Life under Sapna


I am Sapna, fair skinned, 35 years old. I make a modern day Indian wife with quite extraordinary attributes and leader of a firm which teaches the women of the society to attain empowerment. I am 5'8 with 34D, 38-28-36 body measurement. I am married to Rushabh, 36 who is 5'11 and has a bulgy physique of almost a working Indian man. We happen to be the parents of two children Neeta and Avi who are 5 and 7 respectively. It is the story of Rushabh getting caught cheating on me and how I being a professional empowered woman get the revenge of it by every means of humiliation and discipline.

I had my leggings on and was ready to leave for my morning workout. Rushabh got both the kids ready to drop them for school. I hanged out with my companions of the firm every morning and workout with each other. We all used to gather together for our workout session catching almost every men's eye in the scene. We did the light weight lifts followed by crunches together. We playfully used to grab each other's bust and buttock hardening every man in the scene, it felt so slutty at times.

I was home sweaty after the workout in a while. Rushabh hearing my footsteps rushed and kneeled on his knees on the floor naked with just his cock cage on. Grabbing his hairs, I made him follow to the bedroom and threw him on the bed mercilessly. I cuffed his hands to the bed, locking him at the place. I took his cage of his dick and mounted his face with my leggings on. I rubbed my ass on his ass hardest to wipe out all the sweat from it. I sealed my cunt to his mouth after taking my leggings down. I held his dick in my hands while riding his face. I stroked his 7 inched shaft harder while ass smothering him. I rode his tongue after then releasing on contrary to let him gather his breathe. He came few times following the jerkings I forced on his dick. I was just experiencing cum dripping cunt on every contrary for straight 15 minutes. I released Rushabh later to gather himself from the abuse he experienced. I wiped all of my hands and puss on his face and body to get it clean and put his cage on after a while. I sent him to the shower later to get ready for work whilst I had my kids' room cleaned. He was out in some time getting himself bathed. He had seven different colored and textured panties for each day of the week to put on his 32 waist over the cock cage. He had encased his masculinity in such a deep pit that it may require a high time devotion and hard work to get it back. It went pretty well till now.

It was the mid noon and i changed from my loose T's and Pajamas to the high waisted blue leggings decorated with the low cut brown kurti. It flaunted most of my side hips and thighs. I stopped by the school to get my kids home. I parked and didn't had to wait too long to see both my angels running across the gates to get to their goddess mother. I didn't ever felt like the bitch with my children, as both of them meant the world to me. We shared the ice-cream bowl, thieving the last share of the bowl Neeta had the victory roar over Avi and me. We accepted our defeats and headed to home after a running race to the car. It was hard for me even to realize the change of roles between my husband and children.

I dropped both of them to their respective tuition classes and left for my work. It was that part of the day when I had to do the firm work managing different meetings and gatherings. We were supposed to visit a female merchants organization in order to collaberate for a state intellectual society festival. I was always in love with different mini festivals to improve the society reliability especially women. While we got done from it, four of my friends namely Sushmita,Kavita,Priya,Neha and Aarti left for thr tuition as we were supposed to pick our kids. During waiting for them we did a little chit-chat about life and work.
Kavita started "Why does Sapna seems this energetic since a month?" Everyone came up with a little woo's tingling me from saying anything "I guess some changes in lifestyle."
"Does that mean sex life dear?" Priya exclaimed.
"Well I cannot explain that ladies, but as all of us make a family I can show you this weekend, just don't come with your kids or husbands I don't want to scare anyone." I said with a huge laugh. Everyone was unsure about what I said but agreed on the invitation. Kids came running down the stairs in a minute and all of us left for home after getting our respective kids.

Rushabh was home later in the evening from the work and looked quite puky, seems like a hard day but he just would have known it is going to get harder. He changed in a minute to his shorts and T's. I was preparing the dinner while Avi and Neeta were on the sofa getting their school works done. Whilst everyone was working, It was not quite a pleasant scene watching Rushabh sitting in peace. I have already prepared the sign languages of his slavery chores in the presence of my kids. I made the sign towards him and without wasting any further minute he did the curtains of the kitchen to resist his humiliation. He got drowned under the kitchen behind me to get out of the seen of the kids. He took my Pajamas down and worshipped my fine toned ass. He kissed deeply over my asshole and between my ass. Taking my hips up a bit I offered him my wet cunt. He started licking it taking me out of the comfort zone I tried too hard to keep my expressions stable. It lasted just a minute as I sensed danger and kicked Rushabh backward to make him fall on all his fours. I clumsily did my Pajamas back on while Avi entered the kitchen. He was astonished seeing his father on the floor on all his fours. I laughed towards the situation and tried to know the purpose behind him in the kitchen. He was tricked in some Math formula and had a doubt to clear. He was helped by his father in a minute before I can make an approach. I was very glad but it didn't meant he would have an easy time until I finish my dinner. I ordered Rushabh to look after the boiling veggies while I return in a minute. I went to the bedroom to get my filthy toy out of the closet and returned to the kitchen. I checked on kids' incoming, feeling comfortable from it I ordered Rushabh to get on all fours, taking his shorts and panties down I inserted the 4 inched butt-plug in asshole. He didn't lurked much as he knew making any movement from his knees can make his normal asshole size stretched following the 2 inched width of the plug. I announced so that Avi and Neeta can hear that.
"If anyone of you Royal bloods wants to ride a horse then its available at quite a cheap in the kitchen just C'mon yaa filthy Royals."
Both rushed to the kitchen to check their horse and just mounted on its back to get the ride. Avi let Neeta to go first and waited for his turn. I just loved the kind of gentleman's attributes of my 7 years old unlike his slave daddy. Rushabh crawled all around the house with Neeta on his back. He was precisely up to the task knowing that any mistake can make his ass hole stretched and ass bruised like hell but he also cared for his daughter so worrying much was not needed there. After Neeta was done with her horse Avi stepped forward. Avi mounted on his back and experienced the same ride. When Avi was riding my little girl could not resist her naughtiness and ran towards Rushabh to push him from his ass, her intend was to make the horse run faster but she didn't knew her push was on the butt plug whose movements made him moan harder. I was just trying to control my laugh but that was indeed what a slave deserves to get hurt by hook or cook. After their rides I asked them to get their hand washed and set themselves on the dining table while I secretly invited Rushabh to get his plug off as the fun time was over.

