A good start to summer fun

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Summer was 5 minutes away. The minute hand was in a slow descent on the number 6 as the time approached 1:30. I couldn’t wait for the prospects of another summer in the sun.

I would finally be able to relax and hang out with friends since I made the mistake of taking IB classes my freshman year. Everybody was waiting as the teacher rolled out a bunch of crap about next year. How fantastic next year would be. How fun-filled with learning it would be.

I scanned the classroom, eying the faces of the desolate people waiting to be done with what seemed to be an endless five minutes. My eyes fell on Kyle and his blonde hair. Not that I admired his hair, he was just attractive. And not that I was gay, just that I had a taste for god style.

Then I was cut short. The sound of the electronic bell drifted slowly from the intercom. Then like a tornado we all flew out of the class. I clamored from the masses and headed for the door.

“Hey Scott, are you going to hang out with us down at my house on Manhattan Beach?”

It was Kyle. We were sort of acquainted with one another and hung out on occasion during school.
I thought for a moment and decided, “Yeah, sure I will”.

“Cool. My parents are gone so it will be pretty tight. Plus Jake got some tight stuff for us all.”

“Awesome I’ll definitely be there”.

Kyle was one of the kinds of people that had rich parents, great grades, and pot head friends. He was still pretty tight though.

I grabbed my skateboard from my locker and started to ride away from the school. I figured I would grab something to drink from the Exxon and then head over to his house. I called my mom to make sure everything was ok with me being over at his house. Luckily she didn’t ask questions and never seemed to care as long as I gave her some of the truth.

I got a Pepsi and swallowed it in big gulps. I was wearing summer clothes but the heat was killing me. After that I headed for Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach was a nice place and it was awesome to cruise down the newly paved sidewalk on my board. It was so awesome to finally have a summer and to return to a somewhat normal way of life.

I didn’t know exactly which house was his, but I had been there once before so I narrowed it down to one area until I found a few of the older sophomore’s cars parked out front this new stucco palace overlooking the bay.

I was instantly greeted at the garage door by Tom, Truong, and a variety of other people. Michelle and Alana were there too. They were listening to some tunes and kicking back in patio furniture and an old couch that was sitting in half of the garage.

I grabbed a seat on the couch and got to chatting. This lasted for a few hours along with various attempts from the boys to try and show off skateboarding skills and pull the worst prank on one another to make the few girls laugh.

Then as dusk set upon our group, Jake broke out the highlight Kyle had described to me in the halls. A bag of pot he had gotten from who knows where that we were all going to smoke.

I wasn’t much of a stoker but I took a few hits, slouching over and laughing at jokes with the rest of the crowd. Tom tried to do a kick flip and ended up stumbling over on his ass because he was so high. Everyone laughed at him.

Then Jake and the pot left, along with Alana and Mark, another school friend.

Soon Michelle had left and it was down to Kyle, Truong and me.

We talked a bit with half dazed eyes. It was approaching 10:30 and Truong decided he had to go. I figured I would follow suit.

As I got up to leave Kyle called to me.

“Yo Scott if you want to you can chill at my house tonight and we could go skim boarding tomorrow. My parents are gone all weekend so it would be no big deal.”

I had never stayed at Kyle’s house before. I had run into him a few times on the beach skim boarding and we had hung out, but not seriously. Of course what difference did it make? He was a cool kid and pretty tight to hang out with.

“Yeah that would be cool. Let me give my parents a call”.

I called my mom. Conversation ensued. She said I had to go in for an optometrist appointment at 3:00 so I couldn’t stay long, but I could stay the night. Awesome mom, goodnight.

“Yeah I can stay I guess. And we’ll catch the beach in the morning.”

“Cool. Want to go watch a movie?”

“Okay sure.”

“I just got that movie Eurotrip.”

“Tight that movie looked like it was good”

We went into his spacious house and into the media room. A Bose surround sound system and soft leather couch swallowed me as the film started on a huge 50 inch flat screen. It was amazing how actors really did seem like they were talking to you when you spent the extra 5 grand for a swanky system.

We lulled on opposite ends of the couch, almost synchronized in comedic laughter at the enticing storyline of the movie. Then things got weird if you are the kind of person that tries to figure out the deeper meaning of five word phrases people say as a joke.

It was the part of the movie where the guys go to the nudist beach and go streaking. As the movie character Scott Thomas ran out on the beach, his butt was exposed for your viewing pleasure.

“Damn he has a nice butt.” Jake said jokingly. “Do you have a nice butt like the Scott in this movie Scott?” He looked at me and grinned, looking like he was refraining from laughing.

