Mike's Old Friend Discovers Something New - Pt 1

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Mike and Jamie had been friends in their late teens and twenties. Occasionally they got together sexually which seemed to be fulfilling to both of them, but there was never an official relationship. They dated other people during this time but just had a good old fashioned friends with benefits relationship. But then Mike moved away to another city. They kept in touch but did not see each other much for 6 or 7 years even when Mike came home to visit family.

One day, Jamie called Mike and said she was coming to his town and wanted to see him. He was happy to see his old friend for a number of reasons. He was just glad to see her again because he liked her. He also hoped to hookup again because he didn't have a steady girlfriend and remembered the good times they had. He didn't invite her to stay at his place because she said she was staying with a girlfriend, but he hoped she would spend some nights there. She was going to be in his city for a good while.

When she got to town they made plans to go out. She came to his apartment in the early afternoon and they chilled there for a while. He was pleased to see that she was still in great shape and was even sexier now in her early 30s. They started fooling around like the old days and were quickly naked and having a good romp, just like he remembered.

After the sex Jamie took a shower and then Mike did too. When Mike came out of the shower he sensed a little difference in her manner and a little smirk on her face, but shrugged it off and they headed out the door to get dinner.

After dinner, Jamie said, "I'm taking you some place and you're going to do what I say." Mike grinned at this, not suspecting anything sinister and said sure. Jamie told the Mike the address and when he pulled up to a sex supply shop, Mike was intrigued.

Jamie brought Mike directly to the BDSM gear section and pointed to a leather collar and told him to pick it up and put it on. Mike was a little resistant to this, but thought he was having fun with his old sex buddy so he did it. She also told him to get a ball gag off the shelf and hold onto it. So he did, still intrigued.

Then she brought Mike over to the dildos. He was very curious now and thought for sure they would be getting something to play with for her, but as she started to look at a few, she said, "You know, I was looking at your computer while you were in the shower earlier." Mike got a brief slight chill. "You should really be more careful. I saw the website that you were last on." Mike froze and now felt very nervous and a very embarrassed. "Strapon Dominatrixes and their Slaves, eh Mikey?", Jamie said with a very sinister laugh and a bit of an evil grin. "Well I never knew that about you."

Mike stammered a bit about just surfing around and not really knowing what site she was referring to, but Jamie cut him off quickly, "Don't even try, slut boy!"

"I get the feeling that you want to be a little strapon bitch. Now tell me I'm wrong." Mike was silent. "Hmph. I figured. A little strapon whore dominated by a sexy woman, that's what you want to be huh? Have you ever done this before?" Mike stated, "No!" rather forcefully and she laughed. "Well be careful what you wish for buddy!" With that she picked up a strapon dildo set - a harness and medium sized strapon cock - and handed it to him. "Hold this," she said with a playfully stern tone. He took it from her.

Then she moved to the buttplugs and quickly picked up two sizes of those. "Here you go, bitch." Mike accepted them and looked sheepishly at Jamie. Next they went back to the BDSM section and found some cuffs for his wrists and ankles as well as a paddle which bothered Mike a bit. "We are going to have so much FUN with these," Jamie said gleefully, smiling at Mike again. "Hey Mikey" she was less stern and more giggly and bubbly, " you really don't have any real life experience with this?" Mike answered no. "Wow I'm going to be breaking in a virgin! By the way, buddy, I've got plenty of experience with wanna-be bitches like you." Still she was all smiles and nice about this. Mike was at first thinking that he didn't want this to be a part of his relationship with Jamie. Hell nobody knew this about him. But the way she was all nice and happy and positive about it was putting him at ease.

"Now go pay for all this and let's go!" Mike was mortified to bring this stuff to the counter with the sexy little girl behind it, so he didn't move. "No no no, slut boy! No stopping now. Take it to the counter and pay for it!" said Jamie loudly thus drawing more unwanted attention to this whole scene. Mike was humiliated and could feel his cheeks reddening but he obeyed and brought it to the counter where the girl - sensing what Jamie was doing - loudly sorted out and rang up the items. "One strapon cock." "Two buttplugs" "Cuffs" "Ballgag" "Paddle" With each item, Mike could feel eyes on him but he refused to look at any of the other customers in the store. "Do you want some lube?" Jamie quickly chimed in, "Oh yes! Lots!" "Oh and one slave collar," she said as she leaned over and pulled the collar Mike had around his neck to get the tag.

Jamie then asked if there was a restroom she could use. The clerk said there were booths in the back if they wanted that, but Jamie said not this time, so the clerk pointed to the restroom. Jamie grabbed the strapon cock and went in and then came out a few moments later without it. Mike was really embarrassed, first to be waiting there by himself and then when she came back out and everyone knowing that she was now wearing the strapon dildo under her short skirt. "Give me the keys, slutboy," she said loud enough for everyone to hear. "You're going to be busy on the drive home!" The clerk laughed out loud.

Mike was thoroughly humiliated as they walked out the door, but he was thinking that he might be enjoying that. Jamie got behind the wheel and Mike in the passenger seat. Before they even pulled away from the store, she said, "I've given lots of road head. Your turn bitchboy!" and she pulled her skirt up and held the strapon cock up. Mike didn't move. He stammered again.

"Mikey, Mikey, Mikey we both know you want this," she said as she held onto the fake cock like it was her own. "We both know you want to be my strapon cocksucking whore!" Mike hesitated still. He looked sheepishly at her again, trying not to keep her from noticing that he was looking down at the fake cock in her hand and was now lusting for it. He found that sight to be very sexy and he was very turned on. "Mikey, just bend over here and start sucking like the obedient little cocksucker WE BOTH KNOW you want to be!"

Mike couldn't believe this was all happening so quickly. He couldn't believe his old friend and sex buddy Jamie was calling him these names and was 'making' him do this. But hearing the words 'bitch' 'whore' 'cocksucker' directed at him by her in her sweet voice was having an effect on him. He even couldn't really believe it when he felt himself start to bend over and put his mouth to Jamie's strapon dildo as she started the car and drove off chuckling. "Good boy"

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