The Drive through the Valley

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The private dirt road from the ranch back to the main highway led through the scenic Washoe Valley. The gravel track crossed through various ranches and side roads. Bruce drove and Carla looked at the fields around them. Suddenly something caught here eye and she asked Bruce to pull over. He looked out into the pasture and saw a band of ponies and a few smaller miniature horses, some no larger than the size of large dogs. On one of the ponies a naked blonde rode bareback, like Lady Godiva. Nearby another blonde woman stood nude and looked towards the road and beckoned to Bruce and Carla, to drive into their open gate.

Bruce turned into the side road through the gate. The herd of tiny horses was just a hundred yards from the gravel road and they stopped a little ways away, to avoid spooking the livestock. The woman on foot approached the car and welcomed them to their little rancho. She introduced herself as Angela and her companion was Jasmine. Her slight Hispanic accent intrigued the travelers since, the girls were not the stereotypical dark Latinas. Jasmine rode over and her breasts bounced alluringly as she approached. Her nipples were large protruding mountains on small mounds of rounded flesh. The protruding milk ducts seemed ripe as though she had been nursing a baby but, no child was in sight. Angela also had bulging nipples and small rounder breasts. The aureola tissue surrounding her milk spouts were nearly covering her whole breasts. She also looked like she had been nursing a child. Catching Bruce's eyes on her full mammary glands. She asked if he would like a sip of her milk.

Bruce was dumbfounded. The rural hospitality at Buck's ranch had been completely uninhibited and now another local resident had her breasts offered up to the visitors. Carla laughed and said, “Go ahead Bruce. After our busy day you need all the nourishment you can get.” Jasmine giggled and said, “I noticed you two were staying over at Buck's ranch so, I thought you might be interested in meeting Angela and I. Here taste my milk. It is sweet and energizing.” Angela rode closer and added. “We induce lactation and enjoy giving our gifts to each other and our friends as well. Welcome to our little rancho in the valley. We are from Uruguay and our family has been Gauchos for generations. Don't let our blonde hair fool you; we are South American Cowgirls and we know all the fun things to do on a ranch.”

Jasmine pulled Bruce's face onto her breast as he hesitated in his approach. Her full nipples dripped, even before he began to suckle one, in an anticipatory secretion. “Oh what a sweet taste,” Bruce murmured and sucked up her milk like a hungry baby.” His dick bulged as his strength grew from the natural hormonal quality of girl milk in his mouth. Angela dismounted and offered her breast to Carla, who did not hesitate to take up her feeding position. Angela moaned with pleasure while Jasmine purred as well. Their feeding aroused their sexuality and they gazed at each other with a knowing look. Carla had played and fondled many women and her bisexual identity was never in doubt. She played with Angela's breasts while she sucked and fed. Bruce mouth milked Jasmine like a calf on a milk cow. Jasmine held his head against her chest and gave him her energy and change his mouth to her next milk spout. Jasmine had a blonde strip of pubic hair above her bald pussy while Angela shaved completely. Bruce had his free hand moving down Jasmine's belly while his mouth and one hand worked overtime on her milk bags. Carla sucked and fondled Angela and emptied her first breast. Changing to the next nipple Carla drank the sweetness in. She had tasted it as a child but, that was a forgotten flavor. Soon the milking was finished; the cowgirl nipples were swollen but their breasts were emptied.

Now Bruce noticed that some of the ponies and horses had taken an interest in the gathering. One of the miniature horses had a nice thick boner a little fatter than most men and longer as well. It looked quite usable and not outrageous like a full sized stallion member. Angela noticed Carla's interest and led them towards a small shed. Here she produced a saddle blanket and lay it on the ground. Then she told Carla to strip and get down on all fours.

The horse's ears cocked forward with interest. Clearly he saw the signals of what would happen next. His boner extended and he had a nice curve as the blood filled his fat dick. Carla unconsciously nodded in approval as the little horse approached her from behind. He reared up and put his front legs over her shoulders and pulled himself up against her butt. His hard boner easily located her wet gash and the head of his dick pressed up and made contact with her entrance. Angela rubbed the horse cock a little and then inserted it into Carla's waiting puss. Carla's head snapped back to get a look at the little stallion who had her under his hooves. The horse pulled himself up against her and his fat cock spread her opening wider than any man had yet done. She gasped at his size filling her tight pussy. He was bigger than the dog and longer too. He had her down like his mares and he quickly stroked inside her hole, which made her ears pop from the internal pressure change.

He plunged in like the piston on a pump and her whole body shock as he back stroked and then rammed her again. Jasmine reached under and played with Carla's boobs as the pony hard stroked her from behind. The size was incredible to Carla and her tight slit spread more than it ever had. She felt like she was stuffed up like a sausage. Bruce fondled Angela as he watched his wife get horse-used like a stray mare. The little stallion shook and humped for all he was worth. Bruce kept fondling and watching his wife get animal drilled once again. The dogs were hot but, this nasty little stallion had the size and training to get his job done. He snorted and humped and pawed the ground next to Carla. He finally blew his horse jizz and then slowly unhitched himself from his human companion.

Carla was pretty well used by not, she had been dog licked and horse fucked. The nourishment of the lactating gaucho girls kept her going but, her knees were shaking as she stood up next to the miniature stallion.

