Ana is well cummed in the family - I

We were only 3 people in the house. Mom, Dad and me. But when I turned 18, we had a new member. My cousin Ana. She was staying far away in the south with her parents. But now they decided to send her to us for future prospects, whatever that meant. So my parents decided that she would stay with us. My father had his own business and Mom was working too so they would be out for most time of the day. She was actually my step mother.

Our house was big. We had four bedrooms (three on the first floor, one below). Living room and kitchen were on the ground floor. Ana moved to the corner bedroom besides mine. So mine was in the center while my parents and Ana's were on each side.

Ana had also turned 18 recently, our birthday's being 5 days apart. She was beautiful with fair complexion, brown eyes and hair. I had seen her when we were kids. Standing only 5'4, she was one of those short girls with hot ass. She had nice pair of boobs for her size, which sagged slightly by its weight. She was an instant hit among my friends and men around here. She was very confident about her and carried herself well even in revealing outfits. She already had me go crazy about her even though she was my cousin.

Another interesting aspect was that my parents were swingers. Though I didn't know that till I grew up. Sometimes another couple friend of my Mom or Dad would come to our place and after drinks, my Mom would accompany the guy to the room on the ground floor while Dad would take the lady to his room besides mine. I would of course be in my room above, if not sent to my aunt. I would hear the loud moaning of the ladies who accompanied him. Sometimes as I grew more curious, I would sneak out of my room just to hear it. I could also hear my Mom screaming from below.

Once probably they were very horny and couldn't wait so they all started in the living room. I watched a black guy on top of my Mom, naked, thrusting into her. Her legs were wide apart in the air while her boobs juggled as the guy moved in and out of her. She was moaning loudly while my Dad was on his back and a lady was on him with her face on his groin. His face was buried between her legs and it seemed he was eating her out.

Nor were my parents shy about their love making. They would kiss and fondle each other around the house. My dads hands would be all over my mothers breasts and between her legs. She would press his private parts and then they would either ask me to go to my room or themselves go to theirs which would of course be followed by loud grunts from So I had learned about sex very early. I had made out with few girls from my school but nothing beyond that. It was few weeks after my 18th birthday that Ana arrived.

Ana and I hit off instantly. We started being together all the time and were very curious about each other. I often checked her out and she knew it. She would bend away of me so I could get a good view of her hot ass, or in front of me so I can see her cleavage. Slowly our attraction turned physical. We started hugging and touching more. I would sometimes tease her by playing with her hairs. She enjoyed it.

Sometimes while watching a sex scene on the TV I would get an erection which made me very uncomfortable. Ana would just look at it and smile shyly. I could feel she was getting horny too. We started watching TV together, sitting besides each other, or putting our head on each others lap.

Once I was on the couch and Ana was lying with her head on my lap, legs spread wide, watching a movie. Suddenly there was a steamy scene which made my cock hard, which obviously touched Ana's cheek. She didn't move. I became very uncomfortable not knowing what to do. But then she just got up with a smile and talked about other things as if nothing has happened.

The next day things moved fast. Again I was watching a movie and she was beside me.

“I'm feeling cold.” she said.

“Should I check the heater?” I asked a bit surprised as it was not that cold.

“Touch my hand.” she said offering it. I did so. It was cold. I started rubbing her palm with my hands.

“Let me sit closer.” she replied.

And to my surprise, she sat between my legs, facing the TV, with me straddling her from behind. Her head was resting just below my chin. I could smell her hair. Her lower back touched my cock. There was a slight feeling in it. I kept rubbing her hand slowly pretending to watch TV. I was wearing a t shirt and shorts. She had a spaghetti top and short skirt. No wonder she complained about cold. I could see her cleavage over her shoulders. Her boobs were poking out of it.

