Beautiful Niece Kaylee Ch.11

Chapter 11

Sunday morning My girlfriend had sent me into town to pick up Brittni, along with a shopping list as long as my arm. We had planed a picnic lunch, and a BBQ later tonight, and Kaylee wanted everything to be perfect.

Just as I pulled into the driveway, Brittni came out with her overnight bag, and a covered plate. When she got into the car, I instantly smelled brownies. "Oh Man! Those smell delicious!"

Brittni smiled. "They are chocolate/peanut butter. Max said they are his favorite. I was so exited, I couldn't sleep. I have been up for hours, so I decided I would bake some for him."

I was used to seeing her hyper, and always talking a mile a minute, but today she had a special shine in her eyes.

"It seems like someone has taken a liking to my nephew." I teased.

Her words came out in a rush. "He is so great! He doesn't make fun of me cause I'm weird. He likes to listen to me talk. He treats me like a lady." She was going faster and faster. "Can you believe he insisted on walking me to the door last night? Like something might happen between the curb and my porch. It was so cute. And his muscles??? He is so sexy I can't even believe he's real! To top it all off he's an incredible kisser!"

It seemed like her brain finally caught up with her mouth. Brittni showed an unusual moment of shyness, then giggled. "Well he is!" She insisted.

I was trying hard not to laugh. "I'll take your word on that." I was enjoying how well Kaylee's, "Set Up", was working. These were two kids that I cared a great deal about. "I'm glad that you like him so much. He really is a good guy!"

Brittni looked more happy than I had ever seen her. "He's that, and more!" She looked hesitant, but went on. "I hope you are not mad, but I told him about us. I mean, not that there is an us, but that we had sex."

I laughed, so that she knew I wasn't mad. "I know. We had a talk last night. I'm glad that he heard it from you first. He didn't act like it was a problem for him." It was my turn to hesitate. "Brittni Do you regret what happened between us?"

Brittni reached over and held my hand. "Never once, Uncle B."

I was pulling into the store. I parked the car, then looked over at my niece's best friend. She had a big grin on her face as she continued.

"Kaylee has said that you sometimes feel guilty about things. So let me tell you now I have never seen Kaylee more happy, than I have since you two got together. She talks about you all the time, and she is always smiling whenever she does." Brittni squeezed my hand, and continued to smile.

"As far as what happened between us? It was perfect! I really wanted it to happen. Now that I have met someone I want to be with, I don't have the pressure, and fear of what it will be like. You will always have a place in my heart for making my first time wonderful. Kaylee would probably kick my butt for saying this, but" She dropped into a conspirators whisper, even though we were alone in the car. She gave me a wink, and in typical Brittni fashion, with no embarrassment, admitted. "I still play with myself anytime I think of that night!"

I couldn't help but laugh. "Thanks Britt. That makes me feel better." I opened my door. "Let's do some shopping."

Together, Brittni and I knocked out my long shopping list pretty quickly. Sandwich meat, bread, cheese, some juicy steaks for dinner, a dozen other essentials. When I thought we were ready to check out, Brittni stopped me. "One more thing. Could you help me pick out some condoms? You know, just in case. I've never bought any before."

I had to smile. The thought had never crossed my mind. However, I was pleased that she was thinking responsibly. "Sure Britt. That's probably a good call."


Max and Kaylee met us at the front porch when we pulled in. Kaylee came into my arms, while Brittni practically attacked poor Max. We went into the kitchen, made some sandwiches, packed up the picnic basket, and had a great time just being together.

The girls went to grab some blankets, while Max and I went to the barn to ready the horses. I only have three saddles, so Kaylee, being the best rider, volunteered to ride with just the bareback pad. Max and I prepared three of the horses, while the girls saddled up Brittni's favorite, a paint stallion who hated men. A dozen times I have threatened to shoot that damn horse, but with the girls he was gentle as a lamb.

