My afternoon with Hayden

This is one of my first stories. Everything in this story is totally true. Only the names have been changed. Please comment

It all started last summer. I was 16 heading into my junior year of high school. I was a big time athlete. I play soccer basketball and lacrosse. I was about 6 feet tall and had a good natural build. I lived on the beach and had a great balcony facing the sun that i would always sit out and tan on with a friend, usually it was Hayden

Hayden was as good looking as a girl can get. She was 15, around 5'5 tall and had a great build. Her chestnut hair flowed to her perfect C cup tits and she had a perfectly shaped ass that would fit great in my hands. Her body was naturally tanned and she knew it because she would flaunt her perfect body, usually in front of me.

I woke up early that day and checked my messages. Hayden had called once so i gave her a ring.
"Hayden whats up?"
"Mornin Chris want to go tan on the roof today"
"Ya sure see ya at 12"
The conversation went on and we decided to get lunch after.

It is needless to say Hayden was the thought of many of my masturbations. I new seeing her half naked would get my dick excited so i decided to wack off in the shower before she came over. I blew a huge load.

I looked out the window and there she was. She had on a blue halter top and a short white skirt with big white sunglasses on. God damn i thought she is so sexy. She came up and gave me a big hug and we went upstairs. We chatted for a little bit and then she was like "God i can't wait to relax" So i grabbed two chairs and pulled them over towards the spot that faces the sun. I took off my shirt and laid down before she stripped so i could see the show. Looking kind of towards me she slowly took off her halter top to show me her hot white bikini top that hardly covered her big tits. I could even make out her nipples beneath the top. Then she slipped off her skirt and turned so I could see her white matching thong bottom. God her ass was just pouring out the bottom and it was so great.
"Well how do I look"

I told her how amazing she looked and she just giggled and was like ah your so nice Chris. We were relaxing for a bit and then she asked me if i could put some tanning oil on her back. I was semi stunned because we never do this but then i got thinking maybe this is a good thing so i naturally obliged. She handed me the coco butter and laid down on her stomach. I first took in the view of her half naked backside and quickly got a raging semi. I poured some lotion onto her back and gently lathered it on. I took my time giving her a nice massage. Then i started at her feet and worked my way up her legs. When i got to her thighs I spent a lot of time there rubbing her perfect legs when she said
"Chris i hope you don't mind getting under my bathing suit"
I was barley able to say "Ok" because then my dick went to full mast. She spread her legs out a little so i was able to get right next to her fabric covered twat. I inched as close as I could to the panties and rubbed them a little. I heard her let out a soft moan as i touched her fabric covered pussy from the back. I went back to her thighs and worked my way to her ass. Since she insisted I went under the fabric a little. Then my dick kicked in and i went for it.

I took butter in both hands and just stuck them right up her bottoms. I got a huge handful of her ass and cupped it right in my hands massaging her ass and feeling her crack with my thumbs.
"Mmmhmm Chris that feels great"
I knew i was about to blow my load right there so I said alright done!
"Chris it feels so great when you do it can you do my front"

I rolled over and tried to conceal my boner as she lied on her back. I poured some butter and started near her toes. Again when i got to her thighs she asked me to go a little bit under the fabric. She spread her legs again and I got to get real close to her pussy. This time when i would get close and go back away she was letting out some decent moans. I could feel the heat from her pussy so coming from her right thigh i went down and went under the fabric a little. It was hot inside there and I felt a little of her peach fuzz. I did the same to the other size. By now there was a big wet spot right on her fabric and she was moaning every time i passed over the fabric. I poured lotion on her stomach and worked it from another angle. I went around her bottom then i stuck two fingers in from the top, worked lotion all around her swollen lips then i gently brushed over them
"O god Chris thats wonderful"

I worked my way back to her stomach and went up to her tits. I could see her nipples were getting hard and I knew she was enjoying this. I slowly massaged all around her titties then I went for it. Coming from the stomach I stuck both hands up her top and played with her titties.I cupped both C Cup breasts and then i focused on making her nipples harder than diamonds. In no time Hayden was moaning while i played with her tits. I could feel my balls swelling and I knew i would spray us with cum if i didn't stop there. So with one more cup i finally put my hands back on my own body.

"Wow Chris that was wonderful can i put some on you now"

I laid down on my back and tried to conceal my boner by putting it in my shorts waistband. It was no use though, my purple head stuck out the fainest bit. Hopefully she wouldn't see. She worked her way up my legs and when she got to my thighs she went up deep under my shorts and I felt the back of her hand go across my balls.I let out a moan and i bet she could her it. She did the same on the other side but this time she went up far enough so her hand pressed against my swollen member. She then positioned herself so she could work my stomach and she surprised me by straddling me. When she did this my shorts came down a little and about two inches of my dick was visible.