All this made my cock erect slowly which touched her from behind. I started breathing heavily on her neck. My grip on her hands grew tighter. She pushed herself back on me pressing against my cock. I couldn't bear it anymore. I released her hand and slowly put mine on her right breast. She exhaled a long breath, closed her eyes and let it happen. I started to press it with my right hand and my left moved over her thigh just inside her skirt. She turned her face towards me instinctively, her eyes still closed. I moved forward and kissed her soft lips. Our lips were closed. We just pressed them on each others. Now I moved my hand to her left breast and pushed her closer with my other hand. I started thrusting my hard on on her. She slightly lifted her hips and settled back so that my hard cock was exactly between her legs. She opened her mouth and let my tongue in. Till then her hands were on her thighs but now she turned completely and put her them around me. We started to kiss full mouthed. My tongue probed her mouth licking her saliva. She was sweet. My right hand started groping and pressing her breasts hard. My left grabbed her big ass and pushed her groin on my cock.

I went down on her neck. She grabbed my hairs and held them tight.

“Ahhhhh. Oh my god!” She let out her breath.

Then suddenly pushed me back on the couch and removed her top. I just lay back and watched as she pulled it out to reveal her perfectly round boobs. Her dark red nipples were pointing at me. She wasn't wearing any bra. I couldn't get my eyes off them. She also removed her skirt leaving on her panties. Her short, curvy and full figure was very tempting. She stood there looking at me to proceed. I took the hint and removed my t shirt and shorts.

I pushed Ana on the couch and started kissing and fondling her. From her lips I moved slowly down to her neck, then between her boobs. Her nipples were hard. Then I took her right breast in my mouth and started sucking it. With my right hand I kept kneading her left, pinching and twisting her nipples.
She started moaning. Then I switched to her left and started kneading her right boob. Releasing them I moved below to her belly button and slowly went down and kissed her pussy. She was lying back still wearing her panties. She got up and pulled me back with my hairs.

But I didn't give up. For a moment we just looked each other into the eye. Without saying anything I pulled out her panties and dipped my head again between her legs.

“Ahhh. Mmmhh.” she kept breathing heavily. I could feel her stiffen a bit.

This was my first time. I just started kissing and licking the lips of her pussy. She put both her legs over my shoulders as I held her thighs.

“Ahhhhhh. Oh my god. Santi. Santi.” Ana started moaning. She called me Santi.
After licking for a while, I separated the lips of her pussy and inserted my tongue in it.

Wow. That feeling was just amazing.

I licked and bit and probed deeper and deeper. She was wet.

“Mmmmm. Ahhh. Ohhhhh. Oh my goddd. Go in. Go in more.” Her moans were growing louder. It gave me some confidence and I continued.

“Oh my god Santi. You're so good Santi. Ahhhhhh.”

I looked up at her. Her head was moving back and forth. Her hips also started to jerk up and down getting my tongue deeper. She closed her legs on my head crossing them on my back. She was out of control now, getting wetter. Her pussy slowly started releasing her juices. I was taken aback a bit but I was too horny to stop. My own cock was very hard and I just wanted to shoot off my load.

Finally with a loud scream, she pushed her hip up towards my mouth and came. My mouth was wet from her sweet cunt juice. I just got up and went on top of her and kissed, letting her taste it. She was still quivering. I was still hard and started thrusting on her pussy.

“Wait.” She said as I refused to stop. Pushing me aside and she got off the couch. I thought that was it. But she just looked at me and my bulge through my jockey. Suddenly she went down on her knees with her face near my groin. She pulled out my underwear to see my rock hard cock straight up. She smiled and just put her lips on it.

With her right hand she held my rod and started sucking its head. Her loose hairs were falling around her which she tucked behind her ears with her left hand. Then stopping suddenly she just tied them behind her. Now there was more urgency to sucking. Starting from my head she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her soft lips and her tongue licked and sucked on my rod expertly telling me she had done this before. Her hands grabbed and pressed my balls. I pressed her boobs and moved my hand over her back. Slowly I started to jerk my hips back and forth pushing my cock deeper into her. She chocked a bit, stopped, looked at me.

She just smiled and started again. She then went down further and took my balls entirely in her mouth and sucked them hard for some time before moving back to my cock.

