Mind-Control Panties Story 1: Incestuous Awakening

Mind-Control Panties

Story One: Incestuous Awakening

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to Ricochet for beta reading this!

In a certain mall, in a clothing store frequented by the local college girls, a figure wandered.

Nondescript. The type of person no one would ever look at twice. The figure drifted through the store, browsing the shelves, glancing at the wares. Trendy clothing. Flashy and bright, full of pastel colors. The figure paused at one display with a selection of panties covered in salacious slogans printed across the rear, designed to hug the firm, toned rump of a girl budding into her sexuality. The figure, with a casual gesture, added its own panties to the stack. One with its own special phrase written upon it.

Daddy's Girl.

The figure continued on. An observer would have hardly noticed that anything had happened. The light-blue panties with the pink lettering didn't stand out at amid the others.

It wasn't long before a gaggle of young women, eighteen or nineteen, entered the store. Their bright laughter echoed through the retail space as they attacked the clothing racks like a flock of hungry vultures. Only, no vulture was ever as succulent of these nubile, young things.

One of them, a eighteen-year-old sophomore named Brittany Smith, was looking for the perfect outfit. Her blonde hair fell loose about her round face, her lips plump and covered in a shiny, pink lip gloss. She had a beauty mark on her upper lip, her blue eyes bright as she stumbled with her friends, gossiping, enjoying the vitality of youth.

The laughter increased when they reached the display with the panties. They giggled in embarrassed delight at the naughty phrases. They joked about accidentally flashing their panties and letting this or that cute guy see the enticing phrases printed in garish letters across their rumps.

Brittany's gaze fell on the light-blue panties with the pink lettering. She touched the cotton/poly blend and felt a strange tingle race through her. She was most certainly not a daddy's girl. She hated how restrictive her father was. Robert Smith was a man with strong opinions about how his daughter should act. Opinions Brittany most definitely did not share.

However, there was something so titillating about the phrase.

Something naughty.

“Oh, Brittany, you just have to buy those,” said Miranda Brenner. “Those are wild.”

Buzzing with a euphoric high as Brittany imagined wearing these for her new boyfriend, Stephen, she snagged them up and rushed to the cash register.

By the time she finally wore them, nearly two months had passed. But the figure was patient while waiting for the fun to begin.


<strong>Brittany Smith</strong>

A nervous flutter ran through me. I had my first date with George Harvey tonight. I was giddy with excitement. He was such a stud. So much better than Brad, whom I'd dumped last week when I caught him texting that skank Miranda Brenner. George was definitely better than that lame Stephen. Why did I ever think dating him would be fun? He had become way too much like my father, wanting to control me.

“F that,” I muttered to myself as I capped my Passion Fruit Maroon lipstick. My lips were a shiny, vibrant red. It set off the blue of my eyes and made me look deliciously irresistible.

My hips swayed in a new skirt I'd bought earlier at the mall, my small breasts bouncing in the negligee-like top I wore. The thin fabric dangled from spaghetti straps that molded to my torso and gave ample proof I wasn't wearing a bra. My firm, young nipples pressed hard against the material.

George would be here soon. I was so eager to be picked up. The older boy was exciting. I couldn't wait to show him just how grown-up I could be. It was finally time for me to lose my virginity.

“That's right, you're going to pop my V-card,” I muttered to myself, cheeks going scarlet at saying those words aloud.

The doorbell rang.

I gasped, a jolt of shock running through me. George was early. I was supposed to have another thirty minutes to make sure I was perfect. That my blonde hair was falling in perfect waves around my face, that my makeup was sultry and exciting, and that my outfit fit me perfectly. I was wearing my new thong, the thin strap of material buried between the peachy curves of my bubbly ass.

“Well, I'm as ready as I'll ever be,” I muttered as I heard my mother moving through the house.

I darted downstairs, my feet slapping on the steps, my youthful breasts jiggling in my top. The fabric rubbed against my nubs, sending excited tingles down to my pussy. I was ready for this night. I was eager—

“I can't believe I locked the blasted keys in the car,” my father growled.

I let out a squeak of fright. Why was my father home early? He didn't get off work for an hour. I arranged things so he couldn't see what I was wearing. At least, not before I got back from my date.

His brown eyes flicked up to me, his back straightening as he witnessed my cute outfit, disapproval crossing his stuffy face. Color spotted his cheeks as his nostrils flared. I froze on the steps, clutching the polished banister, my heart thundering beneath my breasts.

Then I lifted my head. Maybe I could get out of this if I bluffed. “Hey, Dad. How was work?”

“You see what our daughter's wearing?” he said, ignoring my words entirely.

