This is a fictional story that does include violence and rape. If this type of material offends please do not read on.

None of my stories are intended to offend and I welcome all comments both positive and negative. Feel free to leave comments or if you prefer email me direct on with comments or ideas for stories.


The light shone through the bedroom window as Katie walked back into her bedroom from having had a shower, now dressed only in a cream fluffy towel that she had wrapped around her body and tucked it back into itself just above her breasts. Another smaller towel was wrapped in a turban style around her hair and there were droplets of water on her bare back. She glanced down to her dresser to see the single red rose and note from her boyfriend. “See you at 8.30!” It note simply said. Katie smiled.

Drying herself off she released both towels allowing them to fall to the floor and brushed her wet hair through as she opened her underwear drawer. Feeling in a sexy mood and looking forward to dinner later with her new boyfriend she rummaged in the drawer before removing a pale cream delicate lace bra and matching lace panties. Smiling to herself, she hoped he would like this, not too slutty but more feminine, should they end up in bed of course which wasn’t guaranteed. Katie suddenly thought that she might be fast-forwarding slightly. They had only been going out for a few weeks but she thought she could read the signals and expected that it was just a matter of time until it actually happened. Not that Katie was a virgin, at 26 she had had a few guys but not many and there was something different about Ritchie that she seemed to be attracted to. Giggling softly to herself she pulled out a packet of sheer black hold-up stockings and slid them one by one up over her slim shapely legs. Smiling, Katie stood in front of the long mirror and started to dress in a buttoned vest top and short skirt before applying her makeup.

All Katie’s thoughts were on the evening ahead when there was a knock on the door.
She peered through her spyhole on the door and recognised the building’s Janitor. Opening the door she smiled.

“That’s me away Katie! Just thought I would let you know since you’re the only one in the building!” Brendan said with a kind smile. “Have a lovely evening!”
It was true, Katie was the only resident in the tower block of 12 flats, the remaining ones were all vacant and new people were due to move in, in the forthcoming months, at least according to Brendan.
Katie smiled at the old man. “Thanks Brendan, you have a good one too!”
Katie closed her door and returned to her dresser. She continued to apply her makeup glancing at her digital clock that showed 1821.

Katie started to think again if Ritchie did want what she wanted. Yes some sex, it seemed like ages since she had had any but then she knew she wasn’t the type of woman to just throw herself at men. It took time with her and they had to be kind and considerate if they were to get ‘into Katie’s panties!’ Her cheeks reddened as she thought like that and reaching down she ran her soft hands over her thighs exposed by the short skirt.

She could feel the indentation of the lace tops of her stockings. Katie had felt her cheeks redden earlier in the day. At lunchtime in a caf?he had noticed two young men watching her. Her thoughts had drifted watching their eyes take in her slim form and rounded bum, her best feature according to old boyfriends. She had imagined them discussing whether she was wearing stockings under her work uniform. She grinned again at the thought as she finally applied her lipstick to her full lips.
“So what d’ya think Ritchie?” She posed seductively looking in front of the mirror as she spoke to herself pretending she was talking to him. “Like what ya see?” She giggled again.


It was dark as the 2 teenagers stood on the corner of the apartment block leaning against the wall. Leroy was 19, black, tall, slim and with cropped hair and dark eyes. He was also extremely aggressive to those that crossed his path and the natural leader of his gang! Well, his gang only comprised of him and his brother Ev, short for Everton aged 18. And there was also his mate Paul, who although being older than Leroy at 24 was not as hard, nor as clever, nor as black as Leroy or Ev. The reality was that Paul, being tall and wiry with broken teeth and thick eyebrows, along with greasy long brown hair was just a pervy bastard with a real weirdness about him.

Leroy knew he also fancied Cathy, another member, albeit a girl member of the gang, but she was Leroy’s busty bitch, so he could cope with that. Cath also knew Paul fancied her too. He made it so fucking obvious the way he leered at her but he just gave Cathy the creeps. But she knew that whilst she was Leroy’s girl she had him to protect her from the likes of Paul and any others that crossed her path. Other members of the gang tended to come and go but along Main Road (and all roads leading off it) was Leroy’s patch and had been for a long time. And everyone that needed to know that knew it and steered clear. Leroy’s reputation went before him and so rivals knew not to stray into his backyard without warning first.

