Beauty and the Beast_(0)

Hiding in the shadows he watched her. Her long, shiny, blue-black hair and pale skin illuminated by the silver light of the moon. It was late. Past midnight. He watched her make her way up the stairs, and fumble for her keys.

He took a swig from the bottle of vodka he held in his hands. His hands were trembling with anticipation. Excitement. His breath smelled of alcohol and his clothes smelled of stale cigarette smoke.

The woman had a cigarette dangling from her full lips, she took one final drag, before tossing it onto the slick, wet grass. A moment later, the door swung open, and she stepped inside. He heard her sigh heavily. She slipped off her shoes, hung up her coat, and made her way upstairs towards the bedroom, without ever switching on the light.

She wore tattered lace and black velvet. She was slim and attractive in her own way. A silver crucifix was suspended from her smooth white neck. Her lips were painted a metallic blue to match her nail polish.

He knew her routine. She would come home from work late each night. Then take a hot bath before falling asleep on the couch, her cat curled up in her lap, and a book in hand. It never changed.

She had no friends that he knew of. There were never any visitors. The phone hardly ever rang, and when it did, it was usually a wrong number or a persistent telemarketer.

She worked alone. A mortician. Side by side with cold, lifeless corpses. He guessed they wouldn't miss her. And he guessed that no one else would either.

He watched her from his perch outside of her window as she undressed. Her flimsy black lace bra and panties falling to the floor at her feet, revealing a pair of large, firm breasts and a clean-shaven pussy. Such a beautiful cunt, he thought. He closed his eyes and imagined himself down on his knees before her. Or perhaps with her squatting over him. His warm, wet tongue exploring her folds. Teasing her clit. Making her body writhe with pleasure. Making her come over and over again, before sliding his hard cock inside of her. Maybe even fucking her asshole. He could smell her. Almost taste her. His cock throbbed in his jeans. Not yet, he told himself. Be patient.

He slipped and made a small sound on the porch roof. He froze. Had she heard him, was she looking out the window? No.

As he looked on he saw an ink black tattoo of a bat on her shoulder, its wings outstretched, with beady red eyes, and an intricate tattoo of a spider web, above her pierced naval.

He watched her disappear into the bathroom. Listened to the rushing water begin to fill the bathtub. She lit some candles and sprinkled some scented bath oil into the water. His cock began to grow hard thinking about how exhilarating it would be to wrap the black electrical cord around her slender neck. To literally steal her breath away. He pulled the cord taut in his hands. The time was near.

He watched her sling one long leg over the tub, and than the other. She let her body sink into the warm water and closed her eyes. He stood there watching her for a few moments. He was amused. It looked like the lady was feeling a bit frisky that evening.

She began to let her hands roam over her body. Caressing her breasts and stomach. He began to stroke his cock, while he watched her take both of her brown nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeeze gently.

She brought one of her nipples to her mouth and began encircling it with her lips, while she allowed her free hand to massage her clit. She began rubbing it while she continued to suck and nibble on one of her big, brown nipples.

That's it he thought to himself. Get real nice and wet. Real nice and wet. So that my big hard cock will just slide right in.

Keeping her thumb on her clit, she inserted two fingers inside of herself. Rubbing her clit harder and faster, fingers diving in and out of her pussy. She brought herself to orgasm rather quickly. Exploding all over her fingers, than putting them into her mouth so that she could taste herself.

He imagined how wonderful it would be to taste her sweet nectar upon his lips. He watched her for a few more minutes, about to explode himself. Then it was time. He crept silently into the bathroom. He stood over her for a moment. Admiring her. Such a beautiful woman. Such a shame she had to die.

He took a deep breath before pouncing on his unsuspecting prey. Her nipples still hard like pencil erasers and her cunt still slick, and wet. He slipped the cord around her neck, and pulled.

Her emerald green eyes flew open in surprise. She gasped and tried to sit up, but he pushed her back down with all his might. She began to thrash about, her arms flailing and her legs kicking, splashing water about every which way. Soaking his white t-shirt and tight fitting blue jeans, with holes in the knee.

"Don't struggle baby, it'll be a lot easier if you don't struggle," he told her, a cruel smile spreading across his handsome face.

She began clawing at him and trying to bite him, desperate to free herself. To save her life.

"Stupid little bitch," he said angrily, as her teeth sunk into his hand. He pulled tighter on the cord. The poor girl couldn't breathe. Her eyes widened in terror. She knew she was about to die. Her large tits bobbed up and down as she struggled to free herself from his death grip.

He laughed at her. "There's no use in trying to get away sweetheart," he told her. He could smell her damp cunt. Smell her fear. He could feel her body trembling.

She struggled with all of her might, but she was no match for him. He was so much stronger than she. A stream of scarlet began to trickle from the spot on his hand where she had sunk her teeth. Watching her struggle, made his cock swell. He was in complete control. For once in his life he was the one in power.

Finally after a few more kicks, her body shuddered one last time, and she succumbed. Her head fell to the right, and her tongue protruded slightly from her mouth. Her hands fell helplessly at her side, and he released her, watching her disappear under the crystal clear water. Her eyes were as large as saucers. And her lips had turned blue. A thin golden stream began trickling from her cunt. She had pissed herself.

He lifted her nude limp body from the tub, and slung her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. He was strong, thick and muscular. His chest as hard as a rock. He carried her over to the bed, and laid her down gently. He stared down at her motionless body for a moment, before spreading her legs as far as they would go. Her cunt was still glistening. Her lips still swollen and her clit still hard from her recent masturbation.

"Let me see that little cunt of your sweetheart," he said. He parted her swollen lips and brought his mouth to her pussy. Tasting her. He ran his tongue along her cunt lips. Tongue fucked her hole, and took her clit between his teeth, sucking on it. Devouring her cunt. Still warm and wet. He loved the taste of pussy. He could taste a hint of urine, smell it on her.

Stopping, he stood and moved his throbbing cock toward her slack mouth and rubbed the head of it against her soft unresisting lips, against her pearly teeth then between her lips until he was fully penetrating her throat.

Unable to take any more stimulation he came up from between her legs. He wanted to be in her. To make love to her. He rested each of her legs atop her shoulders. And slid his hard cock inside her. Moving in and out of her, fucking her cunt, slowly at first, then faster and faster, with more determination. With more passion. She stared lifelessly up at him as he pounded her pussy.

He leaned over and kissed her breasts, and cold blue lips, while he continued to move in and out of her. And than he came. Hard and fast. Filling her to the brim, with a hot stream of his semen.

He lay there for a long moment to catch his breath, to recover from his intense orgasm. Finally, silently, he pulled his jeans back on and zipped then up. Looking down at her he stopped for a moment, then leaned down and kissed her once more.

"Thanks for the good fuck baby," he said. Then he turned and walked to the door. Pausing for a moment he looked out into the night, ears and eyes straining for anything out of the ordinary, then he was gone.

She lay there on her bed. Naked, cold and all alone. Helpless, spread eagle on the bed.

His insatiable appetite and overwhelming desire fulfilled, once again. At least for the moment.

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