My mother glanced at me, biting her lower lip. “Well, I'll admit it's a little much, but she's growing up.”

“Growing up into what?” he demanded.

Anger shot through me. He thought that I was a whore.

“I'm dressed for my date, Father,” I said with a frosty tone to my voice. “He's going to be here any minute.”

“Not dressed like that,” Daddy growled. He glanced at my mother. “Talk to your daughter. She is not going out of this house dressed like that.”

I stamped my foot. “Oh, yes I am!”

“Now, honey,” Mom said, her voice soft. “That skirt is a little short. I mean What is your date going to think?”

“That I'm fine! Cute! Sexy!”

“Sexy?” Daddy growled. “Sexy?”

His withering glare fell upon me. I trembled, swallowing. I wanted to melt away. It was an unflinching gaze. His brown eyes were intense. He may look mild-mannered in his beige slacks and sweater, but he still had that military bearing. He worked in an office now, but

“This is what all the girls wear,” I said.

“You're not all girls. You're my little girl.”

“I am not!” I glared at him. “I'm eighteen. An adult!”

“You're barley an adult,” he growled. “So long as you live under my roof, so long as I pay your bills, including that damn phone you spend all your time messing around on, then you're going to dress how I say!”

The bottom fell out of my stomach. That was no empty threat. “I need my phone. I have to stay in contact with my friends.”

He arched an eyebrow at me.

“If I don't have it, how am I supposed to be connected to the world? How will I know what's going on?”

“By all means, go out there dressed like that and see how great your life is without that little box.” He stood aside, sweeping his arm. “After all, you're practically an adult. There is an entire world out there waiting for you. Jobs. Bills.”

“But” my lower lip quivered.

“What about that pink skirt you have?” Mom chimed in, trembling beside dad. “You always look cute in that.”

“It falls down to my knees!” I hissed.

“Good,” Dad said, nodding.

“Why don't you just make me wear a habit!” I snarled. “Just me make into a nun or something! Or you can shove me into a burqa!”

“If that's what you want to wear,” he said. “I can go buy one.”

I stared into his eyes, refusing to look away. Fury boiled through me. He looked so calm. A rock. It shook me up, my anger faltering. I trembled, swallowing. Was he serious? Would he really stuff my cute body into a shapeless burqa? My eyes watered as I forced them to stay open. My feet squirmed.

He was relentless. Unfeeling.

“I hate you!” I snarled as I whirled around. “I hate you so much!”

“That's fine,” he growled. “When you're older, you'll look back at this and laugh.”

I screeched as I stomped to my bedroom. I threw myself through the door and slammed it behind me.

“Want to make me dress like a little girl?” I hissed in annoyance.

Then I remembered the perfect pair of panties. That would show him.

I whirled around and darted for my dresser. I grabbed the polished, white knobs and yanked it open. My panties and bras shifted around inside from the violence of my action. My gaze darted around the dainty garments. Then, I spotted what I was looking for. Light-blue fabric. Some of the pink letters showing. I grinned. I shoved my hands beneath my skirt, hooking the waistband of my new thong, and ripped it down my thighs. My skirt swayed. I could feel it dancing over the cheeks of my plump ass. I stepped out of the dainty panties, my blood boiling.

“Expect me to be his little girl,” I muttered. “Eff that!”

I unfolded the special panties, nodding in satisfaction at the sight of the pink letters. “Daddy's Girl.” They made me tingle just thinking about wearing them. I would lose my virginity tonight wearing these panties. I would throw myself at George.

“Ooh, you're going to get pussy tonight! Even if you're an asshole, I'm so angry, I'll just mount you in the middle of the theater!”

My blonde hair danced about my face as I shoved my right foot through the leg hole. Then I thrust my left leg through the other. I worked that blue, cotton/poly blended material up my thighs. It whisked against my skin, caressing me. A naughty tingle raced up to my vulva, electrifying my clit. I shuddered as I wiggled it up my thighs. I pulled it over my rump, the crotch settling against my shaved, virgin pussy.

I groaned, my eyes fluttering as this lightning zapped through me.

I stared at myself in the mirror, my skirt half-bunched around my waist, my hair swaying loose about my shoulders. My lips were just glossy maroon. This vivacious, bold color. It was so adult.

That wouldn't do at all. I didn't have much time to change and fix my makeup. I had to move fast. What was up with this skirt I was wearing? Daddy wouldn't like how short it was. The hemline barely covered anything.

My cheeks blushed a bright scarlet. My virgin pussy tingled as I quickly ripped off the skimpy skirt. As I did, movement caught my gaze. I gasped at the sight of my top in my mirror. I could see my nipples through the cloth. Why wasn't I wearing a bra? The material clung to my small breasts. It was disgraceful.

