The Island, Chapter 25

Chapter 25

At some point in the night, I awoke with a hard-on, and rolling to the left I entered whichever one was on that side (in the morning I discovered it was Joelle) from behind. She sleepily but happily accepted my prick in her wet snatch and we silently and leisurely fucked our way to orgasm, drifting off to sleep again afterward.

When morning broke, brighter on this side of the island, I again woke with a boner, this time due to my full bladder. I didn’t even have a chance to empty it before Janie spotted my morning wood and climbed on top of me for another go-round. I gritted my teeth as she rode me, pushing hard on my distended bladder with each thrust, the sweet pain adding a new dimension to our fucking. When I looked to my left, I saw Joelle was now wide awake, watching our lovemaking intently, her hand between her legs and working busily. I turned my head enough to collect a searing kiss from her, then rolled back to look at Janie. She noticed Joelle’s masturbating and said, “Look in my bag, honey. I brought something for you. We didn’t get a chance to use it last night.”

Joelle brought one glistening hand out of her crotch and pawed through the tote bag Janie had brought to the beach. A frown marked her confusion as she grabbed ahold of whatever was in there, pulling it out.

“Oh my God!” she said in disbelief as a huge black dildo slid out of the tote. She hefted the thing, and I saw with amusement it had some medieval-looking attachment at its base, presumably meant to stimulate the clitoris.

“Where the hell have you been hiding that monster?” I murmured to Janie as she continued to ride me, smiling at Joelle’s astonishment.

“I borrowed it from the field hockey team.”

We watched as our horny Peruvian princess slipped the giant dong into her dripping snatch, biting her lip as her tight tunnel was stretched to its limit by the invading plastic penis. A deep, throaty moan erupted from her as it sank to the hilt. Joelle began thrusting it in and out of her, creating wet, squelching noises as she coated the thick, black cylinder with her juices. Watching her bring herself off was an amazing rush, and I looked at Janie to see that she was enjoying the show even more than I was, if that was possible. Her movement became a frenzied thrusting, her breath whistling in and out of her and her eyes glued to Joelle’s hairy, parted lips. She came quickly, hissing as she climaxed, then slowed her motion to a gentle rocking as she caught her breath.

Ever the thoughtful lover, she continued grinding against me, working to bring me to completion as well. Her pussy began its familiar muscular massage on my dick, and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. Neither was Joelle, apparently, as she was panting heavily, impaling her pussy furiously while staring at us. Her attention wavered between the point where my thrusting cock met Janie’s juiced up cunt, and Janie’s bouncing tits, which my lover had now begun squeezing and pinching. Seeing the breast stimulation must have triggered some need in Joelle, because in the next instant she had rolled herself on top of me, still frigging herself, and mashed one of those big, succulent tits into my face.

I accepted her offer, sucking the fat brown nipple between my lips and caressing the pebbly lump with my tongue. This seemed to be what she was looking for, and in a moment she commenced squealing and shuddering as she brought herself off. It didn’t take me long to follow suit, and I blasted Janie’s cervix with a load of semen, bellowing loudly in the process.

Joelle collapsed at my side, cuddling my arm and breathing harshly. As Janie milked the remaining jizz from my dick with her talented twat, she sang out in a sweet voice, “Good morning!”

Joelle and I both started laughing, and soon we had worked ourselves into hysterics, causing Janie to break up as well. “I think I’ve reached the pinnacle of my life,” Joelle finally managed to gasp, tears on her cheeks, her heaving laughs shooting the dildo out of her snatch and onto the blanket behind her.

“How’s that?” I asked, my voice cracking.

“Well, I don’t think any day in my life is ever going to equal the last 24 hours.”

“That sounds like a challenge,” Janie said with narrowed eyes and a smile.

“Oh, God!” Joelle moaned. “If I experience anything more intense than last night I think I’ll die!”

“Trust me, honey, you won’t. But you will feel like you’ve gone to heaven the next time we get together,” Janie answered her, stretching in the morning sunlight.

“Get off me, woman, before I fill you with another body fluid!” I begged her. “I have to pee so bad!”