Leroy swigged from a can of cider and waited patiently watching some people walking by on the other side of the road. Paul approached and the two men hit their knuckles together in greeting.
“How goes it man?” Paul enquired.
“Quiet man, quiet!” Acknowledged Leroy in an Afro-Irish accent.
“Where’s yo bitch tonight then?”
“What you aksing that for Man?!” Leroy turned aggressively towards Paul. “You know she ain’t invited tonight, we got a job I wanna do! Right??”
“No worries Leroy, Man!” Paul backed down. “So who is it?”
Leroy glanced down at his phone and waited patiently. “She was in the caf?oday, me and Ev spotted her and she’s gagging for it and getting it tonight!”
“Cool Man!” Paul replied. “So when we going?”
“When we get the fucking call, Man!” declared Leroy.
His mobile rang moments later. “Yeah?” Leroy said firmly then simply. “K!”
He closed his mobile and grinned at Paul and Ev. “Time to play bro’s!” His white teeth were shining in the dim moonlight.

Kathy didn’t hear the footsteps outside the building nor did you hear the crack of neither the glass as it broke nor the shards as they fell onto the soft carpet below the window breaking into smaller pieces. She was sitting in front of her laptop looking up details of the restaurant that Ritchie had booked for them, just to check it out. Other than the clicking of her nails on the keyboard the room and building were in virtual silence as Leroy, Paul and Ev made their way gently up the stairway seemingly knowing exactly where they were going. The light from Kathy’s flat shone out from the building like a beacon in the darkness of the tower block. The men approached silently until they were outside Kathy’s door. She was still oblivious to everything, save the typing of the keys.

Then it came. A knock on the door! Kathy glanced over to her clock. 1845! Odd she thought but then thought it might be Brendan back again. Without thinking she walked over to the door and opened it. “Bren………………..!” Kathy stopped mid sentence. No one there! Odd she thought. She could have sworn she heard a knock. Ah, well…………..back to the laptop. Kathy was just about to close the door when she thought she saw a light flash across the landing. And then what appeared to be a shadow flashing across the doorway opposite hers. She looked again out into the darkness. There was nothing there, nothing to see. Stepping outside of her apartment she hit the light switch on the wall. Nothing happened.
“God, not again!” She cursed as she thought of the amount of times the corridor lights didn’t seem to work. She looked out into the darkness again.
“Hello?” Her voice seemed to echo in the silence of the building. “Hello?” She repeated. “Is there anybody there? Is that you Brendan? Hello?”

“Oh well, hearing things now!” Katie said to herself as she turned back to her door and pulled it shut behind her. She started to walk back to her desk and looked down at her laptop as she sat down. “You are hearing things!” She smiled as her fingers rested on the keys and she thought of her evening and hopefully night ahead with Ritchie.

So engrossed in her thoughts she didn’t see the men and hardly noticed the warm breath near to her cheek but suddenly sensed that someone was near her. She turned quickly. “What the……………..! The hairs were rising on the back of her neck nervously………………….but no one was there. Now her chest was heaving as she felt her heart suddenly beat faster. Katie knew that whatever was going on it was unnerving her but there was no one in her flat, just her.
“Calm down!” She told herself firmly as she glanced at the clock. 1915.
But as much as she tried, for some unknown reason she suddenly felt a little frightened about being all alone in the silent building. She took a deep breath and sitting still tried to calm her nerves. She readjusted her position and started to type once again.

It only took a flick of the switch by Ev to cut all power in the apartment and darkness ensued immediately as Katie watched her screen suddenly darken with a popping sound, along with the entire room being plunged into darkness.
“Shit!” She whispered to herself. “I don’t fucking believe this!” She sat still for a moment allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness and night vision to set in knowing she would need to find her torch and ring Brendan at home to come and fix the problem.

