Ahh... Lochy Part 6

Ahh Lochy Part 6

The water felt nice on my feet.
It was really the only thing keeping me coherent with reality.
The cold sea water and the slight waves rolling back and forth dampening the bottoms of my shorts before returning to dampen them again.

Here, on this long but winding beach you can see a fair distance in both directions along it and the Esplanade, a road the travelled along the length of the beach was just as visible so you could imagine how weird I looked when I was constantly looking up and down the beach, as if looking for something.

And I was

Standing in the water, no more than ankle deep just looking out to the horizon, up then down the beach before gazing away at the horizon again I sort of felt a little out of place.
At Perth, the sun would set into the ocean, but here, on the other-side of the country, the sun doesnt set into the ocean, it sets into the landscape, but when your near a city thats surrounded by houses all you get is massive shadows and the last hour or two of sunlight is hidden by buildings in the distance.

It's a little sad really, not being able to watch the sun disappear into the horizon, but instead it was prematurely blocked, never to be seen again until morning.
I had a beer with me in the water that I slowly sipped away at every few minuets or so, Foxy sneaked up behind me as I was gazing into the ocean and tackled me to the sand.
We both landed into the cool, shallow ocean water with a splash.
I was on my back and Foxy, he was right ontop of me, and just like that I was pinned.
I had to hold me head up in order to keep all waves from splashing salt water up my nose and into my eyes.
Foxy's small yet muscular body had me perfectly pinned, his strong arms and legs either side of my body, his torso straddling me.
It almost reminded me of the time when Lochy picked me up from the air-port.

Ahh Lochy, I thought. Why the fuck do you have to make things so damn complicated?

“So” Foxy spoke, bringing me back from my thoughts of Lochy yet again.
I blinked and looked up at Foxy's face, so soft, caring yet it had an abundance of masculinity to it that I just could not understand.

“Uhhh S-so” I said trailing off and looking to the side, my face begun to blush and my cock started to fill with blood from this submissive position.
Its almost like as if I find myself in these sorts of situations by default, no matter what, I somehow find myself with another guy ontop of me
Sigh if only I wasnt so damn horny all the time.

I looked down back up at Foxy who was looking down his chest and that's when I noticed that he was getting really hard, real fast.
The full 6” of himself is revealed by the tent in his shorts and just like that I get he feeling that I should pleasure him.
Foxy looks back up at me as he begins to grind his shaft against my hardening tool, I place my right hand onto his stomach and slowly move it down into his pants and grab his cock.
He stops grinding the moment I make contact and begins moaning.

“hmmm” he starts “Dont stop now”

“Your more horny than I am, dude! We just fucked a few minuets ago” I said.

“Yush but I'm drunk!” he replied cheerfully before going in for a passionate kiss.

I begun my work on his cock, swiftly moving my hand up and down the shaft, trying to get a good rhythm whilst in this awkward position.
His body contorts slightly over me as the pleasure I provide slowly brings him closer to release.

I heard shouts of people saying their greetings and such so I stopped.
A few of Foxy's friends had turned up to the party and were walking towards us after saying their G'day's and hellos and such.
Foxy didn't seem to appreciate the sudden seize of pleasure and begun to thrust his cock in and out of my hand that was still lightly around it.
Realizing that his friends, although still far away were rapidly approaching I pushed Foxy off of me and got to me feet.
Instead of acknowledging the new arrivals I started to laugh and splash water at Foxy, to pretend that we were just playing around and not about to screw like rabbits on heat.

Foxy got up quickly and attempted to get ontop of my again, but just before he pounced he noticed his friends directly behind me.
They must've been someone who didn't know much about his sexuality because he hid his boner and laughed before they finally got to us.
“Hey, Darryl, Mark” Foxy said, the feint redness of a blush was evident on his dark skin.

“Yo, Fox!” one of them said.
“Good to see you both got here, there's an Esky night to the car that's got the music so you can keep your beers cold” Foxy begun pointing to a Rusty Holden that was parked on the beach.
It was the same car that has been playing loud music ever since I got there.
There was also a few other cars scattered loosely around the one that had the Esky next to it and the music playing where the rest of Foxy's friends and house-mates partied.