We secured our picnic supplies, and headed out for the ride. The far side of my property is bordered by a stream. Heading the opposite direction, I figured we would take a leisurely, roundabout ride, and circle back to it. The day was perfect. The sun was shining, with just a few puffy white clouds in the sky. It was warm, but not the humid heat that would set in during the next few months. We could not have picked a better day for a ride/picnic.

We rode up to the stream right about noon. There is a bend where the clear water forms into a pool. Fifteen feet across, and perhaps five feet deep, it is surrounded by three tall oak trees that offer shade. Under these, we spread out our blankets, and set up lunch.

We laughed and joked as we ate our meal. Enjoying our lunch without a care in the world. When we finished Brittni looked over at the water. Excitedly she asked. "Could we go swimming?"

"Well," I said. "This time of year, the water will be pretty cold, but there is no reason why not."

She looked over at Max, then at Kaylee. "Want to?"

Max just shrugged, "Sure."

Kaylee hesitated. "What in our undies? I'm not sure about that. Max is my cousin!"

I thought it was cute that even though she had been in a relationship with her uncle for almost two years, she would be concerned about her cousin seeing her in her underwear.

Brittni stood up, and removed her shirt, clearly daring her friend with her eyes. She stood there in her pale pink bra, while the rest of us stood up too. I pulled off my shirt. "You can wear this if you want." I said, handing it to Kaylee.

"No. It's OK. I guess it's no big deal." She reached down and pulled her own shirt over her head. We were all down to our underwear in a minute or two.

Brittni wasn't done with her teasing yet. "Oh!" she exclaimed innocently. "This is the only bra I brought with me. I'd HATE for it to be wet the rest of the day." She reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it slide off into her hands. Her breasts are small, but very nice. They are firm, and capped with the cutest, tiny, hard, dark brown nipples.

"BRITTNI!" Kaylee burst out. "I can't believe you!"

She smiled sweetly. "I'm not ashamed of my body." She was obviously loving how uncomfortable she was making my niece. "Besides, from what I hear, Max has already seen everything there is to see on you." She gave her friend a wicked smile.

Kaylee blushed a deep red. Then I saw a look of determination cross her face. "You know, you're right! I'm sure max wouldn't mind, would you Max?" She unhooked her purple bra and laid it on top of her other clothes. Her breasts are a bit bigger than Brittni's, and much fuller. Her beautiful, perky boobs are topped with quarter sized, pale pink nipples.

She looked at me and winked. "And I would hate to ride back with wet panties!" With that she lowered her matching purple bikini panties and kicked them onto the rest of the pile. She stood up straight and proud. Her gorgeous apple shaped ass, bare, for all to see. The light blonde triangle of pubic hair between her thighs. "Well I'm going to swim now!" She walked unhurriedly to the pool, turned and blew me a kiss, then dove in.

Brittni's mouth was hanging open. I don't think she believed that Kaylee would ever go that far. But not being one to give up, she happily dropped her panties also. The difference between them is night and day. Where Kaylee is short, and pale skinned. Brittni is tall with stunning, brown skin. Her bush is black and curly, on top of long muscular legs. She also, has a damn fine backside.

She gave max a quick kiss then ran and jumped into the water with Kaylee.

Max and I just stood there for a moment, both of us in our underwear. He looked over at me slightly stunned. "Does this sort of thing happen a lot around here?"

I chuckled. "I have no idea what just happened!"

Max smiled and shook his head. "Maybe I should come for visits more often!"

We both laughed. I looked down. "Well I'll be damned if I am going to be the old, party pooper here." We both skinned out of our shorts, and were rewarded by cat calls and whistles from the girls, as we jumped in.

I swam over to Kaylee. She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. "I am SOOO Embarrassed! But there was no way that I was going to let Brittni win!" She kissed me soundly on the lips.

I held her tight in the cold water. I could feel her rock hard nipples pressing against my chest. "Have I told you today how incredibly beautiful you are?" I asked.

"Hmmm Maybe. But you could always tell me again!" She said, giving me a satisfied smile.

"Well you are! You are the most beautiful thing in the world to me!" I said and kissed her long and hard.

