This is my first and is meant to be erotic, rather than straight f-ing etc. Will continue if tpeople like it. It's quite long.

He wasn’t sure when he’d first noticed her as anything other than a co-worker. Perhaps it was after they had been working together for 18 months or so. She was in her late 50s, but he didn’t know her age. All the other secretaries were in their 20s making Jenny different and less popular with the younger guys on the team. She had had a hard life to this point with a disastrous first marriage and a long spell as carer for her mother who had died a couple of years ago now. All of this had taken its toll and could be seen in her tired lines. She had recently married again to a very flamboyant man who made her feel good although they certainly had their differences. First impressions were that she was aloof, serious and almost righteous in some ways. The team were a little cruel behind her back as they were not flattering of her looks and she could often talk too long on subjects that were interesting only to her. However, she was good at her job and did it very professionally, much better than the other team secretaries who at times resented her. She had the largest team of people to look after (about 25) which kept her extremely busy.
Will ran the team and he knew how busy she was. He was careful not to overburden her and did as much as he could himself. He never used her to write letters or anything, just expenses and supporting the team. He never asked her to do personal things and stopped the team from doing so too. He was only too well aware of the younger team attitude to Jenny, although he disapproved of it, so he made sure that she sat next to him so no one could complain and it also meant he heard a lot about potential team issues before they became problems. Will found Jenny charming and he learned to focus on work when she talked too long about an issue without being rude. Over the next year or so they got to know a lot about each other. Will was also on his second marriage which was ok, but not great. As he learnt more about Jenny’s past, Will became increasingly fond of her and more supportive. In her turn Jenny became fiercely loyal to him and warned him about all the office politics which were substantial. The team worked very long hours and made a lot of money for the firm, but people were always running around playing politics as the stakes were high.
Then Jenny’s husband became ill with cancer. Jenny was devastated because he was her rock and had picked her up after her mother’s death and turned her life around. Now she was faced with maybe losing him. Will was very supportive giving her as much time she needed to go to the hospital with her husband and support him through the treatments etc. Jenny in turn worked as much as she could from home and at weekends to make up for it. After a period of a few months the news became better and they eventually received the all clear to great joy. Jenny and her husband took Will out to dinner to thank him for his support and were clearly very grateful. Jenny would often give Will little presents and always get him coffee and worked hard at doing a professional job.
It was shortly after this dinner that Will’s feelings started to change. One night he had a vivid dream about Jenny at work. It was as confused and strange as dreams normally are, but he could always remember one bit of it. He was in the large stationary and filing room – a room with no windows and visited only infrequently by the secretaries in the team. Suddenly the door burst open and Jenny came in. The door shut behind her and she just stood there for a moment looking at him. He could only stare back as he was overcome with a feeling of warmth to her that turned as they stared at each other into a growing sexual urge. His breathing became heavy and he suddenly felt that he needed to have her, to kiss her and feel her body. Jenny said nothing but slowly began walking towards him, her eyes locked on his. When she finally reached him, they kissed long and slow. Slowly she lowered herself onto her knees and started to rub his growing member through his suit. He was so excited by this that he grew as hard as he had ever been. Without taking her eyes off his, Jenny slowly undid his belt and trousers and freed his engorged cock, stroking it and taking it into her mouth, sucking gently. All Will could do was moan with the ecstasy this was giving him. He started to run his hands through her hair. Jenny still staring at him, stopped sucking and sat back onto the floor lifting her skirt as she did, showing her stockings and pants, obviously wet from her own desire. Without a word Will dropped to his knees between her open legs and removed her pants, exposing her beautiful wet pussy. “Now” she whispered and he laid on top of her, their eyes locked, as he slid into her, groaning with the pleasure of feeling her hot wet pussy clearly wanting him so much. He started to stroke in and out gently at first but rapidly getting faster as the urge to cum grew intense. Jenny started to moan quietly, whispering “At last”. “I’ve wanted you for two years. I need you to fill me and make me yours”. Will could hold no longer and with these words he exploded inside her, trying to fill her as deeply as he could go.
