Voodoo slave part 2

I forced ash to hide in my closet until my parents went to bed. she softly sobbed inside. I told her if she screamed or was too loud I would force her to fuck her dog. once my parents went to sleep I opened my closet and found her in the fetal position. she flinched as I opened the door. "get up we have work to do." I said reaching down and jerking her to her feet. she let out a small wine but nothing more.

I was ready to silence her if she tried to scream as I opened the back door. "smart girl." I said as she silently stepped outside the night air hitting her tear soaked face. "come on and don't fall behind or else I will stick tree bark up your cunt." I threatened. she stayed behind me as we walked not slowing or even trying to get away as we went into the woods.

" Where are we going," she soon asked fear in her voice. I turned on the spot and pushed her against a tree. "please I'm sorry don't hit me!" she cried fresh tears in her eyes. "ill let it slide this time your learning to be a slave but next time I will punish you if you talk without my permission."

She nodded her head trying not to cry. "now come on we are almost there." I said moving forward. she kept her head to the ground as she followed me. we soon got to the clearing and I got everything ready while she watched. I opened the doll and put Britney's hair inside. I looked up at the clear sky. the moon was not full, but it was not half empty.

I pricked my finger and let the blood drip as I started my chanting. ash moved closer getting curious about how it worked. I finished the ritual and put the second doll in my pocket. "I..m..master?" I smiled as she said master. "very good doll what do you want?" I turned to her.

She was kinda squirming in place. "o I see well go ahead," she made to move to the tree line. "don't move." I commanded to the doll forcing ash to stand still. "I did not say to go anywhere do it right there."

She looked at me in horror. her lower lip quivered. I raised the doll as a warning. "you can do it yourself or I can make you." I released the dolls hold allowing her to move. she squatted down and started pissing. "good doll", I said moving to her and petting her head.

She jerked away from me and I grabbed her cheek and tossed her to the ground so her ass was in the air. "you should not have done that you dumb cunt." I used the doll to stop her from making any noise.

" You must be punished," she tried to stand, but I put my foot on her back. I told the doll not to move. I took my foot off and spread her ass cheeks open. I felt her body tense up. I placed one finger on her asshole and pushed. she shook her head in panic and pain as my index invaded her ass. "I'm gonna take this from you today it will hurt more than any of my spankings so remember the pain and learn from it,"

I spit on her hole as I pumped her with my finger. I slowly forced a second finger inside her and she started to shake. "if you don't relax it will get worse." I said spitting on her anus more. soon my fingers moved smoothly in and out of her.

I pulled my fingers out and she let out a sigh of relief. "o I'm not done yet." I said unzipping my pants. she suddenly was jerking her head around in a panic as I spit on her ass again and put my cock into place. "your ass is going to take my virginity be happy." I said as I slowly pushed myself inside. "o fuck your tight love it." she grunted and her body jerked under me as I forced myself inside her ass. her moans of pain sounded so good.

I was halfway inside when I got the idea to surprise her. I slammed the rest of myself into her causing her to scream behind closed lips. I fucker her ass deep and hard as she slowly stopped resisting and was soon thrusting against me. "see you are such a fucking whore."

She was moaning loud as I pumped her ass. as she got close to cumming I pulled my dick out causing her to moan in protest but also in relief. I pulled her to her knees by her hair and grunted as I shot my spunk onto her face. she snapped back to her senses as my first shot hit her lips. she tried to turn away, but it only caused it to get in her hair. when I was spent I tossed her aside put my cock back in my pants.

" Now stay there like a good slut and think about what you did to get punished and don't even think about wiping my cum off you," I said as I got a third doll from the box. this one was going to be Jessica's doll.

I did the ritual and turned around to see ash on the ground crying. her clothes and body were dirty.

" Come on its time to go we have a guest tomorrow." I gave her orders through the doll so she could not disobey. I told her not to tell anyone anything that I would not want her to. "now go home and clean yourself off and when you come back tomorrow wear your most slutty clothes. she left glad to be away from me. I returned home and went to bed or the net day.