I was a little puzzled and startled. Just for the effect I let out a chuckle. He punched me in the arm and chuckled too and we went back to the movie.

I drew my focus from the movie and started to think about what he said. Was he gay and liked me or something. I wasn’t gay but sometimes wondered about what it would be like. I didn’t really make a point to say stuff like what he had said. Not only that but I was a fine looking, well-refined suburbs skater boy with a nice chest and amazing wardrobe.

The rest of the movie went on without any more awkward moments and we both stretched and yawned.

“What do you want to do now?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know. I’m kind of tired but not really. What do you think?”

“Well I’m not really into it but we could look at some porn or something. That’s all that Tom and those guys ever do when we hang out late.”

I had never really watched porn except for the occasional ad that popped up on my computer by accident. I swear it was by accident.

“Yeah, sure. I’ve never really done that too much either.”

He led me up to the second floor where his room was situated. He had a nice king bed and a lot of room to spread out all of his stuff. A guitar and violin case was laid in one corner. A desk was under the window. A leather sitting-chair was positioned in another corner next to a closet. All over the floor were various American Eagle, Neiman Marcus, and Abercrombie shirts, pants, and socks.

Kyle grabbed a slim black Sony Vaio off of his desk and jumped onto the bed. I climbed up next to him as the laptops LED’s began to flash as the computer started up. He clicked on Mozilla and typed into the search engine “porn”.

Porn seemed like such a boring word for what was going on in the pictures we browsed through. Images of hot women completely naked taking it in the vagina, sucking on long penises and getting covered in ghostly oceans of cum. I really wasn’t getting a boner at all. I actually wanted to vomit more than I wanted to jack off, but I did the cool thing and leaned over Kyle’s shoulder for a closer look, like any regular person would.

Out of curiosity I glanced down at Kyle. I shot a quick glance at his crotch and saw what was debatably a crease in his jeans, or a slightly hard erection.

I stared a little bit too long because I heard, “Why are you staring at my crotch?”

“I wasn’t staring at your crotch…. I was just curious if you were getting an erection. I don’t really get a thing from this.”

“Well, neither am I. I just thought that’s what people did was look at porn.”

“Yeah I never have so I don’t really know either.”

“Well maybe we should watch some videos or something. We could try that.”

I didn’t really care. I said to watch videos. He clicked on a link and we watched people go at it. He searched through the computer and clicked on a few more movies. Then he clicked on one that must have been mis-cataloged to have been in the male/female hot sex erotica section because the first few second were two guys completely naked sucking each other off end to end.

“Woops.” Kyle quickly tried to exit out of the movie but stumbled on the touch pad while trying to hastily return to the home page. It was too long though and we had both seen rock hard penises get sucked on for about ten seconds.

I felt a tingly sensation as I watched the movie. IT was pretty obvious where this sensation was coming from. I got an erection that embarrassingly climbed down my leg, ever so slowly. It was just barely noticeable under my khaki shorts.

I arched my back to try and cover this up and quickly shot a glance at Kyle’s crotch. The same effect. A slight movement of denim and I knew the same was happening to him. Then Kyle realized I was gazing at his crotch with one crooked eye, trying to be discrete. “Are you gay or something?”

“No are you?”

“Of course not.”

I quickly got defensive. “Then why the bulge?”

He shot back a little defensively, “It’s not a bulge. Besides, I think you have one going in you pants too,”

I always dreamed of being a rich lawyer. “So you admit to having a bulge by saying that I myself have one too?”

“No that’s not what I meant. I was caught off guard. I was a little bit interested but I am not gay. Are you?”

Things had gotten awkward. I thought he was lying about not liking it. I could call him out, or let it become moot. “Well, maybe I am, and maybe you are too”, I said as I slowly put on a grin and leaned my shoulder against his.

Silence followed my outburst, and then he moved away. Not fast like he was freaked, but slow until my head fell into is lap and he was looking down smiling. “So do you want to experiment Scott?”

“I don’t know if I know how. I am not exactly stealing the girl’s virginity every day am I.”

“We will both take off each others clothes.”

He instantly slid a hand up my thigh and paused at my mid section. We looked into each others eyes briefly, and then he pulled my shirt off. It may have been the start of summer, but constant yard work left me shirtless in the mid-June heat and I was a light bronze. He eyed me up intently.

Then he reached for my crotch and slowly unzipped my shorts. I was getting a very large erection and he just barely touched the tip of my penis through the 5 millimeters of cotton underwear and khaki shorts that separated his skin from my foreskin.

He slid a knee over my now outstretched legs and began to tug and pull my shorts down to my ankles. Then he stuck 8 cold finger tips half an inch under the elastic band of my briefs and pulled down enough to show the beginning of my pubic hair.

