You Will Always Have My Heart

My family and I are sitting in the cottage farm we have found somewhere south of Philadelphia. It is not safe I do not believe that those things can not come in. Theres a high fence outside and if we can be quite they wont hear us. We have food and running well water. Cold showers have become the norm. Properly best because its been almost a month since his hands were touching me. I close my eyes and remember one of our amazing nights together, so hot his hands, the crack and sting of the flogger, the feeling of his mouth all over me…..I open my eyes and I shiver, knowing I am wet again! Great. Were the hell is he? Is he safe? Did he run to his family home? Dam I don’t even know where that could be.

I go upstairs to my bedroom and I look again at the photos I had printed when it all went down and I needed to print as many photo of my kids and family as I could. I have a hidden box under my bed. I keep those pics of him and me and some love texts he used to send me. On the table besides my bed is my very dead iPhone. I stare at it willing it to turn on. 2019 and stupid Apple didn't figure out gown to have a life long battery, typical. There were so many signs that the world needed to stop it’s fury on nature and then it happened. The flu or whatever it was. Now everybody was sick and dying but somehow not dead. It was comical at first. Old people who used to sit in chairs and smell like pee, were standing and not needing the walking stick, they were walking around, sprightly cutie. No! They also bit the fuck out of anyone who they could get their hands on. No longer were they cheek pinchers who needed to remise about the world they lost when it was cool to send a telegram. Now they just rip your face right off and munch on it, like a piece of steak. Still the old lady who lived next door sounds like she makes more sense now! Her rambling turned into this raspy growl and at least she doesn't smoke anymore! I made sure she can not get to us. I cut off her legs.

I need to know. I need to find him. If he is dead then I will just have to live on. Every morning it is the same dam nightmare. I wake and it is that 5 second time that you forget that the world as you know it has ended and most of the population want to eat you and not in a good way. There is no power. Nothing. Couldn't even send a dam telegram! Before it happened. He used to send a text to me every morning, never forgot. “Good Morning, my sexy Pet Molly” It made my morning. It cheered me up. He is my everything. And every day now I awake open my eyes and touch my phone. It used to light up with the first 2 words of his text. I would smile and get up make my coffee and text him back. I couldn't see him every day, but he loves me and I him and we cherished the time we had together. Now open my eyes touch my phone….nothing and it all rushes in the pain, the lost, living completely terrified that I am seconds away from being chewed on.

Philadelphia is a short 15 minute drive in a car. Now I could take the car, but how are the roads. Most of them towards the city are blocked with the dead and the dead that are not dead. Abandoned cars. But I have to go. I can not wake up another day not knowing. I am the ultimate stalker. Anyone else would have said oh well he's probably dead and why the hell would go to dead invested city to find him.

Just me! Just Molly.

I kiss my children and tell them I am going to get supplies. They are grown ups now. We go over the safety rules. I tell them I will return as soon as I can. As I get in the car I spray a sniff of perfume. Well I’m sure he’s horny if he's alive! I turn down the street. Not too many cars blocking I can go around them. Shit, there a dead, ok keep going Molly, Breathe, I pass it. Phew. I look to my passenger seat. I have a big knife and a baseball bat. If you destroy the head it is dead. Ahead there is more dead but not near the road so as the road is clearer I up my speed. Such a lovely sunny day. Hot for March. I had so many plans this year. Ok so far so good. The highway should I take it? Or there is another road I could take but it may more congested with dead and cars. I take the highway. It is the way I know and since I can not use a GPS! LOL. I weaved and dodged abandoned cars and some but not as much as I suspected dead. The roads leading out of Philly are completely blocked I notice with a shudder. Dont think about now, Molly, just keep going, your OK. OMG, Im an idiot. I have to cross that fucking bridge over to Philly there will be no escape if the dead are infesting it. I see it up ahead. Lots more cars and some trucks and I cant see how many dead. I roll up the windows, and proceed with caution. Im almost across but ahead I see too many dead, too many cars. A big truck overturned. Oh God. Time to run. I stop the car some way from the crowd of dead. I grab some water and gulp down half the bottle and stuff the rest in my pocket. I bring one more bottle with me and grab my knife. I open the door of my beloved bug, shut the door and run. I look back to my little car. I dont think I will get to see it again. I dodge the dead. They seem interested in some new looking pile of yuck. OK. Where the fuck do I go?

