I share my black boyfriend with my mother.

My name is Dawn and this happened when I had just turned sixteen. I had a boyfriend that I was really into. His name was Dirk. He was nineteen, almost twenty, and black and I mean dark black. I'm part Irish so I have red hair and very white skin. I'm five foot two and Dirk is six one. We make a strange couple. He is slim but muscular. I'm petite. I only weigh ninety-eight pounds and only have B-cup boobs.

I met Dirk because Yolanda, his sister, was a friend of mine in school and one day he gave us a ride home from school. The next day Yolanda had soccer practice after classes but Dirk was still waiting in front of the school when I came out. He waved and told me to hop in. I did.

Dirk drove to the lake and parked. "You like cocks, Dawn?" I was nervous but also excited. "I've never seen one for real, just a couple of adult DVDs that one of my friends and snuck out from her parents stash." "I've got one that you will really like," Dirk said as he unzipped his pants. He reached in and pulled out this huge thing that was bigger than the ones I had seen in the porn movies and it was as black as the rest of him. It was at least nine inches and probably two inches across. "Get down there and suck it for me. If you've seen porn, you know what to do."

I looked him in the eyes for a minute and then made my decision. I bent down and took him in my hand. I couldn’t reach all the way around it. I lowered my head to his lap, opened my mouth and tried to take his cock in. He was so big, my mouth had to stretch wide to go over the head. "Just put the head in and lick around it for now and stroke it with your hand." I did as he said. After a couple minutes, Dirk put one hand behind my head and held me as he pushed more of himself into my mouth. He got about three inches in and started slowly fucking my mouth.

My jaw was starting to ache when he exploded in my mouth without warning me. As a huge amount of cum flooded my mouth I gagged and coughed. Cum even came out my nose. Dirk held me on his cock and told me to swallow. His cum was thick and slippery. It tasted sharp and salty. I swallowed three times before I drained his load into my stomach. Dirk let me off his cock and told me that I had done a good job but that I would get to do even better the more I did it. Then he put his cock away and drove me home. I sat in the seat and did not say a thing as we drove.

The next day Yolanda was with us again so nothing happened. The day after, she had sports practice and Dirk was waiting for me. I thought about walking the other way but decided to go with him again. This time he drove down a small dirt road and parked in a field. "You still got your cherry, Little Slut?" "I broke it myself a couple months ago with the handle of my hair brush. I'll suck you again but you’re too big. I can't have sex with you. You would split me wide open." "I've fucked other little girls like you and I know you can take it. You'll stretch around my black dick."

Dirk reached into the back seat and took hold of a blanket that was there. He got out, came around and opened my door. He took my hand and almost dragged me out of the car. We walked a few feet from the car and he spread out the blanket. "Let's get naked. I want to see that cute little body of yours." I was thinking about what I wanted to do but at the same time I was getting out of my clothes. He was naked before me and stood there with his big black club standing out in front of him. When I stepped out of my panties, he pushed on my shoulders till I dropped to my knees. "OK, suck it first."

I held his pole and slipped my mouth over his cock head and took as much of it as I could. "Suck hard and work your mouth up and down on me." Soon I was mouth fucking him and had almost half of his prick in my mouth. Dirk pulled me off and pushed me down on my back. "Now I want to see how you taste. He got his head between my legs, pushed my red pubic hair out of the way and started licking my slit. I frequently rubbed my own pussy, but when his tongue touched my clit I jumped and moaned. It felt wonderful. Soon I was humping my mound up onto his face and my juices were flowing. When Dirk felt me get wet, he stopped. "That sweet little pussy is ready now."

Dirk climbed up between my legs and put his big black snake to the opening of my womanhood. "Condom," I shouted. "Put on a condom." Dirk just replied that he didn’t like condoms. He rubbed his prick around a little bit to get it wet and then pushed the head in between my inner lips. "Stop. That hurts. You're too big. I can't do it." Dirk pushed in another inch or a little more. "Stop. Take it out. I don't want to do this." Dirk gave a hard push and slammed more than half of himself into my little pussy. "Owww, that hurts. Stop. Take it out. I want to suck it. Let me suck it instead." Dirk stopped but kept himself in as far as he was. "Relax and you'll adjust to it. It will stop hurting." After a minute he was right. The pain went away but it still felt like someone had stuffed the big end of a baseball bat in me.

Dirk slowly started sliding himself in and out of me. It didn’t hurt but I felt myself being stretched wider than I even thought possible. Now he was going a little deeper with each push. I wished I had picked a boy with a small cock for my first boyfriend. He worked about all but a couple inches into me before he hit bottom. My body was starting to react positively to being fucked by his huge cock. I made a happy noise and Dirk smiled. "See, I told you it would fit." He picked up speed and power. I adjusted and it started to feel wonderful. "That feels nice. Fuck me, Dirk, but not too hard. Take it out before you finish. I don't want to get pregnant. Yes. That feels good."

Soon I felt his seed flood my insides. "Damn it. You did it in me. I don't want a baby. Take it out. Take me home." He pulled out and said that I had better get on the pill so I did not have to worry about getting pregnant. We got dressed. I could hardly walk. I walked to the car with my legs spread and I could feel his cum dripping down my leg. Dirk dropped me off in front of my house.