"You are pretty hot yourself, Baby!" Then playfully biting my lip, had to add. "I mean, for an old guy!" I put my hands under her arms and threw her all the way up, and out of the water. She came splashing down, giggling like crazy.

Brittni laughed. "Oh that looked like fun! Do me!" Max and I both stopped and stared at her. She looked at us reproachfully. "I mean throw me! UGH! Does being a perv run in the family?" With that Max grabbed her and achieved a nice distance in the girl throwing event. Brittni came up laughing and sputtering.

We all played and splashed in the cold, clear water. Soon forgetting that not a one of us had on any clothes. We got out and pulled the blankets out of the shade, and laid in the bright warm sun. Letting our bodies dry and warm in the springtime air.

I laughed as I told Kaylee. "I can't believe we all just went skinny dipping. I probably haven't done that since I was your age!"

Kaylee snuggled up in my side. "That was fun, and a little sexy too." She kissed my neck. "I can't wait to get you alone tonight!"

"Well, I definitely felt out of place. You guys with your young, firm bodies, and then Me, in all my middle aged glory."

Kaylee slapped my arm. "I think you are totally sexy!" She leaned up on her arm and called out to Brittni who was similarly cuddled into Max. "Hey Brit? What do you think of my boyfriend? He looks pretty darn good huh?"

Brittni slowly eyed me from head to toe, making me blush. "Just be thankful I have Max here, or I would be over there jumping him!"

After awhile we got up and gathered our things together. We packed away the picnic basket and blankets, and put our clothes back on. Well most of us. As I tied down our things Kaylee came up and put her clothes into my saddle bag. She gave me an evil grin, kissed me, then swung cleanly onto her horse's back. She looked over at Max and Brittni. "Last one home has to do the dishes!" She reined her horse around and took off at a gallop.

Brittni looked absolutely shocked. I yelled over to her. "Hey Britt! I'm not sure what the game was, or even what the rules are, but I'm pretty sure Lady Godiva there just won." We all kicked our horses and took off after my naked niece.


The rest of the afternoon went just as well as the whole day had. We returned home to find Kaylee already dressed and brushing down her horse. We put the horses out to pasture and we all cleaned up the lunch mess. Everyone pitched in on dinner, and before the sun set, I put the steaks on the grill.

After a dinner, eaten outside under the red-orange glow of evening, we sat at the table enjoying the ever darkening sky. Even though I am much older than the rest, we still have great conversations. Movies, books, music, we covered it all. We talked until the moon started to rise in the sky.

Kaylee giggled. "It looked to me like Max was the last one back. So I guess you are stuck with the dishes." Max hung his head and moaned.

"Don't worry lover-boy." Brittni consoled him. "I won't abandon you." She gave him a very long kiss. "I'll wash and you can rinse."

Kaylee put her arm through mine. "I think I'm ready for bed, how bout you?"

"Bed?!?" Brittni cried. "It's not even late! You guys are like an old married couple!"

Max put his arm around her. "I know! It's like she was taken by aliens and replaced by an older woman. It's sad, but I think my cousin is now an old housewife." He pulled Brittni in close with a gentle, consoling, pat to her shoulder.

Kaylee nearly jumped across the table. "You know what? You guys suck! I'm tired, and I want to take my man to bed! You two can have all sorts of fun doing the dishes All alone! She stood up pulling me along, with a smile on her face. "Come on, Baby. Lets go to bed!"

I laughed as I was led away from the table. Knowing full well, that while she may be ready for bed, sleep was not what she was expecting. "Sorry guys! But I told you She makes the rules!"

Kaylee led me inside, and up the stairs. When we entered our bedroom she wasted no time undressing me. "I have been waiting for this all day long!" She growled.

I pulled her shirt off, and quickly removed her bra. I kissed her lustfully, as my hands unbuttoned her shorts and tugged them down her lovely legs. I picked her up and lovingly laid her on the bed. We kissed, long, wet and slow. Our tongues dancing slowly around each other. My hand came up and found her nipple, which hardened at my touch. I kissed down to her neck, loving the little sighs she gave in response to my actions.

