Not given a chance (chapter 1)

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I stood in front of a old mansion a small grin plastering my face as I looked around. Surrounding the whole house was trees. The forest went on for miles far away from any civilization, better yet the dirt path to get to this house was almost invisible unless you knew where it was. I rotated in a slow circle my eyes stopping on the mansion once more it's mine I thought to myself loving how after winning the lottery I could finally afford it along with finally starting my fantasy. I gave it one more look before getting to work knowing it would be a dream come true once I was done.
The house was old and hadn't been lived in for about 6 years and wasn't in the best of shape. First I hired a inspector and construction worker and they molded the house replacing everything in it and making it brand new until it looked like a just purchased mansion. The house itself had three bedrooms a kitchen with an attached greenhouse,dining room, pantry, living room, study, a sun room with a pool and 2 bathrooms on the top floors. Then there was the basement first I got a plumber to install two simple bathrooms with concrete floors. I put one on opposite sides of the huge room. I then put a dividing wall in the middle of the basement with a pad locked door between the new rooms. At the bottom of the stairs I made a hallway that stretched around the whole basement with one way windows so you can see inside the 2 middle rooms, but they cant see out. the whole basement was sound proofed and a two way bullet proof door with an eye scanner was placed as the door down to the basement. The last thing I got my builders to do was build a stables with a small pasture against one side of the mansion and a dog kennel with six runs against the other. I then paid the workers and got to work on the Internet buying the rest of my tools alone.
Exactly a month later I was finished on both of the room walls held an assortment of manacles and chains. The room had beds and tables and a bunch of modified furniture items to serve their purposes and a fridge in the corner. I also bought high tech video cameras and surround the basement with them. In each room there was four doors two to go to the stables/kennels one to go to the hallway and one to go to the other room. Lastly he had bought six well trained dogs for my purpose two German Shepherds, two Rottweilers, two Doberman Pinschers and four horses a spotted grey barb, a golden American saddlebred, a huge dole and an untrained jet black mustang.
Finally my dream was about to come true that evening. I checked my watch and got into my sports car it would take about an hour to get to my hunting grounds and I didn't want to be late. I pulled out of my driveway and headed that way stopping half way to park my car and get in a black markless van. Exactly an hour later I stopped outside of a club it was 8:40pm and quickly turning darker there was a dance that started in twenty minutes for college students and I knew some would be walking I turned toward the subdivision and drove into an alley way. I had picked this spot for 3 reasons the streetlights were far apart here so it was pitch black here. It was a secluded spot and someone was going to come from that subdivision. I pulled on my mask and gloves before putting all my supplies in my belt and hiding in wait. I didn't have long to wait about five minutes later a girl stopped under the nearest streetlight she wore a black dress that shimmered in the light her long dark brown hair down around her face. She was tall like 5'11 with emerald green eyes and a skinny frame with lots of curves. She looked to be about 17 to 19 probably still in highschool I thought with a smile at my lucky catch. I looked her over again and noticed she had black heels on which made my smile grow knowing it would be harder for her to fight back not that I planned to let her. I watched her check her phone before she stepped out of the streetlight and walked unknowingly toward me. I watched her step past my hiding place and i gave a final search of my surroundings seeing no one in view I stood up and was behind her in a second one hand wrapped around her mouth so she couldn't scream while I pushed a needle filled with a knock out drug into her neck. I then quickly pulled her hands behind her back the task made difficult by her struggling. With one hand I tied the handcuffs around her wrists and pulled her into the dark alley. I was finished in 15 fifteen seconds flat and with one more look to make sure no one saw I pulled her still struggling form into the back of my open van. Closing the door and locking it behind me I tied her ankles together and watched the drug take affect. First her eyelids droop before she went limp. I quicky tied her wrist ankles and waist to the manacles attached to the bottom of the floor of the van as a precaution and through a blanket over her still form. I then stood up and got into the drivers seat. I turned on the car and coasted out of the alley lights off once out of the town I turned them back on and drove to where my car was parked. There I parked my truck beside the sports car hidden in some trees switched the license plate with a new one took the girl belongings including a wallet id (that told me her name was Natalie) and cell phone that I quickly smashed. I laid them in a pre made hole and covered it back up. Finally I went to see my prize.
I untied her from all her bonds except the handcuffs before adding a ball gag and mask covering her whole body. I then gently pulled her out of the truck and laid her in my trunk before gently closing it. I checked to make sure i wasn't leaving any evidence behind before driving out of the abandoned parking lot and toward home.
I reached the mansion without incident and pushed the garage button before pulling into the garage and closing it behind me. I then went around back and lifted Natalie out of the trunk closing the trunk with my elbow I shifted her to one hand and opened the garage door before carrying her down into the basement. I stopped at the eye scanner and felt the light scan over my eyes before accepted flashed on the screen and I heard the click before it swung open. I pushed it closed with my back before breathing a sigh of relief I really did it i thought with a grin as I walked down the hallway typing in the padlock number I brought her into room one before closing it behind me finally able to really believe I did it as I looked down at my sleeping prize. I carried her to the bed against the wall and laid her down. I removed her handcuffs first and removed her mask leaving her ball gag secured. Slowly I began removing her few articled first her dress was stripped from her body and laid aside and then her bra. I removed my gloves before I reached forward and pressed my hand to her breast watching as it formed into my hand they were medium sized, but perky and lovely. I couldn't resist squeezing them and watching them harden in my hands. I admired them a bit longer before I removed her necklace and earrings laying them aside finally all I had left were her black panties. I reached down laying my hand over her covered pussy. It was hot in my hand and I felt my erection grow.just by watching her amazing body. With a sigh I pulled off her panties and gazed down at her shaved pussy with a a small grin. Not able to help myself i reached down and spread her pussy lips letting my finger rub along her inner lips before my finger circled her opening I let it slide in a pushed down gently and gasped in surprise Natalie was a virgin I grinned I'd enjoy taking her cherry. Reluctantly I slid my finger out of her stroking her breast once more before i stood up. I tied each of her hands to the bed posts and then splayed her legs open to tying her ankles to the bottom bedposts so she was spread eagle like. I then put a blindfold on her kissed her breast and got to my feet heading back upstairs to wait.

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