She rolled off me, laughing, and I staggered to my feet. I took two steps, then let loose with a torrent of piss onto the sand. I groaned and said, “I’ve always heard you can tell it was a great night when you wake up and your face feels like a glazed donut, and you piss in four directions. By those criteria, last night was a success.”

Janie snorted laughter, and Joelle cried out, “Dave, that’s gross! Wait, are you peeing right here?”

I turned to her, finding her staring at the piss still erupting from my penis, apparently mesmerized by the golden stream. “What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever seen a man pee before?”

“Actually, no. I’ve never seen anyone pee before.”

“Well, I’m not shy about it. If you need to go, too, be my guest.”

“I don’t think I could,” she said in a shocked tone. “My bladder is even shyer than the rest of me.”

“I bet we can break you of that next time,” Janie said in an amused voice. “It can be very erotic pissing in front
of other people.”

“Well, I’m not ready for that today,” she said firmly.

“All right,” I said, shaking off. “Race you to the water? You can go in the ocean.”

“You’re on!” She sprang to her feet and ran for the water, hair flying behind her. I let her win, mostly because I wanted to run behind her and watch those ass cheeks jiggle as she moved. Janie and I both hit the water seconds behind Joelle, and we paddled around, rinsing off the crusted remains of our lovemaking and giving the girls a chance to whiz in relative privacy. Once we were clean and refreshed, we strode ashore through the surf and dried off with the towels we had brought. We dressed for the day, and packing up, headed back to the camp.

As we passed the stream and the big pool, several kids already splashing around in it, Joelle stopped us, a serious look on her pretty face. “Hey, before we get back, I just wanted to thank you both for last night. That was pretty special, and I know you worked hard to make me comfortable with it.”

“Around you, hard is the only way I work,” I said with a leer, making her blush. “Seriously, it wasn’t much of a chore. You are a wonderful woman and very sexy. We just did what came naturally.”

Janie hugged her tightly, and kissed her once on the lips. “You are a very special person,” she said to Joelle with intensity. “I am grateful you are here on this island with us. You can join us any time you want.” She looked at me devilishly. “We don’t even need Dave to have fun.”

“Hey!” I groused as Joelle giggled. “That’s sexist and discriminatory! I am registering a complaint.”

Janie presented me her middle finger. “Here, talk into the microphone. It goes directly to the complaints department.” I bit it instead, making her jump and Joelle laugh. Then, grabbing my two girls around the waist, I walked them through the remaining trees to the beach.

The camp was already in full swing, and there was quite the buzz over the fact that the chickens had started to lay eggs. One of the hens had been sequestered from the rooster so we could have some unfertilized eggs. The other had been allowed to mate so we could eventually have a flock of chickens. Both hens had laid during the night, and the one in with the rooster seemed to be nesting on the eggs. Those in the know suggested this was a good omen that we would have chicks in three weeks.

Some of the castaways seemed a bit dismayed to think that we would still be here in 3 weeks, but the more pragmatic ones among us, myself included, preferred to plan ahead rather than engage in wishful thinking. Regardless, we had a fresh egg from the other chicken. One egg was not much to share among the dozens of people on the island, but it was the principle of the thing: we had a new food source! As the provider of the chickens, I was offered the first egg, but I donated it to Connor, figuring he deserved it more. He opted to have it boiled, and as a consolation prize for me, Gabrielle fed me an appetizer of milky tits in the jungle while the egg cooked. A few minutes later Connor was enjoying his treat, complete with salt, as some brilliant soul had thought to start evaporating seawater so we could have salt on our food.

After the rest of us had had our usual breakfasts of fruit, dried meat and fish, and the occasional collection of edible greens, those of us not involved in hunting and cooking duties began a push to erect bamboo frames at every sleeping area. We worked together like so many Amish barn-raisings to try to make sure everyone had some shelter the next time it rained. When the frames had been completed, we broke off for lunch. It would be up to each individual campsite to thatch and finish their shelter.