“Which car is it?” One of his friends asked.
“Here I'll show you” Foxy said as we begun our way towards the group.
I hadn't even realised that I barely partied at all, despite being there long enough for a root, half a blow-job and the start of whatever was about to happen on the shore with Foxy.

As we walked the sky went from a painted orange to a growing deep red, before the light was to completely disappear.

Foxy walked with his two friends on either side of him and I followed behind, observing them as they spoke about how they'd been that day.

We arrived to the center of the party and I broke off from following the three to converse with a few friends that I hadn't really said hello to yet and mingle.
The days event's had left me worn and drowsy, and the alcohol was beginning to take its course on my fatigued body.

A few of the women were pretty damn good looking so I approached one of them that was leaning against a new-looking red Commodore.
“Hey I said” as I walked over to her, a fresh beer in-hand.

She had a stunning body, rather large breasts, long brown wavy hair that she had parted at the fringe with the most of it tied back in a pony-tail.
“I'm Dan” I continued, “I uhh take it your one of Foxy's house-mates?”
She looked at me sideways with a somewhat disgust appearance on her face.

“No, I'm his girlfriend” she said pointing to a large guy that was talking to Foxy.
“You okay?” I enquired, her initial attitude and emotion towards me wasn't the most pleasant.
“I'm fine” she snapped back.
Wow, I thought, she's fucking pissed, and I'm not talking about he drunk pissed either.
“You sure?” I continued to prod, “You seem pissed off” I turned my head to look at her, she didn't bother to look at me, only to scowl at her boyfriend and Foxy.

“I saw what you and him were doing in the water earlier” she begun without looking at me, “It's wrong, all that fuckin' gay shit” she continued
“You a christian or somethin'?” I asked
She snorted an answer “Pfft, no. Humans aren't meant to fuck the same sex”

I looked away at her, not knowing what to say.
Looking back at her boyfriend and Foxy I noticed that both of them had small tent's emerging from their pants.

And just like that I knew why she was pissed off. It wasn't because Foxy and I were getting down 'n' dirty in the water, it's because, like all sly Foxes, Foxy was doing what he does best.
And that was chatting up guys.
Even in this circumstance of a taken guy that was not only big enough to pick myself and Foxy up with his hands, but he was supposedly a straight guy.
Well, not anymore, I thought.

“Don't mind Foxy” I begun “He's just-”
“I don't fucking care!” she snapped back angrily to me.
She turned her glare away from the two, to look at me.
Her cold, brown eyes shot right through me, as if reading my mind.
“Look” I begun again, “Don't get shitty at me, I just wanted to give you company because you were standin' here on your own” she tried to cut me off again but I spoke over her.
“And I'm not fucking Gay, okay? I'm just open to anyone, guys are obviously included.”
My words surprising not only her but myself after they had been said.

“Well it's still fuckin' wrong” she finished, still looking at me, her expression begun to soften a little so I took my chance.
“You keen for a drink? I'll go get ya one from inside if you'd like, nothin' but beed in the Esky” I asked.
Her face softened completely at this point.
“I'm the designated driver tonight” she said ”for him” she finished, pointing her thumb at her boyfriend.
“You could always crash inside the house, or in your car C'mon, lighten up a little, It's a beach party and your in a shitty mood” I smiled broadly at her.

It was nice, talking to her. She kept my brain occupied and because of that I had forgotten that Lochy was pissed off at me for god knows what reason.
“I'm Elle” she begun, “And that soon to be Ex is Rob” she said pointing back at her current boyfriend.
“Nice to meet ya” I said, “I'm Dan”
“I know that!” she said with a giggle.

“Sooo.” I begun again, “How bout that drink?” I asked.
“I'll come with you” she said taking her weight off of the car which I presumed to be either her's or her boyfriends.

We made our way inside the large house, it greeted us with a rush of freezing air that had been produced by the Air-con that had been running all day to fiend off the heat.
When we got to the kitchen I heard another two cars rock up, car doors opening and slamming shut and people talking just outside the house, on the road.
I thought nothing of it.

“Soooo” I begun again, opening up the community-house fridge which revealed copious amounts of different types and kinds of alcohol, ranging from weak vodka cruisers to straight bottles of triple distilled red-label and even a large bottle of Bacardi 151o.