Slowly my cock started to let out its pre cum but she didn't stop. Despite my pre cum sticking to her tongue she kept sucking harder smearing my cock with it. I started to feel a bit of pain in my sac. It was an indication that I would shoot off. I held her head hard and pushed it on my cock.

And then I discharged my first load into Ana's mouth. That made her release me and pull her head back. But I was not done. I kept shooting off my all my cum. It went straight on her face and her breasts. It was also dripping from her mouth. She just got up and ran towards the bathroom. I sat there trying to relax and calm down. Then I got up and took some tissues to clean myself and the floor. She came back having removed my sperms from her body.

We just looked at each other for a while and started putting on our clothes. We didn't say a word for sometime. I was still thinking about it all. This was my first time. I was wondering what was Ana thinking. My parents could have barged in anytime. I hadn't thought of that. I was happy they didn't. Just then I heard the the door being opened and in came my parents. I don't know if they realised some guilty looks on our faces but they didn't show.

We ordered pizza, had dinner. Everything was normal. Ana and me exchanged some glances and smiled.

I was in the living room reading a book but had a view of kitchen where Mom and Dad were. I could hear them speak.

“You remember Andre, he was transferred to my office last month?” Mom asked while cleaning the kitchen platform.

“Andre? Oh yes, that bull we met during shopping once? Who couldn't get his eyes off your boobs!” Dad replied.

“Hahaha. Yes, he is big isn't he. My, I haven't seen a bigger fellow yet.”

“What are you trying to say honey?” Dad said as he moved behind my Mom and pressed himself on her ass putting his arms around her.

“I made out with him. In the office. We couldn't resist each other. And I have also met his wife Maria. She's a hot bitch. So I spoke to him and he's interested in swapping.” She pushed her ass on him and bend forward slightly.

“Oh my god” Dad shouted showing fake surprise. “I was wondering why you suddenly brought him up.” He started to press her boobs furiously

“You seemed to have worked your charm, you naughty” he spanked her ass.

“Mmmm. Do it again. I love it. Well, lets say it was mutual. I fantasized about having his huge cock inside me from the day I met him and I'm sure he was turned on by me too. We flirted a lot which led to a bit of touching and groping first. His cabin is next to me. He just called me in yesterday and was all over me. I could feel his big cock pushing against me. I can tell how much he wants me. How much I wished we could fuck there.” Now she straightened and turned towards Dad who kissed her, while his hands furiously groped her boobs and ass.

“Yesterday? Well thanks for telling me today.” he said mischievously. “Let's do it. He's agreed to share his wife, Maria, right? How old are they?”

“Yeah, I asked him and he said they are into swinging. I was happy. He's 40, she's 38. You got to see Maria. She's exactly how you like. From what he tells me, she's a freak and ready to try new thingsand people. I'll let him know. Now we better do some warm up before tomorrow.” She said pushing Dad away and they both went to their room.

I was getting horny again. Ana was sitting across me listening to her ipod. My time with her and all this talk and their flirting got into my head. I was wondering what would she think of all this. Mom and Dad hadn't had any swapping at our place since Ana came. I thought of taking her to room before she hears anything further. But I wanted to hear it myself. Of course I was familiar with all this.

Few minutes later, Ana said she's going back to her room. I told her I will go back after some time. The sexual tension between us was obvious now. We could feel it by the way we were talking to each other. But it was obvious that this would happen. We were already getting close physically since she came here.

I watched her ass move as she climbed the stairs. By the time she walked back we could hear our parents grunts. She just stopped at the stairs looked back at me. We smiled and she went.

I put my book down. I was hard again. I thought of jerking off but my mind was occupied by Ana. I was already thinking about the night now. Will we do it again or will this be just one off thing. I wish I could go to her room and fuck her.

Slowly I made my way to the room. I switched on the light and was shocked. Ana was in my bed under the blanket. She kept staring at me and smiled. We could hear light moans from the other room.

I moved closer to the bed. She pulled out the blanket over her.

She was completely naked. I froze for a moment. My eyes moved over her body admiring the beautiful shape and sizes of her assets. My cock was hard through my shorts.