"Owwh what do we have hear"
She reached down and touched the head. It sort of jumped at her and she got a little excited. I could feel her wetness right on my scrotum and it was getting me hot.
"Does your friend want to come out and play"
She didn't even give me a chance to respond and bent down and pulled my shorts down farther. Now my entire dick was exposed and she spit in her hands and then on my dick. She started jerking me off and slowly i could feel myself getting ready. She knew based on my moans that i was getting close so she braced herself for my cum. I came all over her hands and some shot up and landed on her face which was near by.

"Wow Hayden that was wonderful your awesome"
"Your turn sweetie"

She got back into her seating position and took off her top. This time I could see her tits. They were wonderful. She had a small brown area around her nipples and they were hard. I kissed her deeply and we made out for a few minutes. Meanwhile i was fondling her perfect tits and playing with her nipples. After a few minutes of deep kissing I bent down and kissed her neck while again her hands found my hard dick. I stopped the neck kissing and then focused on her boobs. I took one in one hand and licked the other one's nipple getting some pretty convincing moans out of her. She was really enjoying it as I spent my time on both of her nipples.

By the time I was done on her top she was moaning pretty darn loud. Slowly while still cupping her tits i started kissing down her stomach. Still moaning when i reached her wet bottom i took my hands off her boobs and took of her panties. I got my first look at her beautiful bald pussy. There was not a hair in sight and I got excited to say the least. I started teasing her by playing with one tit and then slowly rubbing around her pussy. Her lips were real swollen and she kept giggling and calling me a tease.

Enough with the games and then i took one hand and slowly rubbed her lips. Her pussy was nice and wet so it was real easy to go back and forth over her lips. I had her lean forward and i got on the ground. I spread her legs and her pussy lips and i slowly rubbed her clit while i inserted two fingers into her pussy. She was moaning like crazy as I slid my fingers into her love canal, gaining speed each time I went in. Meanwhile with my thumb i was working her clit real good and her pussy was getting me and the chair wet. Her moans started getting louder: "Chriiss OH MY GOD THATS SO GOOD KEEP IT COMING BABY PUT THREE FINGERS IN! O GOD"
I stuck three fingers in and I knew she was close to cumming. I bent down and while keeping my thumb on her clit I started to lounge fuck her. I licked her juices and then I licked around her hole and shoved my lounge in there. It was great to taste the juices of a virgin. She tasted so good.
With that she blasted her first orgasm into my mouth. I didn't stop and I picked up the speed on her clit and she came minutes later right into my mouth. Her juices tasted perfectly sweet.

Once i had licked her orgasm juices dry and she had caught her breath she said
"O baby its your turn"
We started kissing again deeply while I fondled her boobs and then she focused her attention towards my rock hard dick. Slowly she jerked me off while she kissed my stomach. Then she played with my balls and slowly kissed around my dick. She started to kiss my head and then she took about three inches of it in her mouth. Slowly she put more dick into her mouth and her warm sensation on my dick was amazing. It felt so good I knew I would not be able to last long. She got about six inches in and started bobbing up and down on it sucking it like it was a lollipop. This girl could suck dick like a pro.
"O Shit Hayden her it cummmmsss!"
As I hit my climax she kept on sucking. I came right into her mouth and she never stopped. She sucked all of my sperm down and whatever got left on my balls she got some juices from her pussy, mixed them with my jizz and shoved it in her mouth.

"Chris lets fuck"

I did not need telling twice. I sat up and told her to sit up. We deeply kissed again and then I knew we were ready. I told her to come sit in my lap.With her titties facing me I told her to position my dick so it would go into her hole. She sat up a little and together we put my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

"Hayden this is going to hurt but after it will be the best feeling of your life"
"Chris just fuck me and cum all inside me and over me"

She sat down slowly and my dick entered her pussy. She was so tight. Her walls engulfed my 7 inch dick and it was amazing. Her hole was so hot it was probably the best feeling in the world. I felt my dick hit her hymen at about 4 inches in. I told her if she was ready to break it, it was going to hurt. She surprised me by taking all of it in at that point and i felt her hymen snap

She screamed but that scream was followed by quick moans. She was moaning hard and my dick was all seven inches inside her tight pussy. I pulled out and went right back in and with her facing me i could feel her tits and make out with her at the same time. As i felt myself nearing my climax i knew she was close too. She came first all over my dick and I pulled out. I started jerking off my dick using her orgasm juices as lube and then i came right into her face, on her tits and on her pussy. It was the best orgasm of my life. She worked up all the juices on her finger and then sucked it down.

We made out for a little longer and I relotioned her. I looked at my watch and realized it was around three o clock. I had soccer practice and she had work. We kissed for a little longer. Then i dressed her but i told her i wanted to keep her panties to jack off into. She said of course you can sweetie but I will be here tomorrow at twelve sharp ready for some more. Maybe tomorrow you can take my anal virginity.

Part two to come?

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