I decided that if I get to his work area. Hell he may be there. Hiding with his buds. He sure loved his “boys” his group of guy friends I never met them of course. I was his little secret. He used to talk about them like they were his family. I have never really experienced long time friends like that. I think he may have tried to rescue them or go to them. From memory I run down the streets that lead deeper into the city. I see more dead. This is a dumb idea. Ok keep running. Thank god they can not run. Just grab me. Very out of breath sweat poring off me. Man I don't look hot sexy now thats for sure. I look around. I think this looks right. I know it was toward were the clock is. I scan the street. Start running. Yes. Market Street. Oh Yes! Theres that Marriott we stayed at. So sexy. We ruined the sheets that day! I came so hard. Ok there are many many dead milling here. I look around and I think I can see the store he worked at. I duck into an empty car so I can catch my breath and think just for a second. What if the doors are locked. What if heres not here. Where can I look. I suddenly feel so stupid for trying this. Dumb bitch he's not here. Why would he be? Hot tears roll down my sweaty face and I drink some water. Rub my eyes and take a few breaths. A couple of cars down I would be able to be right outside the store. Then if I can jump in a safe one. Ill be able to see if there is any life inside the store. I jump out of the car and run full pelt to another car. A dead almost grabbed me and I shook it off. Dived into the car in front of the store and slammed the door. Too fucking close Molly. I peer into the store. No lights of course. The store front window is cracked but not broken. I see nothing though. No life. Unless they are in some fucking break room in the back. I imagine him and some cell phone nerds sitting in the back room. Smoking up a storm of weed and he is entertaining them with his guitar. Almost oblivious to the hell outside. Typical of him. Always so calm and collected!. What would he say to me. Probably, Hello my Pet!

I look around me. Dead walking. In packs it seems walking circles, bumping onto cars some dead are alone. Some are actually still. Do they get tired or are they just bored. I smile to myself ha Philly looks the same as it always does. Full of dumb idiots stumbling along. Only difference is theses Philly goers don't have headphones in there ears and holding cell phones. What is the point of having a conversation with someone on speaker? I just want to tell them. Shut the fuck up, I don't wanna hear your fucking conversation! I stare at a dead not too far from my hiding spot. Its a man. A young man. Wearing a black jacket. Jeans. His hood is kinda up and I see a splash of brown hair. I try to look at his face but he is turned from me. I begin to look away to watch the others but before my eyes slip away, he turns and stumbles more towards me. Fuck can he see me? No they don't see to have sight so much. I see face because as he stumbles into the car in front the hood falls from his face. My hearts begins a beat that I am sure the dead can hear hear and I stifle a scream. The dead man has a sexy short beard and dead green eyes. His hair is spiky and oh my god, it is my man. He's here. He is outside his fucking store. I feel a blast of anger towards him. Why are you here? Why didn't you run? The pull to touch him is overwhelming and ….really? my pussy has started to swell. I want to run to him. I want to bundle him in the car and and do what? Molly he is a daed……..Can he remember me? Ok. Cant wait anymore I need to know. My man is standing slightly looking away from the car, he is looking at his store. Maybe he remembers. I get out of the car. and close the door. The other dead are not too near. The door closing makes him stop stumbling and he turns his head and look straight at me. “JJon,” I stutter. He doesn't move and looks aways slightly. “MMM..Master!” I call him. He snaps his head and looks at me again. Our eyes have met. Does he know its his Molly, his sexy Pet. Near the store there is another store front the window is broken and the door is hanging off its hinges.