"Oh Baby!" She moaned. "You are driving me crazy."

I trailed kisses down her body as I slid off the bed and knelt between her legs. My hands lightly caressed her inner thighs, as I lowered my face into her warm center. I licked her from bottom to top, gently sucking her clit between my lips. Then I continued to lick her all over.

She was moaning steadily, and I was more than happy to keep going, but she reached down and stopped me. Her hands were pulling me up. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"MMMMMM, nothing at all!" She purred. "I just want you up here with me."

I crawled back onto the bed, where she pushed me over onto my back. She took my prick into her hand and started to kiss it, while she scooted around and straddled my face. "Hmmm," I thought. "69??? Best of both worlds."

I had a huge smile on my face, as my tongue slowly parted her lips again. I licked her up, and down, trying to concentrate on pleasing her. However, I admit, the feeling of her mouth on me was sort of making me lose focus. She was incredible, licking, and kissing my head, while her hand was stroking me. She knew just where my sensitive spots were, using her tongue to exploit every one. She would lower her head taking me all the way in, just to raise back up, teasing and licking me to near euphoria.

I doubled my attention to her. Her amazing muffin, sitting right on my face. She tasted like heaven. She was so wet, and warm. I was like a kid, with a cone on a summer day, licking like crazy before the heat could take my treat away. I was pulling her small lips into my mouth, gently sucking them. Licking, and kissing her little button. I couldn't figure out what was better. The sexy, hot mouth against my member? Or the beautiful, wet pussy against my face.

Luckily, I didn't have to debate very long. Kaylee moaned and raised her head. "OH God! I want you inside of me. Right Now!"

She raised up and turned till she was facing me, while straddling my waist. Her hand crept between us, as she kissed me with passion. She guided me between her thighs, and lowered herself onto me.

"Oh Baby! You feel so good inside of me!" She moaned. She started to ride up and down against me. I put my hands on her thin waist and lent my strength to her movements.

Kaylee is small, and petite. Even though she is really tight, she also gets very wet. This makes for the most incredible sensations. Her body stretching to accept my thrusts, while sliding smoothly into her, always drives me crazy.

"MMMM Sweetheart, You are amazing." I moaned while my hips rose to meet her own coming down. I loved the look of her beautiful breasts as they lightly bounced. I raised one hand and squeezed one, causing her to smile and let out a soft sigh.

Kaylee leaned down and kissed me. Her tongue, darting in and swirling over mine. I continued to kiss her as I wrapped my arms around her back. I pulled her in tight and rolled over on top of her. I hooked my arms under her knees, spreading her legs, while I thrust deep inside of her. It gave me a thrill to have her moan her pleasure against my mouth.

I stroked in and out of her. Loving the feeling of my warm, wet niece. My breathing was becoming rapid, and I knew it wouldn't be long till I came. Kaylee smiled up at me. "Hold on there big guy!" She giggled. 'There's something else I want you to do." I must have looked puzzled because she laughed. "Oh don't worry. I don't think you'll mind."

She squeezed out from under me, and reached to the bedside table. From the drawer she retrieved a bottle of lube. With a glint in her eye she looked at me and very sexily asked. "Feeling Dirty?" She giggled.

I have never been the kind to pass up an opportunity. I gave her a small chuckle and said. "I think that could be arranged."

She handed me the bottle and laid on her stomach, raising her perfect ass into the air. I put a little lube on my finger and lightly circled her backdoor. This got an instant response from Kaylee. "Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" I pressed more firmly and my middle finger slid into her anus. "Oh God! Yes!"

I circled my finger inside of her, pulling out then pushing back in. Her right hand came underneath and started to play with her clit. She was making a steady stream of pleasant noises. I knelt behind her, and generously dripped lube onto my dick. Placing one hand on her hip, with the other I positioned myself at her butt hole.

Already gasping in anticipation, Kaylee moaned out. "I'm ready." I slowly pushed forward, as I felt her pushing back against me. There was an initial resistance, but then I felt her relax and I slid into her fully. "Oh! Yes! Just stay there a minute."

