The Love Shared (Part 10)

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Well it's finally here, Chapter 10! You will never know how it's felt reading the comments on Chapter 9, I've been blown away by the support you guys have shown and the demand for the next instalment. I only wish that you guys had usernames I could use to thank you personally.
The sad truth is that whilst halfway through writing Part 10, my laptop crashed and developed an error with one of the boot drives. I sent it away to be repaired but eventually had to buy a new one and start from scratch. So I sincerely apologise for the delay in getting you guys this chapter.
Thank you all once again for your kind words and polite demand, and also for picking up on the fact that many of my grammar errors are simply because I'm English. Though there are also probably a few that are down to me not being James friggin' Patterson.


I was almost shell shocked as I stood opposite her. She'd given me the kiss that I had been mentally envisioning for years, and no sooner had her lips left mine, she had sent chills running up and down my spine.

''How did you know?'' I asked her.

''I'm a hacker, Doc,'' she replied smiling, ''I recovered the other videos. I even managed to restore the corrupted one. Everything made sense the moment I saw your babysitter choking on your Dad's dick.''

How could I have been so stupid to forget, the first time I went to her house she had told me about hacking. She had been the one who uploaded Miss Whittle's home made porn for Christ's sake.

''I'm sorry,'' I told her, ''I saw something one night that I probably shouldn't have seen. And I wanted to find out more before I told you anything.'' I explained. I figured that no matter what I said at this point she would still probably see me as the creepy pervert that she had initially thought I was. And she would be right to.

''It's okay,'' she said softly, ''Like is aid, everything made sense after a while. And to be honest, it's hardly the most fucked up thing in my life right now.''

I was getting a free pass? I couldn't believe it, I smiled at her and for an awkward moment almost went to kiss her.

''So the question now is, we have the video of me being drugged and the voice recording of our fathers plotting something darker, what do we do now? I don't want to drag your innocent sister into all of this, she shouldn't have to know.'' she told me.

It seemed almost funny that I should think of Bobbie as innocent, but Faye was right, she shouldn't be dragged into this. We needed to put this all to bed as quickly as we could. I tried to think of how we could do it, but before I could get passed the thought of her kissing me a light-bulb seemed to appear above her head.

''I think,'' she began, ''I think I know what to do.''

''What?'' I demanded.

''You have to trust me, but I think I need to be at home tonight.''

''You're kidding right? Your Dad will get suspicious and end up calling the whole thing off when you don't accept whatever drink he makes you next.''

''That's the point,'' she said, ''I'm going to accept the drink, and whatever follows. We nail them in the act.''

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, she was going to sacrifice herself and let my Dad fuck her? No way, not a chance, I told myself. And she saw it in my eyes, she knew that there was no way I was going to let her do it.

''We use the camera, you have the live feed. You can call the cops the moment it starts. You can tell them that something is not right, you tell them that your girlfriend has been drugged and is now being raped.''

''I don't like it,'' I told her, ''It's too risky.''

''Risk? You want to talk about risk? No shit there's a risk. I don't want to be drugged and I sure as hell don't want to be raped by your Dad.'' she yelled, I was just now realising how sexy she was when she yelled.

I stood in silence for a few moments, unsure what to say to her. This was a stupid plan, my mind began racing about the rest of the evidence, and then I thought I had a valid argument;

''But if we call the cops while this is going on, then we're pretty much playing dumb about the previous video and the plan that we hear them make on the voice recorder. We should just go to the cops now with what we have.'' I told her.

''No,'' she remained adamant, ''This will trump anything else we have. What we have so far is like, the prequel or something. Even if my Dad isn't in the room when your Dad goes for me, we can plant the the voice recorder and the cops will find it, implicating him too.''

''I'm sure they can't wait to hear your boyfriend screwing the brains out of your mother.'' I fired at her, carefully dropping in the boyfriend part.

''Obviously I'm going to erase part of the audio file, thank you very much.''