He is standing and staring at me and he begins to stumble towards me. I allow him to follow me into the store. He stumbles in behind me. I look for the other dead to see if they have noticed us. No they are not looking. I lead him to the back part of the store where there is another store room. What am I doing? I just want to look at him. I close the door behind us. He stands looking at me. He looks like he is smelling the air. He doesn't try to grab me. He knows me. He smells strongly of weed. He also smells damp kind of. The weed must help him be calm. What is this place anyways. Oh how funny I led him to a mattress store! There are mattresses piled on the floor. Looks like a some time someone had sheltered here. There is some coke cans full and empty. Some clothes.

I walk slowly towards him. Like he is a wounded animal. I watch his face. His eyes are watching me. As I get closer he starts to make a growling sound in his throat. Man it makes me hot wet and terrified. I’m in front of him. He reaches his hands out like to grab me. I grab his hands and hold them. He feels very cold and clammy. Our eyes have locked and I know he isn't supposed to have brain life but he knows me. He would have ripped me to shreds if not. He raises his head again like he's sniffing the air. Ok here goes……”Master its Molly, its your sweet Molly” He looks at me and growls louder. I say, “Master its Molly, Your Molly” and he stops growling. I smell him. He smells weird. But also like him. My whole body is waking up. I stand closer and he lifts his arm with my hand holding it. Oh, please don’t kill me master I think. But my arm is now level with his mouth. I say “Master, please do not hurt Molly.” He looks at my arm and looks at me. I think is he conflicted! Yes, I knew it. they are not brain dead completely. He runs his tongue over my wrist. I say “Master, Love Molly, Master you love Molly.” He looks into my eyes and I see something, his look. That sexy look. He doesn't bite. He just licks. I lean in closer to him, our mouths almost touching, he starts to growls and like he is going to bite. “SHHHH Master, you love molly, You LOVE MOLLY.” I pronounce each word. He stop growing. I kiss his face and his neck. HMMM still cold and smells weird but also like him.

