My Moms Friend 1 ch.1

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My mom has this really hot friend named Barbra, she's in her 30's with 3DD boobs, brown hair and eyes and an amazing round ass. I've had a crush on her for a long time. My name is Sam and I'm 13, I'm actually a good looking kid and I'm not just saying that. I hag out with more girls then boys. I have smooth black skin, blue eyes a 7and half dick and I'm 5.8.
There are lots of sexy girls I know but I only think of Barbra, it all started when me and my mom went grossry shopping, I was board as hell, at the meat section I saw Barbra in her tight pants, I couldn't help notice her nice ass was sticking out. I couldn't help it but get a semi eraction. It was kind of strange becouse I've never felt that way for Barbra. My mom and Barbra began talking, as I inspecting her ass. "See you at 5:00 " my mom said, and with that I knew Barbra was coming over.
After what seemed like forever we wheat to the cashier. My mom only had a few things and Barbra had a cart full of things. My mother said if she needed help, but she had to drive so she asked me if I'd help Barbra and I said yes. When Barbra paid we went to her car (Honda Pilot). I helped her pack the grossry, then hoped in the car. We drove out, the radio was on, as we drove I noticed the outline if Barbra's pussy. I kept staring it looked good. I took out my phone and pretend to get it, I got a better look at her pussy outline. I don't know if Barbra caught me looking or not.
15 min later we arrived at her apartment. We got the grossry and went in the building just my luck the elevators were full, we managed to get in one. I got in first, then Barbra we were squished. I was in the corner and Barbra infront of me, a man came and we had to puch back, I was stuck in the corner and Barbra no were to go was squishing me. Her ass were pressing up to my penis, I began to get hard, another person came in know she pushed harder, then I was completely rock solid. Her ass pressed against my dick it felt nice, I started to move back and foreword slowly, if she asked me what I was doing I would blam the elevator. Barbra began to move,bi still continued what I was doing then she began to wiggle. We reached our floor out of luck. We packed the grossry then Barbra got a call from my mom saying that she should come in another 2 hours so I was stuck in Barbara's house.
I sat down then looked at Barbra she asked me if I want to playa a game. "Sure" I said back. What do you like to play. "Wrestling" I answerd back. She looked at me then asked me to move the clutch side ways I did as she said. "What are we doing" asked, "wrestling " she answerd back. I was shocked. She stood there in a fighting position. "Come on show me what you got " I just started to laugh then she ran and tackled me down. I got back up then we came at each other like lions for a deer. I tackled her down and say on her butt , then I had an idea. "Round two" she said, again I tackled her down but this time I payed on her back, with my semi erected penis on her ass. I say up and spanked her ass. "Sam" she said in a playful voice. I lay back down on the same position.
She was squirming, and wiggling and trying to break free. " to easy " I called out "just wait" she snapped back, suddenly I pressed my dick on her ass like in the elevator. Then I started to move up and down, I was now humping her slowly she tried to get up. I was surprised she dint try to stop me. The suddenly she flipped over and my erected dick was on her pussy line I stopped she stopped, it felt like the world stopped. Then she lifted me up but by accident I tripped and grappled her shirt, it pulled down and her jugs were flying in the air. Sorry she cried out. "I was in a hurry to the gym that I don't put on a bra". And she lifted her shirt back on. I got rock hard again. We continued to wrestle this time I sat on her the I kept slapping her butt, then I started playing with it and squeezing it. "Sam no" she said but I don't listen I smiled at her, she looked at me and smiled back. I pulled her pants down a little." SAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING " she yelled. "Lets wrestling only in our underwear " I told her her response wasn't pretty. " are you stupid Sam get off me ". Please I begged her then turned around and kissed her. After thinking she said yes. I was happy. She stood up and slowing took her pants off revealing that beautiful ass of hers. " I don't have a bra on"she said. I told her it was ok she sighed and took off her shirt. Wow her boobs I couldn't keep my eyes of. I also stripped in my boxer. We got up and started to wrestle nothing changed I got on top of her. Again I started playing with her ass. This time I liked her ass she bounced, but couldn't get away I started liking her back, all the way to her neck then we looked at each other, as if there was a spark between us. I got off Barbra and told her I was sorry, she don't care she just said she liked how we wrestle and winked at me. I turned around and gave her a French kiss. It was the best kiss pt 2

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