After I stepped out of my skirt, I ripped off the top. I was just in my panties. I paused, turning my hips, studying my figure. The light-blue fabric of the panties molded to my rump, the letters, showing up in a perverse text across my ass, looked so cute. I giggled, wiggling my hips. The panties were so true.

I was a daddy's girl.

Humming, I found that pink skirt Mom recommended. It was perfect. So cute. Daddy would love it. I stepped into it and worked it up my legs quickly. I didn't have much time. My firm, young titties jiggled. I zipped up the skirt.

My hips shook as my hands slid over my flat stomach. I considered what to wear with the skirt. I needed a perfect top for my date. I didn't have time to find a bra, but I remembered the exact blouse I needed. It was a white blouse, something a schoolgirl would wear.


I fetched the white blouse out of my closet while bubbling with excitement. My nipples tingled, just aching to be tweaked. I knew he would love how I was dressed. He would absolutely approve. There would be no anger from him.

Why had I even wanted to disappoint him?

I couldn't believe I thought of dressing like such a whore. That wasn't me. It was like I had gone insane or something. But now now, thanks to that tingle racing through me, I understood who I was. I was just what my panties said.

A daddy's girl.

I buttoned up the blouse, feeling it fit snugly about my torso. It was a little old, something I hadn't worn in a few years, but it still fit. Barely. The fabric molded to me. I groaned, seeing my nipples poking at the cloth. I bit my lip, wondering if I had time to put on a bra.

No, I didn't. I would have to go without it.

I darted to my makeup table, needing to take off this garish lipstick. Whatever possessed me to purchase this whorish hue? I grabbed a sponge and the rubbing alcohol then quickly wiped off the hue. I worked fast, knowing that George would be here at any time. If I wore lipstick like this, he might think I'd want to have sex with him.

I wouldn't do that. I was a good girl.

My heart racing, my blonde hair dancing, I worked fast. I was so aware of the time. Not much time was left. George should be here by now. Was he running late? For once, I wouldn't be mad.

My lipstick smeared off, I found a more appropriate shade. A nice, soft pink. Bubblicious Delight. I uncapped it, applying the paler shade on my lips. It brought out my natural color, making my lips seem a little plumper. A little cuter. The chair creaked beneath me as I applied it too fast. I winced at the pink smeared across my upper lip. I grabbed a tissue and quickly scrubbed it away. I touched up my lips, then smacked them against the tissue to get off the excess.

I ran my tongue over my lips, feeling the waxy texture. I nodded in delight. I stood up, ready for my date and

There was something missing. Something more that I needed to do. What was it? I stared at myself, seeing that my cute blouse's hem came just to the top of my pink skirt, its fabric flowing in pleated folds down to my lower thighs. I cocked my head, my loose, blonde curls sliding around my face and

“That's it!” I gasped.

I pulled open the drawer of my makeup table and snagged the first two pink scrunches I could find. I grabbed my hair, gathering half of it up into a pigtail, and wrapped it up with the stretchy band. In moments, my locks tumbled down to my shoulder in a fall of golden delight. I grabbed the other scrunchy and made my other tail. I loved how it transformed my face. It made me look more like a cute, little girl. Just the way Daddy liked to see me.



Not the sort who would surrender her virginity on a date with a boy.

I was perfect. With a giddy giggle, I darted to the door. I threw it open, my sock-covered feet whisking on the carpet. I scampered down the stairs, my skirt flying about my thighs. My pigtails bounced with such playful delight. I reached the bottom of the stairs and burst into the living room. Daddy was already sitting on his recliner, his legs thrown out before him. He glanced at me and blinked.

“What do you think?” I asked. “Is this more appropriate? Huh, Daddy?”

He nodded his head. “There's my daughter,” he said. “My little girl.”

Mom peeked her head out from the kitchen. “Oh, you just look so darling,” she said. “Brittany, I'm so glad that you're listening to your father.”

“He does know best,” I said.

My father blinked at that. My mother's head cocked to the side. Then she shrugged and vanished back into the kitchen.

I flounced to my father, my skirt swirling about my thighs. With boisterous energy, I threw myself onto his lap and straddled him. He groaned, his eyes flicking up and down my body. My nipples tingled, this naughty thrill dancing through me. I resisted the urge to giggle. I felt so wicked right now. I leaned in and gave my dad a quick kiss on the lips.

“I'm so sorry, Daddy,” I purred. “Do you forgive me?”

“Yeah,” he said, with a throaty strain in his voice. He looked stunned. Like someone had just walked up and cold-cocked him in the side of the head.