''I don't like it,'' I told her again after a long silence. She looked at me and flicked her hair off of her shoulder before taking a step towards me. Her arms came up and slipped over my shoulders, pulling me a little closer and planting a kiss on my lips. They were softer than they were before, I wasn’t sure if the first time had been planned but I had the feeling that she had put a little more thought into the second one.

''I can do this, we can do this.'' she affirmed. ''And afterwards, you can show me what real love feels like.''

I'm not ashamed to admit that I was hard as a rock at this point, I wanted to take her to the ground and have her right there on the school fields. The school uniform she was in was a bonus, the images of lifting her skirt and bringing her thigh up against my side while sliding into her were running rampant in my head.

''Okay,'' I murmured.

''My Mom's at Yoga, if I get home now I can slip the voice recorder into hiding.'' she broke away from me slowly, but I couldn't let her go without giving her a kiss in return, making sure that it would stay in her mind for the rest of the day I introduced my tongue to hers.

''Okay, that's enough,'' she said breaking away, ''You better get back before your friend Zak comes looking for you. And I don't want him to walk up here to find us wriggling around on the grass.'' she said smiling as she turned away and headed off through the trees and bushes.

By the time I'd found Zak the lunch hour was almost up, he stuffed a hot-dog into my hand and gave me a nod of his head. I knew that he was suspicious as to where I had been lately, it seemed that my lack of game time with him was beginning to mount up. On the flip side to that, it had only been a few days, so he needed to lighten up. My Mom had always called the pair of us an old married couple, and to a certain extent she was right. We had known each a long damn time and would probably be in each others' lives until the day one of us died.

''So,'' he began, ''Left for Dead, tonight? We need to crush the Expert level.'' he told me. I tossed the hot-dog wrapper in a trash can as we passed by, ''We've talked about this,'' I explained, ''we need two other players. There are four or five levels in a campaign, we can't get passed the second. And we're not going to either.''

I felt the familiar buzz of my phone against my leg, as I pulled my phone out of my pocket I could see Zak straining his neck to try and get a look, ''It's my Mom, calm your tits.'' I told him as I read the message;
'Hey, just to let you know I might not be home when you get back. Your Aunt Layla called, she's split up from Scott again and needs to cry on my shoulder while ignoring my advice. Hopefully home tonight for cuddles, I'll leave money for you and Bobbie to get some take-out. I love you.'

I stuffed the phone back into my pocket and glanced at Zak, Faye's master plan was being executed tonight and I was almost glad that Mom wasn't around to distract me, in the good way of course, ''Game on.'' I muttered.

The fifth period of the day soon came around, and I was in no right frame of mind for Religious Studies, so I bailed.
I headed out of the side doors and through the fence, I had one more path to cross and I was home free, I just had to silently hope that no-one happened to be looking out of the third floor window. As I crossed the path I couldn't help but glance up, thankfully the coast was clear and just fifteen minutes later I was walking in through the front door of my house.
The door being unlocked told me that Mom was still home, I made my way down the hallway and into the kitchen, she was nowhere in sight.

I dropped my bag onto the table and removed my jacket, untying my neck-tie as I slowly made my way up the stairs.
I heard a little noise coming from her bedroom, and I was certain that the creaking of the bottom stairs had already alerted her. I crossed the landing and lightly pushed the bedroom door open.

I saw her sitting on the edge of the bed, she was facing me with a wicked smile on her face. She was wearing nothing except for a pair of thick knee high socks.
''I was starting to think you weren't going to finish early after all.'' she said. I moved into the room and dropped my tie on the floor, I dropped down to my knees as she bit her lower lip smiling.
''Well I wasn't going to turn down the chance to say goodbye.'' I told her as I slowly crawled towards her.

As I edged closer I saw a shy smile appear on her face, I knew what she was thinking and I silently agreed, all of this was still very unbelievable to me too.
She parted her legs and gave me full access as I got closer to her, my hands ran up her thighs as my mouth opened, my tongue rolled out of my mouth and began lashing against her slit. Instant moans of pleasure began escaping from my Mom, her head tilted backward as she leaked sweet feminine nectar onto my tongue.

