How I met my wife chapter 5

How I met my wife chapter 5

This story is about how I planned too finally able to get my cock into Joan. She has been wanting to feel me deep inside her tight pussy all summer. The problem was that I was really too thick for her virgin pussy ,so I devised a plan. The story is somewhat true but I had to add things to make it interesting.

I was up at the camp chilling with the guys ,(Joan’s brothers) one afternoon waiting for Joan to arrive. Nude of course as we have been skinny dipping ,laying around and playing horseshoes. I had been trying to think of something Joan would want for her 18th birthday . The only thing I could think of was that she really wanted to feel a cock cum inside her pussy.

It wasn’t just any cock she wanted to be her first as she has had several chances to get laid.I felt honored because she only wanted mine ,unfortunately and unsuccessfully I tried but I was too big for her tiny pussy. I don’t know if it was a birth defect or what but I have tried many times to loosen her up. I had licked and sucked her pussy until she was begging me to stop ,still all I could get inside her was a finger.

Well anyways three of her brothers were there and I started getting an idea. As I started looking at each one of their cocks I just blurted out what I was thinking. “How would you guys like to fuck your sister” I said,pretty much knowing the answer .

“Yea right”Steve said “she wont even let us see her pussy how in the hell would she lets us fuck her”.Tony spoke up”why would she let us fuck her when she has your big cock to do her”.They all agreed with that comment, “because she is wearing me out”I said “ and she has hinted to me that she would like to try some different ones.

Sure I was lying but it sparked their interest and they gathered around me”you would be okay if we fucked her “Adam the youngest brother asked. “Well it is her birthday on Saturday “I said “ I would let you guys do her just this one time as a gift”.They looked at each other and shook their heads “yes , we will be glad too.

Great, I will work on setting it up and will let you know by Friday. But don't jerk off this week I want you guys to really fill her pussy up.Then they asked surprisingly “we can cum in her too ? Yes that is what all she wants for her birthday.

Well now that I got what I think could help me finally fuck her I just had to devise a plan to get Joan to agree. I was thinking after she takes three cocks and 6 loads of cum in her tight pussy she should be stretched enough for me.

I decided to take a walk and meet up with Joan and maybe even work on my plan.I met up with her just as she reached the woods and gave her a big kiss and hug.”Lets get naked and walk a different trail today “ I said, “I am pretty horny today” . It wasn't hard to get Joan to strip or even to have sex with me specially in the woods , it has been a turn on for both of us.

“I see that you are horny”she said taking a hold of my hard cock and smiled.”Yeah and I was hoping I can maybe get it inside you today, or at least we can try”. Joan wrapped an arm around my waist and said”yes that would be nice”.We started walking up a trail that we seldom walked. As we walked ,and talked we would stop from time to time to kiss and fondle each other. One time as we were making out I rubbed my fingers along her pussy lips and she whispered, “I really want you inside me”.

She was really wet today I found, as one finger slipped easily inside her.I tried for two but that was a no go, she did get off when I dropped to my knees licked her clit . I finger fucked her and licked her until her legs started shaking and warm juices flowed down my hand.

She started stroking my cock again as we walked, keeping me hard .Each time we stopped I would start sucking on her nipples and carefully sliding my finger inside her. I would wiggle my finger around in her juices making her wetter, I would tell her that I hoped this time I could get my cock in her.

“If I only had small cocks like your brothers “ I said “I would be filling your pussy right now. I could have my brothers any time I wanted “she said but the only one I want is yours”..

Each time I gave her an orgasm finger fucking her I would take my cock and rub it against her lips. I was hoping that maybe I can slip the head inside her this time. If I can't at least she would get another small orgasm anyways.

We must have stopped a dozen times at different places along the trail.I had been close to cumming many times but concentrated on getting her off. The next time we stopped Joan dropped to her knees “It is your turn to cum”she said.