Having put in an exhausting several hours of hard labor, by consensus the camp agreed to take the rest of the day off, and folks split up for whatever leisure activities they desired. A group of kids opted to explore the southern tip of the island, as no one had yet circumnavigated the large peak of the defunct volcano. My foray into chicken-land was the closest anyone had come to that end of our domain. After collecting promises that they would be careful and not do anything stupid like trying to go rock-climbing sheer cliffs, Janie and I let them head off. Jared and his mates had opted for an impromptu game of volleyball, using a small inflatable ball someone had packed, and a makeshift net of palm fronds wired together between a tree and a bamboo pole sunk into the beach.

Rodney and the flight crew, plus Horace, were working on alcohol production with the still. The hippies had gone off to try to start their pot farm, and the hunters were still out looking for another pig. I had suggested they try to capture some this time, so we could increase our livestock by breeding them. The cheerleaders were having another cheer practice, and Do Hun and his daughter, plus Mi Cha and the other Korean woman, her child tagging along, were out fishing in the lagoon.

Joelle was working with Falani to try to collect more herbs with medicinal properties, and Truk and Tran were out hunting additional edible plants for our cooks.

Janie and I were left to our own devices, and decided to have a picnic over on the nude beach. After collecting food, water bottles, and towels, we prepared to set off. Jared’s volleyball game had finished, and rather than hang around and watch others play, he opted to come along with us.
We made the trek to the other side of the island in a few minutes, and left our clothes in the cubby. Jared seemed to have no compunctions about running around naked, and I voiced this to Janie. She confirmed my suspicions that their family had been to nude beaches before. Knowing her upbringing, this came as no surprise to me.

She and I spread towels while Jared ran around chasing sea birds and burning off energy. Soon he tired and joined us for a leisurely lunch, dragging an assembly of boards that he had found on the beach.

“Look, it has nails in it,” he said proudly.

“Good eye, buddy,” I praised him as he sat down for lunch. “Those might come in handy. We can pry them out and reuse them.”

When we were done eating, I said I was going into the woods to “use the facilities.” Before leaving, I whispered to Jared that this would be a perfect time to spill his secret about Madison to his mom.
I headed to the “adult section,” currently unoccupied, and stepped into the trees to drop a deuce. I covered it with dirt and after cleaning up with leaves, hopped into the ocean to rinse off. I headed back to our picnic area, just in time to see Janie sending Jared back to the other beach. I hoped it meant we would have some time together, and my prick started to rise as I admired her nude body walking towards me. If she hadn’t been so damned hot, I might have looked at her face sooner. As it was, I was focused on her taut tits and furry bush, and didn’t look up into her eyes until she was right on top of me. When I did, it was clear something was wrong; she looked pissed.

While I had always been the better fighter in our sparring classes, due to my larger size and longer reach, I had no illusions who was quicker. Janie was a fierce competitor and had the fastest kick in the dojang. Which is why I had no chance to block the wicked roundhouse kick that struck me in the side. I spun away, clutching ribs I thought must be cracked, and screamed, “What the fuck!?”

“How could you?” Janie yelled, and I could now tell that she was in tears as well as angry. Another kick whipped at my head and I barely managed to block it, the force of it on my arm rendering the entire limb numb. A quick punch landed on my upper chest, and I tried to grab her hand and close with her, but she was too quick and pulled away into a sparring stance.

“Janie, what is wrong with you?” I yelled back, still in shock. She declined to answer, instead throwing another roundhouse and quickly spinning into a turning hook kick. I dodged the first but was forced to block the second, catching it on the muscles of my forearm. She was crying freely now, tears and snot running down her face. This was probably the only reason I was able to stop her from pummeling me, since she was obviously lacking focus. She threw another punch, and I finally caught hold of her. I wrapped her up, holding both arms, and fell to the ground so she couldn’t kick or trip me up. My superior strength saved the day, and I held tight as she struggled in vain. She still managed to elbow me a couple of times, cursing me every step of the way, but I held on, knowing if I let go I could get a worse beating. Eventually she wore herself out, and then the strength drained out of her and she collapsed into sobs. I held her for a moment longer, fearing a ruse, but soon realized she really had given up the fight. My tight grip of restraint morphed into a hug of comfort as I held her to my chest, letting her spend her tears.