I wiggled, feeling naughty as I pressed my new panties into his crotch. I could feel the words on the rump almost burning me through the cloth. I wondered if Daddy wanted to see my underwear? To see that I was a good girl and wasn't wearing that nasty thong.

I bet he did. I bet he would love to see what a good girl I was now.

He groaned as I climbed off him. I gasped, almost falling over as I slipped off the recliner. His chair wobbled. It creaked as his legs pulled in the extended part. His cheeks were red, his chest rising and falling in his dark-brown sweater. I turned around, wiggling my cute rump at him.

“See, Daddy,” I purred, flipping up my skirt. “I'm not wearing that nasty thong. I'm wearing a proper pair of panties.”

“Daddy's girl,” he groaned, now sounding like someone strangled him.

What was wrong with my daddy?

“Yep, I'm your good, little girl. I love being a daddy's girl.”

“I can see that.” He cleared his throat. “I don't think you need to keep showing me.”

I threw a look over my shoulder, my lower lip padding. “Are you sure? Don't you like how I look in my panties?”

“Yeah,” he growled. “Maybe a little too much.”

I squealed in delight at that. I spun around and bounced in place, my pigtails flying about my face. My nipples ached as my little titties jiggled in my tight, white blouse. I clapped my hands together as such delight squealed from my lips.

Mom thrust her head back into the living room. “What are you so excited about?”

“Daddy loves my new panties,” I purred.

“No, I don't,” Daddy quickly said. “I just thought they were more appropriate for her to wear on a date than the last pair.”

“That's nice,” Mom said. She headed back into the kitchen, the clatter of pots and pans echoing.

I stopped bouncing in place, feeling Daddy's eyes on me. His cheeks were even redder now. He shifted on the chair as he adjusted his pants. My eyes notice the large bulge in the front of his khaki slacks. My cheeks blazed with heat as a molten lust formed deep inside of my virgin pussy. Daddy was hard. He looked so big, straining the front of his trousers. My tongue flicked across my glossy lips as a shiver ran through my body.

“Daddy,” I said. “Did you really like my panties?”

He cleared his throat.

I sauntered to the chair, my hands clasped behind my back while my hips undulated side to side. This wicked thrill ran through me. His eyes were locked on me, drinking in my youthful charms. He was staring at me with such hungry eyes.

“I think you really, really like my panties.” I purred. “I'm so sorry for making you uncomfortable. Let me help you out.”

“What!” He gasped as I lunged forward, my hands darting out from behind my back as they dove at his bulging crotch.

Before Daddy could stop me, my hands reached his bulging crotch. I shuddered as I felt his girth through his khaki slacks. A tingle raced out of my panties, electrifying my virgin pussy. Jolts shot throughout my body, caressing me and making me tremble in ecstatic delight.

I would make Daddy so happy. Be such a good, little girl.

“Jesus, Brittany!” He growled, his hands fumbling to grab my wrist.

I don't know how his strong hands didn't seize me before I had his belt undone and his pants unfastened. His zipper rasped as I pulled open his fly, revealing his plaid boxers tented by his straining cock. His face was so red, his eyes bulging with alarm. He managed to snag my left wrist while my right hand darted into his underwear and pulled out his dick.

It was like the world froze as I saw my daddy's cock for the first time. It was so thick and long, his shaft warm in my hand, pulsing with a beat. His heart beat. The tip ended at a pink, mushroom-shaped crown, a little slit at the pinnacle beaded with a clear liquid. Precum.

My tongue slid over my pink, glossy lips. A hunger ran through me. This desire to be such a good, little girl for my daddy consumed me. My head darted down, my blonde pigtails flying. I opened wide to engulf his dick. My lips about his crown. I tasted salty precum.

I swallowed his dick.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he groaned. “Brittany, you can't do that.”

His hand squeezed hard about my left wrist as my lips sealed tight around the tip of his dick. I sucked on my first cock, my cheeks hollowing. My tongue explored around the crown, feeling the spongy texture. His salty precum melted across my tongue, setting alive my taste buds. My virgin pussy clenched, my juices soaking my naughty panties. My nipples ached against my blouse as Daddy growled out his pleasure.

My head moved, turning from side to side and bobbing up and down. My lips slid along his cock, caressing his throbbing shaft. An incestuous thrill ran through me, this wanton delight. I suck so hard, reveling in his precum spilling into my mouth. My tongue danced around the crown, savoring the flavor of his juices.

“You're going to get me in so much trouble,” he growled, his left hand grabbing my right pigtail. “Your mother's in the kitchen. Oh, god, Brittany!”

The joy my daddy felt excited me. I was pleasing him. I was making him feel so good. This was wonderful. I sucked harder, making these naughty slurping sounds. My drool dribbled down his shaft as I bobbed my head.