“Ana, you are my cousin. I don't believe it.”

“It's OK Santi. It was amazing. Did you like it?”

“Yes. Youyou're not virgin.” I said.

“No. I thought you would realise it. It was not my first time. Are you virgin?” she said with a giggle.

“Yes I am. When did you lose it?” I asked.

“Couple of weeks back.” she replied.

“What? It's only 3 weeks since you are here. Who was it then?” I asked thinking whether it was one of my friends who were crazy about her or someone she met around here.

“Uncle Ivan.” She said looking straight into my eyes.

“Uncle Ivan? Uncle Ivan?” My mind was blinded for a moment. “What??? My Dad? Are you fucking serious?

“Yes. In the first week after I came here. When you went for that Robotics workshop for two days. I was alone with your parents. We just did it.”

I just didn't know what to say. Suddenly it struck me.

“You mean Mom knows? She was at home too.”

“Yes. But never mind now. I'll tell you the details later. I just want you now. Badly. Fuck me Santi. I want you to fuck me.” she opened her legs as she said this.

That was it. I just threw out all my clothes and just jumped on her like a puppy having a meal after two days.

I kissed her hard and bit her lips. My hands went all over her, pressing her boobs and ass. My hard cock touched her pussy and she moaned. I kept kissing all her body and groped her hard. I went down and took her over me. I pressed her ass hard and slapped it. She smiled. I pulled her above so I could suck her boobs. I went over them like a baby sucking his mother. She held my head and pushed it on her boobs. With my hand I pressed her ass and put my finger in her asshole.

“Ahhh. Santi. Fuck me Santi. Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Fuck me. I want you. Fuck me.”

After sucking her boobs for a while, I put her down besides me and started sucking again breaking briefly to kiss her and going back. I was on my side. I put the middle finger of my right hand on her pussy. She quivered. Rubbing it slowly while continuing sucking and kissing her, I opened the lips and inserted the finger in her. She moaned. Her moaning grew harder and faster as I started to move it up and down gradually increasing the tempo. Then I inserted my index and ring finger too and started making slight circular movements. Leaving her boobs I buried my lips in her neck and started sucking it.

Her pussy was wet and getting wetter with my fingering. Soon my hand was filled with juices flowing out of them. She was jerking her hips up and down. Her hand held the top of the bed.

“Ahhh. Aaaaahhh. I'm cumming I'm cumming Santi I'm cumming Mmmmmm.”

With a final jerk she came releasing all her juices on my hand while holding my head tightly in her arms.

Her body relaxed slightly for a moment. But I didn't stop.

I went on top of her. Separated her legs and inserted my long hard dick inside her. I adjusted myself over her as she lifted her legs behind me. I began pounding her pussy. She started screaming in pleasure and pain.

“Ohhh. You're so big. You're so big Santi. Fuck me hard.”

I kept going deeper and harder with each stroke. The size of my cock made it go deep into her. My balls slammed the mouth of her pussy. She lifted her hips and I bend back a little to get better penetration. Her short full body was like a toy in my hands. It was vibrating by my pounding.

“I'm cumming Santi. I'm cumming” she screamed to her orgasm.

Finally I too felt a shot of warm liquid passing through my cock inside her. I continued stroking hard. And then my first discharge of cum went straight to the womb of my cousin. It just kept flowing as I stroked to my orgasm. I slowed down my strokes till I settled and fell over her. She embraced me tightly. After a while we cleaned ourselves, pulled the blanket and went to sleep naked.

I didn't wake up at my usual time of 6:00 am next morning. I had the habit of going for running everyday. When I opened my eyes it was already past 7:30. Ana was not in the room. I started thinking whether it was a dream. But I was still naked. I went down for coffee and breakfast. Mom was there already. Dad was out in the garden.

“Good morning. I'm late today. Couldn't wake up.”

“Good morning dear. You must be tired from last night.” Mom said.

I could just stare at her, surprised.

