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Working in supported housing, it was my job once a month to go around to all the flats and do a " health and Safety" check.

Armed with a clipboard, I would have the keys to each flat in a big bunch, which I could use if no one answered my knocking or bell ringing.

Most of the flats were usually empty, people out to work or at college. One flat though,Flat 3, I was expecting to be occupied. it was rented by a guy called David, along with two other people. They shared the kitchen and bathroom, but each had their own bedroom. Knew David would be in because he didn't much care for working or studying, preferring to fund his socialising lifestyle with class b drug supplying.

If I found any evidence of drug use in his flat, I could set in motion procedures for repossessing the flat.
It was David who now opened the door to my ring, giving me a a secretive smile as he did so.

"Come in John", he gestured like a Bon host, "what can I do for you today?"

"Health and safety check, David so I'll need access to your bedroom".

"well, I can tell you now, I'm feeling very healthy, and quite safe now I have you here to protect me"

He liked bit of banter, usually with him doing the funnies though. "I'll start in the kitchen, maybe you want to tidy your room before I come in?"
"my bedroom is always ready for you to come in" he said, accentuating the "come" in the sentence, and looking salaciously at my crotch.
"Johnny, you have fucking great legs", he continued, "you ought to wear shorts round here more often"

I have to say his personal comments were intriguing me somewhat, and the fact that he too was sporting slim pale legs with a hint of soft blonde hairs beneath running shorts certainly stirred a movement in my loins. "I rather like yours too," I said, quite unprofessionally - after all, he was a resident in a hostel for vulnerable young people.
His vulnerability now showed as he got visibly excited, doing a little shuffle on the spot, and looking quite distracted in a cute sort of way.
"shall we do the bedroom scene first then" I asked, suddenly now in the driving position of the situation, so to speak.

He quickly opened the door to his small bedroom, well they were all small, owing to the number of rooms packed into the large building. The bedroom was made even smaller by the presence of a blond female in the single bed.
"my sister, lizzie," he said, by way of an introduction. To be fair to him, she did look a bit lik him. He was blond, slim and slightly elfin faced, as she was. She showed lovely white teeth when she smiled, and she actually sounded like him when she talked now.
"Dave had to let me stay, I missed the bus home last night" she preempted my opening question to Dave which would have asked why she was there. She then smiled again, and let part of the blanket she was holding up around her chest to drop momentarily. It was enough to catch a glimpse of one pert little breast, with a perfect pink aureole.
"oops," she giggled. She cannot have been more than sixteen or seventeen, a happy girl who was obviously enjoying life.
I turned to Dave, who was holding his hand over his mouth, shielding a titter.
"Dave, no overnighters, without express permission from the staff" I said resignedly, knowing that the rule was virtually impossible to enforce with a houseful of 16-25 year olds.
"sure John - please don't record this though, I've had a few letters already".

The letters he referred to were "warning letters" from the hostel manager, a series of which could result in eviction.

Aw, he was so cute, though. Only about 21 or 22, he did need the support this hostel offered, despite his acts of bravura.

"okay, but don't tell anyone I let it go - especially Shirley", She was the manager, and she liked to play everything by the book!

