Amazing Night at Danny's Part 2

"So I see you two started without me" Danny said with a chuckle. "Yea i'm sorry Danny she was just so hot and ready I couldn’t help myself" replied Marcus. "Wait you had this planned this whole time?" Diana got up and said. "Well not the whole time." said Marcus. "Yeah Diana, we were going to ask you if you would like to try a threesome." said Danny. Danny paused, "Well would you Diana?" he asked. "you had me at threesome" she replied as Diana let out a smirk. "Well let's get started" Marcus said.

The boys both sat on the couch as Diana made her way kneeling before Danny.Danny pulled of his shirt as Dian slid off his shorts. Diana looked up at Danny and said " I wanna see all you're made of." Doing so she revealed that Danny was already hard, especially from knowing that what he has always dreamed of with his bestfriend Marcus, is finally going to happen.Diana slipped off Danny's boxers and Danny's cock sprang up quickly in front of her. She slid between the two boys and quickly took their rock hard cocks into her hands and started stroking up and down their soft shafts. "Your cocks feel great in my hands" Diana said. "It'll feel even better when their in your mouth." Danny replied.

With that Diana slid in front of Danny and lowered her head all the way down to the base of Danny's cock, licking the underside of it and her big brown eyes looking into his the whole time. finally she came 's cock and began circling around it with her tongue. Finally she pulled her mouth off of danny's thick member. "Wow that was amazing!" Danny shouted. "You ain't seen nothing yet" Diana replied seductively. Her head quickly bobbed back down on Danny's dick. Diana wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and rotated her wrist twisting his dick side to side as she continued tongue circle her tongue around the head in the opposite direction. While she contiued to give Danny his first blowjob Marcus crawled underneath Diana and began eating her out with enthusiasm. He stuck his tongue in and out of her warm pink pussy making it moister with each lick.

Finally Diana takes Danny's cock out of her mouth and Marcus stops eating her out. "Lets get down to business." Danny says as he slips on a trojan brand condom. Marcus smiles at Danny as he also slips on a Magnum XL condom. "Boys boys one at a time." Diana says with a smirk. "Here's the thing"Danny says staring into Diana's eyes, he continues "When we said a threesome, we meant DP." Diana's jaw drops. " You can't tell me your planning to put those two monsters in me at the same time, are you?" "Sorry that's the plan baby, me and Danny have wanted to DP a girl for years" said Marcus. "Are you down for it" Danny asked. "Just not too rough" Diana said softly. " No promises" Danny and Marcus replied together confirming what the were gonna do together with a wink.

Danny layed on the couch as Diana straddled on top of him. Danny slowly guided his hard throbbing cock into Diana's still tight and most pussy. Making it all the way down to the base of Danny's cock, moaning out a little "Ummpf" as she finally settled on Danny's dick. Diana rode on Danny's cock as he began bucking beneath her thrusting deeper and deeper into Diana's tight cunt.Soon Marcus climbed up behind her on the couch. He slowly guided his long brown cock into Diana's tight asshole. Her ass was almost too tight to fit Marcus' cock all the way in so he grebbed her by the shoulds and forced his member down into Diana's sweet pucker. The two boys began to pick up speed, pumping in and out of Diana and with that she began to scream, "Slow down boys, you're tearing me apart!" The too boys smiled as sweat poured down their bodies and Diana moaned with every individual pump. Soon the boys stopped heir humping rose to their feet as Diana still layed on the couch gaped by the 13 inches that were insde of her.

Diana had discovered new energy as she rose to her feet excited for wht the boys have planned next to do to her sexy, curvy, tan body. Danny had walked behind and gently bent Diana over who was now standing. Danny stroked his dick some then inserted his cock into Diana's newly stretched ass. Danny began getting kinky and started spanking Diana's ass until it turned bright red. But Diana had no time to say anything for it was at the same moment Marcus came over to her and stuck his cock down her throat. diana's body rocked back and forth as both Diana and Marcus pounded her moist and warm holes. Soon the boys took their hands off Diana and high fived above her body creating the eifel tower position as Diana took it from the back and in her face.

Danny laidd back down on the couch with Diana still on top of him. Now Diana did all tjhe work as she pumped her was up and down Danny's shaft. Marcus proceeded over to her and began to finger Diana's drenched hole before he fucked it one lat time that night. Marcus soon shoved his cockc back into Diana as he said to Danny. "This little bitch is starting to get good at this." Diana began to cum and screamed out "Yes, Yes! Oh my fucking God!" Marcus and Danny felt the flood of warm juices filling Diana's holes. Danny and Marcus' backs began to arch, they knew that feeling and what would occur soon after. At that moment they both pulled out of Diana and she kneeled down before them on the floor.The two boys ripped of their condoms and began to moan intensely as the climaxed all over Diana's face. Diana had caught must of the boy's cum in her mouth and swallowed with no hesitation, even scking their dicks some more to make sure she had all of it. The three teens laid on the couch sweaty and exhausted.

"You know what that smell is?" said Danny. "No what is it?" replied Marcus."Its the smell of a job well done!" Danny said proudly as he smiled at Marcus and the both winked at Diana. "Next time boys we'll invite my girlfriend Sara to the party." Diana said as s they all gave out a little chuckle.

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