''Oh my god, Doc, please, don't stop.'' she moaned as my tongue pushed a little deeper. She gripped the duvet with both hands as her back began to arch, as my tongue muscles went to work she could no longer hold herself up and she fell backward, bringing her knees up and giving me a chance to slip my tongue even deeper into her leaking vagina.

I held her legs together at her ankles as I tongue tickled her pussy, I got to my feet and took one of her toes in my mouth. I worshipped everything about her, and though she initially looked surprised to see me sucking on her toe, she quickly began biting her lower lip in anticipation of what was to come.

I rolled her over onto her front, bringing her ass up to me. I continued licking the juicy hole of my Mother until a new urge hit me. Without giving her any warning or idea, I dragged my tongue along her anus.
A shiver ran through her and she quivered a little, I knew that it was a new sensation for her and before she could say anything I licked it again.
Again a shiver ran up her back, I began licking it as though I was trying to wear down an ever-lasting gob-stopper. Her toes began curling as she arched her back and buried her face into the duvet, she didn't want to let me know how much she was enjoying it, but sometimes saying nothing is enough.

I unfastened my belt and let my pants drop to the floor, I knew that I needed no lubrication but it was fun to drop spit onto my Mom's ass and let it slip between her cheeks. She looked back at me and wiggled her ass, she was as ready I was and without any further pause, I pushed my cock into her.
Her mouth dropped open as her grip on the duvet tightened, she brought herself back against me taking me all the way. She was getting used to my length now and knew that my helmet would be slamming against her cervix in no time at all.

I propped my foot up onto the bed and held her hips, thrusting in to her as hard and fast as I could. She cried out and soon started bucking, I felt her walls get tighter as her orgasm swept over her. I would have cum right there with her, but I was selfish and wanted to see her incredible breasts dance for me.
I turned her back over and ran a hand up her body, her nipples were brown and hard, each milk spot on her areola had risen up, I held her by the throat as my cock slipped back inside of her. I began thrusting and just like I had wanted; her breasts bounced up and down as her face held the true expression of passion.

Despite holding her by the throat, she fought my hand away and brought herself up to me, her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now carrying her across her bedroom. She hit the wall and began kissing me, I nibbled her lip and caught her tongue in my teeth as she moaned and began entering her second orgasm.
There was no holding me back now and I too was feeling my own creep up on me. I didn't want it to be over but there was no delaying it, I released my stream of hot semen into her womb causing her to cum harder than she had previous.

A few seconds passed before she caught her breath, I slowly lowered her to the floor and she held on to my shoulders while she allowed the feeling to come back into her legs.
''It's almost criminal how delicious you are.'' she told me, I couldn't help but smile as she made her way over to the bed, ''Mom,'' I said, ''It IS criminal.'' I reminded her. She smiled and looked back at me, just looking into her eyes was enough for me to want to fuck her again.

''I need to get ready, god I'm going to need to shower again.'' she stated, ''No you don't.'' I replied smiling.
''So I'm going to be sitting with my sister and all the while I have your cum drying up between my legs?'' she asked. ''Why not? I ate breakfast this morning while my cum dried in between my sisters legs.'' I replied.

''But Layla is different, she's prudish and will know when I'm thinking about other things. She has to have the attention on her.'' she said as she pulled out some clean underwear from a drawer, ''She'll probably notice the change in me anyway.''
''How do you mean?'' I asked. She pulled a pair of sky blue panties up over her thighs and reached for her bra, ''Well, because I have something to smile about now.''

It took Mom about five minutes to leave the house, I couldn't help but hold her hostage for a long passionate kiss against the front door. I knew that I needed to be more careful this close to the outside world, but regardless of whatever was going on outside of the house, I knew that inside this home was nothing but love and passion.
For a brief moment I wondered if it would ever dwindle, like the majority of relationships. Hell, even Mom and Dad were probably this involved at some point. I hoped that our relationship would not follow the same path.