The kids were back in their rooms after the dinner. I sang some lullabies to them whilst Rushabh got the table cleaned and room ready for his last session of the day. Kissing my angels the goodnight pecks i locked their room from outside and left. It was necessary to keep their rooms locked as the scenes outside might get disturbing for them.

After I was back in the bedroom I locked it from inside while also locking my slave hubby into the chains that he prepared when I was making my kids go to sleep. I was back with my python whip to get the proceedings started. I swang the whip high in the air and dropped it on his cute bottom, he shouted hard but the voice was locked inside the ball gag fit in his mouth. I started to get fatigued after dropping the 10th on both the cheeks. It was red in abuse but that was not it. He was done and after unlocking his hands I ordered him to get the chains undone from the room and sent back to the closet where it belonged.

I made him lay on his back in the bed while undid his cock cage. Biting him on his balls I just made his dick experience the clear sucking after a long time. I sucked his dick harder while pinching his nipples harder. I undressed myself in a while removing all of the tops and slided the pajamas and panties down. I sat on his stomach and started kissing his lips harder. He kissed back and was delightfully accepted as I wanted to act a normal wife for a while. We continued caressing lips for a prolonged period of 15 minutes. It just showed how much he missed his normal life and its benefits. I held his dick and entered it in my hungry cunt. I just continued to ride hard on his lap while making him grab my boobs. I just continued to ride hard while shouted by slapping on his cheeks "Ain't I better than her you asshole, Ain't I?" He could not just hold on to my hard hungry jumps and shooted right in my cunt the amount of white gross his dick contained. "Oh how dare you?" I was furious at him. I gave him a rough facesitting after then to lick clean my puss and also as a reminder of who is in charge. Taking out the biggest 12 inched butt plug from the closet. I lubed his asshole while entered some of it in, making him stay there I stepped back. I came forward with three tight football kicks on the butt plug to make it get entered in his ass. He almost get caught in the hell when I remember something and get mad at him. He cried in pain but didn't deserved any better than that. I went to sleep making it stay in his ass till I woke up next morning.