Katie sat, with a mix of anger and frustration going through her mind as she tried to think of where in the apartment her torch would be, and this time she did feel warm breath on the back of her neck………………………!

The attack came quickly and silently as the arm closed around Katie’s neck from behind as she was literally dragged from her chair. In sheer panic in the darkness she tried to struggle but he was far too strong for her and desperation was setting in. She already felt weak and exhausted from the struggle. Whoever it was had dragged her from the chair across the floor before throwing her face down onto the carpet. Her first instinct was try to crawl away hoping that he would not see her in the darkness but before she could move he was on top of her and she felt him breathing into her right ear.
“Think of moving or screaming…………….!” He growled in a loud whisper. “An I’ll cut your fucking head off…………….!” Katie felt tears burst spontaneously from her eyes and glanced to one side to see him lower a knife onto the floor, the faint moonlight reflecting on the long blade.

Panic and fear took over and tears welled in her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She tried in vain to struggle under his weight before feeling the first slap come down across the side of her face. The second slap was much harder and she bit her lip as she cried out.
“Stop fucking hitting her!” The male voice came from the front as another shadowy figure walked into Katie’s line of sight looking down at her. His shape was silhouetted in the darkness. He squatted down in front of her and the man at the back grabbed her hair pulling her head up so she could look in the darkness at the other man through teary eyes.
“Relax!” He said softly, “an you won’t get hurt!” His accent gave him away as black but with a Irish lilt to his voice.
Katie looked up at him defiantly and angrily.
“We ain’t here for you!” He grinned. “You’re just a bonus!” On saying this he disappeared again. “Don’t fucking hurt her, you hear!” He called back.
“Well they might not be here for you!” The man on top of Katie purred into her ear. “But I know what I want! I won’t fucking hurt you, as long as you do exactly what I want!” He snarled again. “You sure looked pretty in the caf?oday!”

As Katie struggled beneath him she cast her mind back to earlier in the day and remembered the two teenagers ogling at her. It couldn’t be them, could it? She felt her arms being pulled back aggressively and a belt being bound around her wrists behind her back. She winced as he pulled it tight, the belt buckle digging into her skin. Moving off he pushed Katie over onto her back. She looked up at him in the darkness; her eyes now adjusted to the darkened room and saw a white man with long dark hair and dark eyes looking down at her. His face made all the darker from the hood he was wearing. He didn’t move for some time but just looked down at her but never once looking at her face. Then, he lifted his arms into the air and pulled off the hooded sweater.
Katie stared at her attacker in the darkness and could make out bruises and scratches on his skin. He was quite well built and had the look of a boxer that had just come out of a nasty fight. His left eye was blackened by a bruise and some blood had dried in his messy brown hair. He hadn’t shaven in a couple days and had some steady stubble that made him look quite attractive in a strange sort of way. No! She must stop thinking like that, Katie told herself. This was a description for the Police! His listless dark eyes were fixed on Katie’s chest as he grabbed at her hair with one hand and literally dragged her up to her feet. She squealed in pain as she almost tumbled but stood unsteadily on her feet.

Pulling her a few feet across to an empty table he pushed her face down, his weight pinning her in place as she felt his obvious growing member bulging in his trousers against her bum.
“You sick bastard!” She snapped back at him. He only laughed as she felt the palm of his hand come down across the side of her face in a sharp slap once again.
“Shut the fuck up, Bitch!” He snarled again as she felt his tongue trace along the edge of her neck and up to her ear. Katie shivered slightly at the wet sensation and it repulsed her to think her body liked the touch of the attacker. She tried instead to divert her attention to think of Ritchie. He would be in here soon. He would save her. She had no concept of the time but remembered the last time she had seen the clock it was 1915. That had to be at least an hour before? Wasn’t it that long?

Katie felt a hand reach around and cup her left breast through the thin vest top just above the fabric of her lace bra. His tongue was replaced by his sucking mouth as she heard and felt him embrace the skin of her neck. At the same time the sound of his kissing was interrupted only by the popping of buttons as they were broken by the ripping open of her top with his strong hands. She knew what was coming next but still gasped as she felt his hands maul breasts through the bra. Katie was horrified with herself as she felt her nipples hardening through the material and under the rough hands of her attacker. You’re not meant to be enjoying this! She told herself firmly.