I watched as her eye's scanned the contents of the fridge until they locked onto what she wanted.
It was the 151, a straight spirit that has so much alcohol in it, the top of the bottle has a flame arrestor to prevent the 75.5% beverage from burning and possibly exploding.

“Thats some serious shit” I said as she retrieved the bottle as well as a half empty 1.5ltr bottle of coke.
She looked at me and grinned wildly as she took the caps from both bottles and begun pouring the 151 right into the half-empty bottle of coke.
I watched as the level of the coke slowly rose up as she continued to pour the deathly liquid into it.
She stopped pouring when the coke bottle was less than three-quarters full, indicating that this was going to get her and more than likely some other people absolutely shit-faced tonight.

“Niiiice” she said as she returned the 151 to the fridge and took a swig of her concoction.
“Here” she said handing me the bottle of coke. I looked at it suspiciously, as if it were to come alive and eat my face off.
But eventually, the tip of the bottle reached my lips as I begun to slowly pour the strong mixture of coke and Bacardi into my mouth.

And just like that Elle pushed the bottom of the bottle upwards making the liquid gush into my mouth.
Instinctively I begun to swallow, gulp after gulp as the liquid continued to flow freely into my mouth.
I forced the bottle downwards after a few more mouth fulls and handed it to her.
It was already below half-way, and I begun to worry about what the hell I was going to do now.


Elle and I had reached the beach again, but by that time the alcohol was doing it's thing and I was already feeling its effects at full force.
The distant surroundings became a blur.
The light from the sun was beginning to become a distant memory as the sky faded to darkness, someone had started a fire in the center of the party and most of the people were either dancing around it to the music or sitting around it and chatting about.

Elle and I noticed that Foxy was sitting right next to rob infront of the fire, his head resting on his shoulder and Robs arm around Foxy's shoulders.
It took Elle quite a bit of strength to hold back from exploding right there and then at them but instead I guided us around the fire and the party that was going on to sit on the sand right by the waters edge.

We sat there for ages, talking about this and that whilst gazing out in the black nothingness infront of us. Listening to the party that was going on behind us.
“Dan?” she said turning to face me.
“Yeah?” I replied returning the favour.
“Thanks for getting me drunk, your a real sweetie” she said, and just like that she leaned her face in for a kiss.
When contact was made between our lips my eyes shot wide open, she begun to prod my closed lips with her tongue for access but I broke it, leaning away slightly.
“I'm sorry, Elle. Your an awesome chick and all, but your still taken” I continued “And although your boyfriend might or might not be cheating on you, I don't cross the line with anyone that's taken, I'm sorry”

Her soft face screwed up as tears started to form in the corners of her eyes, she looked down at her self, tears now dripping onto herself as she begun to cry.
“I'm such a bad person” she wailed between staggered breaths of air.
Huh, I thought to myself, she's drunk
I put my arm around Elle to comfort her a little, “Awwww, don't say that Elle, I bet your a wonderful person. The booze has just gone to your head, thats all” I explained.
“I'm not even drunk!” she spat out angrily
Surprised at this sudden outburst I withdrew my arm from her side and rested it by my side.
She continued to cry more and more until she suddenly stopped inbetween soggy breaths.

Her eyes widened as she got to her knees.
Ooohh no I thought, and just like I had thought.
She threw up right infront of us. I backed away a little so I wouldn't get hit with any splash-age.
Yup, shes drunk.
After her little spew she got to her feet and wobbled away without saying goodbye.
I called out after her “Do you need a hand?” but no reply came.
Still feeling the full effects of the strong piss I had consumed I felt like moving too much would send me over the edge and I'd probably add to Elle's little vomit patch.

I made up my mind and scooted down the shore a little and sat back down, my knees up against my chest and arms around my legs to hold them in tight. Looking out to the sea for what felt like hours until the darkness of the night overcame me, My head feeling heavy I rested my fore-head between my knees and closed my eyes.
And just like that, I was out.


A loud bang from a deodorant can that someone had thrown into the fire woke me from my slumber.
The effects of the alcohol were still in full effect but I didn't feel sick anymore.
Something was different though, I felt a presence behind me Physically.

Two large hands were lightly massaging my shoulders and back, without moving my head I opened my eyes and saw a pair of legs on either side of me.
Someone was sitting right behind me, their legs on either side and was giving me a back massage.
“Your awake” a soft yet masculine voice came from the stranger behind me.