“Whitey Tighties. That’s a little bit strange on a teenager.”

“What’s the big deal? I like the feel of them.”

“Man Scott, these constrict blood flow to the penis and lead to erectile dysfunction and a lower sperm count. As you could see from that video online, sperm is pretty important for a gay orgy to be successful.”

“You are totally going to be a doctor when you grow up.”

He giggled and got back to pulling off my final article of clothing. It was sensational as is hands that were now very warm flew across the top of my penis as it popped up like a flag pole 4 and a half inches tall. I am being a realist. It wasn’t huge but what does it matter. I think Kyle liked it. Especially because as he held up my shorts and underwear and threw them on the floor, he had a grin on his face that looked like a cross between Toms’s pothead happy face and that of a serial killer clown.

“You have like no hair on you’re chest or legs. Do you shave?”

No, I just haven’t really developed yet.”

Well…nice tan.” Kyle said with a jeering smile on his face.

He toppled onto my naked body and we rolled on the bed. I felt his hands running along my butt and all over m exposed legs. Excited and jittery.

“Wait. Isn’t it my turn to take your clothes off?”

“Oh yeah.” Kyle rolled off to the side of me, still smiling.

I leaned over him and began to pull his shirt off. He grabbed a hold of my dick and softly felt the entire thing. Once I had gotten his shirt off I brushed his arm away and got on top of him. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. I got off the bed and pulled the jeans off from his ankles.
Then I jumped on the bed between his two skinny and tan legs to the point where my nose almost touched the blue checkered boxers he was wearing.

“Kyle, if you want to talk about hairlessness, look at you’re penis. You actually do shave it and your legs.”

“What’s the big deal. I go running. Its called being healthy and it breaths better. Can we just get back to the gay orgy already?”

I giggled and got back to work on undressing my slim lover boy. I moved my head to the elastic waistband of his boxers and slithered my tong, and finally my teeth under the top and pulled straight down the middle of his body.

Just as I had hoped, a long and warm 5 inch peter popped up and rode along the bottom of my neck and skipped off the tip of my chin. I could tell it pleased him because he let out a high pitched and long lasting moan.

Then we were both naked and once again, we were wrestling on the bed, hugging, kissing, laughing, and allowing our nude bodies to slide along one another. Our penises poked each other in the side and stayed hard for longer than I ever thought possible.

After a few minutes I decided it was time to ask. “What do we do now?”

“I don’t really know. I never did this before; I never even had sex before. We could suck each others penises like in the movie and I guess butt sex.”

“Alright. If you want I will start.”

“Ok. That would be awesome.”

We both calmed down and caught our breath. Kyle began to stretch flat on the bed and I slithered down to be on his left side, my face level with his belly button. I reached out and took the now somewhat soft cock and kissed it with my lips. I opened my mouth and put it in, rolling my tong down the big vein on the bottom side of his penis.

I didn’t realize how fruity his penis would smell. He must wash it well. I always thought it would taste salty because of the sweat that probably didn’t get washed off, but his I really liked. It was warm in my mouth and pleasant to play with on my tong.

I wasn’t prepared for what came next. Kyle came. He shot a bunch of the white liquidy stuff from the internet movie in my mouth. I began to gag and almost choked on all of the cum in my mouth.
Instinctively as I choked, I tried to close my mouth and I bit down onto poor Kyle’s little dick. He cried out in pain and I realized what I had done.

“Ohg.” I coughed a few times as the cum piled up in my throat. “I swallowed the liquid which was beginning to taste good and shot up to the screaming face of Kyle, quickly apologizing and hugging him.

“God damn. You bit my cock. It hurts so much.”

“ I’m sorry. You shot a bunch of liquid into the back of my throat and I gagged.”

“Ouch. Its all right. It just really hurt. I can’t believe you bit my penis!”

“Well it’s our first time. I don’t think I could go much better."

“I think you’re done for a while.” With that Kyle caught me off guard by bending down onto my penis and shoving it in his mouth. I could only hope that I did half as well as he was doing.

He tickled my dick in his mouth. He swallowed my massive penis all the way down to the point where I think it touched his tonsils. The lack of a gag reflex was awesome. His throat muscles were so smooth across the top of my penis. I could feel the climax rising and I began to shiver.

“I think its happening!” I shouted.

“Wha!?” Kyle barely uttered as he realized that fluid was erupting from my throbbing penis.
It was a little bit late, but I didn’t suffer the discomfort of a chopped up penis like my now great friend Kyle had felt. He kept in control and let the cum swoosh in his mouth, my penis dangling loosely inside it.

“This is awesome. I love you Kyle.”