Thinking about the two of them put me back in the mindset I needed to be in. the mindset that Faye needed me to be in. tonight I was going to end it, I was going to catch her pimp of a father drug her and toss her to the disgusting wolf that was my father.
Not only was I going to catch them, but so were the police, and before anything could ever happen to Bobbie.
I thought about the pair of them tossing Faye aside and then setting their sights on my sister, I knew that Dad would have to be the one to drug her. He'd slip her something and then feed her to Fayes Dad.

Bobbie was only just starting to become a woman, and if last night was anything to go by, she was well on her way to being just as alluring as her Mother. Not to mention her performance this morning.

I looked through the front door window at Faye's house, her Mom wasn't back yet and while I wanted to check in with her, I knew that I would end up again trying to talk her out of it. I went into the kitchen and began looking for our favourite take-away leaflet when I heard the front door open and close.

Bobbie walked into the kitchen and dumped her bag down on top of mine, ''I had my ass smacked again today.'' she barked, ''But this time I told him that I wanted it a little harder.'' she said grinning. ''Ha-Ha, and then what did he do?'' I asked.
''He panicked and walked away.'' she replied wrapping her arms around me, I returned the hug and kissed on the top of her head, ''That's my girl, he'll be jerking himself off all night now at the thought of smacking this ass again.'' I said as I cupped her buttocks.

''You smell of Mom, where is she?'' she asked. I told her about Auntie Layla and that Mom was going to be with her for most of the night, ''Well I'm also going out.'' she said suddenly. ''Katrina wants me to go round hers and help with homework.''
''You? Help somebody with homework?'' I asked shocked. She hit my lightly in the ribs, ''Yeah, something wrong with that? I don't know why, she's never bothered with me before. Today's been different, It's almost like people are drawn to me.''
''Ahh well yes,'' I replied, ''That's because something about is different. Your glowing. It's like a weight has been lifted off of you and you've become one of them.'' I said.
''But the only thing that's different is,--'' she cut herself off when she realised, ''Do you think they know?!'' she asked horrified.
''Of course not, but they know that you're not the same person you were on Friday.'' I reasoned. She smiled and kissed me, ''I have you to thank for that.'' she said. I returned the kiss and while cupping both of her ass cheeks, lifted her up off of the floor. I kissed her a couple of times as I backed her up against the refrigerator.

That was when the sound of the doorbell rang, ''Oh my god, that'll be Katrina! I totally forgot I left her out there.'' she said wriggling free. She dropped down to the floor and grabbed her bag, ''I'll see you later big sexy brother!'' she said as she left the kitchen, ''Not too late!'' I yelled after her, just by yelling that I realised how much of a Dad I sounded. Well I was the man of the house after all.

I grabbed a couple of cans of Pepsi and tossed the take-away menu on the kitchen side, there was no point ordering for myself so I headed up to my room. It was time to set up my watch tower, or at least that was what I was going to call 'sitting at my window'.

I pulled my chair over to the window and opened a can of Pepsi, when my phone buzzed with a text message from Mom;
''Layla is showing me the nipple piercing she had gotten yesterday. Thinking I should get one! X'' a smile spread it's way across my face as I typed her back; ''Send me a picture and I'll see if I can give you permission'' I hit send and put my phone down on the window seal.

I saw Faye's bedroom light come on and I reached over and picked up my telescope. I hadn't used it for a little while and it seemed strange to be using it now. Faye and I had shared a kiss. Something I never thought would happen, even more so is the fact that we had casually thrown around the words Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

It has always been in my nature to question everything. It's how I started getting called Doc. No matter what was happening I was there questioning it, thinking of outcomes and in a constant state of wondering what to do.
But no more, I couldn't afford to be the one that worries over everything. There had been enough changes in my life recently to warrant a change of attitude. I was having a hot and heavy sexual relationship with not only my Mother, but my sister too. And on top of that, a relationship was being built with Faye. I had to assume control of my emotions and be the man who has a plan, rather than the boy who stumbles into various situations.