There was a bid flat rock that I leaned against as she licked and sucked away on me.I do have to say thinking about her mother's blow job and Joan sucking me they were quite similar .

Joan has been learning well this summer and her abilities were getting better each day.She had her hands on my ass as she bobbed her head on my cock.Her gag reflex was gone and she could now licking my balls with her tongue while I was deep in her throat.As I looked around it started looking familiar and sure enough I heard a car go by.I was getting a blow job near the same place as Beth gave me one the day before.

I closed my eyes, remembering that moment with Beth ,I then held Joan's head tight. “I am cumming “I said to Joan. “Like Beth she didn’t pull her head away she just kept swallowing as my cum filled her mouth. When I felt she was going to stop I said “keep going keep me hard” and she did . I let her suck me for a bit then lifted her up, bending her over on the rock.

I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy just hoping it would go in ,again she was too tight. I did manage to keep rubbing it around on her clit which was causing her to get wetter. I had put my hands on her hips and pulled her onto my cock letting it slide between her moist lips. I started fucking her that way with the same rhythm as I fucked Beth and soon Joan was moaning and breathing as if I was inside her.

It was rather weird but that same car that I heard was Beth’s. I thought I was seeing things when I saw Beth walking down the trail to the waterfalls naked. I kept pounding away at Joan and as her cries were getting louder. The louder she moaned the more I thought about Beth watching and the closer I got to cumming.

When she cried out she was cumming. I waited and then I pulled my cock out from between her lips and held it tight to her tiny hole. “Yes “she said out loud as she felt my warm cum start shooting past her tight hole. “I feel it yes, cum inside me ,yes ,yes over and over until I emptied my seed inside her. I pushed gently against her and the head moved in a little then she said “ouch” and I pulled back.

She turned around and kissed me deep holding on to me tight,we had to kiss for what seemed like 5 minutes . I was now leaning against the rock when Joan stepped back “look there is cum in my pussy”. She was excited and parted her lips sliding a finger up inside her then back out “oh that feels good “she said . “Look I have cum running out of my pussy”showing me her finger then licked it “and it is yours”. I have never seen her so ecstatic ,as she was so happy to feel my warm cum finally inside her tight pussy.

She grabbed my cheeks and gave me a kiss then laid her head on my chest still shaking from excitement. “You finally came inside my pussy, finally “she said again “I love you”.I was holding her then kissed her head seeing in the distance Beth . She was also rubbing her pussy as she stood there ,she must have heard Joan's cries I thought .

Finally Joan calmed down enough to where we could start walking again .”I still didn't get my cock inside you yet”I said .Joan squeezed my hand “but your cum is and at least that was a start”

As we continued to walk to the waterfalls I was not sure how Joan would react if she was to see her mother there .Joan was still gigglie telling me that she could still feel my cum seeping out of her. “I can't wait to feel it way up inside me “she said, stopping to kiss me again.

”We may have to keep doing it that way for a while “I said “Or .Or what “she said “never mind it isn’t possible .Or what” she kept saying “I will tell you later” I said as we walked to the waterfall . Looking around for Beth and sitting down on the ledge letting the water flow around us.

Joan leaned in giving me a kiss on the cheek then placed her head on my shoulder. “You know we have been hanging out now for two summers,”she said . “We have never argued or fought or even said anything bad about each other. But my mother says we are too young to get serious, do you think she is right? She said looking up at me.

“Well I don’t know her as well as you do, what do you think?”I said as I placed my arm over her shoulder lightly pinching her ear. She giggled then sighed and took a deep breath as I sensed she was at a crossroads. “Well Mom and I have always been very close ,we talk about everything. The other day she told me that I am not related by blood to Steve and Tony. When I told her I really wanted to have intercourse with you before my 18 th birthday. I was kinda frustrated because I wanted it to be you but she suggested maybe it could be with one of them instead.