“It's OK Santi. We heard Ana's moaning. Got us horny too.” she came and hugged me pressing my head in her bosom and holding it there. She did that usually but today I felt something different the way she held me.

“Of course you've been watching me and Dad all these years. So you know what we do. Now you've grown and you'll get to learn some more. So how was your first time into a woman?”

“It was great. Beyond what I can describe. Especially with a girl like Ana. She's divine. Butshe's my cousin” I replied.

“Well, lets call her cousin. But I'm sure she told you about her and Dad.”. She asked. I just nodded.

“Anyway our friends are visiting us tonight so you know what we'll be doing. You can Ana can watch us if you want. I'll talk to her. Anyway, have your breakfast and I'll get other things done.”

I was going crazy. Me and Ana were being introduced to an incest and swinging lifestyle. And we just got into it easily. Just then Ana came down for the breakfast.

Being a Saturday, the day just went by leisurely with me not doing much other than reading or running errands nearby. But the thought of all I did yesterday and my conversation with Mom was still occupied in my mind. Finally in the evening, Mom's friends came over.

I was making out with Ana in my room. But we went down as the guests settled in the living room. Mom introduced us to them and we went towards the lawns outside.

Andre, Mom's colleague, was huge. Broad shoulders, standing over 6 feet, and strong muscular body, I remembered Dad describing him as a bull. He was also bowled over by Ana when he saw her. He just couldn't get his eyes of her body. She was wearing a low tank top, revealing her cleavage and jeans. She looked like a baby in front of him. He hugged her a bit more tightly than guests usually do.
Maria, the bull's wife, was really hot and beautiful too. She had an hourglass figure. Big, natural and firm boobs, wide hips, long legs. She was wearing a short black dress tight on her body. In short a perfect MILF. As with Andre and Ana, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Anyway me and Ana went to garden and decided to watch from there.

Our living room had a huge french window which extended till the kitchen giving view of the garden. Ana and I settled on lounge chair.

Mom went to the kitchen followed by Andre while Dad took Maria for the tour of the house. Mom was wearing a shoulder less short dress, short enough to cover her ass and her big boobs were almost popping out of them. Dad took Maria to the top floor.

The moment Andre and Mom went to kitchen, he just pounced on my Mom from behind grabbing her by the waist towards him. He started grinding his cock on her ass and pressing her boobs real hard. We could make out the intensity with which he was working on her boobs. She just started moaning slightly. He started kissing her neck and bare shoulders. She turned and kissed him on his lips and put her hand on his already hard cock. He was still pressing her boobs. I wondered the size of his cock and the fact that it will be inside my Mom tonight. They literally licked each others mouth while groping all over the body. We could see how much horny they were and wanted each other. This went on for some time. Just then they heard Dad come down with Maria so they released each other. While coming down Maria was adjusting her dress and hairs which indicated what she did with my Dad above. This was just a quick starter.

They all went to the living room and settled down. Mom brought wine and they started drinking. Mom and Andre sat a chaise lounge while Dad and Maria occupied the couch. They were talking among each other. Andre's eyes were on my Mom's cleavage. He pulled out his mobile phone and started to show something to Mom who moved close to him so that their thighs touched. They were watching and laughing while Mom pressed her knees on his. He bent slightly towards her rubbing his shoulder on her. Slowly he held her hand with his right and put his left arm around her waist.

Maria and Dad were on the couch facing each other. Maria was talking animatedly while opening and closing her legs and bending forward a bit as if to make my Dad hear what she was saying. He was hard, we could see that. All his attention was directed to Maria's body than her words. Ana told me she might not be wearing a panty. Well, women know. Maria glanced at my Mom & Andre and saw them getting closer and closer. Dad also moved close to her.

As for us, Ana was lying on me on the lounge chair as we faced our house. My cock was hard on her ass and my hand was already inside her top, playing with her breasts slowly. Nothing hard yet. As she was short her head was on my chest. With my left hand I put my middle finger in her mouth and started to probe it along her tongue. She sucked on it.

