The Revengeful Search for The Bastard

This story begins with a man being murdered leaving behind his young fiancée Alexis, she is devastated, grieving and wanting answers. So she decides to take matters into her own hands to get the answers from the only people who would know, the underbelly of society, the gangland.


It all begins on the morning of her eighteenth birthday, she woke around seven am to the smell of freshly brewing coffee and bacon wafting into the bedroom from the kitchen down stairs. As she sat up in their king-size bed in walked her boyfriend Scott, tray in hand with a single pure white rose on it and her birthday breakfast of bacon and toast on a plate and a mug of milky coffee. The tradition they had begun doing for each other since they moved in together two years ago.

He was wearing a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers and nothing else just the way she liked to see her man, showing off his perky little ass and six pack. He was just over six feet tall, with a light tan, brown hair with a hint of natural blonde through it, blue eyes, chiselled facial features and always had a bit of stubble for her.

He was well built, good muscle tone as he worked in the security business or at least that's what he told Alexis. He had a cheeky smile but a heart of pure gold.


'Morning babe, happy birthday, your finally legal!' he said to her laughing about the end of his comment considering they had been living and sleeping together since she was sixteen and him twenty four.

'Good morning hunnie.' she smiled at him as he sat down next to her and placed the tray on her lap.

'There is an awful lot of bacon Scott, I won't be able to eat all of that!' she said persistently as he smiled to her.

'Just try your best and if there's any left I'll eat it' he laughed.

She took a sip of her coffee and said 'Mmmm just the way I like it' and started to eat a couple of rashers of bacon when she noticed something underneath the stack of bacon. She looked at him trying to read his face..nothing. So she moved the bacon out of the way to reveal a little blue Tiffany's box, her mouth fell open.

'Tiffany's! You bought me Tiffany jewellery?!' she squealed and started to kiss his cheek, neck and then finally lips.

'Open it Lexi! Hurry, I want to see if you like it.'

She picked the box up and carefully untied the blue ribbon around the box, then took the lid off to reveal a little blue Tiffany & Co pouch. Still unsure of what it was she looked at him with a puzzled look on her face, he looked back at her excitedly.

'OPEN IT!' he said impatiently.

Then she started getting excited, she opened the pouch and shook it until a ring fell onto the palm of her hand, a four carat princess cut platinum diamond ring to be exact.

Her mouth dropped open again in shock and aw. She tried to speak but started to stutter.

'Scccott isss this what Iiii think it is?'

'Yes!' he got down onto his knees at the side of the bed and took her hands.

'Alexis, you are my one, my only, my heart, my soul no one has ever made me feel the way you do baby. Will you make marry me?'

She looked at him in with a blank expressions and disbelief, she saw him start to think that she is going to say no, a look of panic washed over his face and beads of sweat on his brow.

'YES' she screamed at the top of her lungs, leaped up and jumped on him forgetting about the tray with breakfast on her lap.

He took the ring and put it on her finger, 'a perfect fit' he grinned.

'How did you get the right size?'

'I have my ways' he laughs.

She was straddling him on the floor next to the bed, he rolled over so she was under him and kissed her like he has never before. His hands roamed over her soft toned body like the first time they had touched. Up over her firm yet supple double D breasts, his warm palm gently grazed over her sensitive pink nipples. He hears her starting to moan so quietly as he goes faster over her nipples, she tilts her head back, raising herself up tight against him. 'This is my wife' he thinks to himself as they kissed with a new found passion.

As they are in the throws of a deeply passionate kiss Scott's mobile rings, he reaches for it but Alexis gets to it first and answers it a little out of breath.

'Hello, Mrs Scott Coleman to be speaking' she giggled.

'Put Scott on please!' his bosses’ voice demanded.

She handed the phone to him, making a face and went to clean up breakfast that was all over the bed, giving him privacy to talk.

'I have to go get ready for work babe.'

She jumped on him wrapping her legs around his waist as he tried to get up to go in a shower.

'No, not today you don't. I'm not letting you go! I want to spend today with my Fiancée.' she giggles pinning him down to the bed

'I have to go in, its only for two hours Alexis, you can go in a long hot bath while I'm away and when I come back I'll make it up to you, promise.' he said to her giving her the cheeky grin.

She huffed and frowned, 'Ok, but hurry back.'

He went and jumped in a quick shower, pulled on his black jeans, black shirt and boots. He kissed her goodbye and hugged her tightly, that was the last she seen him alive.


Alexis knew more than she let on to him as he thought he was protecting her from his job and the people he worked for by not sharing the details but she was more involved than he ever suspected.


Alexis woke in a cold sweat realising it hadn't been a dream and that it was so very real. She was dreaming about the night previous, she was on her boyfriends Kawasaki motorbike, in full black and red leathers, wind blowing through her long auburn wavy hair.