Kyle swallowed the sperm and semen in two quick gulps and let out a gasp for air. “Your cock tastes good. Want to try a little butt sex.”

“Do you think it will hurt? I mean crap goes out, but I don’t things are supposed to go in if you know what I mean.”

“Scott, if you have as tight of an ass as Scott from Eurotrip then it might be a little hard I guess,”

“I knew you meant something by that comment about my butt during the movie.”

He giggled and we began to reposition ourselves for this new sexual endeavor. I lay down on my stomach on his plush comforter and he got ready to stick his penis in my ass. Kyle rubbed his dick to get it hard for penetration. Once he was started I screamed out in pain. It felt like he had stuck a bunch of needles into my butt hole.

“What’s wrong?” He asked looking worried.

“Nothing”, I said with great pain. “It just stings a little at first.”

He went back to shoving his penis into my bare butthole. I didn’t want to spoil the fun I thought he was having, so I braced for impact. Then in a flash I felt like something was inside of me.

“I’m in. Are you ok because I think I’m going to try and hump you?”

I couldn’t wait. Once his cock had settled into my butt there was no more pain. It felt so weird and delightful now.

“Yes, please.”

Kyle put his hands on my back just above the tailbone. He shoved in and out and I felt the smooth and hard dick hit me dozens of times. The opening stung a little, but every time sent a jolt through my body that captivated my soul and gave me the feeling of butterflies. I didn’t want it to ever end.

He did push-ups with his cock and arms on my back for about 10 minutes when I felt the throbbing of his penis inside of me, and then the rush of cum shooting into my butt. It was the strangest thing I had ever felt. It was amazing.

Suddenly Kyle relaxed, letting his now shriveling cock rest in my crack. He was lying down on top of me. We were both completely relaxed like this.

“Thanks Kyle.”

“Trust me Scott; whatever pleasure you felt, I felt ten times more I bet. You have to do me now.” His voice was so beautiful. He spoke into my ear really soft and gentle. After what had just happened my body felt like jelly and I was very loose. My head floated for awhile, and then I got up, ready to service my new soul mate.

Being a little different this time, Kyle stuck two pillows under his stomach so his but was angled up in the air at me. It was probably smart because banging me while I was laying down flat really hurt my back.
I got on my knees and lined up my penis with the target. It seemed to me like my penis would barely go past the cheeks, but his wasn’t much bigger than mine.

I thrust my pelvis back and then slowly moved it forward into the center of his butt. At first it rejected my package and caused a little pain on my end as it torqued my dick sideways, but then started to go in. I heard Kyle moaning and admired his white, hairless ass. It was nice to stare at.
I noticed he had a tan line that only went from his waist to about two inches below the cock, as if he were wearing briefs sun-tanning.

“Yo Kyle, what’s with the short tan line?”

“Oh, I go swimming a lot and wear a Speedo. Ummm, can you start again? I really want to see what all your pleasure groans’ were about.”

“Sorry.” I stopped talking and got back to drilling my penis into his ass.

A Speedo. That is hot. I would like to see him in that. I got the picture in my head and all of a sudden my penis got really hard and throbbing, at this point I was just starting to hump him with my full dick in his butt. The throbbing was tremendous and the smooth and muscular walls of his anus massaged my cock in ways that Kyle’s mouth could never compare to; at least as of yet.

By now I had came enough and experienced coming enough to be prepared for what was happening next. Kyle was right, the pleasure was ten times better. My cum shot into his butt and it gave such a sensation from waist to head that I almost passed out with me still bent over Kyle’s smooth butt cheeks.

“Oh yeah, OHHHHH YEAH!” Kyle shouted.

I did the same, almost screaming at the sensation I was feeling. It was the best night I had ever had.
His body slumped off of the pillows and I fell to his side, both of us breathing hard. I reached my arm over his side and pulled my naked body to his naked body.

“Scott, I think I am gay.”

“I think I’m gay too. I’m also a little tired. Want to hand me one of those pillows? I want to get some rest for skim boarding tomorrow.” My body really was dead tired after hours of pleasure with my mew BEST friend.

He handed me one of the pillows that had been under him while I sent my Geo Metro into his garage, just to give you a comparison of size. I put it under my head and pulled the ruffled comforter over both of our bodies. As I rested my head on the pillow, I realized it was covered with his sperm.

“Give me another one. This one is covered in sperm.”

He laughed and rolled over, grasping me in a bear hug, French kissing me, and entwining our legs together.

We rolled round in one another’s arms for a while until we finally fell asleep, our cocks softly touching each other under the covers. I couldn’t wait for a Portuguese breakfast tomorrow morning.

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