Andre now held Mom tightly, turned her a bit towards him and started kissing her. His hand moved over her thigh, she held his face. He started biting her lips and let his tongue inside her mouth. Meanwhile Maria had put her head on the backrest of couch and Dad was kissing her while moving his hand over her big boobs. Then he started kissing Maria's neck and went down to her hips and between her legs. She moaned. Lifting her short dress over her hips he buried his head in her pussy and started eating her out.
Mom broke her kiss and removed her dress revealing her naked boobs. She wasn't wearing any panties too. She went down on her knees in front of Andre, unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers. We were now staring at the biggest cock I had seen apart from porn movies. It was also thick. Mom watched it for a moment before taking it in her mouth.

Ana let out a sigh. “Wow, that's so big.”

“Yeah, you want it?” I asked her while slowly removing the button of her jeans.

“Oh why not. I wouldn't mind that monster in me. No wonder Aunt is so crazy. But now” she got up to remove her jeans and panties, “I want this.”

I got up too and removed my cargo shorts and briefs. My cock was ready pointing straight at Ana. I grabbed her towards me and told her to kneel down on all fours facing our house. Once in position, I inserted myself into her and started slamming her pussy. In front of us we could see Maria screaming and withering as my Dad ate her pussy and Mom getting deep throated by Andre. The cold wind was blowing outside but we were warm. I slammed harder and harder. The view of her big round ass was amazing. Her boobs were juggling with our movement. She pushed her ass towards me as I thrust into her giving me deeper penetration. She was screaming loudly but there was no problem of anyone seeing us as our house had wall fencing.

We saw Dad removing his face from Maria's pussy and almost tearing each other clothes out. He pushed her on the couch, gripped her hips and inserted his cock into her. She was half on couch and her legs were in air straddling him. She was searching for something to hold with her hands but couldn't.
Andre also took Mom into Doggy position and inserted his monstrous cock inside her. They were facing us. They saw us and smiled. Then almost at the same time Dad and Andre started to pound their women hard and fast. I continued the same on Ana. It was all surreal. Mom's expressions told me she was enjoying the big dick in her as well as the pain it caused.

I bend over Ana and held her juggling boobs. My cock was filled with warm cunt juices flowing from her pussy. Soon I came and once again filled her with my cum. I slowed down my pounding gradually and held her tight still keeping myself inside her. We looked in the house. Andre and Dad were still going strong. After going on for some more time, Dad came first in Maria. They held each other closely and watched my Mom and Andre. Soon he came too and emptied himself into Mom. I wondered how much of cum load he would be releasing. But he didn't stop. Keeping Mom in the same position he took a tube or something from the table nearby. He put it in Mom's ass. And immediately inserted his cock slowly in it. Again he started pounding Mom's ass. We could see her face screaming with pleasure and pain. Maria had taken Dad down on carpet in 69 and was sucking his cock while Dad fingered her. Ana pushed me down on the lounge and started to suck me too. This time she was hungrier than yesterday. Her lips and tongue worked expertly on my cock filled with her cunt juice and my own cum.

Maria and Dad were done with 69 and now she was riding his cock. I could see her huge boobs moving up and down with her movement. I thought I wanted her too. And I didn't know this would come true.

In some time Maria came over Dad, while Andre shot all his cum in Mom's ass. Now they all were kissing and fondling each other. I filled Ana's mouth with my cum. This time she took everything in her without spitting out. We lay on the lounge kissing each other deeply.

Suddenly we heard a voice. “Hello kids. It seems you had a great time doing it outdoors and watching us?” It was Andre. Mom was also besides him. They were still naked. We just looked at them and nodded. Maria and Dad were making out in the house. I could see Ana couldn't get her eyes of his cock which was hanging like a python. I was watching my Mom's boobs and hairy pussy.

“How about you guys come in? It's getting really cold outside?” He said.

“Sure.” Ana said still watching his cock.

Mom put an arm around me on my ass, pressed it. With other hand she pressed my cock and balls and asked “Still got some load for us ladies?”

Andre just lifted Ana with both his hands and said “Let's go in.”


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