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My wife and I have been together since high school. We went to separate colleges, and have always been faithful to one another and got married shortly after college. All together, we have been dating about 15 years. I am slightly older than she is, both 30 years old with our birthdays only a few months apart. I consider her my best friend, and I hers, and we share everything with each other. However, one day we brought a whole new meaning to that phrase.

To describe Ashley, I would of course say she is the most beautiful woman I know. She has long brunette hair, big hazel doe eyes, and an exquisite smile. She is about 5’2”, with great breasts a nice ass and long shapely legs. She likes to stay in shape, and is image conscious. Like any woman she loves a good mani and pedi, and keeps all of her nails nice. Truth be told, I have a bit of a foot fetish. I love her silk soles and the way they wrinkle when she curls her toes. I love the way they taste and feel on my cheeks. One of my favorite things to do when we have sex, is to put her legs on my shoulders and place her feet on my face. I cover my face with her feet, and sniff them and give them a proper tongue bath. She wasn’t the biggest fan of my foot fetish at first, but it has grown on her over the years. Especially when I suck her toes and soles while she cums.

Being with someone so long you begin to pick up on all of their normal and abnormal behaviors, as you might imagine. The day that our relationship changed, started off like any other day. We both ran off to work exchanging normal morning niceties and good bye kisses. As I said before my wife is very image conscious and likes to go to the gym. Today was a little different though, today she was beginning yoga to change things up a bit. She tried to get me to go, but I am not at all interested nor am I as flexible as I once was.

I love to cook, and I texted Ashley “What do you want for dinner tonight babe?” She took some time to answer, which did not immediately concern me, but we settled on a meal, and a time for dinner. After work I got home and relaxed, and began cooking while having a beer after a long day at work. I texted Ashley to make sure she would be home when we said, to which she said “I am not sure. You can eat without me if you want. I may be here a while since this is my first yoga class.” Again no real cause for concern, but I was slightly upset just because I had a rough day at the office and enjoy looking on my wife’s face after days like that.

About an hour after we discussed, Ashley walked into the house. She looked like a hot mess to say the least. She was sweaty, her mascara was running a bit and her hair was pretty frizzy as well while pulled back into a pony tail. I greeted her and she returned a breathy “hey.” I said to her “you look exhausted” to which Ashley replies “Yeah I am, I am going to take a shower then eat.” When she first walked in I didn’t think anything of her appearance outside of being funny and chocked it up to being tired from a new routine, but when she said “hey,” I caught a smell on her breath. It was a familiar smell, but I couldn’t quite place it.

After her shower, Ashley sat down to eat and grabbed some water. Ashley isn’t extremely talkative, but she was being uncharacteristically quite. I tried to spark some conversation, “How did yoga go?, How was work?, Are you sore?” only to get one and two word answers. Upon saying she was sore, I asked if she wanted a foot massage, to which Ashley said “no” -- damn. Finally I got fed up and asked what the issue was. “There is nothing wrong. I am sorry, I am just tired. Yoga really wore me out. You would think that sitting in some pose for a few minutes isn’t that big of a deal, but it was hard.” Up to this point, this had been the most she had spoken to me.

We sat down and watched TV for a while after she ate. I grabbed another beer, and began talking about my work day. “Well since you asked, my day was pretty annoying. Just a lot of bullshit at the office.” Ashely replied “Oh shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t even ask. What happened?” I half-heartedly told her part of the issue, my main point was what was with her attitude. While watching TV, her body language was sending red flags all over the place, she was seated away, barely looking at me, and kind of had a red tint to her; plus I couldn’t get that smell out of my nose so to speak.

“Ashley, what is your deal tonight? Are you mad at me or something? You have barely said two words to me.” I asked.

As I asked this, tears began to well up in her eyes and I then scooted over to her to comfort her. She fell into my arms and says “I am sorry. I cheated on you.” These words may have well been daggers in my ears. I guess I knew the smell all along but didn’t want to admit it to myself, cum; and worse than that another man’s cum. We had gone to school on separate sides of the country and never once been unfaithful and here she cheats on my after all of this time. I had a pit in my stomach, and was shaking with the rush of emotions surging through me. However, the strangest thing occurred I noticed I was getting hard.
“With who?” I asked, and she replies tears fully flowing “The yoga Instructor. It was the only time I swear. I am so sorry, I feel awful.” “Well you must not have been feeling to awful, at the time!” I said angrily, and with that I walked to the bedroom slamming the door leaving her on the couch crying. In the room I was pacing, and my heart racing. I was in complete disbelief, my wife cheated on my after 15 years of being together. I couldn’t understand it, I had always thought we had a healthy sex life and we always tried to meet each other’s needs. Even more confusing though, is why did I get hard? In a weird way I was turned on by the situation, and I needed to know more.