I murmured words of comfort as she wound down, then finally asked her, “Janie, what’s wrong? Talk to me? Is this about Jared? I thought that’s the way you would want me to handle the situation, so as not to traumatize him about sex.”

“I w-wanted to…” She trailed of into sobs again then got ahold of herself. “I wanted to be the one to talk to him about sex. It was my job as his mother. How come he went to you instead?”

Ahh, now I understood. Knowing how important sex was in her life, I realized she must have been looking forward as a devoted mother to explaining things to her son herself. They had been so close for his whole life, having me explain the facts of life must have seemed like a betrayal. “He didn’t come to me, that’s just it,” I told her. “I stumbled upon them.” I gave her a brief rundown of my encounter with Jared and Madison, and as I finished she seemed a bit more mollified.

“There’s still a lot more he can learn. I told him he needed to talk to you about it.” I held her hand in mine, wiping her face with a towel. “It’s not your fault; you did everything right. It’s just hard for a growing boy to discuss sexual topics with his mother. If you take the initiative from here, I think he’ll get over his embarrassment.” I thought briefly. “In fact, it’s going to be a lot easier to teach him now that he’s got a training partner.”

She smiled slightly. “I guess so. I’m not so unconventional that I planned introducing him to sex myself. I just wanted to be the one to tell him about it, and to be aware when he had reached this point in his life. Now I’m playing catch-up, and I feel like we’re not as close as I thought.”

“Why don’t you take him on an exploring hike, and that way the two of you can have some alone time and talk it out. Once the ice is broken, I’m sure he’ll open up to you. I confess I already talked to him about masturbation. He came to me a couple of days ago, and asked me not to tell you. I think this trumps that, though. You guys need to reestablish lines of communication.” I rubbed her shoulders, beginning to become aroused at her sweaty, naked body against mine in spite of the circumstances. The rush of adrenaline her attack had brought on had left me all fired up, and now that the threat was over my overworked glands were seeking some form of release.

“I remember when I was his age. I couldn’t have talked to my mom about sex or jerking off if my life depended on it. The fact that he was able to tell you about this at all speaks volumes about how great a parent you are.” My caresses moved to her arms, and then to her belly.

I guess her emotional state was heightened, too, because she responded to my touch, reaching back and running her fingers through my hair. I took that as a sign of encouragement, and brought my hands up to her chest, stroking the stiff peaks of her nipples and kneading the firm flesh of her breasts. A moan broke from her, and she twisted in my arms, lunging in for a passionate kiss. We necked like teenagers for a minute or two, our hands busy stroking each other’s bodies with abandon, then broke off for air.

She looked at me, eyes shining and chest heaving. “I’m so sorry I hit you, Dave. I wasn’t in my right mind. You did the best you could with my boy and I’m grateful for that. Did I hurt you?”

“A little,” I admitted ruefully. “But I’ll mend. You sure do pack a wicked kick, woman. Usually I have pads on. This time I caught the full brunt of it.”

“I was champion at the Capital Area Open last year in sparring,” she informed me with a wicked gleam in her eye. “I guess you got lucky today, buddy.”

“Lucky?” I protested. “Remember who was men’s champion? Me, that’s who. You just caught me by surprise, that’s all. I can take you any time.”

I felt her stiffen. “Oh yeah?”


“Is that a challenge?”

“First one to get a pin gets to be on top,” I told her with a grin.

“And loser has to do whatever the winner wants,” she replied.

“You’re on!”

She quckly squirmed around, trying to get a joint lock on my left arm. Unfortunately for me, that was the injured one, and I didn’t have the strength to fend her off immediately. She straddled my belly, her fluffy pubes tickling me, and tried to twist my arm behind me. I managed to get my right arm up and under hers, preventing her from using it, and trying to pull her down so I could roll over on her. I only managed to pull her closer, however, which did present her lovely breast to my face. I sucked at her salty nipple, biting it firmly and causing her to cry out.

“No fair!” she gasped. “That gets you a deduction!”

“I don’t see a ref, baby.”