My eyes opened in horror, oh god no! I thought
Fucking. Steve?!
I snapped my head around to see his face.

What I saw completely threw me off guard.
It was Lochy!

He noticed my horror-filled face but just sat there, smiling that smile I loved so much.
It's effects working instantly on my already gooey brain and I leant my back into his chest.
Looking forward I leant my head back onto his chest as well and looked right up at him smiling like a dopey bastard.

“Dude” he begun but I pulled his face down towards mine for a light kiss.
The contact of our lips sent a small shock of electricity through our bodies and Lochy wrapped his strong arms around my chest, pulling me in tighter to his warm body.
He broke off, “Sorry dude, necks' getting a little sore”
“Hehe heh sorry about that” I said giggling a little.

“Look” he begun again “I'm sorry about storming off earlier, I just”
“It was my fault” I interrupted, “I should'nt had let Foxy take advantage of me” I replied looking down at hands that were interlocked and resting on my stomach.

“Dan..” Lochy started again “We're not a couple” Those four words cut straight through me like a hot knife through butter, but he continued.
“But” he trailed off, trying to construct his thoughts into words, “I think I like you” he finally said.

His arms around my chest loosened and I felt his body behind me begin to quiver as he tried to fight back the tears.
Not knowing what to do I just sat there, in silence.
“Lochy” I said “I.think I like you too I mean. alot” Lochys arms around me tightened once more as I felt warm drips hitting the back of my neck.

Crossing my arms over his I tried to pull his arms in tighter around me, enforcing that I wanted him more as I spoke, “I really don't wanna tell you this but.. Foxy and I-”
“I more or less expected you two to fuck” he cut me off.

We sat there in silence, Lochy had managed to fight back the tears and I was still swimming in booze to really get emotional at this point in time.

Streching my legs out infront of me I leant my head back to look up at him once more, in the dim light I could make out the contours and lines of his beautiful face, his eyes but a shining glint in the dark.

“Sorry” I said again, this time reflecting on how hurt Lochy must've felt.
And just like that it was my turn to weep.

Lochy stared right through my eyes, as if peering deep into my soul, I felt safe knowing he was here with me, we were the only two on the beach this close to the water, no one walked by or even near us, or the party for that matter, so we were completely alone.

Lifting his arms from my chest I got onto my knees and spun around to face him, I dropped my entire body right ontop of him, pushing him down onto his back.
I broke my fall with my hands, holding my body just above his, a grin of pure evil crossing my face.
Lochy seemed to get the idea and replaced his arms onto my bear-back.

I was still completely shirtless and despite it being night time, the air was thick and the breeze, warm.
Lochy also remained shirtless despite leaving the beach, and was also still wearing my shorts that I leant him to wear.
“Still got me shorts on I see” I said seductively.
He replied with a genuine tone in his voice, “I didn't want to take them off”

Lowering my chest onto his I went in for a kiss.

Our lips parted and our tongues begun to explore one another’s mouths.
Lochy moved his feet closer to his body, bending his legs, creating a sort of cradle for my torso to rest comfortably between.
He lightly ran his nails up and down the length of my back, sending chills of pleasure through my body.
I pushed my groin against his in return.

We continued to kiss for what seemed like an eternity, and as our bodies warmed up and our cocks filled with blood we became more bold, kissing each other necks and nibbling on ear-lobes.
I was the first to break off completely and make my decent to his family-jewels, I started by licking around his nipples, biting them lightly with my teeth.

“Dude your the only person that does that right” he says between breaths.
I replied by giving his right nipple one final bite before kissing and licking my way down his chest and stomach.
I ran my hand up and down his stomach, feeling his 6-pack tense and relax beneath it as my other hand begins to untie the knot that was between me and his tasty prick.
By this point Lochy was already half hard, his large cock pressing against my neck as I untie the drawstrings that held the shorts up.

Finally, I managed to get it loose.
Abandoning his sexy stomach with my hand I hook my thumbs into the waist of his shorts and slowly pull them down.
I make sure to kiss his thighs and legs as I pull the shorts all the way down and off.
Returning to his cock I begun to kiss and lick all around the base of his growing shaft, I wrap a hand around the tip of it and start to move up and down ever so slightly.
Begging, he thrusts against my hand to get more from it, but being the tease I am I loose then grip until he stops.
I make my way around the base of his shaft one more time before licking all the way to the tip of his rock hard 8.5” cock.
Once I get to the tip I give the head a quick lick and smile at him.
“Fuckin' tease” he says jokingly.

