The Domestic Slave

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This is just part one of a series I am planning to do. If you like it, feel free to like and comment!


The Domestic Slave.

I wake up to a strange, yet familiar sensation. A sensation of wet lips around my hard,

morning wood, and soft, blonde hair draped over my thighs. I lift my head slightly and open a

single eye, to see her. She looks beautiful, the morning sun coming through the cracked curtains

and illuminating her small, pale face. I reach down and gently cup her cheek, while moving her

long, blonde hair out of her face. “Good little toy," I say with a smile as I glance at the clock in

the wall to see it is exactly 7:00 am. She raises her eyes, and locks them with mine. “Thank you,

Sir.”, she says happily in her small, barely audible voice. “Now go get me my clothes for today,"

I order in a soft, yet firm tone. I slowly sit up in my king-sized bed, as my domestic slave quickly

hops off the bed. Her firm, plump ass sways as she gets to the closet and pulls out the clothes she

laid out for me the night before.

“Khakis and a dress shirt, eh?" think to myself, while pulling myself out of bed. “She sure knows

what I like.” I stand by the bed as she brings me my clothes, my cock beginning to go flaccid,

but still covered in her saliva. “Good girl. Now go start breakfast," I say as I grab my clothes and

begin to put them on. “Yes Sir!" she says excitedly with a giggle before skipping out of the

room. I glance once more at her perfect bottom, while my cock begins to stiffen once again. I

shake my head and begin to slowly put on my clothes, giving her plenty of time to cook some

breakfast. As I button my cuffs, I sit down at my desk and power on my PC. Just as I open my

first email, Joy comes in. “Some coffee, Sir?" she asks. I look over and notice that she has

changed into her skimpy maid outfit and is holding a tray with a hot cup of coffee on it. “Yes,

thank you, Joy," I say while grabbing the mug and setting it on my desk.

“Is there anything else I can do for you right now, Sir?" she asks politely. “Not right now. Go

back to cooking.”, I say distracted by my work emails. She simply nods and takes the tray back

to the kitchen. I successfully answer all of the important emails, when Joy comes back in. “Sir,

breakfast is nearly done.”, she states proudly. I turn and look at her and notice her outfit again.

It’s a typical “sexy” maid outfit. Except this one is high quality and very comfortable, however,

it is very revealing. The heels have slight lift to them, but aren’t too tall, paired with a thigh high,

white sock. These lead to a skirt that is way too short. It fully reveals the crotch of her panties,

which are too narrow in the front, which shows off some of her pussy lips on either side. The

blouse is white and frilly, with a black overcoat. The blouse and overcoat are cut perfectly to

allow a view of her midriff through a diamond cutout. They also allow her cleavage to spill over

the top, accentuating her perfect, C-cup breasts. This is all topped off with her pulled back hair

and a small maids' hat.

“Good girl. I was just about to get up to see when it was done," I say as I stand up and walk by

her. As I do, she obverts her eyes and looks at the ground. I gently rub the top of her head as I

walk to the dining room. I sit down at the head of the table as she brings out a plate of bacon and

eggs with toast and hash browns. She places a warm cup of coffee in front of me as I grab my

knife and fork. She slowly kneels next to me as I grab my phone and begin reading the news.

After my first bite, I glance over at her and say "Come, slut. Under the table. Worship me with

your mouth." I go back to my phone as she squeals in excitement.

She quickly crawls under the table and runs her hands up my thighs. I read the latest dumb thing

that the president said, while she quickly, and skillfully unbuckles and unzips my pants. She puts

her tiny hands into my fly and pulls out my semi hard cock. Using her skilled fingers, she gently

begins to jerk it, as it starts to harden in her hand. Soon, I feel her soft, perfect lips gently kiss the

tip of my cock. I hear a moan as she savors my precum, before she sucks the tip into her mouth.

Her tongue swirls over my hole as her hand gently jerks my shaft.

I slow down my eating as I enjoy her mouth. Her tongue slowly snakes its way down my shaft, then back up to the head

before she takes the head and some shaft deep into her little mouth. I shudder silently as I focus

on the article I am reading to try and not cum. She places both of her small hands on my thighs,

as she leans forwards and takes every inch of me into her throat suddenly. I let out a small moan

before she pulls her head back, drool coming off of my tip and landing on her chin. I gain my

composure before looking down at my lap. She kisses the tip of my cock and smiles up at me

with pride before opening her mouth and swallowing me all the way. I grunt and shake my head,

scooping up some more of my eggs onto my fork and into my mouth. Her lips wrap tightly

around the base of my cock as she slowly, and teasingly pulls her head back until her lips are

wrapped tightly around the head of my cock.

I continue eating, while trying not to cum while she sinks her lips back down my shaft. All the way, with as much suction as she can muster. She begins to bob her head up and down, her dirty blonde hair falling all over my lap, concealing her face. She continually takes my cock all the way into her throat and then backs it out. She speeds up, just as I am nearing the end of my breakfast. When I feel I am close to

cumming, I grab her hair firmly and pull her head back. She reaches up and grabs my cock

firmly, and begins jerking it. I moan a deep, guttural moan as I shoot rope after rope of hot, thick

cum all over her pretty face. She continues jerking me slowly, squeezing every last drop out of

my cock.

Soon, I let go of her hair, “Stand up," I say firmly. “You are to wear my cum on your

face all day, as a sign of a job well done.” She giggles and smiles up at me. “Gladly, Sir.”, she

says through her smile. I lean down and gently kisses her forehead, before turning and looking at

the clock. “Ok, my little slave. I have to leave for work. Be ready for me when I come home," I

say as I start walking towards the door, grabbing my keys and briefcase. “How do you want me,

Sir?" she asks, while standing behind me, hands folded in front of her. “Face down, ass up. I

want you to be ready to be used when I get back.” “Yes, Sir," she says with a hint of happiness in

her voice. “Good girl," I say with a smirk as I walk out.

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