Master suddenly wraps both his arms around me and I am pinned to him. Oh help. I’m wearing a thin T shirt, no bra. Master drags his hand up to my hair and grabs a handful of hair and pulls my head back, exposing my neck to him. I brace, I’m going to die and I am so turned on. Master starts to growl but the growl is not so dead like. He then sniffs at my neck and I feel his mouth. Did he kiss me? Then his other hand is grabbing at me. But not like he’s killing me like he’s touching me. His hand finds my tits and he seems like some recognition hits him and he stops grabbing and looks at me. I say “Yes Master, Im your Molly.” He growls but more of a lust full growl, his hands grab at the front of my t-shirt and he pulls at it. The t-shirt starts to rip and then there is flesh he is grabbing squeezing and scratching at. Its painful but good like we used to play before. We fucked rough before. Blood lust. BDSM. Beating. I loved it. All of it. Master bucks his head towards my tits and It sends me off balance. Im falling and he's falling. OH Fuck. The mattress has saved my fall, but master falls almost on to me. I wriggle away from him and in quick movement I jump on top of him and push he hands up and into the mattress. This was my favorite way to fuck him. Master looked surprised if a deadman can look surprised. He’s looking at me again. I look down and see my tits are exposed and there are scratch marks all over them. Huh, doesn't hurt. I cant help myself. I lean down and kiss his mouth very quickly. He snaps at my face. I say “No master its Molly. Molly, Molly.” I lean over him still holding his hands and allow my tits to fall in his face. He snaps again and I say, “No,” he growls and seems to open his mouth slower so I rub my nipple near his mouth. He licks at it, so I let him have a little more. He’s licking and Im getting wetter and I moan. The sound startles him I think because he growls and somehow I have lost hold oh his hands and he grabs me fast. He has a grip on my forearms. I say “Please Master….” He stops growling and sits up. We are kind of tangled and I slide back and oh shit he’s on me and his mouth is on my neck. Licking but I feel his teeth too. I push him up off me and say “Master its Molly” and he’s looking down at me. I move my hands down to my shorts and his eyes follow, I undo the buttons on my shorts and his eyes are fixed on the flesh and little white panties I am exposing to him. I am so turned on my pussy is throbbing and I have lost the will to be scared. He leans his mouth to my tits and begins tasting again but OUCH he bit a little I try not to over react. I don’t want to make him frenzied, but I look down and I see blood and his mouth licking and he bit again. But the pain was a pleasure as well. Oh no! what now, Masters mouth is moving down down to the top of my shorts. I brace no no no I don’t want my insides ripped out. Ive seen the zombie shows! But master seems to have control a little, maybe it was the blood. His hands grabbed at my shorts and they rip and he is ripping more and more and growls loud and I feel scared. I”m laying perfectly still ripped T-shirt mostly off and bleeding tits. I scoot up the mattress so master is not at my belly and now between my legs. I dip my fingers inside my pussy lips. I am so wet. I bring my fingers to his mouth and he grabs my hand and now my fingers and most of my hand is in his mouth. But he is sucking very hard but sucking. I pull my fingers aways and arch my back so my pussy is closer to his mouth. His eyes slowly fix and he growls and lowers his head and oh yes yes his mouth is licking fast. Like he’s so hungry, his mouth is biting not hard but pulling my lips into his mouth. Oh My, I’m building, I need to cum! I yelp a little and he stops still and raises his head and looks at me, mouth dripping with his spit and my juices. I say “Please Master Please make Molly cum.” Masters head dips back down and the licking and sucking begins again I am building maybe I can cum with out making a noise. I start to cum and he's growling and sucking harder and oh he's biting and he brings his head back up and I see lots of blood and he's chewing, on what?? And then I feel the burning pain at my pussy and I look down and he has bitten me all over. Master leans more over me and licks at my belly and I brace and he does this time bite, but not too rough and it hurts but at the same time time, I like it. He's moving so he's more on top of me and mouthing on my tits and bites and bites and Im cumming again and he moves up to my neck and I am just lost in the pleasure and pain. My hand are by my side and I feel wet and warm fluid pooling by my sides flowing. I bring up my hand and see it is dripping in blood. And then he bites into my neck and this time I know its not good to let him continue, but I didn't feel pain. His body is all on me and yes sick of me but I reach down and find his jeans. Soon as I pull the buttons he stops biting and looks back up at me. But he looks less grey and dead color in his cheeks and those very cold dead eyes are brighter. Does my blood heal him? I think I could be dying and I don’t care I find the zip and push down his jeans a little and find his dead cock. Except its not dead, its hard and a little warmer. He growls again and this time he sounded more like him. I look at his face and he’s looking at me and its like we have that connection again. I push his cock between my legs and the burning pain sears but he pushes harder and his cock slips inside me. He falls back on to me and he’s is fucking me. How, he must remember. He’s biting and I see him but my eyes feel heavy and he is blurring, but his face is covered in blood and I see bits of flesh in his mouth. My flesh? I guess so. My eyes are closed again. I feel pain stabbing pain everywhere but also the pressure of his cock inside me and that feeling of oh yes Im going to cum again. I feel him moving moving inside me and then his hands are on my face and its like before when we were alive and he loved me and would caress my face and I open my eyes and see his one of his hands in his mouth and something is hanging from it. Stringy blood soaked. His hand reaches back to my face and he seems to caress his hand down my cheek to my neck and over to my tits. My body responds so quickly to him and right then I let out a squeal of pleasure as I begin to cum and squirt and his hands are pulling at my tits, I feel a ripping sensation and my breath is not coming and I hear a thudding sound and look down but its just his hands and it seems like it it is in my chest. He has stilled, still inside me, his hands and his cock. The mattress seems so wet now, I must have squirted a lot! But I know in my brain which has seconds of life left that the mattress must be soaked in my blood and my cum. Master seems to be leaning into my chest. He is looking down at me again The ripping is deep inside me and I gasp and see his hand go back to his mouth, something large and has tubes, the thing is purple and dripping red, my eyes are fixing like everything has stopped. He sucks and savors the muscle like its the best tasting food, he is so hungry and the last thing I see is the extreme pleasure and contentment flashing in those dead eyes. He has eaten my heart, it belongs to him.

But then my heart always did!

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