Lizzie now jumped up and planted a kiss on my cheek, in doing so revealing both breasts and a shapely leg which she had planted on the floor. Dave went to pat me on the shoulder, then followed through with a kiss to my other cheek.
There are times and tides in a mans life, as good old bill Shakespeare wrote, when you have to seize the moment. I now had two very attractive young people at my mercy, and willingingly too.
So, as Dave went to draw away from his kiss, I let my left hand glide up under his running shorts to cop a feel of his bare right buttock whilst simultaneously running my right hand into lizzie's hair on the back of her head and drawing her to my mouth for a proper kiss, with tongues. I could feel my cock bulging in my pants, an inflating coil of sexual energy needing to be released.
As if reading my mind, a hand fumbled with the front fastener of my shorts, then pulled at the fly buttons to unleash my unravelling hard on.
"mm, he's come commando" said Dave to his sister. She didn't reply, as I was still clamped to her warm wet mouth, and her right breast was now getting the attentions of my roaming right hand, offering up a stiff nipple for me to tease.
As Dave was busy sliding my shorts down my legs, my fingers traced his downy crack, my little pinky probing his anus exploratively. My shorts were now around my ankles, and walking was going to be difficult. It was best for me to fall sideways onto the bed half occupied by lizzie's beautiful body. Once I was down, leaving lizzie's mouth free to taste the head of my erect cock, I was facing her light brown abdomen below which was a wiry bush of sandy brown hair, decorating the tastiest looking pussy I had ever seen.
Meanwhile, Dave now stood above lizzie and me, minus his shorts but with his right hand stroking a quite beautiful erect penis. His pubic hair was darker than lizzie's, and his skin was very pale, though perfectly smooth and unblemished. He was a vanilla boy!
As lizzie's was doing a proper job on my stiff, hungrily sucking and licking it to heightened hardness, I thought I'd return the favour and sample her cunt with my lips and Tongue. Not wanting to leave Dave out, I reached up with my left hand and stroking his own hand away, wrapped mine around his stiff shaft and did a milking action on his tool. He put his hand lightly on my swaying wrist, an intimate gesture which conveyed his deep gratitude.
Lizzies cunt was wet to my licking, her clitoris getting such a sloppy nibbling from my lips and tongue that her moans were interjecting the sounds of her slurping on my prick that had hitherto prevailed. I revelled in the smell of her pussy, a salty, pungent maltiness, tasting quite earthy too.
Dave was feeling wet now too, pre-cum having formed at the eye of his man needle, which I tongued and rolled around his resultant shining cock head. Lizzie was liking me eat her so much she swung her left leg over my head. My face was now clamped between two soft but firm thighs, a cunt at my lips and a lovely anus levelly eyeing me. I had to let go of Dave, to allow my hands to stroke lizzie's soft downy buttocks, parting them now and then to give my Tongue better purchase into her oozing wet hole. Lizzie's hands now kneaded my knees as this helped her with balance too, but before long she could stand being a prickless cunt no more and tore her bottom end from my mouth and raised her dripping pussy over my haunches ready to plunge her hungry hole down on my slippery love pole.
Dave now hove into view again, offering his gorgeous chiselled cock to me. To be fair, it was an offer I couldn't refuse. As lizzie's slid her her tight love tunnel down my shaft and I felt the vibrant excitement of her incredible body, dave's cock received the warmth of my mouth and probably some of his sweet sister's juices too. As I worked his rubbery member around with my Tongue and lips my right hand found again his tight buttocks and downy crack. My pinkie was in his anus and stirring his hole as he let out the cutest boy moan and creamed me soMe more pre cum to taste before i let my left hand take over on his juice greased tool, all the better to pleasure his prick.
meanwhile lizzie had got up quite a rhythmic bounce going on my pole, and I could only marvel at the sight of her bottom slapping my hips and the beautiful delineation of her spine topped off by her shoulder length blond tresses flouncing to her beat.
I took dave's cock in my mouth again and watched his face whilst I tasted his cum. He was in his own world, head thrown back, eyes half closed. And when I got my index finger in his ass hole and teased his prostate gland, he visibly shivered with pleasure. "Oh fuck, John, you've got me bang to rights man" he uttered plaintively.
Lizzie now expressed herself verbally too. "Fuck me John , get up and fuck me hard". With this she bounced off me and turned around to face me. She had a wild and desperate look in her eyes, so I pulled her down on the bed at the same time spitting out dave's cock and rolling up over her. I hooked my arms under the crook of both of her knees, lifted her lissom legs into the vertical and eased my pelvis towards her centre fold.
As I positioned, she grabbed her brothers cock and said happy now," let me taste my brothers cum!" with that, she pulled him down towards her by his prick until she got her sweet mouth over his shining shaft. I now slid my own pleasure pole into her sublimely slimy cunt, watching the ensuing incest with a great deal of salacity. Fair play to Dave, I thought. They were both beautiful to look at then, him ahing and oohing as she lovingly licked along his shaft, lifting it up to nibble his balls all the while I am slapping my own balls against her buttocks as I pound her pussy.
His legs are taut and muscular as he holds position for his cock being serviced by his sister. I reach out again and stroke his upper thigh his hair slightly bristly there as I go against the flow. My other hand finds lizzie's breasts in turn. They are quite small, and when she is lying down they are only slight swaying mounds tipped with pink turrets on the contours of her light honey body.
As I continue ithrusting in a pelvic rhythm of sweet pleasure I can take time to enjoy the scene unfolding before me. Lizzie's mounds are rocking to my beat, and her mouth is pouting over dave's cock, occasionally releasing his member and hanging trails of saliva and cum mix between her full mouth and his glistening cock head. I lean forward slightly to cup his balls and jiggle them like soft marbles. Dave is now reaching a sort of climax, those gorgeous sinewed legs tremble and he starts jerking into his sister's mouth. The amplitude of thrusting increases all round, as lizzie's pussy is now squeezing even more urgency into my thrusting cock, whilst dave is virtually fucking his sister in the mouth no holds barred. Dave suddenly emits a very long drawn out grunt finishing with a " ughhhhhhh Sisssssssssss!". With this he proceeds to shoot gobules of spunks into and around his sister's sweet wet mouth. As I increase my shafting tempo of her now squelching pussy dave slaps his emptying love stick in the cum clung to his sister's face. She avidly with her red loved up mouth cleans up her brothers spunk covered prick, licking and slurping expertly I must say, like she has done this before, many times. Because I am now slamming her big time dave's cum is both dribbling out
Of her full mouth with some already chokingly swallowed. Her heightened moans and gasps along with her pliable pussy tremors makes me so near to cumming too I check urgently about where I can splash my load.

Where do you want it fuck like fuck now!

Give it to me John, I need a facial! It was Dave, lowering his head down on his sisters tummy, like she was his pillow. I'm so full to bursting my fruit juice I immediately pull my supercharged dick out of lizzie's fuck tunnel and let him have it between his lips. I am pumping chuck loads into his wet gob, over and up his nose, across his ears and his blonde tousled head is getting a spurt of sticky conditioner too.

I can only say "fuck Me!" as my spasms subside. he winks to avoid streaks of cum in his eyes, tentatively licking my ball cream from around his lips. Lizzie leans up and takes my lowering love mast into her mouth to suck it off so clean I can presently put my shorts back on confident that no more cum will drip down later onto my legs - that would take some explaining to Shirley back at the office.

After some spontaneous post coital giggling from all present, I pull my shorts on and take my leave, but not before giving Dave a warning finger to keep schtum. Both he and lizzie smile, and Dave says as I leave them in peace through the door, " look forward to next time fuck buddy".

Later that morning when I get back to the office at the front of the building, Shirley seems relieved to see me.
"ah Johnny", she says,"did you come across our friend david in flat 3?"
" You could say that," I said, "why do you ask?"

To be continued.

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