I woke up to a tapping on my window. I walked over and opened it. it was ash she looked beautiful like I had not touched her. I opened the window and she crawled inside my room. once she was inside she got onto her knees and looked at the floor. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead. she looked up and pointed at her mouth.

" Go ahead and speak but first tell me what's with the change of behavior?" she opened her mouth and at the same time she started to cry. "master I did some thinking last night I don't want to be hurt anymore so I'm gonna try my best to be good please don't hurt me anymore." she pleaded.

I smiled and pulled her into a hug. "so long as you obey I will not hurt you but some of the things I do to you for my own pleasure will hurt, but it won't be out of hate." I said to her. she nodded her head. "I looked up a lot of stuff online master I know how to act." I nodded my head and let go of her. "now wait in the clearing for me and my guest." I ordered her. I looked at the clock. "my parents have already left for work so don't worry about being too sneaky." she got up and left the clearing.

I waited in my living room till I heard the knock on the door. I walked over and opened it to find Britney standing there smiling with joy. she ran inside and looked around. "nice place." she turned to me and smiled. "ok so it will be better to show you than to explain it so if you will follow me. " I told her heading to my back door.

She followed me outside and into the woods. "o spooky perfect place for making voodoo dolls," she said. I was going to love it when that joy was gone. we entered the clearing and the first thing that Britney saw was ash sitting on the long. "you really got her I can't believe it." said Britney in shock. "ash took some time, but I broke her yes." ash looked down at the ground with a depressed look.

"Ha, you stupid cunt that's what you get for letting your dog loose on me all the time. she said running over to her and smacking her across the face. she actually knocked her off the log. I quickly ran over as she lifted her leg to kick her and grabbed he by the back of the neck. "stop it only I can hurt my slaves." I barked at her. I shoved her back away from ash. "whatever are you going to show me how you make one?" she asked getting jumpy. "I smiled and at her and pulled out her doll. "yes once I get another hair from another girl,"

She looked at her doll her eyes wide. "wow the dots match my eyes. and the hair is just like mine." she said running over and reaching for the doll. "stand still and spread your legs." I commanded to the doll. she froze and spread her legs. "w..what are you doing?" she said looking scared. "I'm going to break you and make you my voodoo slave."

Ash walked up beside me. she pointed at her mouth again and I nodded my head. "can I smack her first master?" she asked. a smile on her face. "wait you don't need to break me we can make a deal instead." said Britney holding her hands out. I motioned for her to tell me.

"I will obey if you enslave someone for me and make her pay for what she has done to me." I was thinking her deal was going to be something dumb, but this was actually nice. "who?" Britney reached into her pocket and pulled out baggy with a hair inside it. "it's my older sister after my parents died she raised me, but she was mean and cruel I want her to pay." I walked forward and took the hair from her. I walked over to ash and whispered into her ear.

Ash smiled thanked me as she walked over to Britney. "Aaron what is?" Britney let out a scream as ash smacked her across the face as hard as she could. ash walked back over to me and got on her knees on the ground.

" I will make her my slave tonight Britney and so long as you obey I won't make you suffer, " she nodded her head. I released the dolls hold. "take your clothes off and lay on the ground." I told her. she quickly stripped without hesitation and laid down. I walked over and crouched down in front of her cunt and slid a finger inside. her hairless pussy was a virgin one. I slowly pumped my finger in and out making her moan and soon she was pushing up against my finger wanting more. I pulled it out and then pulled out my dick. "I'm gonna fuck you and you are gonna eat ash out while I do it," she nodded her head and ash walked over and took her skirt and panties off and sat down on Britney's face, "you will not cum without being told ash."

"Yes master," she moaned as Britney's tongue attacked her clit. I waited until Britney was focused on eating ash as soon as I thought she was fully into it I slammed my full cock into her cunt. Britney screamed loud as I broke her hymen." I did not wait for her to get used to it. I pounded her deflowered pussy hard and fast. "fuck fuck it hurts." she grunted her small body shaking with each thrust.

" Keep eating her cunt slave or you're really gonna feel pain," she quickly shoved her tongue inside ash's cunt. "o fuck can I cum?" she asked. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled forcing her to put her arms back to hold herself up. her cunt stayed connected to Britney's mouth. "no you can't, hold it if you cum you will be punished. same for you Britney." I said to them both.