Wow this is playing right into my plan I was thinking “well would you?” I asked, causing her to move her face directly in front of mine. Our eyes met and she stared into mine”are you serious”she said still face to face before I gave her a quick kiss.”Well” I said trying to think about how to say I would be alright with it .She then said “are you serious you would let me have sex with one of them.

Well maybe it would make it easier to take me after them,so yes I would be okay with it.Remember how much Debra enjoyed it ,I think you would enjoy it too.I know it turned me on watching your brothers fucking her.I said “besides it could be a birthday present,maybe do both of them why not, you only have to do it once.

Joan quickly got up and dove into the water as I was thinking damn that didn’t go well.She swam on her back away from me as I marveled at her well toned body.She tread water for a few minutes staring at me with no expression on her face. She then swam back to me resting her arms on my legs,”do you think it would work?But which one should I let do it to me? They both have the same size cock,and I love both of them”.I bent down cupping her cheek “and I love you”I said as she put her arms around my neck,

Joan let go and pushed herself away again swimming away the stopped treading water. This time she had a happier expression on her face as she stared at me.I dove in swimming underwater and came up under her kissing her bare pussy as I pulled her under.I swam away hearing her laughing when she came back up.

She then swam back to me and kissed me “I love your laugh “I said but I also love other things about you. She splashed water in my face and swam back to the edge and sat on the ledge. “What else do you love about me “she said as I floated back between her spread legs.``This I said with my fingers parting the thin lips of her pussy. Joan let out a moan as I licked up her slit and kissed her clit. “And that moan” I said then laid my head on her leg.

Again I thought I saw Beth again standing beside a tree rubbing her pussy before disappearing again.I looked up at Joan “why don't you do them both like Debra did ,she seemed to enjoy it.I will be right beside you “I said “so I can hear your moans of pleasure. Make me moan “she said laying down on her back as her finger rubbed on her clit.

She didn’t have to say it again as I moved her legs over my shoulders and started licking and sucking away at her pussy. I could see past her flat belly that her small nipples were erect and rising from her small tits,lifting and falling with each breath.

I could almost imagine her having both of her brother's cocks in her hand licking them while they played with her tits.

I could begin to hear her moaning and whispering yes, oh yes when my tongue licked a sensitive spot.I made note where the spots were and concentrated on them as making her moan even louder. I started feeling her juices begin to flow and my tongue seemed to slip a little farther inside her .

When I felt that she had enough I released her legs and moved up on her kissing and licking all the way until I could kiss her mouth.She had a big smile on her face and her eyes sparkled when I said your fantastic and kissed her again. We laid there for a while with her head on my chest and her fingers making designs on my cock. I was still looking around for Beth but she was nowhere in sight.

Finally we got up and began walking towards the camp just before reaching it Joan asked where her clothes were. I purposely left them on the big rock where she was so excited and forgot about them.She started getting nervous until I gave her my shirt,”wear this it will cover you”I said ,and it did.

The hem of my shirt easily covered her pussy so she relaxed and said hi to her brothers as she walked up. They said hi and smiled as they imagined what was at the top of her long legs.They had a fire going and we sat around talking about different things. She seemed to be enjoying the attention she was getting from them. When she asked them why they were being so nice Steve spoke up saying we love our sister . And your birthday is this Friday, “Tony said sounding excited.

Joan smiled you guys are so nice, I love you all,then turned, I better go home now.She said her goodbyes and I walked her home. We were holding hands looking at the stars when I said “they do adore you I have seen it , haven't you”?She squeezed my hand “I have”then a long pause “so you think they would really do me ? What boy wouldn’t you are drop dead gorgeous”I gave her a long kiss before she went in then started back to the camp.

As I made my back I was startled when a hand grabbed my neck and a set of lips kissed me .In the moonlight Beth was at my face. “Nice job tonight, that rock was where I lost my virginity on a moonlit night like this,almost 18 yrs ago. Would you care to relive those memories with me”she said taking my hand leaning me down the trail.

Could she be a dream or did it really happen we will see in the next chapter

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