She shut her eyes shut as she attempted to train her body to hate his actions but were finding it impossible to do as her nipples seemed to be responding of their own accord. She felt his firm hands pulling at the bottom of the bra lifting it up over her breasts exposing their pertness and pressing them against the table as he pushed against her. “Fucking relax bitch!” He said. “I ain’t going to hurt you and you will enjoy it!”
The tears had dried by now and never came………………. but the swearing did. “You fucking……………..ummm…………..bastard!” Katie growled hoarsely. “The second my boyfriend gets here, he’s going to fucking kill you!”
Immediately Katie’s attacker countered with his own story of her possible demise, with mention to the knife again. She decided it best to stop while she still had a life. She bit her lip instead as a big ran down her cheek.

Suddenly she felt her skirt was being pulled up at the back and her lace panties and hold-up stockings, worn especially for the evening ahead came into view.
“Fuck me, you dirty fucking slut!” Growled her attacker, as he ran his rough hands over her gorgeous bum cheeks. “You fucking deserve all you’re going to get!”

Katie couldn’t understand it, but the aggressive words were having the opposite effect on her as she felt her nipples harden again. Deliberately trying not to be aroused she bit her lip again. She could feel him fumbling with the fly of his jeans as he let them fall to his ankles. The soft fabric of his boxers now caressed the skin of her full bum cheeks and thighs. He stepped out of his jeans and kicked them off to the side. He used his body to keep her pinned against the table as he reached back and pulled out his swollen cock. He began to rub the tip up her leg and along the back of her panties against her bum crack. He used his free hand to wrap around her and stroke her stomach. Katie was starting to grow more and more uneasy as his hand began to lower his hand deeper and deeper until it snuck under the waistband of her panties. He told her in the most lurid way that she was getting wet, as his fingers probed her pussy. But as much as Katie hated to admit it, he was right!

His hand was now sliding back and forth quicker and harder under her panties and her legs were quivering, giving away the fact that he was arousing her. Katie now hated her body for allowing him to think she was enjoying this. He laughed at her sensing her enjoyment. His finger found her clit and began to rub it roughly. Her emotions were all over the place and feelings of both pleasure and fear were conflicting as he continued his actions with his fingers. It had been a while since Katie had had any sexual contact and certainly fulfilment and certainly this was not in the latter category but she could feel herself building up inside. She knew, whether she liked it or not, if he continued she would feel herself cumming but she knew she couldn’t let him know it. Katie bit her lip again and tried her best to stay quiet and poised but within moments her body was convulsing as she felt her orgasm rising.

But he suddenly stopped and the feeling quickly subsided as fear took over once again. But now Katie felt angry with her attacker for denying her what she had felt most awful about. And she was angry at herself for being angry with him! If his threat was real and he was going to use the knife on her this might be her last chance of any type of fulfilment! She felt drained and didn’t care what happened now.

Suddenly he released the belt that bound his captive and she thought for a brief moment that he might be letting her go. Instead he turned Katie around and dragging her over to a chair pushed her down dragging her arms around the chair as he did, securing them again. Her shoulders now ached at the unnatural position they were in. He walked back around and examined her body once more. She could only stare at him with the most hate filled expression she could give. Leaning forwards he tried to kiss her mouth but she moved her head to the side to deny him. He grabbed her face firmly and pressed his mouth to hers forcing his tongue to the back of her throat. She nearly gagged on him as he plunged his tongue in deeply. He withdrew his mouth and kissed her neck again. His kisses descended down her body until he reached her panties once more.

Katie looked down at him questioning what he was going to do next. She could guess what he had in mind of course. It wasn’t something that she wanted to believe. Suddenly he was ripping her pretty lace panties off and with a low moan of pleasure he lowered himself to his knees and looked at her damp pussy with a twisted grin. Forcing her stocking clad legs apart he spread them and forced his way between them before suddenly kissing her pussy deeply. Katie flinched as his tongue moved along the outside of her opening. He stopped again and stood up facing her. He moved to kiss her lips again but once again she refused him defiantly. The thought of him kissing him after he had just gone down on her repulsed her, but once again he held her face, forcing her to taste her own pussy juice from his tongue.

