So I told him…he asked, I told, and he got really hot with my words and it didn’t take him long to cum in m mouth. I licked every drop and kissed him and tongued him so he could taste himself…just like I had done to Grandpa. James and I had all kinds of sexual fun and one day he showed me one of his secrets: a porn video. Well, I loved it; loved watching others fuck and feel and lick and suck. Then there were other videos and James and I would enact what we had seen…different positions…behind, in front, on the side, him on top, me on top…it was all thrilling and neither of us ever had any trouble: him cuming and me orgasming and while he could basically cum once or then later on twice, well I was a runaway train and had so many orgrasms he used to laugh at all the sounds I made and kept making during our sex while he had gone all soft for awhile. And I was still the “runaway train,” finally, slowly, coming to rest with feelings in my mind but my body in delightful exhaustion.

Then we saw another video of one woman and two guys…it got me so hot to see the men fucking the woman…there were two stiff cocks and one wet, hot, dripping cunt and that cunt needed more than one cock at a time. This film really excited me and I wondered about it until James looked at my face and my eyes must have been flashing because he got the idea immediately: ’we need more than one stiff cock…YOU need more than my one nice cock can provide at a time when you need more cock.’

We watched that video again, fucked again, and then as we were cooling, thought about what to do…James wanted his Phyllis to be happy but we didn’t know another man. There was in fact another male available…but I kept quiet about it. You see, wherever we went in those times, even to the drive-in movie, James had his big dog, Jack, along with us. Even when we had sex, Jack was somewhere near. I would look at him when James was fucking me and he just stared at us, the tip of his cock peaking out while he sat and his tongue slipped in and out.

One time James was at me, getting me totally hot and I got brave and said: “Look at old Jack,” and he did. There was Jack seeming to enjoy the scene…James working at me and ready to cum and there was Jack. James looked at me while thrusting and me lifting and he said: “Really?” I nodded my head and said: “Why not?” James was suddenly on fire with the thought and I never had such a fucking as just then. I cried out. Tears were on my cheeks as I came hard. James withdrew and sat back, saying again: “Really?” I nodded again. James looked over and said: “Come her boy!” It was my turn to feel a special, secret thrill…it was my secret…about to be revealed as Jack came to our side, sniffing the aroma of our body fluids dripping from James and down my cunt along my ass cheeks. Jack took a long lick of James’ cock and then another. I laughed and James looked at me in a quizzical way and I stopped laughing.

“Really?” James said. “What’s happened? Only one word?” I teased. “No,” he said. “I want to help and watch.” I adjusted myself and spread my legs, patting my bush and Jack came to my body this time, he’d gotten a taste of Jack and was ready for more! his tongue tasting me and I jumped…I always jumped at the first tongue touch. I patted Jack’s head as he licked again…I opened myself, spread my lips as he licked and licked. I looked at James, taking his hand. “Pet me there,” I said and he did…One tongue, one hand petting, two cocks…one limp and the other about to roar out for a serious second fucking.

James held my bottom and I pulled Jack on top of me. “Help him, James,” I said and James took the doggie cock, rubbed my cunt lips with it as Jack…good old Jack…knew exactly what to do…scooting forward and plunging into my cunt. “OH GOD I LOVE HIS COCK!’ I squealed. James looked at me in amazement…the dog now fucking without help…me lifting my body to each thrust, closing my eyes, and when closed I was filled with visions of other fuckings in my past from other dogs…and goats and, of course, Grandpa. I would tell James later, maybe, of the other animals but right now it was time to enjoy, and I did. Jack kept at me and at me, he was a very dirty dog thank you! and I was crying and groaning and James stroking my breasts as my body moved to the thrusts of this second hard penis in a row.

Our little problem of Phyllis needing more than one stiff cock had, at least temporarily, been solved. I pulled James to me and Jack walked away and I whispered in his ear some very hot, wet words: “Thank you.” I reached down and James was hard again! And I was still ready for another ride…stroking his cock to me and he took the hint; he had never fucked me so hard and I came again; holding his body on mine squeezing my cunt muscles on his cock which softened and withdrew. He was finished for the day…for me…I might have handled still another but I didn’t tell him. It would hurt his feelings. Another secret!

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