Sleeping with Jorja (Part2)

I finally got home and went straight to my bedroom, thinking about last night was getting me really hard. The images of her amazing naked body where rushing through my mind and by the time I closed my bedroom door I was rock hard. I instantly went to my computer desk and turned on my desktop. It was a decent system, so whenever I wanted to watch porn, the movie would usually load in a nano second. I went to one of my favourite sites, I knew they would have what I wanted. I searched for 'Drunk blonde teen fucked' and it came up with a few different video's. Watching one reminded me of what I did last night, so it didn't take me long to finish. I quickly cleaned up and turned on my TV and laid in bed and watched some football.

I was starting to doze off to sleep when all of a sudden my mobile went of. It was a message from an unknown number, 'meet me outside your house now'

I didn't know who it was from and from what I got from it, they seemed a little pissed off. I made my way to the front door a peeked through the peep-hole, what I saw was a shock to me. Jorja was standing there, still wearing the same tight short dress she was wearing last night. I thought to myself, surely she couldn't remember what happened last night, she was knocked out cold. She knocked again, I had to answer, even if she might be pissed with me, there was an extremely sexy girl at my front door.

I opened the door “Hey Jorja.”

“Hey Tom.” She said in a bit of a shaky tone. She didn't seem like she was angry, she kind of looked confused.

“Umm, what's up?” I asked to break the lengthening silence.

“Oh yeah, well, I don't really remember much of last night, except that we were talking and I must have blacked out or something. Then I woke up this morning in a bed, nake I mean, not really in the same clothes as I was in before I went to sleep, and I saw you sleeping on the chair across the room.” She was starting to look a little worried, I couldn't really tell, it was hard to read her, not to mention the fact I couldn't stop perving on her perfect body. “I was just wondering, if we did anything last night, like have sex or something?”

I was taken aback a little about the forwardness of the question, but I had to answer. “Umm, no we didn't. We were going to do something, you took me up to that room and we started kissing, then I had to go to the bathroom and when I returned, you were passed out on the bed under the covers. I didn't want to just leave you there so decided to let you sleep alone and I watched over you from the chair.” I made myself seem like a good guy that was protecting her.

“That's sweet, thanks Tom. But how do you explain me waking up naked if we were just kissing?” She had me stumped there, but I was always a quick thinker.

“I honestly don't know. Maybe you got undressed as I was in bathroom. I will admit I opened the covers a little and saw you. You look amazing.” I went a little red with embarrassment and was sure she was going to slap me and walk off.

“Well, you've seen me naked and I haven't seen you naked yet, also I believe I owe something. As a thanks for not taking advantage of me last night.” She said what I was least expecting and with a very sexy grin on her face. “You want to take me to your room.”

She pushed her way inside and kind of knew where my room was, because she automatically lead me there. When we were both in the room, she closed and locked the door and rushed right up to me, locking her lips onto mine. I was instantly hard, we were both sober, no chance of passing out, unless I did from absolute shock of actually being with a girl like this.

Her hand started rubbing my cock through my pants, she moaned as she felt my hard cock form in her hand. She dropped to her knees and pulled down the top of her tight dress to reveal her perky tits, my hand instantly made it's way to them and I started to play with hardening nipples. As I was playing with her tits she slid down my pants and my cock popped out in front of her perfect looking mouth.

“Mmmm, maybe I wish I had this thing last night.” She said as she gripped my shaft with both hands and placed my cock at her mouth entrance. She started to kiss it and lick it's length. It felt so warm and good. She started pumping my cock and began to take it deeper and deeper into her mouth before soon enough, she had my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat, she had no gag reflex, and soon I was fucking her warm mouth.

I saw her move a hand in between her legs as she started to finger her tight pussy. I couldn't wait to be inside her again, but the thought of her riding my cock was making me close to climaxing. I had to pull out of her mouth or I would explode right there.

“I want your cock deep inside me Tom, I want you to fuck my brains out.” She said as she pushed me onto my bed and she took her dress off to reveal she had no panties on at all. She quickly climbed onto my cock and placed my head at her entrance. She teasingly rubbed my cock up and down her slit before finally sliding my entire cock inside her. She moaned as every inch was pushed inside her. Somehow, she felt tighter then last night, maybe it was the fact she was conscious and able to kind of control what happened.

Soon she was slide up and down my shaft, moaning harder and harder with each pump. She was in control of the pace, I didn't mind at all, I was still a little worn out from last night. She was riding my cock like there was no tomorrow. I watched as her prefect tits bounced up and down. It was so sexy I was getting closer and closer to cumming with every second.

“Oh god I'm cumming Tom, pump that rock hard cock inside me you dirty man. Fuck my tight cunt hard.” I was losing control with what she was saying, it was so hot.

“I'm gonna cum Jorja.” It wasn't long now. I was expecting her to climb off and suck me off to cum in her mouth. But she kept riding me.

“Cum inside me Tom, I want to feel you warm cum deep inside me.” That's all I could take, with a few extra short but deep pumps, I shot my huge load deep inside her. I could feel her cum as well as her pussy juices started to flow onto my cock, it felt so good.

She hoped off me and grabbed some tissues and cleaned the both of us off. Once she was done, she laid back down next to me, still naked. She cuddled up to me. Blood was rushing through me as I could feel every inch of her sexy body pressed up against me.

“That was so good Tom. I would to do that again. But, I think for now only casual sex. I only just got out of a relationship. But I'm more then happy to be fuck buddies for now. Specially if it's as good as that. Here's my number, call me later, so we can organise another session like this.” She said as she got up and got dressed and started to leave. I wasn't entirely sure what just happened, but I had a feeling this was going to be a good time for me. I didn't mind casual sex whenever we needed or wanted it, specially if it was with her. I had to get some sleep and feel right to sleep once she left for home.

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