Grinning through broken teeth at her he knelt again and pressed his thumbs into her stomach as he held her against the chair. He wasted no time going back to his work of eating her pussy. She could feel each time his tongue drove deep in and her body shook. He looked up at her as he sucked on her clit. Katie knew he was looking up as if he was mocking. It was a look as if to show his victory over her will power to fight the pleasure. She was determined she wouldn’t give him that satisfaction and she was doing very well continuing to bite her lip. He had been down between her legs for nearly 5 minutes and was clearly growing more and more impatient. Katie could tell because he was biting her clit more and flicking his tongue harder.
“Cum for me you fucking slut!” He growled up at her.
But, now with a sense of pride and satisfaction at her level of will power, she was winning ……………………….at least up to the point when he brought his finger into action once again. As his tongue worked her clit, his fingers entered her. Suddenly she was no longer able to hold off as it became too much for her to take. His finger violating her pussy and his tongue punishing her clit caused her body to cave in to the most violent orgasm she had ever experienced.

She let out a scream and couldn’t help but close her eyes allowing her mouth to remain open to gasp for air. Suddenly there was a noise as two other figures burst into the darkened room.
“I said don’t fucking hurt her, you cunt!” Katie recognised the voice as the man earlier.
Her attacker turned. “I ain’t fucking hurtin her, Man!” He laughed, “Tha’s a scream of pleasure, innit?!” He laughed again. “Anyway Lee, you need to see what we got here, get dem lights back on! This is one hell of a slut you gave to me tonight!”

Moments later the lights suddenly came back on and as Katie’s eyes adjusted she saw two black men watching as her attacker leaned back looking at down at her.
“Fuck Man!” Exclaimed the taller of the two men. “See dem stockings!”
“Jeez Man, she is fucking awesome!” Said the younger teenager as he moving menacingly towards Katie. “Look at that gear she got on! Is that for someone special Bitch?” He sneered. “Or did you dress cos you knew we was coming?”
All three men started laughing.
“Well now seeing you like that, cunt, we all is going to be cumming!” Said the older black teenager with a serious look on his face.

Katie’s makeup was smudged with tears as she watched as the three of them take in the sight of her, her vest top ripped open, her once delicate lace bra lifted above her breasts and her hold-up stocking.
“Please?” She tried to smile. “Please don’t hurt me…………….please let me go?”
The taller black man walked slowly over to her, looking down at her and she immediately recognised him from the caf?arlier in the day.
“You is too perfect to let go, bitch!” He grinned. “We won’t hurt you, you just enjoy!” He turned to the first attacker. “Get her over that table!” He grinned. “I wanna fuck her…………………. now!” As he spoke Katie watched him open his trousers and produce a huge circumcised black cock stroking it slowly as he looked at her and she watched it grow and grow.

Tears started to well up in her eyes again but she now had thoughts of lust in her mind as she gazed at the hardening cock in his hand. She bit her lip again to try and remain in control as she felt her arms being loosened once again before she was being pushed down face first onto the table again.

The teenager moved behind her and suddenly felt his huge black cock pushed its way between her legs. The heat from the monster spread through her thighs as he continued to push towards her soaked pussy. Katie squealed with a mixture of pleasure and pain as she felt the head of his cock stretch her tight hole and force its way in. He continued to push until he was completely inside her. She was breathing heavily as tears streamed down her face but her pussy was still tingling from the earlier actions and pleasure started to replace the pain. He was pressing deeper and harder into her. Each time he pulled very slowly out and forced in Katie felt that the size of him would split her at any moment. She now couldn’t prevent the moans of pleasure from coming out of her tired used body as her nipples hardened and ached. The younger black man saw this and stood on the other side of the table with one hand on his own black cock and another tightly squeezing one of Katie’s engorged nipples.