About an hour later, I walked out of the room and woke Ashley up who evidently cried herself to sleep on the couch. “Just to clarify, this was a one-time thing?” I asked calmly. Sobbingly “Yes, I promise on everything I love. It will never happen again.” I then told her “Tell me everything.” Perplexed, Ashley looked at me and asked for clarification. I said to her “Don’t just tell me everything you to did, show me.” Ashley then said, rather matter-of-factly, “Okay. Sit back.”

Ashley got between my legs and began undoing my zipper. “Okay, so I did the class. I was the only one this wasn’t planned though I swear. I was going to just go to the gym, thinking it would be cancelled but he told me I could just have a private session. It usually costs more but he made an exception this time due to the circumstances.” As she is telling me this she is stroking my dick, as I sit quietly and she looks me in the eyes. She continues, “Throughout the class he had to physically position me, and after a while I guess I got wet. I am sorry but he was very attractive, I can’t control that. He was a light-skinned black guy, with good muscle tone to him. He must have noticed, because he began to flirt a bit. Afterward, he asked me to his office. We began to talk about the next class, when I noticed his dick. It looked real big, and I bumped it with my hand by accident I don’t know how but it happened. One thing lead to another and his dick was out.”

By this point I am fully erect, and am enjoying this whole moment more than I could imagine. “He sat down, and I knelt in front of him and then I sucked his dick.” With that, Ashley began her demonstration. She took my cock, and licked slowly from my balls to the head and back down again. Once she got back to my balls she began to suck and lick them and looked me in the eyes to say “This is exactly how I did it.” She then licked her way back up, and then engulfed my dick. She deepthroated me slowly at first, both up and down. Ashley would come off of my dick only to lick then underside of the head, and suck on it making loud sucking sounds as she did so. She then took it by the side and put her mouth on it and ran it up and down a few times and then twirled her tongue over then head as she began to take it back into her mouth.

I couldn’t believe my life at this moment. My wife just cheated on me and told me about it, and she is sucking my dick while not only explaining to me, but demonstrating to me precisely how she sucked her yoga instructors’ dick. I mean she was doing this while literally giving me the best blowjob I ever had! Ashley then took my dick out of her mouth to smack it on her face and tongue, and told me “He really liked it when I did this.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard, I almost shot my load right there. Ashley put my dick back in her mouth to finish me off. I asked her “So, are you thinking of me right now while you do this, or of him?” As I asked this she took my rigid cock to the base and brought her head up slowly sucking hard the whole time, so hard her cheeks indented and I could feel them enclose my dick. As she finished this, with a loud pop when she took my dick out of her mouth for a brief second and a slight smile on her face, Ashley looked me in the eye and simply said “of him,” and continued to suck me. At this point, this was beginning to become too much.

Enjoying my treatment, I was reaching the point of no return as my dick began to pump and my balls began to swell. Feeling this as well Ashley stopped and said “This is how I finished him. With that, she sat next to me and placed her delicate feet on either side of my cock and began to stroke. I couldn’t believe that she, knowing full well of my foot fetish, used her feet to finish another man off. This did make me kind of angry, but at the same time so much more aroused. For those of you who do not have a foot fetish imagine for a moment another man taking your wife’s ass or giving her a facial adds a whole other level of disrespect to cheating. For us foot fetishists, feet are something sacred and I felt like I was receiving the ultimate cuckold treatment. Ashley stroked me with her smooth soft soles. She finagled her feet so that my dick, which was so expertly lubricated, could fit between her big and second toe, her left foot holding the head and the right doing the same except stroking. I then got the biggest shock of all, something I didn’t even know she was capable off. She again placed her feet on the said of my dick and started to stroke, then leaned over and began to suck the head! I was in awe, heaven, the throws of pleasure and lust, and all of the above.

The time was now, and I couldn’t hold my load back any more. However, I had a dilemma I wanted to get the same treatment this man did but I also didn’t want to know any more. Up to this point, curiosity had truly killed the cat. I decided that I needed to reassert my dominance, and lay claim to what was mine. It dawned on me that despite, everything that had been going on she was the one that was truly in control. All the crocodile tears, and then the taunting in how she sucked me and telling me that she was thinking of him while doing it; she was the one in control not me, and I would have no more of it. I mad her get up and get on all fours and took her mouth back. I began to fuck her face hard. “Glurgh, glurgh, glurgh” were the only sounds to fill the room as I piped her face. This only lasted a few minutes to which I shot the biggest and thickest load in my life right down her throat, with a deep guttural sigh. Ashley took it wantonly, and moaned as she swallowed down my oral creamier while maintaining eye contact. I looked her so deep in the eye I pierced her soul and said “you can have your fun sucking dick. But, your holes and those feet are mine! Am I understood?” as I grabbed her ass hard with a thunderous smack as an exclamation point. She flinched and let out a sigh of pleasure and looked me back in the eye smiling and said “Yes sir,” and gave a loving kiss to my cock.

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