He let go of my left wrist to grab my other pigtail. Daddy gripped them both. He wrapped my golden hair around his fingers. He growled, his voice so throaty. It made me so happy to please him.

“What's going on out there?” asked Mom. “I just hear some loud breathing. What are you two up to?”

“Nothing, Courtney,” Daddy gasped. He jerked up on my pigtails, sliding my mouth up his dick. It was like he wanted me to stop. Why?

“Oh, I see,” Mom said. Her voice sounded like she was right behind me, her head peering out from the kitchen. “I'm so glad to see that you're making your daddy happy, Brittany. I was never one for swallowing, but it would thrill your daddy if you did.”

I moaned around daddy's cock, wanting to say I would swallow every drop of his jizz, but I couldn't. I had to keep sucking.

“Courtney?” Daddy groaned, his grip relaxing on my pigtails. It allowed me to take more of his cock in my mouth. I slid my lips down his length, loving him the entire way. His dick brushed the back of my throat. He twitched and throbbed in my mouth, feeling so wonderful. This naughty thrill ran through me. My pussy felt so juicy, soaking the crotch of my wicked panties.

“You better hurry up, Brittany, your date will probably be here soon,” Mom called. It sounded like she'd headed back into the kitchen.

“What the fuck?” Daddy groaned as I loved him.

I kept sucking, so confused why daddy had sounded like he was afraid. What did he have to be afraid of? I was just going to make him cum. I sucked harder, loving him the way a daddy's girl should. An incestuous delight rippled through me, my pussy clenching.

Daddy groaned as he shifted. He panted, his face twisting with pleasure. His dick twitched and throbbed in my mouth. The taste of his precum grew stronger and stronger. That had to mean something.

Was he about to cum?

My right hand cupped his balls, playing with them. They were a little cooler than his cock and covered in his hair. They twitched as I sucked. I was gentle with them, playing with them just the way I knew he'd like, my panties tingling against my aching pussy. His hands tightened on my hair. He growled with such passion.

“Brittany!” he panted. “I don't know Oh, God, I don't know what's gotten into you, but Oh, fuck, yes!”

Daddy's salty cum fired into my mouth.

“Swallow it all!” he snarled as spurt after spurt of his salty, yummy jizz filled my mouth. I gulped down the first mouthful, feeling it slide down to my stomach. “Be daddy's good girl and swallow every fucking drop.”

I did.

He kept spurting, his jizz firing into my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could, savoring every creamy drop sliding down my throat to my belly. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. It itched so badly. I needed to be touched. To be played with. I sucked so hard, drawing out the last of his cum.

“Goddamn, Brittany,” he panted. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

I sucked one final time to make sure I had every drop, then I popped my mouth off him. I straightened up, staring at him with feverish eyes. Daddy, my pussy is all wet and itchy and and I need something. I need to I need to, cum, too!”

Daddy was on me in a flash. I gasped as he seized my hips and pushed me down onto the couch. He was like a maddened beast. I trembled as he buried his face between my thighs. My virgin flesh quivered as he thrust up my skirt, exposing the light-blue panties.

Did he see how wet I was? Was there a dark stain across my crotch?

“Brittany,” he growled, his fingers hooking the waistband of my panties. A wild tingle seemed to race through me, a jolt that I swear electrified us both. I gasped, my pussy clenching and my nipples throbbing. Then Daddy ripped off my panties. I gasped, my legs flying up into the air. They were pressed together by the dainty garment sliding up my lush thighs, past my knees, and then over my slender calves.

My legs fell apart, my shaved, virgin flesh exposed to my Daddy's hungry gaze. His eyes locked right there, staring at me. My cheeks burned as he gripped my panties in his right hand. He rubbed the electrifying cloth up against my thighs as his hands slid closer and closer to my pussy.

I whimpered. “Daddy!”

“You're just so beautiful,” he growled.

His face pressed into my shaved twat. I gasped, feeling the shadow of his whiskers against my sensitive flesh. It was a manly delight, his whiskers rubbing rough across my delicate flesh. My toes curled. My pussy clenched, and then I gasped as his tongue flicked through my folds. He caressed over my hymen, that thin membrane of skin that proved I was still a good girl. Then his tongue flicked my clit.

I gasped out in rapture as the pleasure exploded from my bud.

It was so much more intense than my own fumbling masturbation. This was so much better than rubbing my feverish flesh in the darkness of my bedroom, imagining those pathetic guys at my college like my date, George. They were boys, not a man like my Daddy. I trembled as he licked again and again, lapping up my cream. I inhaled, smelling myself.