The weekend was here and while we continued in our normal lives. I whipped him on random days while butt plugged the different sized plugs in his ass on his spare days, making it stay there until the sun replaced moon in the sky the next day. I planned Avi and Neeta a trip to their Nani's ( Maternal grandmother's) place while we can have our moment of spare. My ladies were here sharp at 12 in the noon as told. Before I can say anything Sushmita inspected the house from the ceilings to the tiles and said "I don't smell any new lifestyle here Sapna."
"Would you shut your cock sucking mouth for a bit Sushmita!" I said. A sudden laughter was spread all over the room.
Priya couldn't wait as well and impatiently sat on the sofa with her leggings' legs folded.
"Okay ladies first we will start with some exploring theoretically before heading to the practical counter part!" I just took the pen drive out of my television drawer and inserted it in the slot. "In case it gets offensive for anyone here just let me know I might find an alternative." Saying that I turned the first video on with the remote. It was a CFNM porn where a bunch of ladies were pleased by a naked dancing fella. Everyone seemed to quite enjoy that.
"Erghhhh is this is your new lifestyle watching porn?" Aarti asked annoyingly
"No baby just stay muted and watch!" I controlled the situation. I fast forwarded the clip to make it come to an end. It was the second video now 'An alpha dominatrix in leather dominating and whipping a worthless fella' everyone was filled with excitement after watching it. It included the whipping, face sitting and male ass pegging from a strap-on dildo rounded a rounded their waist. Kavita was left rubbing her body as she could not just take the ecstacy if the clip. I fast forwarded it too, I had to hear some dirty abuses from everyone present there but they were here more for the practical one and not this. It was the conclusive video now 'a group of perfect six ladies mercifully dominated on a single guy'. It included all the elements from whipping turn by turn to pegging his ass with all the six strap-on dildos. As I took my eyes off the screen all I could notice was a sudden silence in the room as everyone was so focused on the clip. I didn't waited a minute to turn the shit off before they get more in it. I heard the huge whys and whats in the form of complains for turning it off. Leaving my seat I asked "So now everyone would tell me the favorite part from all of the videos just witnessed" Everyone took some time to gather their thoughts.
"The strap-on" said Kavita "It was hot!"
"Well I always wanted to whip a man so the whipping!" mumbled Priya.
"I couldn't agree more with Priya!" exclaimed Neha.
"I would wish to have a dick for a while, want the feeling of thrashing a hole." said Aarti with a laughter.
Sushmita added in the end "no feeling better than face sitting" a sudden laughter was again spread in the air.
I left the room to get the required tools gathered. All were given their tools in a minute. They startled for a minute after seeing the different sized strap-ons and whips at the place. I helped Kavita with the strap-on around her dildo. She was in a full length yellow Kurti and dark blue legging. The dildo looked great around her waist almost oozing a classy woman portrait. Meanwhile Sushmita helped Aarti with the strap-on inside of her Saree. Neha and Priya held the whips in their hands. I asked them to get their tools ready while I whislted for the slave to come out. He was masked there with only slots available at eyes and lips, his cock locked with the steel cage and bruises on his ass. He rolled around the room while every lady in the room shook their heads in disbelief. I cleared my throat to explain the situation.
"Nothing is unexpected here as I knew how everyone would react and I'm not ashamed of anything happening. All of you meet my slave husband Rushabh who has been just introduced to his new lifestyle." I didn't sounded too pleased now.
"Why a sudden interest in the cold blooded lifestyle Sapna, what's wrong?" asked Priya.
"I'm just doing what none of you can't do, you have been working so hard lately in order to explain the women of the society getting empowered but never tried to adapt any of those in your own lives but I cannot stand the mistreatment. My husband here has not been treating our marriage right like all ya asshole husbands. He has been fucking his business colleague since 18 months from now and been exporting much business profits to that bitch. I came to knew about him from a secret mate of his work, no names would be exposed here but i decided to take actions immediately and this is the outcome apparently, this asshole wont even think of cheating on me ever." I dropped some merciless slaps on his face.

Grabbing him from hairs I made him lie across the table. I asked Kavita to step forward, she didn't looked too confident but to add to her confidence I powered the video again on the screen. She knew what exactly she had to do now. She lubed his asshole while entering the 10 inches in his man-vagina. She had her struggles but with the 5'5 height she couldn't manage to grab his hairs and peg his ass at the same time. Sushmita cannot stand her excitement and lifting his head through his hairs started rubbing her leggings covered ass on his face. The scene of women at work was just very appealing. I could not stand still there and grabbed Priya by her ass and starting deep kissing her lips. I laid her on the sofa while making out with her in the very intense manner. I started to finger her while sliding the panties down. Aarti came forward and started kissing my back neck while grabbing my ass. She slid my kurti down while grabbing my bra and undoing it wisely. She hiked my kurti up and bared my ass in a whisker. There was no stopping her from entering me with her female-cock inside her Saree. She fucked me hard from behind while grabbing my boobs and nailing them. Priya continued the lesbian act with me whilst I fingered her harder leading her to the orgasms. I could not moan from the feeling of the strap on attacking my cunt. Kavita was drained with sweat there and put a halt in her pegging and sat on the sofa. Sush was anyways ecstatic about the facesitting feeling.

I offered Neha and Priya my slave so that they can make the full use of it to serve their whimps. I offered them the cock cage key to do whatever they need to. Neha held him by his cock after unlocking it, whilst both held their whips in their respective hands. I was now left with Sushmita, Aarti and Kavita. I was approached by Kavita to embrace my body. Sush was taken by Aarti as to get Sushi her taste of lesbian play. All of us ladies kissed each other all over the place while grabbing each other's booty and boobs. All I could hear from the next room was the striking sound of the whip and skin, I just wished they used his ass as the piece of whipping sack. The lateral movements of us looked more choreographed as Sushmita and I buried our faces in our partners' pussies. We lead them to the orgasms while took the dildos in our pussies afterwards. Kavita fucked me in interracial position while I kissed her neck. Sushmita moaned harder while getting fucked by Aarti. She grabbed her ass through her Saree while forcing her to come harder in her. After half an hour of our dirty sides we were done and ready for the lunch.

We gathered in the dining room while I asked all of the ladies to have a seat m I left Sushmita standing as she had a special seat. I ordered Rushabh to get sticked to chair, he did as told and laid towards the chair on his back. She was also served with her face sitting whimp and my job as a host was done fairly now. She rubbed her leggings covered ass in his face at times as to cause a laughing stock. We talked about our next project while got our appetites served too. It proved to be a good weekend.

I made Rushabh to go through the slavery for over a year, while finally confessing him to get our relationship right and assurance to not to let any energy become any hindrance otherwise the result can also be getting a divorce with me claiming almost 3/4th of his property. I whipped,fucked and also made the ladies to use him on contrary. In the time I got my husband back due to the disciplinary actions and torture i made him to go through. I was a happy bitch now.

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