I ran inside and went to my mom with tears in my eyes. "Mom, I just had sex for the first time and he shot his stuff in me. Am I going to have a baby?" Mom held me, asked me when I had my last period and said that it was not likely but that she would take me to the doctor. She called the doctor but she was done for the day. The receptionist made us an appointment for the next day. Mom took me to the bathroom and helped me flush out my insides to see if that would help. At least it made me feel better.

The next day we went to the doctor. She examined me and agreed with Mom. She said that if I felt funny or sick in a few days that I should come back. She suggested that I should start on the pill. Mom agreed that in case I decided to do it again, I should be on the pill and I got a prescription. The doctor said that it would take about thirty days to fully work and she gave me a foam to use inside myself before doing it again in the mean time. She warned me that the foam or the pill would not protect me from any VD. We stopped at the drug store on the way home and filled the prescription. "I'm glad you came to me about this, Dawn but I don't think we need to tell your dad." I smiled.

The next day, Dirk was waiting for me. I told him that I did not want to see him any more. "Your mind may be saying no, Dawn but I bet your pussy is saying yes. Get in the car." I thought for a minute and then opened the car door. He drove to the same field as before. Again we stripped and got on the blanket. Again I sucked his cock. I was getting pretty good at it and was enjoying doing it. This time he did not lick my pussy but he finger fucked me and rubbed my clit till I got wet and started moaning. I reached in my purse and got out the foam. "The doctor told me to use this till the pills start to work." I applied the foam.

Dirk got between my legs and with the first push he was half way in. It hurt a little but not bad. Second push, he was in as far as he could go again. I moaned. Dirk started fucking me. He did it harder and faster than the first time. I soon had my first really good orgasm and as I did, he had his too. I held him tight to me and did not let him pull out till my insides had stopped reacting. I walked a little better as we went back to the car this time.

We kept seeing each other for several weeks. Each time we got together, we fucked. We never did anything else together. Now, after he would shoot his load in me, I would suck him clean and I usually could get him hard again and would keep sucking him till he filled my mouth. I could get about five or six inches of his cock in my mouth now and if he touched the back of my mouth, I didn't gag any more. Although he made a large amount of cum, I could swallow it all without spilling a drop. But still when he fucked me, I couldn’t hold it all and it ran down my leg. I really looked forward to giving him blowjobs and having him fucking me and I knew that no average sized cock could ever satisfy me.

It was a rainy and cold day so when Dirk next picked me up, I suggested that we go to my house. When we went in, my mom was home. I could tell that Dirk was not the boy she expected me to be with. I introduced them to each other. Then we walked past her and went to my room. We had been in my room for ten or fifteen minutes. Dirk's pants were on the floor and I was on my knees, sucking his cock. I happened to look over and saw that Mom had opened the bedroom door and was standing there with lust in her eyes and she was licking her lips as she watched us. I stopped briefly and then went back to giving Dirk his blowjob. Dirk did not even see her.

I had an idea. I stopped and turned Dirk so he could see Mom. "Don't just stand there. Come in and join us, Mom. I'm sure Dirk won't mind." Mom stepped into the room. "Oh my God, he's huge. Can you really fit that in you?" "It hurt the first time but I really love it now. Come over and join me. Dirk loves having his cock sucked and I bet you’ll enjoy doing him." Mom walked over and dropped to her knees. "He's so much bigger than your father and he's so hard." Mom put her hand around it and her lips over it. She pulled off and licked her lips. "It's so big and so wonderful and his pre-cum tastes good too." Dirk told her to take her tits out so he could see them. She quickly did it and then she put his manhood back in her mouth and bobbed up and down on it. "Don't hog the meat, Mom. You gotta share." I went back to blowing him while Mom watched and Dirk played with her sagging D-cup tits.

"My turn again. I can deepthroat my husband but he's a lot smaller that you. I want to see if I can take all of your cock. Fuck my throat." I could feel that Dirk was not far from cumming. I backed off. Mom put her mouth back on Dirk's massive prick. He put his hands behind her head. He pulled her to him at the same time he thrust his cock forward. All of his thick nine inches pushed into her throat. He was so thick that you could see her throat bulge as his cock slid up and down in it. She gagged just a little but she managed to breath thru her nose each time he was mostly out. Her nose was pressed tightly into his pubic hair as he unloaded his huge cum load straight into her stomach. Mom pulled off. "I did it. I swallowed his whole big dick. Wow. Thank you."

Mom left and I got Dirk hard again and he fucked me better than he ever had. "Your mom is really something. I've gotta have her again. I want to see how tight her pussy is." When Dirk left, Mom came back to my room. "Thanks for sharing, Dawn. I was really turned on. However, if your dad ever found out that you were dating a black boy, especially an older one and that you were fucking him, he would explode. So I would suggest that you might not want to bring him home any more. If you really don't mind sharing him with me once in a while, I can get us a condo room for the night down by the lake. I would really like to feel what it's like to have that huge cock pounding away deep in my cunt and maybe in my ass too. If it's Ok with you honey."


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