Daddy's eyes stared up my body, looking at my small breasts molded by the too-tight blouse I wore. My nipples ached and throbbed. I had to show them to him. Whimpering, my hands flew to the buttons of my blouse. They were small and made of clear plastic. My thumb pushed the first button through its eyelet, exposing more of my skin.

I popped the second one through. The third one. I showed just a hint of my cleavage as Daddy's tongue lapped at my folds. He caressed me. He stroked my clit and teased my labia. My body shuddered as I undid the fourth button, only a few more remaining.

I pressed the fifth—

The doorbell rang, chimes resounding throughout the house. I shuddered and popped the fifth button through the eyelet. My mother bustled out of the kitchen. She smiled at me as I undid the sixth button. She wiped her hands on a dishtowel she carried. She reached the door as I popped through the final button.

I ripped open my blouse as she opened the door.

I exposed my eighteen-year-old breasts to my daddy. He stared up at me as he sucked on my clit. His left hand, the one not holding my panties, slid up my nubile torso towards my tiny tit. His touch was hot. Electrifying.

“Oh, you must be George,” my mom said at the door. “I'm afraid Brittany isn't finished with her father yet. You can come inside. I'm sure you don't mind being patient.”

I whimpered, my eyes squeezing shut as Daddy nibbled on my clit.

“Oh, no, I don't mind waiting, Mrs. Smith,” my date said. “I just thought that your husband was still at work.”

“Well, he had to send his daughter off on your date properly,” Mom said.

As Daddy's large hand engulfed my small breast, I glanced at my date. George was such a boy, skinny, a foolish grin on his face as he stared at me. I could only nod, whimpering; my teeth clenched as Daddy sucked harder on my clit. I squirmed, this wild heat building and building inside of me. Daddy's tongue lapped up my flooding juices as his finger and thumb pinched my nipple.

“Oh, yes, Daddy!” I moaned.

“As you can see, Brittany is a bit of a daddy's girl.” Mom laughed. She guided George to the couch.

He sat down beside me, wearing a nice, blue shirt tucked into his jeans. He rubbed his hands on them, giving my daddy and me a nervous nod.

George just sat there while a real man ate me out. My daddy loved me. My thighs clamped about my daddy's face. I whimpered as he pinched and rolled my nipple while his tongue darted around my clit. Every moment brought me closer and closer to an exploding orgasm. It was incredible. I was going to experience such rapture. Such a wicked, wonderful delight. My back arched, the heat growing and growing inside of me.

“Oh, George, Daddy is going to make me cum,” I moaned. “He's so good at this. His lips feel amazing on my clit.”

George nodded. “That's nice, Brittany.”

“So, George, where are you taking my daughter?” Mom babbled.

I didn't care what George had to say. Mom droned on and on, chit-chatting with my date while I could only savor Daddy's hungry lips. His right hand, holding my tingling panties against my inner thigh. He pressed the naughty cloth higher up my leg. I groaned as he rubbed the fabric into my juicy flesh and sucked on my clit. The pleasure was swelling and swelling inside of me. I couldn't take much more of this.

Daddy was just amazing.

My eyes squeezed shut as my cunt clenched tight. Every one of his sucks built and built the pressure inside of me. He twisted my nipple, adding jolts of rapture that shot down to my virgin pussy. My toes curled. I squirmed against the couch, my pigtails dancing around my head. It was so much. So wonderful.


I came.

Daddy gave me an orgasm that was so much more intense than masturbating. So much better than stroking myself. Daddy rubbed my panties into the outer folds of my convulsing pussy. I writhed deep inside of me, aching to be filled. For my pure depths to be penetrated by a man.

By my daddy.

He sucked on my clit, growling around it like a hungry beast. Wave after wave of rapture flooded through me. My eyes shot open as I bucked in delight. I ground against him, squeaking and gasping and moaning in wordless pleasure. My orgasm overwhelmed me. The bliss drowned my thoughts. My hands trembled. My left hand darted out, brushing George's. I grasped my date's wrist as my daddy made me cum.

“Wow, you and your daughter are very close,” George said as I gripped his wrist.

“She's my little girl,” Daddy growled, lifting his face from my pussy.

I shuddered as my orgasmic rapture hit its peak. I hung there for a wonderful second before I floated down into buzzing bliss. I kept gripping George's wrist, squeezing him as my moans grew softer. I sucked in deep breaths, struggling to regain myself. Little moans and soft sighs escape my lips. I felt so dizzy. Almost dazed.

“Oh, Daddy, that was amazing.”

Daddy rose above me, staring down at me. I shuddered, witnessing his cock thrust out of the fly of his slacks. He was so hard. He was in such need of being satiated.

I flicked my tongue across my lips, debating blowing him.