She had a samurai sword tied onto her back and a smaller version of it about the size of a dagger down the side of her left knee high black leather boots. Both blades had their first taste of blood on that eventful night, the blood still warm and wet as she sped away from the club.

She was on a quest, a quest for revenge and blood. To find the people who had, had a hand in her fiancée Scott's murder and she is not going to stop until she finds all the men who where responsible for it.


She moved to the side of their bed, letting her legs dangle from the edge, she wiped the beads of sweat from her brow with her fiancée’s t-shirt that she was wearing, still with the scent of him on it, she inhaled deeply as it was in front of her nose and mouth, she could still smell him as if he was still there beside her.

She pulled the t-shirt over her head and placed it gently on the bed. She walked towards the bathroom to take a shower as Scott's mobile rung with a number she did not know and was not saved in the phone, she slid it open without saying anything a male voice laughed down the phone at her and hung up.

She immediately recognised the laugh and knows exactly who it is and where to find them.


One thing they should never have done was to underestimated her and what she will do to avenge her beloved, her Scott.


Alexis knew that the phone call from the mystery man was only the start of thing to come, she found someone willing to help her on her quest for justice and the truth. Scott's baby sister who was the same age as Alexis was willing to do anything to avenge her brother's death. So one girl against the firm became two girls with a taste for vengeance to get justice and the truth.

Julez was about five foot tall with blonde hair half way down her back, blue eyes just like her brother's, about a 38B with brown puffy nipples and a rather dark tan against Alexis pale complexion. They were the complete opposite of one another so no man could say no to both of them.

Alexis knew where the mystery man was going to be for two full weeks, on board a cruise ship, the perfect place for Julez and Alexis to get their vengeance. No where to run, no where to hide. In the middle of the water for a full week so they could execute there plan with military timing no hick ups where foreseen.

Except for one.


Alexis gave Julez the money to go and book the cruise, they were going as lesbian lovers so they would not arouse suspicions as it is a swinger’s cruise and no one goes alone.

'The cruise of the Damned' ironically named for what was going to happen Alexis thought.

The cruise left the following morning so Julez stayed with Alexis that night to get their stories straight and to make sure they knew exactly what they would be like as lesbian lovers.

They started off an awkward kiss in the living room before long their hands started to fumble over each others bodies, kissing furiously, then off came their clothes leaving them with just their bra and panties on they headed to the bedroom, and then the heavy petting began.

Even though neither of the girls had been with another girl before they knew what to do and how to please one another.

Julez pushed Alexis onto the bed and crawled up between her open legs kissing her way up Alexis's thighs, stomach, breasts and neck ending up at her open inviting mouth, their tongues danced with each others, pulses racing Julez descended down to Alexis's bra reaching round and unhooking it, pulling it off seeing her breasts set free she put her mouth around her nipple and licked gently.

A feeling Alexis had missed since the death of her fiancée.

As Julez was working one with her mouth she worked the other with her fingers making sure they were as erect as possible before moving on.

At this point Alexis reaches around unhooking Julez's bra leaving them both with just wet panties on until Julez pushes Alexis's panties down and pulls them off completely throwing them over her shoulder, then standing up to remove her own.

She climbs back onto the bed and positioning herself and Alexis in a 69 position, Julez on top of Alexis, they begin to explore one another, rubbing clits with fingers and thumb, slowly caressing with tongue over outer lips and clit before sliding two fingers inside each others pussies at the same time as if they were alone doing it to themselves. As their fingers began to deepen and get more wet they both sped up putting three fingers inside and rubbing tongue to hard pulsing clit, it was not long until they both were reaching the pinnacle of their orgasms, before collapsing onto the bed together side by side exhausted.

They both knew they were ready for the cruise as they drifted off to sleep naked together on the bed.


They got a taxi to take them to the port at which the boat was docked, both got out the taxi wearing tiny sundresses one in red one and one in black with opposite matching accessories, sunglasses, wide brimmed hat, necklaces and rings.

They immediately held hand, fingers entwined like lovers do. This was not pretend this was a mix of emotions from fear to excitement, from anger to an eerily peacefulness washing over them as Alexis squeezed Julez's hand as she had spotted the voice in the rabble of the crowd, she looked up through her sunglasses to a penthouse balcony only to see the back of him walking inside as he shouted on a woman.

Alexis and Julez are shown to their room by a young porter who is carrying all the luggage for them. They invite him in to show him their gratitude but he declines and asks for a rain check which they reply yes. He closes the door behind himself and crouches down looking through the lock to see them kissing.


Later that afternoon the boat leaves the dock and the girls put the plan to the test. They head to bar where Alexis knows the man with the voice will be because he love to drink. Julez finds them a seat at the bar while Alexis orders two rums on the rocks as she here's the voice next to her.

She looks over to Julez wide eyed as the bartender gives her the two drinks she walks away from the voice.

End of part 1.

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