She retaliated by gripping my ear in her teeth, making me holler this time. Our sweaty bodies writhed against each other, and I began to smell her aroused sex as she ground against me. Slowly I levered her onto her back, gaining the upper hand. I licked her armpit, now right in my face, tasting her tangy perspiration and causing her to shriek laughter, further losing strength. I was on the verge of pinning her, holding both arms above her head, when she slithered one slick wrist out of my grasp and I felt her hand on my rigid cock.
She twisted it viciously, making me gasp and let go. Using my abused peter as leverage, she soon had me on my back, and climbed on top. He second hand cupped my balls, and a gentle squeeze implied the threat of worse if I didn’t give up.

“Uncle!” I called out, laughing. “You fight dirty!”

“Like you said, honey, I don’t see no ref.” She was stroking my boner now, the sweat of our exertions making it slick and slippery.

“What do I have to do, Mistress?” I joked, ready to take my punishment.

“I need to think a minute, and sucking cock helps me concentrate,” she said with a smile, and wasted no time in shimmying down my body and plunging my rod into her warm mouth. I groaned as she took my whole length into her, deep throating me with gusto. She backed off, working the swollen head like a demon and bringing me to the brink of orgasm quickly. She must have sensed from my frantic scrabbling and moaning that I was close, and cruelly stopped, leaving me wanting.

“I know what I need, lover,” she told me, a line of saliva trailing from her full lower lip to my purple helmet. “I’m all sweaty and I need a bath.”

“You want me to carry you to the ocean?”

“No, not that kind of bath. I want a tongue bath. My whole body.” She lay back on the towels, eyes gleaming, arms stretched above her, every muscle in that toned body pulled into sharp relief in the bright sunlight.
I looked at her in awe, her stunning body a work of erotic art, then got to work. I took her right hand in mine, pulling it to my mouth. Sucking each finger in turn while staring in her eyes, I started the process of licking her clean. I worked my way up her arm, savoring the salty moisture of her sweat. When I got to the inside of her elbow, she couldn’t help giggling at the ticklish sensation. I spent a little time there, just to return the sweet torture she had given me a moment before. I caressed her upper arm with my tongue, reveling in the contrast of her velvety-soft skin over her rock-hard biceps. Lifting her arm higher, I drove my tongue into her armpit, tasting the salty muskiness of her perspiration. She had obviously recently used one of the dwindling supply of razors, as she was wet and smooth. My oral ministrations to the sensitive skin left her shivering, goosebumps appearing on her skin, her nipples stiff on the puckered rosy areolae. She squirmed as I tickled her once more, before moving to her neck. A drop of sweat trickled down past her ear to her jawline, and I tenderly licked it off her. She turned her head, meeting my mouth with hers and twining her tongue with mine. We kissed for a long moment, then I gripped her earlobe in my teeth, making her gasp quietly. Sucking on the little nub of skin, I made her moan before pulling back and repeating the whole process on her other arm.

“Fuck, this is getting me so horny!” she groaned. “Maybe you should skip to my pussy now.”

“Oh, no!” I chided her. “Your prize was a whole body bath, and that’s what you’re going to get. Now roll over.”

“I don’t even get my titties sucked!?” she said incredulously.

“Not yet,” I replied, rolling her onto her belly on our picnic blanket. She rested her head on her arms, the pose highlighting the gorgeously defined muscles of her back. I exchanged trails of saliva for the beads of sweat on her firm body as I licked her back with long strokes. I finally made my way to those exceptional ass cheeks, and couldn’t help but take a bite of that apple butt.

“Ow!” she squealed. “That’s not licking! No fair.”

“No, but this is,” I replied, working my way around her taut buns with my hungry mouth. I reached up with both hands and spread the tight cheeks, her pert little anus popping into view. Working up a mouthful of saliva, I planted it right on her pink rosebud with the flat of my tongue, making her gasp again.

Her asshole was slightly bitter, but tempered with a citrusy taste from whatever body lotion she had applied this morning. I circled the muscular ring slowly, savoring the flavor, then plunged the tip of my tongue into the tight hole, making her jump and gasp again. With a final nibble on the loose skin between her two tunnels, I flipped her back over.