No, he needed something better. Something more intimate. Something that only his little girl could give him.

“I'm sorry, George,” I told my date. “I just can't leave my daddy here with a hardon. You understand, right?”

“Yeah,” he said. “We still have time to make the movie. Go ahead, take care of your daddy.”

“Good boy,” Daddy grunted in approval. “Brittany, I've wanted you for so long. Goddamn, watching you develop into that sexy, little minx has been almost more than I could take. The way you dress The way you flounced around, teasing me But you're finally being a good girl.”

“Your good girl, Daddy,” I moaned, my free hand darting out to grab his dick. “I'm ready. I'm ready to give you my virginity. I saved it just for you, Daddy.”

I held Daddy's cock in my hand, feeling how warm it was. He throbbed and pulsed, the beat of his passion pumping through his girth. He stared down at me, this primal growl growing and growing in his throat. I shuddered, gripping George's wrist as I brought my daddy closer and closer to my pussy.

I gasped at the incestuous contact of Daddy's cock against my virginal vulva. His tip brushed my clit before I slid him down my pussy lips. His growl grew louder and louder as I brought him towards the entrance of my pussy. He could feel my hymen, that proof that I was his good girl. I quivered there, ready to be penetrated.

“I love you, Daddy!” I moaned.

“Brittany!” Daddy growled and thrust.

My eyes widened as my hymen stretched and stretched. George winced as I gripped his wrist with a tight clench. I groaned, the pain growing. I knew losing my virginity would hurt, but it would be so worth it to give my daddy this gift. I moaned through my clenched teeth as he kept pushing against my hymen.

My cherry popped.

I gasped as daddy plunged several inches into my deflowered depths. My eyes widened as he went deeper and deeper. I could feel him reaching up inside of me. Our bodies were uniting. The very cock that had started me in my mother's womb was now sliding into my fertile depths. My thighs latched around him, pulling him in as the pleasurable massage of his dick against my juicy walls soothed away the momentary pain.

Daddy stared into my eyes.

I trembled, my little breasts rising and falling as he waited, buried in me. My pussy slowly grew used to his girth. “You're so big, Daddy.”

“Just tell me when you're ready,” he groaned. “Goddamn, you feel amazing, Brittany.”

“Oh, George, I took every inch of my daddy's dick. Isn't that wonderful?”

“Yeah,” George said. “We just have to, you know, get going soon.”

“Oh, hush, let them enjoy themselves,” Mom said. “Robert, honey, make our daughter's first time magical.”

“He is doing that, Mom,” I moaned as Daddy shifted his hips, stirring his cock inside of me. “Daddy!”

“Ready?” he asked.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned and nodded.

It was so incredible as he drew back his hips. My naughty cunny clenched around his dick. My deflowered flesh clung to him. Pleasure rippled through me. Every inch of him moving through my pussy gave me such delight. I shuddered, my finger flexing. I gripped George's with my left hand while my right reached out to grab the back of daddy's neck. I pulled him down as his cock thrust back into me. His heavy balls smacked my taint. My twat clenched around them as a wave of pleasure shot through me.

“Daddy!” I moaned, drunk on this moment.

The couch groaned as daddy pumped his hips. He pressed me back into the cushions, my pussy welcoming his every thrust. I humped against him, my little titties jiggling. It was so incredible. Another orgasm built and built inside of me. My cunny fed on the friction of daddy's big dick plunging into me again and again. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering as the rapture spilled through my body.

Daddy's heavy balls smacked into me again and again. They brimmed with his seed. I wanted that in me. No condom. No birth control. Just his incestuous passion mixed inside of me. It felt so right. My hips undulated, stirring my naughty cunny around his thrusting dick. My clit ached and throbbed, bursting with pleasure every time it rubbed against his pubic bone.

“Oh, Robert, you're making our little girl feel so good,” Mom said. “Isn't he, George?”

“Yeah,” my date groaned, his voice throaty as he watched a real man fuck me. He watched my daddy put his dick in me.

He stirred me up, my pussy boiling around him. I squeezed my twat tight about his thick cock. I clenched my naughty hole. I didn't want to let go. I wanted him to stay in me forever.

I gasped and moaned, gripping George's wrist as I came closer and closer to my climax. My entire body tensed. Daddy thrust faster. It was like he sensed my need. He knew that I needed a bit more friction to set off my fires. I could feel the smoke rising. The tinder was about to catch.

I blazed.

“Daddy!” I gasped as my incestuous orgasm erupted inside of me.

Flames of rapture burned out of my pussy. Heat swept through my body, setting my mind on fire. I gasped and moaned. Stars, little sparks that flared and died, danced before my eyes. My cunny spasmed and writhed about his dick plunging in and out of me. Every thrust sent more rapturous heat sweeping through me.