With each plunge of the cock into her pussy her body rocked against the table as the teenager’s weight came down and she suddenly felt the familiar feeling coming over her again. His pumping increased and Katie knew he was drawing nearer as well. He was holding her firmly by the hips. His thrusts were becoming more erratic and she was reaping the same benefits as he was getting. She couldn’t help but open her legs further allowing him to penetrate deeper and he responded by shafting in and out faster. She knew she couldn’t last much longer although she didn’t want to cum. The idea of her getting off on all of this made the trauma of the attack much worse but there was nothing she could do. Her body was starting to enjoy this experience including the savage abuse it was receiving and although in her mind she hated it her body didn’t want it to end!

“Oh God! Oooohhh…Oooohhh…Oh fuck!” She gasped suddenly. “I can’t ….. I hate you!” This was all Katie could say as she was hit by another explosive orgasm sending shudders through her body. As he finally let himself go Katie felt his thick cock as it seemed to swell even further before exploding into her and shooting his cum deep inside. Suddenly he was pulling out and the black teenager who had been mauling her breasts and nipples so expertly was taking his place with his smaller black cock which was being forced straight into her sopping hole. Katie felt a tight grip on her shoulders and within moments she was feeling his young cock shooting load after load up into her to join the other mix of his friend’s cum and her own. He immediately pulled out and Katie felt the mix dribbling out and down onto her stocking clad legs. She suddenly felt him release her and she turned to look. Both black men had redressed but the original attacker was still naked and sporting a large erection.

He looked at her menacingly. “Get on your knees bitch!” He snarled. “I want you to lick the bro’s clean and then suck me off slut!”
With a look or resignment on her face Katie dropped to her knees and watched as the younger of the black men stood before her. Opening her mouth she took a black cock shaft in each hand and slid them one by one between her lips. Both black men then dressed again.
“We gotta be out of here soon, Paul!” The older black man said checking his watch. “You need to finish with the bitch soon!” They turned and left the room again.
“Oh I will!” Said the white man as he grinned at Katie, still on her hands and knees.
“Now do your thing, dirty fucking slut!” He sneered as he waved his rock hard cock in front of her face. Reaching out she watched as the two black men disappeared out of the room as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of thick cock in front of her. Reluctantly taking his cock into her mouth she began to move her lips up and down his shaft. He really seemed to be enjoying it. His grip on her hair loosened and his eyes were shut with his mouth partially open. It wasn’t Katie’s intention to be pleasing him, especially after the ordeal he had put her through, but the feel of his hot thick and very hard cock in her mouth, she was enjoying the moment, albeit reluctantly.

An ex boyfriend of Katie’s had sometimes referred to her jokingly as a cock-sucking whore and the best in the world at it. She hadn’t disagreed, instead just giggled. With the way that she was now feeling she started to think that perhaps he might have been right!

With a mischievous glint in her eyes she placed one hand at the base of his cock shaft and began to stroke up and down in tangent with her mouth. After a while she brought her tongue into the game and began to flick his tip of the cock as her mouth and hand worked his shaft. His cock head pushed against the back of her throat and she felt herself wanting to gag but managed to avoid this. Her hand twisted as it moved up and down aided by the lubrication from his precum running down the shaft.
“Tha’s so fucking good bitch!” He murmured as his moans grew louder and she knew he was going to cum quite soon. She immediately tried to pull away but he grabbed her head and handfuls of her hair. He was now pumping his hips and fucking her mouth violently as he forced her to continue, seconds later he moaned loudly as his swollen cock began to pulsate in her mouth. Seconds later the first shot of cum hit the back of Katie’s throat. She tried once again to pull away but he held her firmly. The second shot squirted in then the third. She knew she would be sick so she forced herself to swallow the hot cum. Looking up at him she saw how good it must have felt for him with a crooked grin on his face.

A feeling of anger suddenly crossed Katie’s mind as she thought of the way that he and his friends had used her like this. With his cock still in her mouth she suddenly felt in control and it was payback time. Pushing him forcibly back against her bookshelf, his cock still leaking in her mouth her hand shot up his thighs and she graspe

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