That was all he could remember now but he kept reliving it every time he saw her and started to imagine what it would really be like to make love with her. He knew everyone else in the office would make a laughing stock of him if they knew. He was older than most of them but still probably 12 or 15 years her junior, if not more. The others thought she was ugly and over the hill but Will found himself wanting her more and more. He knew they were both married and neither would want to hurt their home and family life, he knew that it was impossible given they worked together, but he started to hope that Jenny might like him in the same way as he did her.
Another few months went by with the work becoming very difficult as the “Credit Crunch” really started to bite. Unsurprisingly, most of the team including Will were made redundant and Will went home missing the team and Jenny in particular. Redundancy was difficult for everyone, but the team wanted to have a party to make sure they all stayed in touch as the world developed over the next few years. The party was set for a Friday afternoon and Will found himself looking forward to it so that he would see Jenny and wondering if she was thinking about him.
Will arrived early and tucked into the beer and snacks happy to see everyone again. He had one eye on the door all the time as the others started arriving. When Jenny arrived, he thought she looked better than she ever had. She came in the door looking fabulous in a casual outfit, displaying a larger cleavage than he had seen before. She kept glancing at him as she greeted the others and when he hugged her, she hugged back holding him tight and he thought he heard her sigh or moan under her breath. Worried others might notice him going weak at the knees, Will pulled back and greeted her husband and caught up with everyone’s news. Occasionally they would accidently touch during the party while chatting to others and the touch would always linger, leaving Will excited and electrified by it. He was beginning to believe she had similar feelings and he increased the frequency of their touches, hoping no one would notice, and becoming increasingly aroused by the secret feeling of desire laced with fear and uncertainty.
Jenny and her husband had arrived in their classic car and it seemed that everyone was going outside to have a look at it. Will had seen it before so he went upstairs to use the bathroom. While he was there he heard the voices drifting outside and the house went quiet. As he came out of the bathroom he sensed rather than heard her. In the next room standing in the dark was Jenny, just looking at him. His heart leaped as he felt as if his dream had come true. Jenny started to lift her hands and he took that as an invitation to go to her. Neither said a word. Will was shaking as he approached her gazing into her eyes, willing her to feel his affection. When he reached her he took her hands and bent and kissed her, terrified he might have got it all wrong, but she kissed him back passionately and they held each other close as they kissed. After kissing for what seemed like ages, they started to move their bodies against one another in a gentle writhing motion grinding themselves together. Will started to run his hands up and down her back, letting his hands fall to her buttocks each time. The grinding was getting slowly more intense as Will felt his stiffness caught between them, and now obvious to her. Jenny reacted to feeling his excitement growing against her by grinding harder and kissing more deeply. She started to moan quietly and whispered his name. Will could not believe this was actually happening. He moved his hand up and touched one of her breasts tentatively stroking it. When she didn’t resist, he continued allowing his fingers to graze her nipple. His heart leaped as he felt her nipple was erect and stiff, jutting into her bra. He moved his hand slowly down over her stomach and she moved her hips back to allow him to reach between her legs and stroke her pussy through her trousers. Will now knew she wanted this as much as he did and he had never been so excited before – he was aching for her even though she was so much older than he. Suddenly they heard people coming back into the house and they broke off their embrace both looking startled and then giggling quietly. “You go down first”, Jenny whispered. “I’m so glad we’ve finally done that.” She added. “Me too” said Will and then turned and walked down the stairs, trying to hide his excitement and wondering where on earth this was going to lead them.
As he rejoined the rest of the party, Will was ecstatic. He wanted to know what was going to happen next but he knew that he had to play it cool and they would find a way to talk. He didn’t speak to her again until the end of the party as she was leaving. When they said goodbye, she hugged him and whispered in his ear “I’ll call you when I can”, and then she was gone.
As he shared a taxi back to his central London flat with a few old mates, Will was distant, unable to get Jenny and the feel of her out of his mind. Was he mad? They were both married, she was older than him, and what about her husband? This was terrible. Never mind that his colleagues would have been amazed and disgusted if they knew he was now lusting after “the old bat”. What next? When is she going to call?

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