“Brittany,” daddy growled, slamming into me.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, just cum in me!”

Daddy thrust into me, plowing into my spasming pussy over and over. My cunt convulsed around his cock, welcoming him with every thrust. I was massaging it with my once-pure flesh. I was savoring every plunge, every hard thrust of his dick into me. The pleasure burned hotter and hotter inside of me. I whimpered, my left hand clutching on George's wrist, feeling my date squirm beside me as my daddy made me cum over and over again.

“I love you, Daddy!” I squealed. “Please, please, cum in me!”

“Yes, cum in our little girl, Robert, honey.” Mom sounded so supportive. She was so happy.

“Yeah, Mr. Smith,” George groaned. “Your daughter needs it.”

“I do, George.” My pussy writhed about my daddy's cock. “I do need my daddy's cum in me. Please, please, give it to me, Daddy!”

“Brittany, honey!” Daddy growled, clutching those electrifying panties in his hand. He slammed to the hilt in me. My small titties quivered as his balls smacked into my taint.

I felt the first spurt of Daddy's hot cum firing in my fertile depths.

My pussy writhed harder. An orgasm far more intense than the others, a firestorm of ecstasy, swept through me. My cunny milked my daddy's cock. I felt every eruption of his incestuous seed into me. I gasped and moaned, the darkness now devouring my vision. I squealed, unable to say words as this magical moment swept over me. I stared into my daddy's dark eyes as he grunted. Groaned.

I knew I'd always be his little girl.

He kissed me. His tongue thrust into my mouth as my pussy wrung his cock dry. He grunted while my pleasure peeked in me. I released George's wrist to hug my daddy tight. My fingernails scratched down his back, rasping against his shirt. He growled and then groaned as I drained him dry. I had every drop in me. I was full of his wonderful cum.

It was perfect. Just the way it was supposed to be. I was so glad I found those panties. Lucky me.

Daddy broke the kiss. He stared into my eyes. “I love you, Brittany.”

I rubbed my dainty nose into his large one. “I love you too, Daddy.” Then I giggled. “If you don't get off of me, I can't leave on my date. George's been pretty patient.”

Daddy smiled. “Yes, he has.”

I shuddered as Daddy pulled his cock out of my juicy cunny. I clenched tight, wanting to trap every drop of his incestuous seed in me. My hands darted out, snagging my panties away from his grip. He smiled at me.

“Thanks for holding onto these, Daddy,” I said, thrusting my feet through both leg holes.

“It was all my pleasure,” Daddy said, winking at me.

As he put away his cock, wet with my pussy cream, I drew my panties up past my knees and worked them up my thighs. A tingle raced down my legs, making me shudder. I was so glad to be Daddy's little girl.

“And you, son, you better have my daughter back by ten,” Daddy growled at George.

“Oh, he will,” I said, lifting up my rump so I could pull on my cute panties the rest of the way. I felt the crotch seat against my shaved pussy, making sure Daddy's cum would be in me all throughout my date. “I want to get home with enough time to make love to you again, Daddy.”

He smiled at me as he sank down onto his recliner.

“Such a good daughter,” Mom said as she rose from the couch. “Robert, honey, I'll have dinner ready in thirty minutes.” Smiling, Mom headed towards the kitchen.

I stood up and begin buttoning my blouse, my pigtails swaying about my shoulders. I covered up my breasts and smoothed down my skirt. I smiled at George, loving how we squirmed. He had a hardon bulging his jeans.

Poor guy, he'd have to wait until he got home tonight to take care of that. I certainly wasn't going to give him anything. Not even a hand job. I was a good girl. My hands, my mouth, my pussy, and even my asshole, were all Daddy's.

George stood up and took my arm. I smiled, looking up at him. “And you behave,” I told him. “I'm a good girl, remember?”

“Yeah, I saw,” George said, smiling. “Well, let's get to the movie. You're gonna love it.”

I bet I would. George was a nice boy. He felt safe. Not one of those boys who would try to take advantage of me. He understood that I would always be Daddy's little girl.


The figure who created the panties smiled.

His first creation was a huge success. It was worth the wait for Brittany to finally put them on. He knew she would be forever happy. In nine months, she would produce a baby. The first of the many children she would bear her Daddy. One day, she would even get married, but she would forever give herself to her father. Her husband, maybe even this stooge George, would understand. He might be married to Brittany, but her body would forever belong to her daddy.

The figure brushed the next pair of panties with a single word printed across the rear in gold, sparkling letters: Bratty.

To be continued in the next tale of Mind-Controlling Panties

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