She was clenching her fists now, torn between ecstasy and anticipation, her muscles quivering uncontrollably. I grasped one slim foot, and after brushing off the sand, sucked on her big toe. A wordless cry tore from her lips, and I pressed my advantage, running my tongue between her toes, then doing the same thing on her other foot. I was in high gear now, my prick swollen and dripping, pointing at her fur pie like a heat-seeking missle, but by God I had a job to finish and I wasn’t going to rush it!

I took long licks up her shins, drinking in the sweat she was now freely producing in the heat of her arousal. I continued to her thighs, planting a lingering kiss on her pubic mound and inhaling her heady scent, but denying her any further stimulation for now. She grabbed my head and tried to force it between her legs, which she spread apart reflexively, but I pulled away, skipping over her dripping snatch to nuzzle her flat belly.

“Oh shit!” she cried out desperately. “I can’t take any more!”

I ignored her, and licked the droplets of salty water from her tight abs, curling my tongue briefly into her navel and making her squeal again. She was now pounding on the towels with her fists, incoherent, as I finally reached those succulent tits. After taking a minute to admire the taut mounds, the rosy cones of her nipples thrusting upward, the discs of her areolae wrinkled tightly and glistening in the sun, I slowly ran my tongue along the underside of one breast. The tangy dewdrops dotting her flesh burst on my tongue as I stroked my way in a spiral toward her nipple.

By the time I slurped the stiff teat into my hungry mouth she was a wreck, and actually climaxed on the spot just from the suction applied to her hyperstimulated boob. I could smell the sexual perfume rising from between her legs as I closed my eyes and enjoyed suckling her small breasts. I rolled the nipples between my lips, one after the other, capturing the fat nubs in my teeth briefly and making Janie cry out hoarsely.
At this point I figured I had done my duty and headed for my reward—sweet pussy. I slid back down her, my rigid dick dragging over her bush and slapping onto the towel below her as I moved south. I pulled her thighs as far apart as they would go, exposing her seeping snatch to the hot sun beating down overhead.
Her vulva were engorged, thick, pink curtains blossoming around her brilliant coral-colored crack, now drenched in a flood of her juices. I stroked the soft tissue with my hand, laying my head on her thigh and drinking in the gorgeous sight of a fully aroused pussy open before me. I carefully took one of the thick strips of flesh into my mouth, sucking on it firmly, letting the meaty tissue fill my mouth with its warm, wrinkled mass. Her taste was sublime: musky, metallic and tangy, with a hint of pineapple. I sucked ribbons of her sweet nectar into my mouth, swallowing it down as I quenched my thirst on her feminine fountain. My aching tongue strove to penetrate her to its full length, caressing the ridged tunnel of her vagina and bringing her to yet another orgasm.

“Oh, Jesus!” she screamed, her cry rending the peaceful air over the beach. Her body convulsed beneath me, and I rode it out, switching to her clit as she began to wind down. By drawing the tender bud into my mouth and sucking mightily, I drew out her climax longer than I thought humanly possible, leaving her in tears as the wave of pleasure overwhelmed her.

My mouth could do no more; I felt my tongue actually cramping from exertion as I left her divine delta and climbed back upon her shaking body. Kissing her tenderly, I plunged my meat into her gaping fuckhole, slipping easily into her warm, wet canal. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, pressing our slick bodies together as if she were trying to meld our flesh into one unit.

“Oh, God, Dave!” she wailed through her sobs. “I’ve never felt anything that intense before!”

I nuzzled her neck even as I plunged into her, plowing her sopping wet furrow into a bubbling froth. I was so aroused by this point I wanted to climb inside of her, and I found my depth of penetration was not enough for me in this position. Pulling out momentarily I rolled her onto her side, lifting her right leg up as high as it would go. I straddled her left leg and drove into her once more, reaching the depths of her vagina now. I pistoned into her frantically, my balls already preparing to release a monster load of semen deep into her core.

“Mom, are you OK? You’re crying. Are you having sex?” A voice broke into our tightly constrained universe, and we looked up to find Jared and Madison standing on the sand next to us hand in hand. Why the fuck does this keep happening to me? I thought wildly, not even bothering to slow my pumping. Because you keep fucking chicks in public places, moron, I answered myself. You should have gone to the “adult area.” Oh well, too late now. I left it up to Janie how she wanted to handle this.