Wrapping my hand around the base of his cock I open my mouth and begin my decent, I pay careful attention to the cluster nerves directly under the head of his cock by pressing my tongue against it as I continue to take more and more of his shaft into my mouth.
Lochy, being impatient placed his hand on my head and thrust more of his cock into my mouth, pushing it into my throat.

Unexpected by the sudden assault I gag and try to pull away only to be held in place by his strong hand.
I stop and concentrate, trying my hardest to stop gagging on his cock.
“Hmmmmm” Lochy hums lightly as my constricting throat and gagging milks his cock.

Finally, I managed to calm down, and really begin my work.
I conjure up more saliva and begin to my his cock in and out of my mouth, being sure to cover it in a thick, gooey layer of spit.
I suck wildly as I pick up the pace on his cock.
“Ohh dude, slow down” he begins, “I don't wanna cum just yet!”

I submit to his request and dial the speed down a tad, continuing to suck his cock to get a nice thick coat on it.
After a while my mouth gets sore from being held open so wide and for so long, I finally give in and pull Lochy's cock out, giving the head a little kiss before giving it back to the owner.

Lochy leans forward and kisses me as he uses his strong arms and powerful body to roll me onto my back.
On his hands and knees, Lochy moves down my body with a few kisses and licks up the length of my already hard shaft, but completely neglects it.
Instead, he lifts my ass up into the air.
Now understanding what he's trying to do I plant my feet on the ground, spreading my legs as far as they can go as Lochy lowers his head onto my ass.

A small moan of pleasure escapes my lips as his tongue touches the rose of my hole.
“hmmmmm, I love this feeling” I say, the assault on my ass-hole gets heavier and heavier as Lochy begins to probe his tongue into my warm depths.
Moments later and he withdraws his head and crawls back up my body.
I kiss him passionately and wrap my legs around his waist, pulling my ass up to greet his awaiting and lubed up prick.

Lochy grabs his cock and tries to align it with the entrance but doesn't get it.
After a few failed attempts pull his hand away and guide his cock to the entrance of my ass with my hand.
I feel the head of his monster of a cock pressing lightly against the rose of my hole, my saliva on his cock and his saliva on his ass mixing together making the head of his cock begin to slip in with ease.

“You ready?” he asks.
I clench my teeth and nod, figuring out that if I mentally prepare myself then the initial intrusion wont hurt.

I felt Lochy begin to drop his weight slowly onto me as the pressure of his cock on my entrance grows.
He lowers himself a little more and the pressure builds increasingly until he head and a quarter of his cock suddenly pop right into me.

Shutting my eyes tightly I whimper from the sudden intrusion of this monster cock.
Lochy holds as I try to adjust to his size and he begins to sink more and more of his meat into me.
“eeeeeee” I release from the stinging pain.
“Don't worry dude” he says “You'll beg me for more soon, dont worry. I'll fuck you like crazy!” he finishes with a hard thrust that drives the remained of his monster cock deep inside of me.

My cheeks burn red as tears well up in my eyes from the pain.
Lochy starts to move himself out, little by little until nothing but just his head is inside of me.
I brace for another impact, but Lochy doesn't move.

I open my eyes to see him looking down on me sincerely.
“Are you sure you want to do this without lube man? I really dont wanna hurt you” he says, a look of pure concern on his face.
I respond by pulling his torso towards mine with my legs, forcing him to sink his cock into me once again.
And once again, the throbbing pain returns.
Lochy tries to pull out again but this time I lock him in place with my legs.
“Dan, I don't want to hurt you!” he says assertively.

Putting my hand behind his head I pull his head towards mine and into a kiss as I slowly release the grip I have of his torso with my legs.
He begins to pull out but instead of pulling out all the way he thrusts slowly back in.
This time the pain was there, but not as much.
I kiss him more passionately as he pulls out again and pushes in.
“GAH!” I moan, releasing the kiss as the first wave of pleasure finally hits!

