Once Upon A Preggo Daughter


Tara was 11 when her father raped her for the first time. Buck had been fantasizing about popping his prematurely developed daughter for some time now. Finally, on a particularly bad day at work, he’d had a few beers before coming home with the biggest most painful hardon he’d ever had. Tara’s mother had been a good little whore but took off one day and never came back. Buck decided he’d waited long enough and it was time his daughter repaid the food and clothes he provided for her with some service for HIS needs. She was sleeping when he walked in and loosened the belt on his dirty jeans, dropping them down to the floor. He never wore anything under them and, being as drunk as he was, only cared about getting some tight virgin pussy. Without pretense or ceremony, he yanked off Tara’s bed covers and shook her to wake her up. The girl, who was used to her father’s foul moods that often ended in beatings, had learned the hard way not to fight or disagree with him – so when he barked at her to get naked, she practically jumped out of her clothes.

Despite his stupor, Buck couldn’t help but drool when he saw the young girl’s voluptuous body, her womanly curves, the large but firm tits she’d inherited from her mother. Without a word, he got between her legs, roughly spreading them and put the head of his large fat cock at the opening of her tiny unused pussy. Tara understood what was about to happen but knew that trying to fight him would be useless – and would undoubtedly result in far more pain. So when her father’s enormous fuckmeat pierced her hymen, stretching her pussy to accommodate his large member, she tried not to scream. She bit her hand, drawing blood as her eyes filled with tears. Buck started to fuck her mercilessly, pulling almost entirely out before shoving his cock back into his wailing daughter’s abused pussy. After what felt like an eternity to Tara, she felt him tense as he released a hot stream of cum into her hole.

Buck knew he had a good thing going – his daughter hadn’t gotten her period yet, so he would be able to fuck her bareback as often as he wanted. From that first night on, he made Tara service him several times each day and night, sometimes coming into her room and simply starting to fuck her while she was sleeping. Other times, he’s sit on the couch with a six-pack to watch the game while she kneeled on the floor in front of him and sucked him off. He also made her walk around the house naked and sleep that way too – one less thing to get in the way when he wanted to fuck her.

For her 13th birthday, Buck’s “present” to his daughter was to take her anal virginity. She was on all fours with her ass in the air, as he’d ordered her to do, and he simply spit on her asshole before rubbing his cock over it. When Tara felt the pressure in the most undignified place, she cried out and begged him to stop. Buck, whose nature was both aggressive and violent anyway, found himself even more turned on by his daughter’s pleading – and rammed his cock in as forcefully as he could. Tara’s scream threated to pierce his eardrum before she passed out.

After several years of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her father, Tara had become the most accomodating, pleasing and subservient girl. Her tits had gotten even bigger, much to her father’s happiness – which he expressed by pinching, pulling and twisting her nipples before he suckled on them. Where she had once been frightened and disgusted, Tara now craved her father’s sexual molestation. Once she had gotten her period, Buck decided that, rather than use a rubber and reduce his pleasure, he’d let nature take its course. Part of him was increasingly excited about the possibility of impregnating his teenage daughter and was surprised when, one day, Tara revealed to him that he felt the same way. She begged him to fuck her more often, bought an ovulation kit and read everything she could get her hands on to get pregnant. As it turned out, neither one of them would have to wait long: the second month after Tara’s first period, she was pregnant.

The bigger her belly and tits got, the hornier she was – and the more Buck wanted to fuck her. Watching his little girl scream in agony as she pushed the baby he’d fathered out of her womb was pure extasy for Buck, who was barely able to conceal a massive hardon in the delivery room. The baby – a big, healthy boy that she named Adam – was the perfect baby. He was always hungry, and when Buck wasn’t fucking Tara, he was watching her feed the baby before he’d take a turn and suckled on his daughter’s huge milk-engorged tits. Tara continued to stay naked at all times – she was used to it by now and enjoyed the liberating feeling she got from it. She loved Adam from the minute he was born, almost smothering him in her young motherly love.

Not three months after he was born, Tara was pregnant again. Buck was in heaven: not only did he get to fuck his 15 year-old daughter anytime he wanted, had already fathered one child with her and knocked her up a second time – now he was fucking his preggo daughter AND milking her teets whenever he wanted! Could life get any better?
And it did. Tara, who was a very bright girl, decided to make the most of her condition. After some opposition from her father, she bought a computer and started discreetly selling her excess breastmilk on the internet. The horny perverts who paid hundreds of dollars for a regular supply became a great source of income – and serious money started rolling in when Tara began selling her milk-stained lactation bras and her creamed panties. As her second pregnancy progressed, Buck bought a digital camera and started taking slutty pictures of his knocked up teen: side views of her growing belly and engorged tits with their large nipples hardened, detailed closeups of her swollen pussy lips. Soon more extreme pictures followed: Tara on her back, legs wide open and sliding a carrot in and out of her pussy or stuffed with a fat polish sausage that Buck had to cover in ky jelly to get into her; Tara’s cum-filled gaping asshole.


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