“Yes, honey, we’re having sex,” she answered calmly, rolling a little more onto her stomach so she could look at him. “I’m not really crying, it just felt so good my eyes started to water.” Her voice shook rhythmically as I continued to pound into her from behind. I noticed Madison was drinking in the scene avidly, little perv that she was. The whole situation was a bit surreal, me humping this naked woman in front of her young son and his girlfriend, while she carried on a conversation with him. It seemed, however, that my capacity for accepting the bizarre had markedly increased in the last week.

“You didn’t show us that position, Dave,” complained Madison.

“There’s a lot I didn’t show you,” I huffed breathlessly. “I just gave you the basics. You can discover the rest on your own, or we can teach you more if you want. Assuming it’s OK with Ms. Scarlatti.” Mighty formal for someone you’re balls deep in, Dave.

Janie held out her hand to her son, and he took it hesitantly, watching her boobs jiggle as I pumped her cunt steadily. “Sex is a magical thing, and I’m glad you’ve experienced it now. Just be aware most people like to do it in private.” Her breath caught as I bounced my dickhead off her cervix with a particularly hard thrust.

“Are you mad that we’re here?” Jared asked in a worried voice.

“No, not at all. You can sit and watch if you want.”

Now that’s an open-minded woman, I thought in admiration. She practices what she preaches. As for me, I couldn’t have stopped if my grandparents had strolled up with a marching band in tow. I was regaining my edge, after having been distracted by the interruption. Things only got weirder as the two kids sat next to us, in a position where they could watch my wet, purple cock enter Janie’s pussy. It only took a minute for the two of them to find each other’s genitals and begin playing with each other while they took in the show. Seeing Madison’s hand wrapped around Jared’s stiff little cock, and his small fingers buried in her plump, hairless crack was all the stimulation I needed to finish me off.

A few more titanic thrusts and I erupted, all of my pent up lust exploding from me in a fountain of white, a cry of my own wrenched from me as I pumped my seed into her with frantic bucks and heaves of my pelvis. Janie had her own kinder, gentler orgasm this time, biting her lip and groaning softly in pleasure as I filled her gaping cunt with sperm. I collapsed on her back, exhausted and panting.

Jesus God, they’re actually clapping, I thought dimly, recognizing the sound coming from the two youngsters. I opened my eyes to find them no longer masturbating each other but giving us a round of applause. Janie burst out laughing, the spasms causing her pussy to clench on my softening dick, eventually squirting it out of her like a watermelon seed.

“That was awesome!” enthused Madison. She turned to her 8-year-old lover, eyes flashing. “I wanna do it that way next time.” Jared looked excited and apprehensive at the same time.

“OK,” he said hesitantly.

“Just make sure you find a more private place than we did, honey,” Janie warned. “People might freak out if they saw you two going at it, OK?”

“OK, mom,” he said, and he and his little Lolita of a girlfriend scampered off, presumably to try out the new position.

“Are we going to be demonstrating for them in the future? Or helping them learn new tricks?” I asked while stroking her back, interested to see what Janie’s answer would be.

“I guess so, if you don’t mind,” she said thoughtfully. “I’d rather they learn from us than the older kids.”

“I don’t mind.” The funny thing is, I really didn’t. A week ago I would have freaked out at the thought of participating in hands-on sex-ed with pre-teens, but after the last few days my horizons had expanded significantly. I gave her ass a gentle slap as I climbed off her, then offered a hand to help her up. We walked hand in hand into the surf to wash up before heading back to camp.

To be continued.

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Ahh Lochy Part 6 The water felt nice on my feet.It was really the only thing keeping me coherent with reality. The cold sea water and the slight waves rolling back and forth dampening the bottoms of my shorts before returning to dampen them again
“Coffee?” Jonathan asked, smiling at his lovely companion. “Thanks,” Dani replied as he brought a fresh cup from the food dispenser in the mess hall
School was almost out when it happened. Both my sisters went to a high school that had already been released for summer, and I was still in school. They were both gone with friends for the night, so when I woke up the next morning, it was just my mother and I
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