Lochy responds by picking up the pace.
He pulls his cock out and thrusts it back in with more speed each time.

“oooohhhh, here we go” I say in relief “It's about fucking time!”
“Yeah dude” He says
Sweat begun to form all over our bodies and a distinct slapping sound was beginning to be heard as Lochy picked up the pace more and more with every thrust.

His massive cock rubbing against my prostate, sending massive jolts of electricity through my body, my moaning getting louder and louder as he forces himself inside of my wet fuck-hole harder and harder.
“hmmmmm” he starts moaning “Duuuude, I love your tight ass”
“Ahhhhh man” I reply “I love being fucked by you, oohhh ooooooooohhh”
The sound of our love making getting louder, someone from the party yells out to us.

“Yeah! You take it!”

The sudden interruption taking us by surprise and we look over towards the party, people were standing at the edge of the fire, staring out in our direction.
“They cant possibly see us” I said

Lochy looks back down at my face, I meet his gaze. “I don't care if they do see” he says.
And just like that he continues fucking me, maxxing out his speed and force on my little hole.
His grunting getting louder as he nears his goal.
“Dude” he begins “I think I'm gonna cum soon” he says between deep breaths.
“Im kinda close” my reply making him grab my cock with his hand.
He works on it, up and down as he fucks my hole silly.

The sudden attention on my cock creating more pleasure brings my right to the brink.
“OOOhhhhhhhh! fucking. fuck! I'm gonna cum dude!”
Lochy thursts his cock into my ass at top speed, impaling it with massive amounts of force until he drives it in one final time.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” he screams out.
His cock, deep inside throbs heavily as cum begins to pump out of it, filling my depths with it's warm, gooey-ness.
Being filled sends me over the edge and I groan in pleasure as I cum for the 3rd time today.
Easily being the strongest one I'd had in a long time.
“Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmnnnnn” my lips release as my cock spasms in Lochys hand while he continues to jack me off as fast as he can.
Ribbons upon ribbons of white goo shoot up and out, landing all over my and his chests and faces.

Our cocks slow down to a trickle, cum leaking out of my ass by the load coats Lochy's cock and dribbles down my crank and onto the sand where it pools.
I too have created a nice warm pool of my own cum on my stomach, Lochy releases his grip on my cock and licks his hand thats covered in cum.
“yummy” he says.

He pulls his rapidly softening cock from my ass and lays ontop of me. The cum from our chests and face spread over our bodies as they are pressed together.
I grab his ass cheeks roughly and pull him in closer for a hot, passionate kiss.

After today's events of drama and a whole lot of fucking my body decided to call it quits again.
Feeling this inevitable unconsciousness rising I break away from the kiss, take one final look at Lochy and roll my head to the side as I dose off completely.


“Dan?” Lochy asks.
Huh he thinks to himself.
Lochy get's off from Dan, puts on his shorts and makes his way to his car thats parked on the Esplanade to retrieve a blanket.

His thoughts swimming of lust and affection towards Dan confusing his mind.
“Ahh Dan” he says to himself “Maybe I'll call myself gay for you, one day”

He arrives back to where he had left Dan and observes him whilst standing.
Dan had rolled over onto his side and was sleeping in a loose foetal position, sand clung to the cum that had been shot over his body. Lochy couldn't do anything but smile that smile he knew Dan liked as he threw the blanket over Dan and got himself comfortable under the blanket with him.

He kissed Dan on the cheek before closing his eyes to rest directly behind Dan, in a spooning position.


The sun had only started to rise when Lochy found himself awake.
He clutched at Dan's chest to bring him closer as he slowly woke up.

He felt his heart rate rise, Dan had just woken up too.

“Hey dan?” He asked still groggy from waking up only moments ago
“Yeah?” He replied.
“Wanna stay it mine until you find your own house?” he asked, he sounded hopeful.

Dan laid there thinking, basking in the morning sun that was rising from the ocean infront of them.

The word “Yes” finally seeped from his lips, He could almost feel Lochy smile that bloody sexy smile behind him.

“Good” he said, “Because I took all of your stuff out of my car and left it at mine” he finished with a sly chuckle.

Grinning, Dan scooted back against him to feel his body more against mine.

Dan thought to himself, Ahh Lochy, I hope I never find a place of my own

The End.

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