I could see Faye looking out of her bedroom window at mine, almost as though she was looking right down thee other side of my telescope she locked eyes with me. A devilish grin was spread across her face as she began peeling her clothes off.
Her shirt slipped off her shoulder like silk on silk, revealing her bra and cupped breasts. Her cleavage looked stunning, and it was at this moment I wished that I was looking at her through the lens of a camera and not a telescope.
She reached around her back and popped her bra, it fell out of sight and I was now ogling her glorious breasts. They were matched only by Mothers in shape and size, her small pink nipples looked like two delicate treats ready for nibbling.

The buzz of my phone woke me from my trance, I watched Faye flash me a thumbs up and disappear into her bathroom.

I picked up the phone and opened Mom's text, it was a picture of my Aunts breast. Her areola was a slight bit wider than Mom's and her nipple had a silver bar running through it. My cock couldn't get any harder than it was right now.
''OMG, I wanna suck it.'' I quickly replied, and before I could put the phone back down another message came through from Mom;
''She knows that I've been having an affair and wants to know who the lucky man is, if only she knew! X''

I grinned like an idiot and quickly began typing the response, ''Well maybe bring her home with you and we can blindfold her'' I hit send and watched as Faye's Mom pulled into the drive way. She stepped out of the car wearing Yoga pants and a yellow vest.
I could only imagine how she looked stretching across that yoga mat, I began to wonder whether she too was having an affair. With her sex drive I wouldn't be surprised if Yoga class was just a lie she told to buy herself a few hours of sexual deviancy.

My phone went off again and Mom's reply started getting me excited; ''OMG I love that idea, especially the blindfold. Though I think I'd love it more if I were the one being blindfolded! X''
before I could start having sexual thoughts about my Aunt being blindfolded, a text message from Faye came through;
''Mom said that Dad is on his way home, shouldn't be much longer. Fire up the computer.'' it said. Like a robot receiving instructions I had gotten to my feet and went to my computer. After switching it on and letting it load I clicked on the link to the camera and after a few moments, Faye appeared as she hid it from casual view. She was still topless and the way her breasts hung whilst she was leaning over was heavenly.

I began thinking about her Mother walking in on her whilst she was in that state of undress. I guessed that they probably shared no secrets, other than the obvious 'I ate your pussy while your Daddy fucked me from behind after drugging you.'

It was then that I heard the roar of a car engine. Holy shit. This was it, I thought to myself. It was show time. I suddenly felt very nervous as I approached my bedroom window. I wasn't sure what I expected to see, maybe my Father getting out of the passenger side rubbing his hands together.

Whatever it was that I expected, I was in for a shock. When I got to the window I saw two police cruisers parked up.
Two officers climbed out of the one parked outside my house and began making their way up my driveway! What the fuck was going on?
Did Mom tell Aunt Layla? Did Bobbie tell her friend what was happening? Who had called the police?

The doorbell sounded and it felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach, I crossed my bedroom and walked out on to the landing, the doorbell sounded again as I slowly made my way downstairs. Mom was going to prison, and Bobbie and I were never going to see her again.

The doorbell rang for a third time, and just like the two previous times it rang a stab of pain hit me. I didn't want to open the door. I began thinking about the questions they were going to throw at me, I was prepared to deny everything, but what about Bobbie? Would she ever tell anyone.

The doorbell rang for a fourth and final time, I opened the door and looked into the eyes of the Police officer standing opposite me.

''Hello son, is Lizzie Ford your mother?'' he asked.

''Yes,'' I replied quietly.

''Is she home?'' he asked. The officer next to him muttered something into the radio on his jacket, I couldn't hear what was said, but I noticed that more officers were stepping out of the second vehicle.

''No,'' I replied.

''Okay, we're going to try and reach her. Can we come in?'' he asked.

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