Britney's pussy was making all kinds of wet noises as I pounded it getting closer to filling her with my cum. she suddenly screamed and I felt her body tighten up and her cunt had me in an iron grip.I smiled that she had come without my say so meaning I would punish her severely. I pulled out and walked over to ash. "swallow all of it." I ordered. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her to the base of my cock. her throat moved and changed at the sudden invasion. before she could get used to my cock I shot my hot spunk down her throat her eyes went wide at the amount I was shooting out. "I don't want to see a drop of that cum cunt." I barked at her.

She closed her eyes and swallowed it took three gulps to get it all down." open your mouth!" I commanded. she opened her mouth and I saw it was empty. "good girl." I turned to Britney who was laying in the grass a smile of joy from her first real orgasm. I walked over and yanked her up by her hair. she let out a scream and that look of joy became one of fear. "what are you doing!?" she screamed as I dragged her over to a tree. I forced her to her feet and put her back against the tree and spread her legs open.

I pulled out her doll . "don't move and don't scream." her body was frozen to the tree. "you broke the rule that I set so I'm gonna punish you, but you will enjoy this punishment at first then it will begin to hurt and you might even lose your sanity." I raised the doll to my mouth and whispered. Britney's body became tense and her eyes rolled back as she came hard from the power of the doll. "fuck I'm cumming o fuck. when her climax was over she was breathing heavy and her lips formed a small smile.

"I promise you won't like this for long. ash I want you to eat her out as I punish her if she squirts drink it and while you're at it." I pulled out ash's doll. "cum for me." ash had gotten to her feet but when my command was spoken she fell to her knees and grabbed her cunt as she not only came but squirted covering the grass with her juices. I turned back to Britney. I waited to ash to come down from her orgasm before I continued the punishment. when ash recovered she sat down with her head between Britney's legs and started licking and tongue fucking her pussy. "o fuck o god that feels so good o shit shit shit!" her body was shaking from the pleasure. "cum again." Britney grunted and ground her cunt against ash's mouth. "god damn!" she managed to force out. at this point ash slid two of her fingers into Britney's cunt while her tongue tortured the rest of her pussy.

For the next hour I kept her cumming sometimes she would squirt into ash's mouth. after the twenty-sixth time she was crying. "please I don't want to cum anymore please it hurts I'm so sensitive I can't take it please!" she begged. I smiled and walked over to her. I grabbed her left tit and gave it a hard twist holding it there. since the power of the doll kept her from screaming she grunted loud and jerked her body but it only made the pain worse. "will you cum without permission." I asked in a calm cold voice.

"no master I won't please it hurts i'm sore, please!" I looked down at ash who was looked back up at me. "did I say to stop eating her whore." I shoved my foot against ash's pussy and ground it in. "I'm sorry master!" she screamed before diving back into her pussy. I pulled my foot away and looked back at Britney, "you will obey from now on won't you," she nodded her head. "that's not the right answer try again. I twisted her tit more causing a high pitched scream her lips remained closed so it was not heard by anyone nearby. "yes master I will obey." I let go of her tit she moaned with pain as the blood returned to it. "good, but your punishment is not over."

her eyes got wide and she started crying harder. "cum whore for ten minutes." I ordered. her back arched off the tree and she was on her toes as a mind breaking orgasm shattered her body. she pissed all over ash. her body thrashed about cutting her back on the bark of the tree. make it stop make it stop master please I'm sorry I will obey I'm a dirty whore make it stop!" she yelled. suddenly her body went limp and she passed out.

if not for the power of the doll she would have fallen to the ground. her body even tho unconscious was twitching as it kept cumming. after the ten minutes were up her body was still against the tree. "release." I spoke to the doll." Britney fell to the ground. I saw the cuts on her back from he bark. an idea came to me at that moment. "heal." I watched as the cuts closed up. not only could the doll bring pain but it could heal as well. nothing I had read in books or online said anything about this. I could torture them as much as I want and just heal them if they were close to death.

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