I held still as her body adjusted to me. We have had anal sex a dozen or so times, and we both really enjoy it. While she only occasionally orgasms during intercourse, it has been 100% with anal. However we learned quickly, that if we rushed it, it took pleasure away from Kaylee. I also learned, the more she likes it, the better it becomes for me!

After just a moment I felt her start to move against me. Slowly at first, then pulling forward and pushing back more aggressively. I put my hands against her hips, pulling slowly out then pressing back into her. Slowly I increased momentum till we were rhythmically rocking back and forth, sliding in and out of my nieces incredible ass. It got me so excited looking down and seeing myself penetrate her. Knowing that it was supposed to be Taboo. ( Well I guess that with me and her, EVERYTHING is taboo, but )

She was tight, and hot. Her strong muscles squeezing against me, almost like she was gripping me from the inside. I stroked in and out. Kaylee was gasping and moaning constantly. Her fingers never stopping their attention against her clit.

"Oh Baby! Oh Yes! I'm going to come!" Her body started to tremble and I had to put one arm underneath her waist to hold her up. I kept up my movements, Thrusting deep into her as her orgasm hit. "OH GOD YES!" She screamed.

Her body tensed. I could feel her muscles tighten against my dick. I stroked one more time, and felt her spazming muscles pulling out my own climax.

I thrust forward once or twice. "UNNNGGGHHH!" I exclaimed through clenched teeth. I went still, as I felt my prick unleash inside of her. Her ass, squeezing and milking out more and more. Her muscles almost massaging me from the inside. I pulled her tightly back against me as I shuddered in sweet extasy. "Oh sweetheart! That was great."

Kaylee too, was sucking in air. Her body lax in my arms. My firm grip the only thing keeping her from falling to the bed. "MMMM! Yes it was! Now come down here and kiss me!"

I released her down to the bed, then rolled onto my side next to her. We came together in a passionate kiss, each of us winded, and breathing hard. She caressed my cheek with a huge smile on her face. "I love you!"

I couldn't help but smile myself. " Sweetheart! I love you too!"

She gave me an oddly triumphant look. "Old married couple huh? I DON'T THINK SO!"

I laughed loudly. "Was that what this was about??? Proving we are not an old boring couple?"

She giggled and pulled herself tight against me. "NO! That was about having fun with you!" She ran her hand around my chest, and cuddled me tight. "But, if it proved a point too, then all the better." I could imagine the wicked grin she had, with her face buried in my chest.

"Well any time you need to prove a point, I'm willing to help. OK?"

She leaned up and looked at me with a smile. "Now?"

My eyes went wide and I tried to figure out if I could perform again. Kaylee just laughed and gave me a kiss. "Just kidding!" She got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She wiggled her ass at me playfully. "Unless of course you want to."

"I'm just an old married guy. Remember?"

Kaylee smiled brightly. "Good! Cause, honestly, I'm ready for bed."

When she finished, I took my turn in the bathroom. Cleaning up and getting ready for bed. When I came back out, Kaylee was nowhere in sight. I went to the door, and looked out in the hall. There she was with her ear against the door to her old bedroom. She looked up and saw me, smiling and giving me two thumbs up.

I chuckled, and shook my head. What a little pervert my girlfriend was growing up to be. I waved her to get back here. She giggled, then reached up and pounded on the door! "Hey you two!" She yelled. "Don't think I don't know whats going on in there!"

Kaylee turned and ran down the hall, jumping into my arms. I quickly backed into our room and shut the door. "OH! That was mean!" I laughed.

She kissed me hard, as I carried her over and laid her down on the bed.

"Yeah, I know. And I do feel bad for Max." She was still giggling as I crawled into bed next to her. "But you know that Brittni deserves it."

We kissed as she snuggled in for sleep. "I really am so happy for her though! I hope things work out for them."

I gave her our traditional good night kisses. Then I said "Yeah, they seem cute. Me too!"

To be continued:

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