Bruce had one stiff fence post of a hard one himself, just from watching the farm animal action close up. Angela moaned, while he fingered her, then whispered something in his ear. Bruce nodded and Angela stepped away and hitched a lead line to one of the miniature mares. “She is stump trained and likes it,” Angela explained. She led the little mare to a hitching rail and wrapped the lead line to the rail. The mare instinctively turned her rear towards Bruce. He was the only man in sight and she snorted and sniffed in the air. Angela pulled down Bruce's pants and made him kneel behind the little horse. The tail lifted away and the open slit dripped with equine juices. Angela pushed Bruce forward and his dick easily slid into place. The horse took his stiff dick in like he belonged there. Bruce grabbed the withers and pulled himself against the horse's flanks. Angela passed another rope around the horse's flanks and put one end through a loop on the other. She handed this cinch strap to Bruce and he pulled himself hard, against the little mare. He fucked her like a stallion himself. She was hot and gripped him quite well. Bruce let out a rodeo yell and fucked the horse deeper and deeper. Carla stopped to watch, while her husband had some real traditional cowboy horse fucking. He spanked the mare on the flanks and she bore down on his dick with a powerful contraction. Her squeeze was too much for Bruce to hold back from. He quivered and shook as his balls pulled close and started to release his load. His sperm tubes filled and pumped convulsively and spasmodically working his juice to the end of his knob. He drove hard and pumped his load deep. No hybrid could be born but, his instinct made him pump like he wanted to impregnate the little horse and she took him like she wanted it all too.

Over the years the bond between man and horse had grown in these western meadows and fields. The ponies learned from the quarter horses and the miniatures got initiated as the new breeds arrived on the range. A cowboy far from the ranch house had to do what he could, with sheep, pony, dog or mare. Nevada law did not mention any limits to the bonds formed with beasts on the open range. As long as an animal was not hurt one could engage in any type of fun the beast could engage in.

Bruce pulled out his steaming probe and Carla inspected his wet mess oozing from his little mare's pussy. She stuck in a finger to take a taste of the juicy mix and all of them laughed again at their wild orgy of beast sex.

Angela insisted that they retire to their tiny cabin to clean up. The gaucho girls were milked and emptied and the visitors were well fucked and dusty from the bestial excitement. Carla's stretched out vagina was filled with a massive load of horse sperm and she dripped down her leg below her skirt. Bruce's dick had horse juices mixed with his man semen. With his shirt still on he had his pants over his shoulder as we walked in.

The ranch cabin was a historic old structure from the days of the Nevada Silver Rush. A wood stove with a caldron of water was already going and an ancient claw foot tub sat in the corner of the single room. A single double bed was in the corner and a bunk bed stood against the far wall. A simple wooden table and a small free standing cabinet were the kitchen. While a few rustic chairs and stools were scattered around the table. Jasmine began to bucket water from the caldron to the tub and Angela started to fill another bucket from the well pump against one wall. They adjusted the temperature and then stripped Carla and put her into the bath and began playing with her boobs. The lesbian sisters continued to play with their new lady friend and Bruce waited his turn for a bath on one of the chairs by the wood stove. After Carla was cleaned, fingered and pleasured by both sisters. They brought Bruce over to the tub and stripped him too. He soaked in the used water and washed the horse dust off his body. Then they drained the tub through a hose that led through the wall and refilled it with fresh water. The cowgirls then got in the tub together and began to make out in the warm water. The told Bruce and Carla to get comfortable and sit on the bed. The visitors rested arm in arm wrapped in towels and watched the girl show before them with great interest.

Carla played with Bruce's spent balls and he squeezed her tits while he watched the cowgirls playing with their own boobs in the tub. Angela fingered her naughty sister Jasmine who lay back against the tub mesmerized in a dreamy state. Bruce got up and brought a fresh bucket of hot water from the stove and Angela drained some from the tub to make room. He carefully poured it in to avoid scalding them and Jasmine played with his dick while he stood there holding the bucket. They were having a relaxed early afternoon bath play session and no one was in any hurry to do anything else. As the time passed Carla brought the next bucket of water and the girls smiled at her and tickled her bare mound. Carla stayed close to allow them to get her worked up. She had a little break from her initiation with the little horse. Jasmine mentioned that the ponies were a somewhat bigger and that she should wait until she could take the miniatures easily before moving up to anything bigger. Carla was not sure if she wanted anything larger. The miniature stallion was like a large man and that was fine. She wanted to stay nice and tight not get too stretched out, at least until after she had given birth.

The gaucho girls finally got out of the tub and joined Bruce on the bed. They told him that they used herbs to induce their lactation and that they were about ready to nurse each other now. They lay facing opposite each other and sixty nine sucked their nipples. Bruce and Carla each took charge of one of their bald pussies and fingered them, as they suckled simultaneously from their filled up little milk pouches. Soon both Angela and Jasmine were moaning even more erotically than they had in the tub. It seemed like their whole life was one orgasm after another this afternoon. After one breast gave up its gift, they offered the other to their guests. They all lay together on the bed and the visitors sucked up the lactation as grateful guests.

By now the sun had moved closer to the Sierra Nevada mountains across the valley. If they wanted to get going by dark they needed to extract themselves from this new cabin of cum. Carla put on her skirt and Bruce pulled on his jeans. The kissed and thanked the hosts again and said they would be sure to return soon. The valley had been a great adventure on the way home from the whoring up in Virginia City. The got in the car and pulled away slowly onto the bumpy dirt road. The cowgirls followed them to the gate on horseback naked and waved farewell.

I never expected so many new experiences were possible in such a short time. The milk alone was a new exciting taste to enjoy and those girls clearly felt aroused by giving them their gift. Carla thought of her own pregnancy which was just beginning. Her lactation would come naturally but, perhaps she should continue to encourage it after she weaned her child. Bruce seemed to enjoy it a great deal. Better yet maybe she should try to induce her own lactation before the birth….She lay her head on her husband's lap as he drove on to the paved highway and the smooth rumble put her into a restful sleep. Bruce thought of all their new friends in Nevada. From the brothel to the ranches. His marriage was going great and every week brought a new adventure.

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